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Our Voices by Diana Radovan is a heart wrenching memoir about the stories of our ancestors and how they can help us to discover our life story. Exploring identity, memory, and nature, Radovan's message is about freedom and the limitless opportunities that arise when one allows space for the heart to speak. The voice of the heart is healing, it holds memories and dreams that have been sculpted by painful experiences, but in order to keep writing our story, those memories and dreams need to be released through personal will, choice, and freedom.

The uniqueness of this book made it more personal than other memoirs I have read. It's a collection of thoughts, diaries, and poems that are out of chronological order yet still tell a coherent story, layered with bits of mythology and lyricism. The themes are poignant and highly relevant, with liminal messages that will reach those beyond time and place. I think above all else it is a personal healing manifesto that gives voices to the familial, political, and social traumas and releases them into nature where they can be healed and released. I connected to Diana Radovan's voice and her hybrid writing style and I think she has potential to write a magical realism novel about her experiences...something in the vein of Isabel Allende.

Regenerative and inspiring.

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