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This was a very well-written romantic comedy. At first, I didn't find the main character entirely relatable (she's a bestselling author who is semi-famous), however, that swiftly changed, and I found myself enthralled by Darby. Lisa Daily does a splendid job of bringing Darby to life, and I love going along for the ride with her and her "fake-dating" shenanigans, and awkward attempts to get her life back on the rails. Darby's reactions are hysterical, and this book contains the type of natural, situational comedy that is universal. Despite not relating to Darby's life initially, I absolutely related to her reactions to her life. (Also, her need to CUT her dress and spanx off to pee is absolutely hysterical because it's SO relatable!) We see plenty of glitz and glamour in books, but it was so fun seeing the "behind the scenes" of a fairly normal woman's reactions to this glamorous lifestyle, instead of the curated front. 
The reason this gets four stars from me instead of five, is because it reads more as women's fiction or contemporary fiction than it does romantic comedy. We didn't meet Holt, the love interest, until about 25-30% of the way into the book, and he was utterly forgettable. Even when he makes a more prominent appearance later (after the 50% mark) he's still unremarkable. I felt absolutely nothing between the two characters; their relationship was rushed, and it was told more than shown. It felt like the whole "I could love you" thing moved way too fast. Had this not been marketed as a rom-com specifically, I might have enjoyed it more. But for someone looking specifically for romance, this was a letdown in that department. The book focuses more on Darby's life than it does an actual romance, which is why I think a "fiction" or "contemporary" label might be better than a "romance" label.
Also, the little visuals were cute, but I could not read them on my e-book. They were way, way too small and so I gave up. :(
Either way, 15 Minutes of Shame is a great read, and Daily's writing style is fantastic. I will read more from this author!
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(First of all, thank you so much NetGalley, publisher, and author, for providing me this ARC in exchange for an honest review)

Synopsis: Darby was a month ago America’s favorite TV relationships expert, but now she is the loser facing a major scandal, whose catastrophic love life is splashed across TMZ, social media, and every gossip show and supermarket tabloid — all because her husband dumped her on national TV. For a reality TV star. And that’s not even the worst part. Now, she is scrambling to un-shamble her life, make a comeback, and salvage what’s left of her heart and  career — which is constantly complicated by the fact that she keep publicly screwing up (on camera, no less), her publicist is advising her to do some (let’s say questionable) stuff to get my career back on track, and most of all, because she can’t tell if her insanely sexy divorce attorney Holt is flirting with her, or just giving her legal advice.

I loved the cover and synopsis and I was dying to get to know the characters and how their relationship grow up, however the descriptions, monologue, and the late appearance of the love interest was to much for me.
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Loved the story line and mystery to this book, I will admit the first couple of chapters were really hard for me to get through. It just felt very chaotic to me, which in turn it was. Once you got onto the next chapters it started to get easier.
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This was such an enjoyable book! The humour and tone of this book was very fun and I laughed out loud multiple times. I would describe this book more as women’s fiction than romance, since it was more about the main character, Darby, finding herself after a break up, than it was the romance. However I liked this focus on Darby rather than the romance. 

I loved the romance concept and I am such a fan of more slow burn romance so I really enjoyed it. The love interest Holt was a genuinely good guy and he was such a hottie with his declarations of love. Darby was a little annoying at times, but I also think that she grew on me as the book went on, and I understanded her motivations in the book aswell as the choices she made around her divorce proceedings and public life as a celebrity. 

My main issues with the book were the writing style and the conflict at the end of the novel. With the writing style, it just felt like the Darby was telling us a lot of things rather than showing them. Like she said she loved her husband at the beginning of the book however there’s really nothing to prove that she did, and as a reader you can’t figure out why. I think this is why the conflict at the end of the novel also didn’t make sense to me, especially since Darby is a dating coach. I also feel like since the romance was so slow burn there didn’t really need to be a third act conflict. 

Overall, I still have a good time reading the book and would recommend it to others if the synopsis sounds like something you would like! Darby’s dating advice snippets were also great throughout the book!
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National beloved dating expert Darby's husband has reunited with his ex-wife and what could be worse... she found out on National TV! She hires Holt, a divorce attorney to help her move on and gain custody of her stepkids - I am still confused as to why she attempts to gain custody of her two step-kids - why not leave them with their now reconcilled biological parents?

It wasn't great but it also wasn't bad, if you are looking for a light romance with not much else going on this could be for you.
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I started this book a little worried it might be too Rom Com for me but I was very wrong. It was a slow burn but I don't feel that was the point of this book. I truly enjoyed the message  I got from this story.  It was a very light read.  I absolutely LOVED the image it gave for the thoughts women have about work and being a mother. Also, just how hard women can be towards each other.  Darby's thought process grew so much through this and I learned a lot just from her journey.
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Bear with me; I’m not the best at reviews, but I’m trying (and it’s my first Net Galley one!)😊 

Sometimes you just know you’re going to like a book within the first few pages. I definitely felt that way with this one.  I really enjoyed Darby and her growth through; and I really enjoyed how well Gigi was written. It’s not often that a character is written well enough that you just don’t like them. 

I did feel that the ending was sort of rushed, but it didn’t deter too much from the book.  I also struggled with reading some of the excerpts from Darby’s various columns (it was hard to see on the kindle sometimes). 

Overall, I’ll be adding this author to my list of go to’s and will definitely recommend this book!
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I read this book in one sitting because I could NOT put it down. Darby finds out her marriage is over on national tv. Her husband is reuniting with his ex-wife and it appears that he has been planning this for a while behind her back. Devastated, she hires Holt to help her get custody of her step-kids and manage her divorce case.

What did I love about this book? First, I loved how Darby's friends rallied around her. They were awesome. Second, I think Holt is my new favorite book boyfriend. The accent, that curl, and really, "all the things." Finally, I think Darby shows a lot of
growth throughout the book. She picks herself up and moves on. I don't want to give away the ending, but she makes a major decision and that shows that

This book is a keeper for me!
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Thank you to Siesta Key House Publishers and NetGalley for sharing this ePub with me in exchange for my honest feedback!

I am a self-proclaimed romcom addict and I knew after reading the book summary for 15 Minutes of Shame I had to get my hands on it.

Darby is a famous author and TV personality as America's favorite relationship expert. She is married to the love of her life Will and is the step-mom to his two children that she loves as her own. One of her wildest dreams was to appear on The Today Show, and when that dream becomes a reality her entire life also happens to crumble in front of her. Live on air, she finds out during the interview that her husband has filed for divorce, gotten back together with his ex-wife, and packed up and moved the kids across the country while she has been on her book tour. Throughout the book, she is trying to repair her career and image after becoming a viral sensation, all while going through divorce proceedings and trying to fight for her stepkids. 

My Thoughts:
UGH. Her husband Will is the ultimate antagonist. Did anybody else just want to junk punch him and slash all of his tires? Only a true sociopath can live a double life with zero remorse and end a marriage like that. Like hey babe maybe shoot me a quick text before I find out about your infidelity on live TV from Hoda Kotb? 

I loved all of the strong female friendships and their uncanny ability to pull themselves out of a bad situation with romcom bingeing and a pitcher of margaritas. Cause like SAME. Where can I signup to join this girl gang?

While I understood Darby's desire to get custody of her stepchildren, I did think it was completely unrealistic. The kids were living in a happy and safe home with their biological parents. Of course she loved them as her own while they were living under her roof, but marrying their dad for a few years does not mean you get sole custody of his kids when the marriage goes belly up. This book is in the romcom genre, but I felt like the majority of the plot was Darby's strategizing to get the kids back and the romantic part was kind of an afterthought. The story was still good, but not exactly what I look for when I pick up a romcom!

Lastly, the love interest Holt Gregory was first introduced at about 30% through the book, but their romantic storyline didn't really begin until 65-70% into it. His character felt a little less developed because we didn't have enough time to get to know him. After their first kiss, he tells her that she's the one. And I'm like wait what did I miss? Does he even know her?

I enjoyed reading this book but probably would not recommend it to my friends. Thank you NetGalley for sharing this book with me!
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Thank you Netgalley for this book.
A thirty-one-year-old is married to a divorced, rich man who comes with two kids. The kids love her and she loves them back. What can go wrong?
Darby Vaughn is a celebrated author and a relationship expert. She is married to a publicist named Will, and is now being an ideal stepmother to his children, Lilly and Aiden. Tragedy strikes when Darby comes to know that her husband is leaving her, that too in the most extraordinary way possible, which is to say, on the national television. She begins drowning in her own pool of tears and is looking for an explanation for her circumstances.
While releasing the knots of her severely entangled life, she gets to meet several supporting characters like Holt, her divorce attorney, her circle of best friends (also called as dreamgirl squad), and the dreaded ex-wife Gigi who is responsible for all the mess.
What I liked the most?
The past of the protagonist was engrossing and full of struggles. The explanation of her choices was rather surreal, but enticing. I also liked how the protagonist was shown as flawed and stubborn at times, making her thoughts unreasonable to the one who has never been through her circumstances, but relatable to those who have. It was quite comical that the names used in the book were Gigi, Yolanda, and Kendall, the reality stars we have watched as our guilty pleasure. 
What I did not like?
The story becomes a bit of a stretch at the end and someone like me who loves to read each sentence or word attentively, could not get through the end without rushing. It is witty but slow-paced in several parts. Sometimes, I was left wanting for more, for example, how emotionally intimate Darby and Will were. In some areas, on the other hand, I wanted a little less.
My Verdict: 
Read it only if you love books by Sophie Kinsella or Lindsey Kelk.
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I loved this book, quick read.  MC is quirky, and fun and strong. I couldn’t put this down 4/5. I would recommend this book !
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Darby is a total hot mess through out the book. I can understand why she waffles back and forth. I do think she forgave a little too easily because of she didn’t have anything to fall back on, where would she be? But she was lucky enough that she had options.
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I absolutely adored this book. From Darby’s heartbreak to her triumphs, I loved every minute. I think this book is cathartic for anyone who has been dumped and the little tiny bit of spice? *chef’s kiss*
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I received this ARC from Netgalley in exchange for my honest review. 

This was an easy read! I am a pretty quick reader, so it typically doesn’t take me long to get through a novel, but this one took me only a few hours. 

The story follows Darby Vaughn, the “Dr. Oz of Dating,” as she navigates a messy divorce that leaves her career in jeopardy. The divorce leads her to Holt Gregory, her divorce attorney, who seems interested in her in more than just a professional sense. She has to choose between her career and her personal life, while hoping she’s making the right decision. 

I enjoyed both Darby and Holt as separate characters. Darby’s reaction on the Today Show and her anxiety surrounding her major career decisions make her an extremely relatable character. She’s easy to empathize with, while also noting that her convictions are standing in the way of her possible future. I also found Holt very interesting. He came off in the beginning as cold and calculating, but by the end of the book he was saying all the things a romance lead should say. I enjoyed seeing his vulnerability and willingness to give everything up for Darby. However, I just didn’t really feel their chemistry specifically. I felt as though you could have swapped Darby out with any female character in the book and the relationship, as it was set up, would’ve worked. 

All in all, this is a cute, easy-to-read chick lit novel. I definitely enjoyed seeing how it would turn out!
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15 Minutes of Shame is an emotional roller coaster. It made me laugh and cry. If you're looking for a believable/relatable romance, look elsewhere. This book is outrageous, but it is a very fun read. Fully recommend you grab yourself a copy!
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I enjoyed this book. It felt different from the same tropes or formulas that many rom coms rely on. It was interesting to see the main character change and grow, as she was able to be more honest with herself about her thoughts and feelings and see situations from different perspectives. 

(I received an ARC from Netgalley in exchange for my honest review.)
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This is my first Lisa Daily book. It was such a quick, fun read. I had a feeling what may happen between Darby and her husband Will but I didn’t know all of the other conflicts that would happen. I liked the characters, it kept my interest and didn’t have any slow spots. I also like the wit that Lisa uses. Sometimes we just want to sit down with a romantic comedy and a read light-hearted story which is exactly what this is. Very cute. This is a great time of year for the book to be released because it is a wonderful beach/vacation read! 

Thank you so much to NetGalley and Siesta Key House for the ARC of this book. I am looking forward to more by Lisa Daily.
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this book was unexpected i guess. when i started, I did not expect the  major twist to appear so quickly and i was so frustrated about all the things that were happening to Darby. the whole plot is sort of mysterious, when i was like a quarter book in i wasn't even sure what was gonna happen with Darby and who was gonna be her love interest. i certainly did not expect it to be Holt but what can you say, the author certainly created a mysterious vibe to him.
the book s very engaging and draws you in like a magnet, i finished it off in a few hour because all i wanted to do was know what was gonna happen in Darby's life. the story is like a dating motivational wake up call. it has instances which motivate you or sort of awaken you and make you reflect back in your dating choices. That's the part that i loved the most in the whole book.
the story of love and sacrifice as shown in the book is amazing. This book keeps you on your toes and leaves you a mess of emotions and self reflection. The plot is sweet and engaging but this is isn't your typical romance novel, so if you want a typical romance this ain't the book but if you want drama, tragedy, love and great friends in the plot, this is the book for you.
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This was such a fun, delightful book. 15 Minutes of Shame is a quick read, full of warm humor, with a lovely happy ending. Highly recommend.
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i admired darby so much and cheering for her despite all the curve balls life threw at her. she just jumps right back up after a blow and keeps trudging BUT with double the force! i love how this novel not only focused on the idea of fighting for who you love AND finding “the one” for you… but it also showcased how capable women are of accomplishing things on their own. darby certainly empowered her viewers through her perseverance and optimism, which definitely make her such a likable character! if you enjoyed reading emma st. clair’s “the buy-in” then this book should be added to your TBR. the way darby is determined to look out for will’s children (who aren’t even biologically hers) reminded me of lindy and how she fought for her niece. both of these women don’t let anything stand in the way of those they love and, when they have their mind set on something, make sure they see it out to the end.

i absolutely loved this book!! i looked forward to the little blurbs from darby’s dating advice column because the topics were clever and hilarious… they tied perfectly into the storyline and easily put a smile on my face. darby is surrounded by a group of such supportive, patient friends and they all played an important role in the novel without taking away darby’s spotlight. if i met these women in real life, there’d never be a dull conversation with them!
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