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“And sometimes, letting your heart lead the way can be the smartest decision you ever make.” ✨

This is a fast paced rom-com that I really enjoyed! It was very amusing and I thought the MC, Darby, was well developed. The beginning of the book seemed chaotic with so many things going on, but I soon realized that this was the perfect set up for the overall story. I really liked the addition of Darby’s friends & the MC 🥵 who doesn’t love a hot attorney?!

I thought the dating advice & rules that followed each chapter were a nice addition and played into the story well.

Definitely check this out if you get the chance!
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Thanks Netgalley for a arc copy of this book for a honest review 
15 Minutes of Shame was a entertaining read it was a cute read I want to read more from this author 4 star read 

Happy Reading 
Lisa 📚
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Thank you to NetGalley and the publisher for the ARC in exchange of my honest review.

Fair warning, this book is more like woman's fiction than a rom-com. The story follows Darby Vaugh aka female lead who is a relationship expert & writer. It mainly follows to coming to realization of her husband's infidelity, her public break-up and aftermath of it. The plotline contains Darby's view as she adjusts to new reality, coming to terms the divorce and losing the life the she knew and building a new one for herself along with side characters Holt aka Divorce Attorney, some little kids and group of best friends. 

I was looking forward to read Darby's journey & portrait of how it feels when the doubts of infidelity rises but I struggled to keep up with the story. The storyline feels flat, there seems to be very little chemistry between Darcy & Holt; one minute there is nothing and suddenly there is all love-sappy confessions. The groveling at the end from cheating husband and the constant mention of how Darcy's constant mentions of the kids being takes away from her sets the mood off.
This could have a been a great character-build & arc if they used the to empower the charactering regarding she's a mother or not, regarding she has a successful career; that Humans make mistakes and learn & rise again. But Darcy's character ends up coming off as whining and hot mess(Not the good kind of hot mess). 

Although there are some moments of laughter and sadness that are totally relatable, this was an average read for me.
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A drama since the first word. I was captivated right from the start - I do wish the description had fewer details, I wasn't surprised by some of the major events because they were noted in the description. Darby was strong and bounced back - she was able to make it through one of the most cringe moments I've ever read. 

I was a little surprised by the other MC, that was missing from the description. The relationship between Darby and Holt developed a deep relationship. I appreciate the depth and detail put into their development. 

A great story with a vindication end and a clear bad person
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easy, feel good read!

Rating: 3/5


Why am I hiding behind a dumpster at the Gas-N-Go in my pajamas, spying on Will?

A month ago I was America’s favorite TV relationships expert. Now? I’m the loser facing a major scandal, whose catastrophic love life is splashed across TMZ, social media, and every gossip show and supermarket tabloid — all because I got dumped by my husband on national TV. For a reality TV star. And that’s not even the worst part.

Now, I’m scrambling to un-shamble my life, make a comeback, and salvage what’s left of my heart and my career — which is constantly complicated by the fact that I keep publicly screwing up (on camera, no less), my publicist is advising me to do some (let’s sayquestionable) stuff to get my career back on track, and most of all, because I can’t tell if my insanely sexy divorce attorney Holt is flirting with me, or just giving me legal advice.

It definitely feels like flirting.

Like, the best flirting of my entire life — the kind that makes all your parts tingle, not just your toes.

Is that a bad thing? Yeah it is — because if I fall for him, we’ll both be torpedoing our careers, not to mention everything else that really matters to me.

It’s just so hard to stop…

Don't miss this satisfying, swoony, laugh-out-loud romantic comedy perfect for readers who love Christina Lauren, Emily Henry, and Helena Hunting

Thank you NetGalley for giving me an eARC!!
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I'm 23% into this book, and so far it's just been a long sob story about the main character's marriage falling apart. Romance readers want to read about people falling in love. This book so far is literally the opposite of that. This is not a rom com. It's women's fiction, and not even a little bit funny. DNF. 

Thanks, NetGalley, for the ARC I received. This is my honest and voluntary review.
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Another new author to me, Lisa Daily has managed to craft a fast-paced yet still slow-burn contemporary romance. Darby seemingly has it all. Successful career, the perfect husband, and two adorable stepchildren. When she discovers that her husband is actually having an affair, live on TV, she almost loses it all.

I was simultaneously cringing and screaming at the pages at times, the drama felt so tangible in its absurdity. And I have to say, Darby is a better person than I am for how she ultimately deals with the other woman. I really loved Holt's intensity and sincerity, but if I have one frustration, it's that he didn't really figure at all in the first third of the story, and even by halfway he was only *just* becoming a central part of the story. As such, I felt like we could have had another encounter between them before we got to the confession, as it felt a bit sudden. That said, I loved them together, and I will definitely read more of this author's work.

Overall Rating: ❤❤❤❤
Heat Rating: 🔥🔥1/2
Emotional Rating: 🤬💔🥰🥰💓💓

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Favourite Quote

' “Having it all” is a big load of crap, at least for the mom. You can’t really have it all, can you? When children are in the picture, somebody has to make sure they come before everything else. And that person is almost always the mom. '

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Thank you to netgalley and the publisher for the opportunity to review this book.

I’m struggling to articulate my thoughts on this book! I was invested in Darby’s story - watching her navigate her relationship breakdown in the public eye. But I also thought the page time in this book was invested in the wrong places. 

I wanted to know more about her dating advice, her show, and the budding romance with the lawyer (which felt a little undercooked). I think some of the long outfit descriptions and internal monologuing could have been shorted to amp up the day to day action in Darby’s life.

I also thought that for a dating guru Darby felt a little unsure of it all? Or maybe it was that she felt younger than 31 to me. 

I loved the commitment and dedication to the kids throughout, that was really special.

In short: I found stretches difficult to read when they weren’t giving me “action” over “thoughts”, but I didn’t have a bad time! I think some readers will really connect with Darby - I might have been too old to get into the mindset!
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Darby is the expert when it comes to relationships and what you should and shouldn’t put up with. She has her own column and goes on book tours to speak to sold out crowds. Life is perfect until her husband Will of three years announces that he and his ex wife, former beauty queen of Arkansas are getting back together again and Darby finds this out live on the air during her Today show interview. What happens after that is Darby putting her career and her life back together with a little help from her friends. A feel good read!
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Darby is a dating expert going through a public and humiliating divorce. In order to save face and save her career she has to make some difficult decisions. Her ex has two children from a previous marriage and Darby is mourning the loss of her step-children as she was their primary caregiver for most of their lives. 

Darby was sassy and funny. There was some humorous moments in the book. And I was glad that the situation with the children turned out as it did. I would have been disappointed had Darby gone in a different direction. 

I thought the book was fun and really took a good look at some deeper attachment issues. I liked Holt the divorce attorney, but felt like his affections towards Darby moved a little too quickly. He went from taking her to dinner to professing his love. And the bedroom scene at the end of the book (seriously, it was around 94% of the way through!) felt a little gratuitous and unnecessary. I'm not against open door romance, but this just didn't seem to flow with the pace of the rest of the book. 

Also - I guess this was a "reprint" of an earlier edition?? It wasn't mentioned in the book that I saw, and I'm not are if any changes were made between the first print and the reprint.... but just something to note. 

Overall, not one that I would reread, but one that I'm glad I read this time. I did think it was a fun little Easter egg to find a small suburban newspaper mentioned in the book.... and it's MY suburban newspaper ;) 

Thank you to NetGalley and Siesta Key House for the ARC of this book in exchange for my honest review.
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Darby had the perfect life. Until it shattered in front of her when she got to know she got dumped on national television and after two very embarrassing media moments, she just doesn't know how to get her life back.
Enters Holt, her divorce attorney, who is handsome, charming, absolutely honest and understanding.
Can her life get any messier than this, or is this just the beginning??

I loved Darby. I liked how mature she is. Her way of dealing with problems, with life while retaining her empathy is endearing to witness.
Holt is such a beautiful character. I loved reading him.
I like how even if their vulnerable conversations aren't written, we atleast know they occurred. The love didn't happen instantly, instead they got to know each other and realized how much they liked what they see.
The side characters are also good, especially the girl gang.

In all, I really enjoyed reading this book.
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Thank you Netgalley for providing me with a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

"I think I could love you" 

This story was so good, definitely a new comfort read. Darby's ups and downs broke my heart and mended it again. And Holt omg!!!!

I loved reading about a custody battle from the ex-stepmother's perspective, it really shined a light on a point of view I never really considered.

Overall, would read again, super adorable.
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I received an ARC of 15 Minutes Of Shame from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review. 

If I were able to give half stars 15 Minutes of Shame would be a 3.5. The very beginning was difficult for me to read. It was almost manic, but I believe it was intended to be. After all, wouldn't you be manic if you were taling your husband who you caught lying about being in a different city? 

15 Minutes of Shame is an emotional roller coaster. It made me laugh and cry. If you're looking for a believable/relatable romance, look elsewhere. This book is outrageous, but it is a very fun read.
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Darby is America’s favorite TV relationships expert who got dumped by her husband on national TV.   Now she's dating for publicity but ends up falling for her divorce lawyer Holt.   A terrific fun book.    Holt is amazing for Darby.   Darby went through a lot because of her despicable ex-husband.   It's great to see her getting someone that treats her the way she deserves....   

Thanks the publisher for the arc.
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//REVIEW// ⭐️⭐️⭐️✨ 3.5/5
15 Minutes of Shame by @authorbythesea 

God I am not gonna lie but the first 30% made me want to DNF this book, maybe it wasn’t my style but then this book picked up with all the force and I loved every word of it’s!

Darby is a dating expert who is author of two books and when on the tour for second she gets to know that her husband is leaving her for his ex-wife.
Darby then decides to reach out to Holt who is a divorce attorney but is there any other reason to get her out of this marriage apart from the infidelity her husband is culprit of?

It has all the emotions that make us human, the need to have a family, protecting career, but also fighting for the ones we love..
This book is all about how Darby navigates in her life when everything she has is about to leave her.

I thank NetGallery for giving me this ARC in exchange of honest review!

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This was an ok book and a fast read. I thought that the book was slow at times, and the main character Darby complained extensively about losing her (non-biological, stepchildren) children in a messy divorce. I understood her frustrations with getting the kids taken away, but at the end of the day, she really was not their mother, as much as she wanted to be. Her constant complaints and inner monologue that desperately wanted to keep the kids was hard for me to move past --  I had to force myself to keep reading when Darby got on these tangents. I thought her husband groveling after cheating on her and publicly ridiculing her was despicable. 

I liked that this book was comedic at certain points, which helped elevate from the sadness/anger/frustration of the main storyline. I liked that Darby finally had a character that cared for her by the end, but the ethical implications of getting romantically involved with your lawyer DURING your legal proceedings was messy. Overall, it was not a bad book, but I don't think I'd read this again.
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👍🏼 It really sucks when your 15 minutes of fame happens due to the untimely announcement that your dream husband has filed for divorce just before your interview on national television. Double sucks that you find out live, on air, and your body tends to produce projectile vomit when under anxiety. There are only a few worse ways to become a meme. 

Lisa Daily describes dating expert, Darby Vaughn’s epic fail, and how she  puts her life back together again in a clear, likable voice. The rebuilding process takes Darby back to her college roommates and BFFs, on hot dates in Miami, a stint on reality tv, and into the office of one very hot divorce lawyer. 

You should definitely read #15MinutesofShame if you are a fan of Girlfriend’s Guide to Divorce and/or come-back stories. A nice, light read to help you feel good.
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( smolder spice level)
Darby is a dating relationship expert that hits it big. She even lands The author's drink gig of being on the Good morning America show. This all changes when her fears come true. True, how can a relationship expert be anything if they end up in a divorce and you're the last to find out?

This book is a twisting and turning rom-com that has you guessing what's coming next. The divorce lawyer Holt and Darby's relationship expands after each twist and turn. And then learning about each other.

Daily leaves us holding her breath, making us guess what is around the corner for Darby. I really enjoyed the book and it had me going from crying to being angry at what was happening to Darby.
It also had me laughing at some of the silliness and feeling heart touched and relating to Darby in her situation.
I really do suggest this book for a quick read. And really enjoyed reading it.
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This was such an easy and feel-good read, definitely something you want to pick up, when in the mood for a rom-com.

And this book was so much fun. I loved the characters, the banter, the building tension, the whole feel of the book. My interest was captured from the very beginning and didn't let go. It was a great romantic distraction.
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I'm not a guy who leads a lot of rom-coms. My normal reading habits tend to involve people dying horribly, evil wizards, monsters, or crime. 

That being said, I found Lisa Daily's 15 Minutes of Shame to be quite delightful. A beach read through and through, this one hits the ground running with a fantastic premise (the dating expert's marriage is in shambles? And she's the last person to know? And she finds out on TV?) and then hits all the genre tropes rom com fans have come to expect and love. 

Daily's prose is hilarious, her characters rich and realistic, and the story has a lot of heart to go along with all the romance. 

If you're looking for a lighthearted read that will leave you laughing and swooning, this one's for you.
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