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This the third book in the series but the first for me. Bookseller Jenna Quinn is surprised when her ex- finance turns up at her bookstore with his new finance. Hours later he is back alone telling her that he wants back and that he still loves her. Things get weirder when his new finance turns up dead. Jenna decides to investigate in spite of her detective boyfriends warning. Lovely whodunit with great characters.
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Love, betrayal, greed, murder friendship, mystery and a brave dog  - this book has it all . An enjoyable and interesting escape from the problems of the world in its current state.
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The third book (Bound by Murder) in the Antique Bookshop Mystery series was a great read!  The main character, Jenna, is very likeable and she has several new friends in her life that are pretty amazing.  
The mystery is really good.  Jenna’s ex-fiancé shows up in her new town (Hokes Folly) with his new bride-to-be.  They are set to marry within the week, there in Hokes Folly.  Strange huh?  Well, it all gets stranger as the book moves along at a super-fast pace.  The bride-to-be’s ex-boyfriend also shows up, to stop the wedding.  The bridesmaids are a handful; they’re a bunch of mean-girls.  The bride-to-be is horribly mean.  Luckily, Jenna is surrounded by supportive friends, and a supportive boyfriend (Keith).  But, their relationship is pretty new and he’s having several jealousy moments.  

I enjoyed books one and two in the series, very much.  And, book three did not disappoint.  I’d planned to make it a slow read, for me to finish over a few days.  But, it was so fast paced and interesting, I couldn’t put it down.  I breezed through it one evening and the next morning.  It was too good to put down for very long.  Which I hate because now it will be a while until the next one is out (there’d better be more!), but I just couldn’t help it.  I highly recommend this book, and series!      
Thank you NetGalley and Crooked Lane Books for this wonderful ARC and in return I am submitting my unbiased and voluntary review and opinion.  I will post this review to my blog, Goodreads, Bookbub, & Amazon accounts on the publication date, 9/6/22.
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This newest installment in the Antique Bookshop series preserved a very interesting murderer that unraveled a lot of questions about Jenna’s past. While I had figured out the secondary mystery two books ago (and was frustrated with Jenna for being dense), it was nice to have closure (and I prove that I was right). The primary case did keep me guessing, even when I was sure I was right (I wasn’t). The secondary cast of characters continues to be charming and endearing, and Shelby is a welcome addition to the group.
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Thank you Netgalley for the advance reader copy of Bound By Murder by Laura Gail Black in exchange for an honest review. I got this book, realized it was the third in the series, read the first two really quick and loved them. I was very excited then to read this one. Jenna Quinn runs an antique bookstore called Twice Upon a Time. She seems to have a busy life with her boyfriend, Detective Keith Logan. When her ex-fiance comes to visit and his bridezilla fiance, the fiance dies. This was such a fun book. Both of our used book stores have closed and I really miss them.
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Bound /by Murder was a fun read.  Jenna Quinn is the main character who owns Twice Upon a Time Used and Antique Book Store with her manager, Mason.  She has moved here  to start over  after being in jail  for embezzlement and murder. She is dating Detective Keith Logan.   Rita Walla is her best friend  and next door neighbor  who works at Hokes Bluff Inn.   To her surprise her ex-fiancé, Blake Emerson shows up at her store with his fiancé,  Missy Plott.  He is getting married at the  inn that weekend. This is where her nightmare begins with Blake stalking her and  saying that he still loves her, Missy and her bridesmaids setting a small fire in her store and throwing bricks in her store window and graffiti on her door.  The night of Blakes and Missy's rehearsal dinner Missy disappears. While walking her dog. Eddy with Rita the next morning they discover Missy dead in the alley behind her apartment.  Blake is arrested for her murder.  The reader is taken on a journey finding out who murdered Missy to the surprising ending.

Thank you NetGalley and Crooked Lane Books for this ARC.
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Loved reading Bound By Murder by Laura Gail Black.

The mystery surrounds Jenna Quinn. She is happy until her ex shows up with Missy his new bride-to-be. Not only is Blake her ex professing his love and driving her crazy but Missy ends up dead which complicates things even more for everyone except the killer of course.

The likely suspect is Blake and he asks Jenna to help find the real killer. She agrees but as she begins her investigation she starts to find very interesting connections. 
There are enough twists and turns to keep you guessing until the very end.
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In this third book in the bookshop series Jenna finds her past coming back to her.  There is a lot going on here. At times it feels a bit overblown and cliche. The conclusion was however surprising and a satisfying conclusion.  It is a fast read and overall enjoyable.
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This is the third book in the Antique Bookshop series with Jenna Quinn.  
Jenna is shocked when her ex boyfriend Blake shows up with his new fiance with plans to get married In her small town.  The fiance ends up murdered and Blake is arrested.  Blake's mother begs Jenna to help prove her sons innocence.  There are many suspects as the fiance was quite the bridezilla. with a nasty temper.  This was a quick read with a great cast of characters.   Thank you netgalley for the advance copy!
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A fabulous book! I loved every page.  A fresh story with great characters and plotting. More please!
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Jenna Quinn has finally settled into her new life in Homes Bluff.  She’s got a dog, she’s dating a local detective and she’s made friends.  With her old life behind her, she’s surprised when her ex shows up in town with his new fiancé in tow.  When the fiancé is murdered, Jenna has to prove her ex’s innocence.  He may not be who she truly believed he was, but a murderer?  She’s out to solve this case,  though helping her ex just might bring her a new ex as a result.

This is a great series that I have enjoyed since the first installment.  The location is awesome, the characters are interesting and I haven’t yet been disappointed by a single entry.  I hope this one is around for a long time.
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Jenna Quinn is the owner of the antiquarian bookstore, Twice Upon a Time, in Hokes Folly, NC.  She moved here from Charlotte after being accused of embezzlement and murder by her previous job.    She thought she started to put all that behind her when her ex shows up with his fiance and his fiance ends up murdered.   Not only does she have to face her feelings about what happened in Charlotte and how stupid she was for falling for her ex, she risks losing her detective boyfriend as well.     

The author really makes you feel you are there in Hokes Folly and part of the story.    I could not put this book down and read it in a day.
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Jenna Quinn is back in this third installment of the antique bookstore mysteries.
Jenna is settling in to her new life in Homes Bluff, with her beautiful bookstore and her dog pal, Eddy.
She's made a few good friends and has a new relationship with a charming police detective.
Jenna is shocked beyond words when her ex shows up, with a new woman on his arm.
It takes all of the restraint Jenna can muster not to slap him, after his horrible betrayal.
When a murder takes place, Jenna is horrified to find out some truths about her ex, and she's frustrated with the strain on her personal relationship.
This book grabbed my attention from the beginning and I enjoyed every part of this book.
I really hope that this series continues to grow, it has a cast of colorful characters and the mysteries are well told.
Thank you to NetGalley and the publisher for selecting me to read an advanced copy of this book.
 #BoundByMurder #NetGalley
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A Plethora Of Suspects…
The third in the Antique Bookshop Mystery series finds Jenna with a dead bride to be, an ex-fiancée who’s suspect number one and a plethora of other suspects. Can Jenna dig deep enough to get to the bottom of this before a, perhaps innocent, man is carted off to jail? Enjoyable and entertaining cosy mystery with a colourful cast and a fun storyline. An ideal addition to the series thus far.
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I enjoyed this book. It’s a fast read. The characters are great. The mystery is interesting and I was surprised by who the killer is. #BoundByMurder #NetGalley
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Each book is as good as the last!  This is the 3rd Antique Bookstore mystery and it does not disappoint.  Hokes Folly definitely sounds like a NC mountain town I would love to visit.  I love the characters in this series as well as the new ones introduced in this newest mystery.  Jenna's ex shows up with his new fiancee and murder ensues.  It's up to Jenna to prove her ex is innocent even though she might not want to.  Quite the twist!  I do hope Laura Gail Black continues this series with many books to come!
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