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Loved this book so much! Tunde is an inspiration, and I've always loved taking her Peloton classes. It was amazing to hear more about her life and upbringing and how she got to where she is in the Peloton community.
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My name is Alecia and I am a Peloton addict.  

When I saw that one of my favorite instructors Tunde Oyeneyin was publishing a book, I had to read it.    SPEAK is Tunde’s journey from overweight youngster to makeup maven to cycling royalty and I devoured it!

If you’ve followed me for a minute you will notice that I am completely obsessed with Peloton, I own way too much apparel, I Insta-stalk all the instructors, I compete for badges and Tunde is my go-to instructor when I want to get my A$$ kicked.   Tunde always inspires me.  The way she motivates, encourages, and her overall energy keeps me coming back to the bike. 

Her book has stories of success and failures, the deaths of her parents and brother, how she overcomes them with grace and humility. She focuses on how her positive attitude, belief in herself and being authentic to who you are.  It’s a great mix of autobiography and inspirational book full of highlightable quotes.  

“Find your voice, trust your gut, and SPEAK because we’re all listening”

Thank you to NetGalley and Avid Reader Press for an e-ARC in exchange for an honest review.
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Tunde Oyeneyin shares so much of herself in Speak. She is an encouragement on and off the Peloton and readers from all walks of life will enjoy her story. 

Moving from childhood through different pivotal moments of her life Oyeneyin encourages readers to trust themselves and learn from their own lived experiences. She does not shy away from difficult topics, and the moments she talks of race are educational and vulnerable. I am thankful for  her willingness to share herself with her readers and to let us learn from her.
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Having been a proud member of the Peloton family since 2018 picking this book was an automatic draw.  Having found Tunde when she joined the crew of instructors and loving her style and her passion made it even more of a no-brainer to pick up.  I do think, however, that had I never even heard of Peloton I would have fallen in love with this book.

Tunde brings us through several different phases of her life.  We meet her family, her friends and most importantly Tunde herself.  Tunde is raw and open and shares her stories and turns them into nuggets of wisdom.  She is, by nature, a motivating and engaging soul.  She is driven and has a purpose she strives for and helps push others to reach their purpose and goals.

This book didn't feel self-helpy but at the same time had the motivational nuggets throughout so it could be taken in that realm.  I enjoyed reading the ebook version of this but do wish I could have heard her narrate it herself as I would imagine it would only increase the experience of the book and her stories.
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I am obsessed with Peloton and Tunde is one of my favorite instructors. This book made me love her even more. I really enjoyed getting to know her story more in depth. I also found it extremely motivating without being preachy. This is one of my favorite books so far this year. I highly recommend, especially if you love peloton.
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Blessedly this is not a challenging read. It is a book I wished had a better editor to tighten up the sections and really draw out the key takeaways per chapter. (However, if the print edition does this better than the e-arc I received through NetGalley, I'll be glad to hear it.) Many times, I felt as if the stories rambled early on and I had to take a break from the book. I didn't mind the lack of a linear narrative, that the writing needed to jump around her life in order to shape whatever was needed for various chapters. Bit by bit, it took me a little over a week to get through this slim volume and, in the end, I am still unable to connect what SPEAK means.

Nevertheless, I have great respect for Tunde's story and style. I'm sure she is a role model and inspiration for many.
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I have been an avid Peloton user for about a year. When I heard Tunde was writing a book, I needed to read it! I was thrilled to be approved for an ARC and I absolutely loved it! She is such a great writer and I love her even more after reading her story. Highly recommend this memoir.
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LOVE TUNDE! This audio was fantastic & even if you're not a Peloton fan, this is definitely worth reading.  So well done & so many great stories and lessons. Highly recommend.
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This audiobook was perfect company for my packing for my trip and my driving yesterday as it was @tune2tunde new book and she killed it with this one! I’ve been a @onepeloton podcast fan and app person and now bike baby and she brings that and more to this one! It’s part memoir and part joy-be you girl but done well! 

I recommend this to everyone not just Peloton people as there is something for everyone in it! Her narration is done very well as well! 

I loved the part of being you and her talking about chopping off her hair - I’ve always had a love hate relationship with my curly hair so thought I would do a post with it as I’m starting to not only love the curly but now the grays as well 🤣❤️

A huge thank you to @librofm and for this ALC!!! 😘😘
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I never highlight books on my kindle and I put highlights all over this book.  There were so many things that Tunde said that I want to remember, especially her point that life comes in seasons.  I loved how she was so vulnerable when she spoke about how she was rejected by Peloton the first time.  She is truly an amazing woman and a great public speaker.  I was able to see her in NYC on her book tour.
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I was introduced to Tunde through my pandemic purchase of choice: my Peloton. I LOVE her energy, grit and positivity during her rides, and Speak does not disappoint. Highly recommend to anyone looking for an empowering memoir, riders and readers alike!
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I am a Peloton user and a huge fan of Tunde's classes.  I was delighted to learn more about her through her writing.  She has an interesting life story to share but it's her words of wisdom and motivational speak that really resonates with me.  She has a way with words that are inspiring but never preachy or condescending.  I appreciate her candor in dealing with weight, finding her career path, and her personal relationships.  As a woman of color myself, it's wonderful to see a successful, confident black woman have so much success.
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“Find your voice, trust your gut, and SPEAK because we’re all listening”

If you’re a fan of Tunde on the bike, you’re going to LOVE her new memoir. It’s heartfelt, raw, emotional and so motivational - just like the Tunde I know from the bike. The whole time I was reading I could hear her speaking the words to me 🥰 i loved her story and how she weaves everything into her mantra of SPEAK - surrender, power, empathy, authenticity, knowledge. Thank you @netgalley and @avidreaderpress for the eARC, I loved it!

Now BRB - going to take her latest 20 min pop ride! 🚴🏼‍♀️💪🏻
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As a Peloton rider, I was familiar with Tunde and a little bit of her story.  I just can't imagine going through everything she went through while still keeping a positive outlook on life.  Her story truly is inspiring and I really don't think I could have survived the events that took place in her life.  I read this book in a very short period of time because I was so invested in wanting to read more (the book could have been longer!).  I will say that I was a little confused on her exact timeline of events because I felt like the book jumped around a lot.  And even though she did give a lot, there were some events where I wish I heard a little bit more from her or more of her true, raw feelings.  If you are a Peloton user or not, I highly recommend this memoir!
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Thank you @avidreaderpress and @netgalley for the eArc of @tune2tunde new book!!

I was BEYOND excited to be approved because I LOVE TUNDE! She is by far my favorite @onepeloton instructor (highly recommend ALL her classes BTW).

When I clip in the bike or walk to her episodes - I welcome the Tundeisms. In fact, it now makes sooo much more sense why she is full of the best energy and is one of the most motivational influences at Peloton (IMO). After reading Speak, I practically highlighted everything, I gained a much higher appreciate for this beautiful soul. Every encounter in her life has made her so much stronger! I am so grateful she chose to share her upbringing with some of the most rawest thoughts and inner dialogue. If I were ever so lucky to meet her I would totally cry.


Let those 5 words sink in! Highly recommend this book for all my Peloton users and motivational readers. We need more people like Tunde in this world.
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I didn't know much about Tunde other than she was a badass Peloton, and a beautiful human so when I began reading this book I was blown away. What a strong, fierce, driven, and powerful woman. I loved reading about her struggles and triumphs, her losses and wins, and truly getting a feel for who she is. I so often would read a bit, then immediately want to go take one of her classes. Lovely memoir even if you have no idea who Tunde is,  but I think everyone who takes her classes should read this one immediately.
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I was excited to see that Tunde had a memoir coming out as she's been one of my favorite Peloton instructors for a few years now. Not my typical go-to genre, but I realized I didn't know much about her personal life so I decided to pick it up. Glad I did! This book is all about Tunde living a life of purpose and following the pillars of her mantra 'SPEAK' - Surrender, Power, Empathy, Authenticity, and Knowledge. The book has readers follow along Tunde's life journey and situations and allows us to see how she has manifested and embodied what "SPEAK' is. We see her go through the death of loved ones, relationship struggles, and body image/weight issues. She shares what she has learned from all lessons life has given her and how she has managed to maintain a positive outlook. This book is great for anyone wanting to make positive life changes as Tunde provides all the tools to be successful!

Thank you to NetGalley and Avid Reader Press for the ARC!
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I have been a fan on Tunde and her inspirational words since the moment I clipped into my Peloton bike. Her gravitational pull of enthusiasm and motivation are undeniable so when this book was first announced I couldn't wait to get my hands on it. This book lives up to all of the expectations I had going into it. Being able to hear more of Tunde's story and how she uses that to drive and motivate not only herself but now others is so powerful. Definitely a book I highly recommend to anyone (not just Peloton fans).
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Speak: Find Your Voice, Trust Your Gut, and Get From Where You Are to Where You Want to Be ~ Tunde Oyeneyin

* You love a good acronym. 
* Tunde is your go-to for an inspirational and energetic Peloton ride. 
* You’re in need of a life shift.

▫️SUMMARY: If Peloton is your chosen form of working out, then Tunde Oyeneyin is a familiar name. She has pushed you to get that PR, made you smile, and danced and pedaled her way into your heart. But how did she get to be the inspirational figure and workout companion that she is today? 

Using the SPEAK acronym - which stands for SURRENDER, POWER, EMPATHY, ACCOUNTABILITY, and KNOWLEDGE - Oyeneyin takes the reader through the life lessons and enlightening experiences that help her to live her fullest life, with intention and purpose. 

▫️REVIEW: Anyone who knows me, knows that I am devoted to my Peloton routine. I never miss a day and Tunde is a top instructor for me, whether it’s a hip hop ride or an insane arm workout. Because of this, I feel like I know Peloton studio Tunde. After reading Speak, I feel like I now know her as a daughter, makeup artist, sister, best friend, and advocate - all the facets of her life that allow her to inspire and encourage. 

Her story is told using the acronym SPEAK and I appreciated how she was able to take a moment in her life, relate it to the key word, and then have that make sense to the reader. There were several life experiences that resonated - although my life may be a bit different, Tunde is just so damn relatable and I think that’s what I appreciated the most about this one. If you love Peloton and Tunde, this is a must and if you don’t but just need a little inspiration, give it a go!
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Tunde is my absolute favorite Peloton instructor so I was thrilled to learn she was writing a book about her life. Tunde often slips in stories about her life during her rides but this book cracked her right open. This is a raw, beautiful, emotional and motivating book filled with stories about Tunde’s life. She has dealt with incredible loss and amazing success and she takes the reader though it all! Thanks to Netgalley and Avid Reader Press for an advanced reader’s copy of this book in exchange for a fair and honest review. Highly recommended!
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