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This is a good series and I like Jenna and the cast of characters. This a well plotted mystery full of twists that kept me guessing.
I think it's better to have read the rest of the series because what happens is related to things in the past.
A well plotted and entertaining story that I recommend.
Many thanks to the publisher and Netgalley for this ARC, all opinions are mine
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An interesting story. Since this is several into a series that I have not read, the earlier one are worth a read.  This one could be understood without having read the prior ones.
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Antiquarian bookseller Jenna Quinn is having a good day until her ex-fiancé, Blake Emerson, walks in with his bride-to-be, Missy Plott. He only has eyes for Jenna and continues to profess his love. But then Missy turns up dead. All evidence points to Blake, who was the last one to see her alive. Blake’s mother, Cordelia, asks Jenna for help. Jenna doesn’t believe that Blake could have killed Missy, and she starts digging for suspects. Although Jenna’s boyfriend would like her to stay away from the investigation. Then, the police find evidence from a cold case years before, a case that had falsely implicated Jenna herself. Can she find the truth about both cases?
This is a great cozy mystery to curl up to in a comfy chair and a cup of hot chocolate. Jenna is a very likeable sleuth with a keen eye and a way to get people talking. The plot is full of twisty red herrings that will keep you guessing whodunnit. The romantic subplot is another reason this story is so good. Thank you to NetGalley and Crooked Lane Books for the advanced reader’s copy. This review is my unbiased opinion.
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Thank you to Netgalley and the publisher for a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. All thoughts and opinions expressed in this review are my own.A puzzling murder.
A well written, gripping, action packed dark academia thrillers are my true addiction! And this book is one of the best examples as an answer to my late night thriller cravings
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Another fun installment in the Antique Bookshop mystery series. I am so glad that Jenna finally got some closure on why Blake was such a colossal jerk after she was accused of theft and murder back in Charlotte. I love the group of friends that Jenna has built for herself in Hokes Folly is fantastic, I love how supportive they are of each other. I am hoping the twins get to come over and play with the dog on Saturday's in the future. 

Looking forward to book #4!
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Bound By Murder is the third book in the Antique Bookshop Mystery by Laura Gail Black. 

Jenna’s bookstore is doing well, has a dependable employee in Mason, and has a love interest, Detective Keith Logan. Blake, Jenna’s ex-fiance, comes into her shop with his new fiancee, Missy.  Missy is quick to add that they will be married in five days.  That evening as she was locking up for the night, Blake pleads with Jenna to let him explain.  He begs Jenna to take him back as he realizes he made a terrible mistake.   Jenna sends him on his way with a definite NO.  The next day she watches a young man, Tom Jackson, profess his love for Missy and proposes.  She rudely tells him no.  The Friday before Missy and Blake’s wedding, Jenna and Mason witness Missy, highly intoxicated, having a very intense argument with Blake.  The following day, Jenna’s dog, Eddy, breaks away, heads down the alley, and soon finds Missy’s body beside a dumpster.

Once the police start their investigation, they center on Blake, who is soon arrested.   After Blake is arrested, Jenna and Keith discuss his arrest and Jenna expresses her feelings that the wrong person was arrested.  This discussion caused a heated argument between them.  Jenna decides to handle her own investigation, not to clear Blake’s name but to find the killer.  Jenna soon finds many other suspects.

The book is well-written and plotted.  Most of the well-developed and exciting characters are back again to Jenna's investigation.  There were plenty of red herrings to keep me guessing about the killer until the end of the book.

I will be watching for the next book in the series.
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With a slow start, the usual boyfriend detective, and a relationship conflict midway through, Laura Gail Black takes her readers back to Hoke Foley, the bookstore, and an unexpected visit from Jenna’s ex-finance. The same ex who discarded her when she was accused and eventually acquitted of embezzlement, causing her to leave Charleston and start over in the bookstore she inherited from her uncle. 

A few chapters in, the body appears, and Jenna, once again, is both suspect and amateur sleuth. The book follows the same predictable cozy mystery pattern and could have benefited from a subplot or two and fewer repetitive descriptions and actions.

As the book lumbers along, the reader may find themselves skimming. Then the last ten percent answers all the questions yet leaves the lingering question --- is this a series they would want to continue?
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For some reason, I never got around to reading book 2 of this series, but I did read the first book in 2020. Everything as far as characters started coming back to me, and I love how Rita's taken Jenna under her wing like a mom or big sister. Add Keith to that (they had a few ups and downs in here but nothing that can't be remedied!) along with a new friend and business owner named Shelby, and you've got an unstoppably cozy quartet of friends. I loved how they all talked about the case and supported each other, mainly the ladies since Keith most of the time couldn't talk about it.

Oh there was the funniest part when the subject of Det. Sutter came up. I know he really had it in for Jenna in the first book, but he was so close to retirement in a couple weeks, he didn't dare step outta line. It was hilarious what Keith told him he'd make him do if he pulled anything like wrongly accusing people. I'm pretty sure Jenna might want a frow row seat to that if it happened!

Now I really have this need to go back and read the second book because that sweet little Eddy pup stole my heart and I want to know his whole story. The author did a great job of catching readers up but not to the point of being repetitive or letting any spoilers out. If you've read neither first or second books, I think you'd enjoy this, although I do recommend at least reading the first book to get a firsthand experience of just what a jerk Sutter was as well as how Keith and Jenna got together and Jenna's friendship with Rita started. Another great character was Jenna's employee Mason who'd come a super long way from the first book! He was so cute with the girl Lily he wanted to date!

I started suspecting whodunit eventually and wow what a showdown! Even little Eddy pup got in on it. I can't wait for the next book, so in the meantime, I'm definitely planning to read that second book!

I voluntarily read and reviewed an ARC of this book provided by Crooked Lane via NetGalley, and my opinions are my own.
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Release Date: September 6, 2022


Jenna is loving her life, her bookshop is doing well and her growing relationship with Keith is looking up. However when Blake, her ex fiancé, shows up with his new bride to be, Missy, Jenna is really for anything. We’ll almost anything. She is not ready for Missy to turn up dead and for Blake to be accused of her murder. Jenna knows what it’s like to be falsely accused so she sets out to help Blake clear his name. However the more Jenna digs, the more secrets she uncovers. Is Blake innocent or is she backing the wrong horse?

This is the third in the #antiquebookshopmystery series. You can read this as a stand-alone (I did) and not be lost. Jenna is very likable and has a great cast of supporting characters. I feel like Jenna was vindicated this book and enjoyed her working through that. I would recommend this book and I may even go back and read the first two in the series!

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Copy received via Netgalley for an honest review

When Bridezilla ends up dead, no one is really upset about it.  Missy really is one lady that you won't like.

Throw in an ex who wants you back, a mother who wants answers and a cast of suspects, Bound By Murder is a cozy mystery that will keep you guessing.

I had an idea of whodunnit, but there were red herrings thrown in and enough suspicious characters that until all was revealed, I was not 100% sure.

I enjoyed the townspeople and enjoyed the story.  This was my first read by this author, but I will read more in the future.
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This is the 3rd AntiqueBookshop mystery. As a reader who never finished the 1st book, I was certainly  swept away by book 3. This is a book you could pick up on book 3, because the author gives you plenty of background as this book unfolds on past events.
Jenna Quinn is blindsided when her former fiancé walks in to her store with a new fiancé by his side. Missy is one mean woman. How did she get together with Blake?
Blake is trying to get Jenna to come back to him, but she has moved on. Keith is a much better guy than Blake ever was, and Jenna’s life is going well. Until Blake and Missy show up. Then there is all sorts of drama, a fire, vandalism and then Missy winds up dead.
The author did a good job of concealing the guilty party. I went along with the red-herring suspects. They seemed plausible.
After the vandalism, Jenna’s friends and fellow shop owners gather to help her. There is a section that follows that is beautiful - “I realized this was what life was about. It wasn’t jobs and bills and events and groceries and housework. Life was about the moments when the people you loved came together in support, whether for good times or bad.”
This mystery ranks pretty high on my list for 2022. Give it a try.
Thanks to Netgalley and to Crooked Lane Books for the opportunity to review this gem.
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Bound by Murder is the third book in Laura Gail Black's Antique Bookshop Mystery series.  In this installment, protagonist Jenna Quinn's relationship with her current boyfriend Keith Logan becomes threatened when her former fiance comes to town to supposedly get married but begins stalking Jenna and later his new girlfriend ends up dead the day of their wedding and Jenna is convinced that he could not have killed anyone.  

The author provides enough background and history for the characters to enable the reader to read this book as a standalone but due to the interwoven mysteries throughout the series, I highly recommend that they be read in order to fully understand the intricate details of the various subplots.  The character and storyline creation throughout this series has been excellent with multidimensional  victims, motives, crimes and culprits.  This particular story not only resolves the current mystery but also the mysteries that have haunted Jenna's past throughout the series and finally establishes true resolution of all questions posed to date.  I hope that this is not the end of the series as I believe that now Jenna has been vindicated, she and Keith have many more stories and adventures in Hokes Folly to share with the readers.

I received an ARC of this book from NetGalley and Crooked Lane Books and am leaving this review voluntarily.
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Bound by Murder by Laura Gail Black is an engrossing and completely entertaining cozy mystery. I was hooked on to the story from the start and could not put it down until the end. I have read the previous installments and have enjoyed reading them. The same goes for this latest installment too. 

I love Laura's storytelling. Characters and their side stories, murder mystery, amateur sleuthing, suspects, a dash of romance, long-lasting friendships and loads of fun - a fantabulous combination!

Ex back in town (and wants to be back in Jenna's life), his murdered fiancé, his annoying and pestering mother, Jenna's relationship with Keith in troubled waters, gosh! Jenna had a lot on her plate. If this wasn't enough, Jenna learns Missy (the ex's fiancé) had something to do with the embezzlement for which Jenna was wrongly arrested and imprisoned eight months ago. 

As the story ended, Jenna gets closure, alright. From her ex and also for her wrongful arrest. It felt quite good to see Jenna getting justice finally. Some improvement on the romance angle between Jenna and Keith. I am curious to see how this new development will be explored in the next book.
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I loved the premise of this book. I loved the faithful dog companion and the setting. I loved the mystery and the twists and turns. 
This book contains mild language through out. 
Thanks to NetGalley for the eARC. All opinions are my own.
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Bound By Murder is the third book in the Antique Bookshop Mystery series.

After a tumultuous eight months, Jenna Quinn is looking forward to some normalcy in life....her antique bookshop is doing well, her love life with detective Keith Logan looks promising and she is ready to move on in life.

Until, the past decides to blast back in her life in the form of her ex-fiance Blake Emerson who shows up in her small town and her bookshop with his new bride to be Missy Plott. Blake had all but abandoned Jenna during the darkest period of her life but now wants her back in his life no matter the consequences. Missy and Blake have a huge fight the night before their wedding and the next day Missy is found dead. The suspects pool is quite big and things get more serious when it comes light that Missy played a role in the embezzlement of funds and the murder of a colleague, crimes for which Jenna had been falsely accused and imprisoned.

This book has Jenna come face to face with her past again and it was good to see that by the end of it, she can finally make peace with all that has happened. The book also has some reality TV worth drama moments courtesy Missy and her 'Mean Girls' bridesmaids...while reading these scenes I could imagine the crowd filming the outbursts to share on their social media handles! 

The actual murder takes place quite late in the story but nevertheless the book is well paced and this was one of those rare moments where I did figure out who the culprit was well before the end. 

I also love the cover design of the book...very eye catching 😍. 

My thanks to NetGalley, the publisher Crooked Lane Books and the author Laura Gail Black for the e-Arc of the book. 

The book publishes today! 

Rating: 🌟🌟🌟🌟
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My rating: 1 of 5 stars, left unfinished.

Book 3 in the series.

I gave all three books in the series a try, and I still don't really care for Jenna. This series just isn't for me. It's too bad, because I do love a good bookshop mystery, but I just couldn't stay interested in this series. No more for me.
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I have really enjoyed the first two books in this series but this may be the best one yet.  From the beginning we've known about Jenna's pretty heavy backstory but this is the first time we've really explored it and that Jenna has dealt with the emotional fallout.  I loved the character development and the exploration of Jenna's new life in Hokes Bluff as well as having her really come to terms with the life she left behind.  

Though there is a lot of character development the mystery is never forgotten or pushed to the side.  The investigating is what forces Jenna to deal with a lot of issues and figure out what she wants and so the character growth and the mystery investigation progress at the same time.  I was pulled in and completely hooked from the very first page until the end.  

I love the mentions of day to day life in Hokes Bluff as well as the running of the bookstore.  I've really enjoyed getting to know Jenna and all the rest of the characters in her world and I was sad to get to last page.  While this is the third book in the series I think you could easy start here.  There is so much focus on Jenna's past that pretty much all the dynamics between the characters are explained.
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It's been a good week for cozies. I don't usually give 5 stars but this is the third one this week and it's well deserved. The drama in the beginning of the book was like having a Jerry Springer episode in a cozy and I loved it! I couldn't get enough of the bad behavior. It was so well written and had me laughing and cringing at the same time. The mystery itself was well paced and although I figured out the murderer early on, I still enjoyed every moment of this story. Looking forward to the next!
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Jenna Quinn is finally feeling that her complicated life has settled down and she is happily running her antiquarian bookstore, Twice Upon a Time. Her past seems to be fading a bit - it's a challenge when the past includes being charged with embezzlement and murder and your ex does a runner. But these days Jenna has a new love in her life (well sort of two, really, one is Keith and one is her dog, Eddy) and people to call her friends. Sadly, it soon comes to a screeching halt when that ex, Blake, waltzes into her store with his soon to be bride hanging off his arm. Think Mean Girl plus Bridezilla and you will have an idea of just how awful Missy is. They have come to town to get hitched at the nearby Hokes Bluff Inn but the vibe is not good. While Missy is trying to push all of Jenna's buttons about her status with Blake, the ex, he is professing his love for Jenna and has the nerve to beg her to take him back. Seriously? No surprise though when Missy turns up dead and then Blake is the prime suspect. Despite the past, neither Jenna nor his mother believe he could be capable of murder. When his mother asks Jenna for help clearing his name, well she agrees.
The list of suspects isn't short and it has people on it who had more serious reasons to want her dead than the fact that she was a nasty person. If Jenna isn't careful her own situation will get messy - again.
I have enjoyed all three books in this series and each has delivered a well plotted mystery and a cast of characters with depth. With the setting of the antique-used bookstore plus the charming pup, they added up to make it a very entertaining read. 
My thanks to the publisher Crooked Lane and to NetGalley for giving me an advance copy in exchange for my honest review.
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I received a complimentary ARC copy of Bound by Murder (An Antique Bookshop Mystery #3) by Laura Gail Black from NetGalley and Crooked Lane Books in order to read and give an honest review.  

… is a cleverly plotted cozy mystery with complex, unique characters some of which you’ll love to hate …  

In Laura Gail Black’s third installment in the Antique Bookshop Mystery, we pick up with Jenna Quinn finally comfortable in Hokes Folly after a few traumatic years. Acquitted of murder and embezzlement charges, she finally has settled into the small town as owner of her uncle’s antiquarian bookstore and is enjoying her new life. With the bookstore doing well, new friends, a cute pup Eddie and wonderful boyfriend Keith, life is close to perfect, and she finally feels at peace. When her ex-fiancé Blake unexpectedly turns up in the store with his new fiancée Missy Plott clinging to him, her perfect peaceful life takes a turn for the worse.

The incredibly cruel and devious Missy enjoys flaunting her relationship in front of Jenna, but Jenna has happily moved on, her feelings for Blake disappeared the same as he had after her false arrest. When Blake corners Jenna a few nights before his wedding he begs her to take him back and he will not take no for an answer.
After witnessing a volatile scene with Blake, Missy, and the wedding party, a love triangle reveals itself and Jenna begins to see that all is not well in paradise. While Jenna and her best friend Rita are taking Eddie for a late-night walk, they discover Missy’s dead body, and no one is safe from being a suspect. Jenna’s relationship is put in jeopardy when boyfriend, police detective Keith Logan insists Blake is the prime suspect in Missy’s murder, but Jenna just doesn’t believe it. When Jenna keeps stumbling across information and her past reputation has inspired a vendetta against her, Jenna must get to the bottom of it before her life is once again turned upside down.

Laura Gail Black’s excellent Antique Bookshop Mystery Series keeps true to form. This is the best book in the series, in my opinion, The author does it again, Bound by Murder is a cleverly plotted cozy mystery with complex, unique characters some of which you’ll love to hate, clever red herrings leading to a very unexpected ending. A wonderful read I would highly recommend, and I am looking forward to reading future books in this series!
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