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This book had me hooked from the first sentence. I read it in less than two days, I couldn't put it down! If you've ever felt resentment towards an ex (or current distant lover), or just looking for a good femme read - this is it!

thank you Netgalley for the free copy in exchange for my review.
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I felt like this story was able to suck me in from the first page. The characters were likable, the chemistry was tangible, and overall it was just an easy, and fun read. Would like to read more from this author.
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I was immediately sucked into the story, and rooted for Darby throughout the book. The book was realistic and her emotions felt authentic.

I recommend this book to anyone who wants a quick read that tugs at your emotions. There are funny moments and happy and sad ones, just like in life.
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I liked Darby, but I felt like the novel placed wayyyyy too much emphasis on her ass of an ex and his cheating. It just got tedious to read as everything revolved around that and to be honest I felt like the HEA ending was extremely rushed and that should've been the emphasis instead of the other stuff.
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15 Minutes of Shame immediately hooked me in and I could not put it down. I love Darby - her personality, her advice, and her notions of family and love. She's fun, messy, and not afraid to laugh at herself. She bounces back, and it was believable to me that she would be a beloved relationship guru. The timing of her recovery from her failed marriage felt real and relatable. This is a book that will pick you up on your bad days.
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First of thanks to NetGalley and Siesta Key House for letting me read this book in exchange for an honest review.

In the beginning it took me a few chapters before getting into this one but after that it was a really good read.

The story follows the dating expert Darby that is going through a new journey since her husbands ex-wife told National Live TV that him and her was going back together.
We get to see how Darby pick up the pieces of her old life and what comes next for her.

It was a quick and easy read for me once getting into it and I am so happy that I didn't gave up on it. 

If you like a easy rom-com read that contains drama, dating, lawyers and a character that is going through a personal change then this one might actually be something for you.
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I loved this story so much! What an adventure! This story had me literally laughing out loud, while also pulling on my heartstrings. I cannot wait to read future work by this author!
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'15 Minutes of Shame' by Lisa Daily 4.3 stars
      This book is about Darby Vaugh who is an author of several dating books and how her life crumbled in front of her. Her husband exposed a divorce, she didn't know was happening on the news and when she discovers it, she finds a way to double down on the embarrassment so the books follow her trying to piece together her career and falling in love.
     I loved this book, honestly, I was drawn in by the story and Darby's life and mistakes along with her character development drew me more. I wanted to see how she would piece her life back together and the more she did the more I liked it. I knew the book was a romance but halfway through the book you still weren't fully sure who was the love interest although you had a feeling. I felt like the book's main focus wasn't romance, it just played along and flowed as the story continued which I loved. All things considered, I enjoyed this book, it grabbed my heart,
 Thanks, NetGalley for the arc.
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Ohh I loved this book! Darby is a dating expert whose book is hitting bestsellers and changing the lives of millions of women. The only problem? Her love life soon goes from awesome to dumped on national TV. Her reputation and career are ruined and her books are not selling anymore. How is she going to get out of this and get her life on track? Did I mention her attorney is super tall and handsome? 

The narration of the book is spectacular and it kept me hooked throughout the book. Darby is a sweet and sensitive girl but she seems a bit of a pushover to me. I could relate to her a lot. The book is full of drama and twist-and-turns. It also has a lot of TV drama and glamor. 

Overall, the book is beautiful.
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I DNF this book at 57% and that's after trying to read through for a month.. The pacing was very slow. It's marketed as a romantic comedy, but at 57% I was just barely beginning to see the smallest inkling of romance potential. More than half of the book primarily revolves around her horrible ex. I think there was too much back story presented before the plot from the synopsis finally began, and the idea of an ex step mom filing for custody of her former step kids is pretty far fetched. I did enjoy the quote, "Take a walk, take a breather, get a pedicure, get a grip" and may add it to a list of mantras. Overall, I think Women's Fiction would have been a better genre to classify this book under. This wasn't giving me the heartwarming laugh-out-loud moments I anticipate in rom coms.
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A slow burn romance with a strong female character?  Perfect.  The fact that she finds out she is getting a divorce on live television?  Even better, because it meant that she definitely had to be even stronger.  I thoroughly enjoyed this book.
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OMG, loved the book. Normally a book this length would take me a few days to read. I read this in one day. Darby and Will have been married for three years, while raising her step-children. Whom Darby have loved and adored. While Darby was on a book tour with her new book about dating advice, she ended up getting some bad news on the show Today, where she ended up passing out. As I said I really enjoyed this book.
I am thankful that Netgalley gave me this chance to read the ARC, for an honest review.
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Darby is down on her luck. she discovers that her husband is filing for a divorce on national TV.

The story line follows Darby as she tries to pick up the pieces of her life and career. Drama, paparazzi, and hot lawyer.

I love how the book first deals with Darby's comeback and then introduces Holt's feelings. Emotional and engaging read. Recommended.
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15 Minutes of Shame is a cute story of a woman scorn rising above and finding her way back from a cheating husband and a ruined career. I feel like this is more of a women’s fiction book rather than romance, the real romance isn’t until the last 10% of the book or so but still a great story. Darby is a strong yet somewhat neurotic lead looking to come back from a failed marriage that she only found out about while being interviewed on national television. That’s not great press for a dating expert! With her life in ruins, she turns to her best friends (Tia is my spirit animal) to help her figure out I where to go from from here. They set her on a path towards a new future, attorney, new publicist, new living arrangements. Of course not all is smooth sailing. Trying to gain custody of your ex’s kids, turning your career around and trying not to fall for your hunky attorney make everything a bit harder. This book was a very easy read. Darcy could be a bit too much at times, her obsession over getting custody of the kids was a bit overboard. Yes, as a mom, I understand the attachment and love but at the end of the day, they weren’t her kids. I absolutely loved her friends, they added the comfort, support and comic relief the story needed. I wish that they would have gone into more detail about Holt, yea we know he is good looking, abs for days and all but we only get a bit of information about him, mostly being an attorney and then they are not and heavy right at the end. It felt a bit sudden. Would I recommend? Yes, it’s a great easy weekend read
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I love how so many things happened in the book. I could not keep myself from the book because it was so good
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Darby is a relationship expert...UNTIL she gets dumped on LIVE television by her husband. He is now back with his EX-Wife AGAIN. Can you believe this?!
This is a very fast paced straight to the point kind of book and that's okay. I do feel like I needed more from Darby and Holt. To be fair, I think Darby fell kind of flat to me because in the scenes where she was talking to Holt- I feel like Holt gave me so much more. She kind of fades into the background and the chemistry isn't there. It doesn't make me believe in this like "instalove." I did love darby and her girlfriends..  I loved that sisterhood and how they did whatever they could to help her. That's the type of friendships every one should have. 
Overall, I enjoyed the book enough that I binged it in a few hours! lol
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For some reason, this book reminds of another one which didn't make me want to continue reading. DNF. 

*********I received an ARC for my honest opinion from NetGalley ******
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♥ Slow Burn 
♥ Strong Heroine 

The writing was engaging and appealing. I was hooked straight away. I really enjoyed the little flyers and tips at the end of each chapter.

It wasn’t heavy on the romance. But I still enjoyed reading the other things going on. Darby was a lovable heroine and I wanted to see her win. I also liked her friendship group. Holt was very sweet and endearing.  

It was a slow burn which I didn’t mind but when the romance aspect did come it seemed too quick as there hadn’t been much to indicate that level of intensity in their feelings. 

I still enjoyed it as it was a quick and enjoyable read.
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I am giving this read four stars - not because it is daring fiction or a new type of chick-lit, but simply because it was a fun read. I read the whole thing in one go and enjoyed the silliness of it. It was a fun little escape from reality. Were there feminist issues, and unexplained plot points? Yes. Did I care? No - because this is exactly what you want from a beach read. 

The characters were flat, but not overly problematic. 

There were some nice women supporting women friendship. 

An interesting plot point about Step-parent rights and custody wasn't fleshed out as much as it could be, but the book was short and sweet. 

Thank you to #NetGalley for the ARC - this is an unbiased review
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I wanted to love this book so much, and I hate that I didn’t because the concept really stood out to me.

While it had a few cute moments, and moments I found funny it (all of which were due to her friends) it took me quite a while to peak my interest. Maybe about 40 ish percent in? 

It barely had any focus on Darby and Holt’s relationship, we don’t really get any interactions between the two of them until about 60% in and even after that mark, it’s still very minimal. I honestly think we got more information on Darby’s outfits than we got on their relationship. There wasn’t really any opportunities to connect with their characters, or their romance. 

I learned more about Darby’s fake dates than I did Holt. Truthfully the only thing I felt we learned about Holt was why he got into law and that he’s hot and southern.
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