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For someone who isn't a fan of demon themed stories, I sure as heck enjoyed this book. I thought Drew was a cool character and I connected with him pretty quickly. His time with Lincoln, his mentor, was a great side story as young Drew learns to fix a classic car. The story has a fast pace and the thrills are plentiful. Russell does a great job turning an innocent day at a theme park into a day from hell as his son Kenny's soul is snatched from under his nose.

The demon lore created by Russell was cool. From the weapons to the magic book and the symbols used to trap demons. The synopsis says 'for fans of Supernatural' and that couldn't be more true. Demon Dagger is fun and I couldn't put it down. Thanks for the fun thrill ride, Russell!
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Supernatural Thriller!!

Drew Price when told her mother he can see monsters, she took him to psychiatrists and one of them believed him, this depicts how the society nullifies any thoughts or ideas of something different and consider it as mental disorder, this kind of belief makes the person skeptical rather than understand the truth behind it. 

Even after being married and having a kid, Drew hid the truth about him from his wife. Author has touched many cruel aspects of the society and portrayed them so well and beautifully. 
Fast paced writing style will keep you engulfed and keep you hooked. 

One fine day, an archdemon targets Drew and his family and Drew's life topple upside down, the journey to save his son and vengeance towards the demon and their cruel acts towards humanity, separates this book from the regular horror stories. 

To suffice my thoughts: Supernatural/demonic thriller, underworld crime (literal underworld or hell), fast paced, creative and refreshing writing style. Overall a 4 star read.
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A damn good read! I’ve been on a contemporary fiction roll for a while and this ticked boxes - demons, fantasy, some horror and great writing. It’s an easy recommendation and an author I’ll be coming back to see what comes next!
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I read somewhere that fans of the TV series Supernatural would enjoy this, and I can clearly see the legacy in this book without it being copycat. And yes, I think a fan of that show will enjoy this. 
Lots of evil demonic action but without the religious content that can swamp these types of stories. This is human vs evil, which for me makes it more relatable. Good pacing, nice twists, and the flashbacks are well placed and fit well with the flow of the book.
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Today, is my spot on ZooloosBookTours blog tour for Demon Dagger by Russell James. I read this fantasy novel/thriller as an ebook for this tour and I’m so delighted that I took part on this blog tour as I really liked reading this novel. Demon Dagger tells a story of a demon catcher, demons who take over people’s bodies and a dagger used to slay these frightening creatures from hell. 
This thriller is fast-paced, thrilling, exciting, suspenseful and action-packed. I couldn’t stop reading this novel once I started it. This novel is quite unputdownable. I also thought it was a great read, and I really liked the author’s writing style, character development and the location for this thriller. I like travelling to exotic locations via novels, and I really liked Los Angeles as a location. 
I’m giving Demon Dagger 5 stars as I really liked it and I think that other readers will like it also especially if they like reading fantasy novels and thrillers.
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Demon Dagger is a little different to my frequent reads but I always like to read different genres because it introduces me to new genres and authors.

With this one I found the story to be well written and it was strong enough to hold my interest throughout.
The author is a new one for me but thanks to this story they are one I would try again.

The story follows main character Drew and takes place both in present day and when Drew is younger. It is always clear when the time changes though and it's a good way to really connect to the character throughout his life.

If you enjoy stories in this genre Demon Dagger might be one you'd enjoy. The book is available for purchase now.
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Demon Dagger is a combination of horror and thriller set around demon hunter Drew Price, which is billed as ‘being good for those that enjoyed the TV series Supernatural’.

Now to be honest, I haven’t seen this TV series, but I can basically envision the style.

The book is an introduction to the world of Drew Price and feels like it is an introduction to a series. However, it is a standalone novel that is quite self contained.

I have to say that the blurb and the story didn't match up for me. The blurb gives the impression that Drew is an established Demon Hunter, but that is not the case. In all fairness this seems like it is the inaugural tale of how he becomes a Demon Hunter and that this is the first adventure.

This is not to say that it affects the story in any way, but it is not what I was expecting from the blurb.

The book itself is an enjoyable adventure story pretty much in the vein of popular american series. At the beginning we see how Drew, initially seen as a troubled teenager who meets his mentor Lincoln and how he learns about his ability to see demons. We learn about Drew and his past through a series of flashbacks. Initially, whilst this gives the necessary backstory to how Drew got to where he was and it provides the opportunity for world and lore building, During this first act of the book the story has a lot of information as Lincoln gives the history and other things that Drew needs to know about the Demons that walk the earth, and how best to rid the world of evil.

In addition to this the story focuses on the difficulties that present Drew is having with his marriage and adjusting to his powers now that he is grown up and has a family.

The story really takes off in the second act when the main protagonist of the story, the Arch Nicobar, is introduced, who really causes problems for Drew and his family.

From this point , the story really picks up the pace as the story hurtles towards the third act.

I have to say that when we get past the initial world building and we get to the crux of the story, everything seems to gel a lot more focussed, and the book becomes more like I was expecting it to be.

When we are in the first act and are being introduced to the characters, it took me a while to warm to them, particularly Drew's wife who seems to be on the edge of angry throughout. And I think one of the problems was that whilst I could see reasons for her difficulties, such as chronic pain, some issues in the past with her father etc, there seemed to be a bit of disconnect between these reasons and she just came across as unreasonable for no apparent reason.

However, again she improved in the second act, particularly when the half demon Marvin is introduced. 

Marvin, the half demon (or Cambion as he is referred to in the book) was one of my favourite characters in the story and he was instantly likeable. His partnership with Drew really adds to the story and gives the book that extra depth.

On the whole this is an enjoyable book and is a good introduction to the world. I would definitely like to see a series and the world expanded, because I think it would make a good urban horror series.
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Demon Dagger by Russell James is a fast paced thrilling ride. It is under the horror genre, but I would say this is leaning more toward a thriller with some horrorish scenes. There is a lot of thrilling action about the last three-fourths of the book. But it is a fun and exciting adventure!

The story starts out with a young kid, Drew Price, going into therapy because he sees monsters. His mother has been trying to find a therapist that can help him, until they finally find the right therapist. As the story progresses, Drew learns how to become a demon hunter. The story shifts between Drew’s younger years of training, to his older years of becoming a husband and father. During a family trip to a theme park, Drew’s son loses his soul. Thus begins the long road and process of getting his son’s soul back and ridding the world of a demon. 

Overall, this is a solid read. I did get bored with it occasionally and felt like skipping ahead. It has a lot of words for a simple story. 

Thank you #NetGalley and Flame Tree Press for sending me a copy of #DemonDagger by Russell James.
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"Flame Tree Press" is the "go to" publisher when you are looking for a fine assortment of the best horror books written by well known and also new authors.

In 1995 Drew Price was only thirteen years old when he started seeing terrifying monsters and when he told his mother she immediately brought him to a few different psychiatrists which didn't help of course until one who said he believed Drew and there were others who have seen these monsters so he introduced him to Lincoln (demon hunter), the man who would change Drew's life.

Twenty-five years later Drew works for the Los Angeles Sheriff's department and is married and has a seven year old son (Kenny) whom he adores and he is very happy and content with his life especially since he hasn't seen a demon again since 1995.   Drew has never shared his demon past with his wife thinking he was protecting her and also knowing she would think he had severe mental issues.   Now, he comes across a demon and realizes more and more people are losing their souls to these abominations.   After a demon takes a soul, the person will have  no moral compass left in his conscience and they become true psychopaths who become the worst humans living because they will hurt, maim, kill without any remorse and will never stop.   When the archdemon (the top gun and the most powerful of all demons) hears of Drew, it decides to target little Kenny since this will bring Drew down to his knees  knowing his son will be a a soulless psychopath the rest of his life.   Literally, at this point "All hell breaks loose".

This book was such an enjoyable and fast-paced horror story and not your typical " good versus evil " either.   Don't expect priests or exorcism in this book or you will be disappointed.   The creative  writing and storytelling by "Russell James" made this story extra fun and entertaining as a horror novel and I certainly hope there will be a sequel because Drew is a character I would love to see in more books.   The demons are very frightening characters especially visually which I loved reading about but I would never want to have the "gift or curse" that Drew had.   I also loved that this was a contemporary novel, relatable and easy to read and understand.   There is subtle humor throughout which helps break up the tension.of the horrific deeds and situations that the demons bring to this book.   I wasn't a fan of the wife, not very likeable, although she did improve (imo) by the end of the story.   I highly recommend this book to any horror lover who would like to read a really, entertaining and lighter fare than the devastatingly dark and morbid ones that are out there.

I want to thank the publisher "Flame Tree Press" and Netgalley for the opportunity to read this horror novel and any thoughts or opinions expressed are unbiased and mine alone!

I have given this fantastic horror book a rating of 4 EXCITING AND DEMONIC 🌟🌟🌟🌟 STARS!!
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A good novel, gripping and with the right horror level. It kept me reading and entertained.
Many thanks to the publisher and Netgalley for this ARC, all opinions are mine
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Russell James newest horror novel is a hauntingly beautiful  struggle of good vs. evil. Demons walk among us and only a special few can see when they have taken the souls of humans and exert control of their bodies. Our main character Drew, has dealt with this horrifying ability his whole life and has assumed a mantle of protecting the unsuspecting world from these evil beings. 

I really enjoyed this book overall. It is fast paced read told with various flashbacks of our main character learning from his mentor. When Drew's family is threatened by the biggest bad that he has ever faced, it really is a race to figure out who will come out on top and not without some loss along the way. This universe although unique and new felt familiar and I would love to hear more stories about Drew and Kenny. 

Don't miss out on the newest scary Flame Tree Press novel! 

**Thank you to NetGalley and Flame Tree Press for my arc.**
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Russell James’ Demon Dagger is billed as a book for fans of Supernatural.
But even they’d have a tough time with this middling supernatural thriller about a demon hunter who must juggle his days as a family man and night taking down demons.
It’s not that this one is particularly bad. It just isn’t particularly good either.
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Demon Dagger by Russell Jones. 
Drew Price has a gift, or perhaps a curse.
When a demon possesses a person, Drew can see the horrific-looking demon that dwells within. This ability has made him a demon hunter, armed with the one weapon that can send these fiends back to Hell; the demon dagger.
A demon named Nicobar sets its sights on punishing this hunter. It starts by taking the soul of Drew’s son, condemning the boy to life as a psychopath.
A brilliant read.  Read in one sitting.  I loved Drew. 5*.
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Russell James new novel, the Demon Dagger is an entertaining and worth read fiction that travels back and forth between the main character Drew as a teenager and Drew today who is married with a wife and child whilst past catches up to him.

The book is extremely well written and James is able to balance the jumping back and forth with his narrative like a pro.  He is able to balance the two without losing the narrative or pacing which give an exciting payoff.  He plays around with Demon lore and plays around it whilst rooting everything in his world’s reality.  James has a real knack at plotting, pacing and keeping the reader on their toes with every page turn.

The characters are very strong though his wife, on a personal biase, irritated me as she seemed to be in a bad mood and not very understanding through most of the book but I did warm to her by the last third of the book.  Drew is extremely well drawn out and is very three dimensional in the approach.  The main villain of the piece is frightening and without given anything away, I love the person the demon has decided to take over.  

This is quite difficult to write a review about because I want to gush about so much but at the same time, not reveal any of the surprises that in store for the reader.  Overall, this is a gem of a book from the author and Flame Tree Press and I highly urge people with the love of dark fiction to pick this up as they will not be disappointed.  This is one of the best this year.
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4 Stars!

Russell James and Flame Tree Press is a good match and a recipe for an exciting and terrifying tale.  When I saw Demon Dagger, I knew that this was a book I would have to read sooner rather than later.  While I am not a fan of the cover, which looks more like a fantasy than a horror novel, I knew from experience that James knows how to craft a horror novel and Flame Tree publishes some of the best horror books, so I knew I was in for a treat. 


Drew Price has a unique gift.  Or maybe the ability to see a possessed person for what they are, to see the demon within, is more of a curse.  Either way, Drew is one of the few people who could see a demon for what it really is.  No one believed him when he told them that monsters are prowling the world until he met a demon hunter, Lincoln, who trained him in what his ability really meant.  When the slayer was ambushed and killed by a demon, Drew took a mythical weapon, the demon dagger that had the ability to send a demon back to Hell, and began to search for the demon who murdered his mentor.  When the trail grew cold, Drew put aside his demon-hunting ways and settled into a semblance of a normal life. 


Unfortunately for Drew, the demon that killed Lincoln was back in the world.  Not only was Nicobar back, he was no ordinary demon and he knew who Drew was.  Nicobar made it his mission to not only kill Drew but to destroy all that he holds dear.  Nicobar starts with Drew’s son and captures the boy’s soul by tricking him into making a trade:  a toy for his soul.  Drew finds himself in a race against time to not only once more banish the demon from the world but to save his son.  Armed with a few mythical weapons, including the demon dagger, Drew teams with a human/demon hybrid, Marvin, in a desperate plan to banish the demon and save his son.  He will succeed, or he will die trying. 


Russell James crafts an entertaining story in Demon Dagger and what really makes it work is the characters.  No one is perfect in the novel, and it is the characters flaws that make them human.  Drew is driven by his bizarre gift while Lincoln and Marvin both spend their lives trying to overcome their dark secrets.  Even Drew’s son, for all his innocence, has the kernel of darkness that resides in the heart of everyone that allows Nicobar to exploit him for his evil purposes.  The only character who falls flat is Drew’s wife who comes across as very one dimensional and is neither likable nor sympathetic in the least.  She becomes more of an annoyance than anything as the story progresses even though Drew’s dedication to her never wavers.  The rest of the characters shine in this story, and it is easy for the reader to understand their motivation and be moved by their triumphs and failings. 


Demon Dagger is an entertaining and sometimes terrifying tale of the struggle of good against evil.  James keeps the novel flowing quickly throughout and the action is almost non-stop.  There is enough pseudo-history and character development to flesh out the story, but the action is what takes center stage.  There is very little mystery as to what is going to happen in the story, yet it is still a fun read.  James has a strong grasp of the genre and knows how to hook the reader.  The ending is a bit chaotic and borderline absurd while remaining fast-paced and entertaining.  The only real negative in the story is Drew’s wife (and, to a lesser extent, her sister) but the rest of the novel remains strong enough to balance this out.  I would not say that this is a great novel, but it is a fun read for fans of the genre.  James always delivers a quality story.  I would recommend this book for fans of the genre who are looking for an entertaining way to pass a couple of hours. 


I would like to thank Flame Tree Press and NetGalley for this review copy.  Demon Dagger is scheduled to be released on August 16, 2022.
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Stories of demons and demonic possession have been a lifelong fascination of mine, ever since having watched The Exorcist as a kid. Instead of scaring the pants off me, I was totally engrossed in it. Which probably says a lot about what kind of kid I was, but so it goes. A million years later, and now days when it comes to books and movies about the infernal my interest is usually automatically piqued. Based off its premise and its blurb, Demon Dagger by Russell James is everything I could hope to want about a demonically-centric thriller and it manages to check off all the boxes.

Cover for Demon Dagger By Russell JamesDemons haunting the world wearing human skins, brokering hellish contracts, and creating legions of soulless serial killers? Check. Demon hunters with a curious vision that lets them peel back the curtain on the world and see the nightmares that walk amongst them? Also check. A fast-paced story full of action, violence, and even a good bit of gore? All the checks. Demon Dagger ostensibly operates under a very simple premise: a man who can see demons must save the soul of a loved one from an incalculably evil entity literally hellbent on destruction. There are many, many more layers to the narrative of Demon Dagger, though, with an intricate system to the workings of demons and possession that manages to walk the fine line between fascinating and overbearing. James gives us enough details to be intrigued about how the whole terrifying thing works without drowning the reader in them, or going overboard in exposition. If anything, James moves the narrative of Demon Dagger forward at a brisk pace that meanders little and doesn’t waste time and I for one appreciate that.

More than once while reading Demon Dagger I found myself envisioning it adapted into a movie. It’s got a certain tonality to it that lends itself to the cinematic, with big, explosive moments that teeter on the overblown and melodramatic but manage to stay entertaining instead of verging into the unbearable. Demon Dagger is an supernatural action extravaganza, a hellish thrill ride about a world where demonic predators wear fleshmasks and prey upon an unsuspecting humanity. Yet the story is laser focused on a man desperate to save his family, to make them safe, even if he has to sacrifice his own life and soul to do so. That Demon Dagger also has climactic battles with monstrous archdemons and spectacular violence worthy of a summer blockbuster is just a giant bonus.

Demon Dagger is a quick read and a solid four stars, an immensely enjoyable page-turner that wastes no time and will keep you engrossed right from the beginning. I found it hard to put down, because at every turn something interesting was happening and before I knew it the book was over and I was a little disappointed that there wasn’t at least another chapter waiting for me. But I hold out hope that there will be a sequel or two from James in the world of Demon Dagger, as he planted the seeds to follow it up with many more stories.
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Drew Price has a rare gift. He can spot a demon where most of us would see a normal human being. A blessing? A curse? It certainly doesn’t make for an easy life but it does make for a highly entertaining, suspenseful read. I am a great fan of Russell James’s stories. He creates great atmosphere, authentic settings and characters, and cool plots. Demon Dagger is no exception. 

Drew is a man with a wife and child – both of whose lives are in danger and, worse than that, their souls are at risk. With the help of a seemingly insignificant dagger that possesses extraordinary powers, he is able to dispatch one demon, only to be confronted with something far worse – an Archdemon. The story moves at a fast pace and kept me with it all the way to the end. Or…was it the end? Somehow, I have the feeling the demons aren’t finished yet.

Great story. Don’t miss it.
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Russell James has been around for a while. Writing perfectly serviceable if unremarkable genre stories. This is a fine example of it. A story of demonic possession with the titular object heavily featured as a killing object. Not exclusively, but the best one for a book title.
So you have your protagonist Drew who as a boy learned to see demon-possessed people (psst…they cast no shadow) and became an apprentice to a demon slayer. As an adult, Drew just wants to have a normal life but those demons just won’t leave him alone. So he does the normal adult thing by day and slays demons by night until his diurnal and nocturnal activities eventually bleed into each other. Notice the use of bleed for it is a bloody business.
And so, alternating between past and present, alternating between character drama and demon-slaying action, the novel rolls on at a fairly steady pace, unfolding much as one might expect. You can just see a tagline for a B-movie adaptation – Demons. This time it’s personal.
Drew has a cute kid but a terrible wife. Seriously, what’s with Drew’s wife? For all their supposed lurv, she’s constantly on a verge of a divorce; all too willing to believe the worst of her dearly beloved and all too willing to boot him out. Terrible, really.
The rest of the characters are ok. The writing’s ok. Toward the end it gets sillier and cheesier, but the backstory kind of offsets it, balancing out the overall tone.  The entire thing is ok. That’s sort of the author’s base level – ok. Like write by numbers sort of thing with all the boxes checked, but nothing special offered. And yet, he continues to have a productive career and being featured by publishers like Flame Tree Press so either he’s doing something right or the audience has a certain yen for mediocrity.
Anyway, a thoroughly decent thoroughly average read of demons and men…and daggers. Thanks Netgalley.
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Who knows what evil lurks in the hearts of people? Well, I suppose Russel James does. In his latest offering, Demon Dagger, we find our hero, Drew, who has been gifted or maybe plagued with the ability to see through the meat skins they wear to the demon who inhabits the body.

Complicating matters even further, Drew suffers from a complicated marital situation. Throw in an unfortunate event where a demon he is chasing turns its attention to the one thing Drew loves more than anything in the world. His son.

To be fair, I like most books. I like reading in general and this one was a fast read in terms of flow. You dedicated readers out there will know what I mean. This was a fun and fast read.

To me the mark of a good book is if I like the central characters or not and I really did enjoy Drew and his mentor Lincoln. I also really enjoyed the character of Marvin. I thought he was fun.

So, why did I not give it a fifth star? I really did not care for his wife. She came off as cold, and overly given to anger issues to the point that she felt just annoying. I did not really get why she was so perpetually angry all the time. Her anger could be said to lack context and I really needed to see that context before I was thrown into the world where she was so perpetually angry at him all the time.

There was also too much made of her rheumatism, but nothing really came of it in the crescendo of the storyline. I kind of expected that to play in and I did not see that. I was a little disappointed in that.

I want to see a second book in this series. It would be great fun to examine how Drew and Marvin are sucked back into hunting demons as they pop up. Maybe this is a world where, like Marvin, there are different gradients of demons here and there who can be as fun as Marvin with different restrictions and abilities. Marvin has the capacity to have some amazing lines and I really want to see him come into his own.

All-in-all, Demon Dagger is a fun read and I think you are going to enjoy it just as much as I did.

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A wuick and easy read that I read in one very short sitting. It was fast paced and atmospheric but it definitely lacked something. I excpected to feel creeped out by this book especially after reading the blurb but it just kind of fell flat sadly.
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