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Darby Vaughn is a 31-year-old bestselling author and dating/relationship expert. She is happily married to her handsome and wealthy publicist, Will, and they live in a gated community in Sarasota, Florida. She is a stepmom to his adorable 6 and 8-year old children, whose mom abandoned the family to become a reality-TV star. Darby has enjoyed the perfect life for 3 years, married to the perfect man and caring for his perfect children. She was glad to have a family because she was raised by her widowed Grandma Vernie and 4 great aunts, who were all dead by the time Darby was 19.

Her perfect life is interrupted when she spies her husband getting coffee when he is supposed to be on a business trip to Atlanta. She searches his home office and can find no evidence of wrongdoing, except that he has talked on the phone a lot with his ex-wife, Gigi. When Will returns from his trip, he reassures her that their life is perfect and they spend a magical day at the beach. The next day she departs for her 2-week publicity tour for her latest book. When she appears on the Today TV show, Hoda asks her for a response to a USA Today article that says Will has reunited with his ex-wife, Gigi. Darby vomits into a mum plant on live TV, and she becomes an internet meme. When she returns home, Will and the children have moved out. She discovers that Will has hired a sleazy divorce attorney. Her publisher cancels her book and all TV and bookstore appearances.

Darby’s Southern belle best friend, Jules, recommends a handsome divorce lawyer, Holt Gregory. Darby and Holt become friends. Will’s assistant, Kendall, quits her job to become Darby’s new publicist and immediately sets her up on dates with famous bachelors to get her career reignited. Meanwhile Darby really misses her step-kids, Lilly and Aiden.

This book is well-written but I just couldn’t identify with any of the characters in the story. Darby spends a lot of time in the story missing the children, and it seems like she had more of a relationship with them than with Will. There are some comedic scenes, but I wouldn’t call this a romantic comedy.

Thank you to NetGalley and the publisher for providing me an ARC in exchange for an honest review.
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*3.5 stars*
I was not immedietly drawn into this book when I first started reading, but about halfway through it did get interesting enough that I needed to know how it ended. It had some really good points and cute moments, but it just didn't really stick out to me as the best book i've ever read overall. 

Darby's journey discovering how to come back from the horrible breakup was much more interesting to me than her romance with her divorce lawyer. I just personally didn't think he had much of a personality and their romance seemed too forced at times. 

If you are looking for a book about a woman's journey finding herself after divorce, this could still be a good one for you. Thank you NetGalley for providing this ARC in exchange for an honest review.
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While I get that this is fiction, I feel like the publicity surrounding her very public collapse of her marriage (she and the ex-wife being famous), was not accurately portrayed.  For example, all her PR people should be fired for letting her walk into these situations blindly.  And trying to get custody of her step-children? It just wasn't going to happen. Did not enjoy this story.
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Of course, dating expert, Darby Vaughn, would find herself in the middle of a scandal where her husband cheated on her (with his ex wife and mother of his two children) and it was announced on live tv (just hearing that sounds like a movie or work of fiction.) Darby then proceeds to fight for (full) custody of her step kids, which I found to be pretty unrealistic, I know she mothered them for three years, but the kids are not hers biologically, or through adoption. The kids would be with their biological parents, I understand her connection is real and her feelings are valid,I just don't see this as an option for her. During this time of fighting for full custody of the kids, she goes on two fake data with much younger and very popular celebrities to supposedly boost her image, as well as film a reality show where she is dating multiple guys to try to find the one. These both seem to be bad decisions while fighting a custody battle and divorce settlement. The part that was the hardest for me to wrap my head around, was Holt, the lawyer. Of course he was the “one” that she eventually ends up with. It just seemed like a lot was happening and it happened very quickly. While I enjoyed this book, but it didn’t seem to flow as well as I would have expected. 

Thanks to NetGalley, Siesta Key House, and Lisa Daily for this advance reader copy.
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15 Minutes of Shame is a cute second-chance romance. It's full of emotion, romance, and a strong female lead. 

Darby is a relationship guru who has amassed a great and loyal following. She has helped many people and relationships with her advice. Her life is going great with her awesome career, a picture-perfect marriage, and adorable step-kids. But she is thrown for a loop when she finds out on national TV that her husband is divorcing her and already getting back together with his ex-wife. 

Darby is all over the place wondering why and how this could have happened. Will, her ex, is a real piece of work. And to make matters worse he was her publicist. She gets herself up and after a few weeks of being sad, she is ready to take back her life. She hires a new publicist and lawyer to help her with the divorce and get custody of the kids. 

Darby is such a strong woman. She could have given up but she put the kids first. She will do whatever it takes to give the kids the best life possible. As if she doesn't have enough on her plate, she has to pick up her career. With false yet powerful statements from her ex and his now girlfriend/ex-wife Gigi she is losing momentum in her career. But when she is approached with a dating show TV deal, she accepts. 

There is so much that Darby goes through and it's great to see her have a love interest in her lawyer Holt. He is kind, generous, and down-to-earth. They have great chemistry but she is trying to protect her heart from breaking all over again.

I give 15 Minutes of Shame 4 stars. I loved the story and thought Darby was a great leading heroine. I feel like it was so easy to read and it became even more enticing when you get to see Darby and Holt together. I haven't read this author before but I'm really glad that I did. Looking forward to reading more from Lisa Daily.
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Absolutely loved this quick read! Darby is such a likeable character and relatable to many of us women that she kept me interested the whole time. She's quirky, fun, messy and whole heartedly caring that it's hard not to love her. I loved how the story played out and Darby got what she always deserved. This had me laughing then tearing up then laughing again! Beautifully put together, would highly recommend!
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I thought it was an easy read and I liked the writing style. It was easy to read and comprehend. Especially, I liked how she became aware of the situation before she agreed to finalize the divorce and how she stood up for herself. Nevertheless, the scene between her and Holt could have been a bit more natural, the dialogues seemed a little bit unnatural. Regardless of that, it is a nice, romantic story.
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This was all over the freaking place! Unfortunately the romance was insta-forced-feeling and I can never connect with those.

The story rambled and criss crossed all over the place. and I truly felt lost from page 2.

Unfortunately this fell flat for me.
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Book was over-all weird.the love seemed forced, the main character was annoying, and there seems to be no real conflict.
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DNF, not a fan, Not for me, but I know a lot of people might love this. Will check out maybe someday on Kindle Unlimited, but not for me right now.
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I enjoyed this book as it was an easy read with an interesting story. The story was not the romantic tale I thought it would be but that did not lessen my enjoyment.
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The pacing for me was very off in this book. I’m a huge fan of the romcom genre and usually that requires a rather quick turn around for characters to fall in love. But in this story I have no idea the time frame for everything that happened. Darby isn’t even divorced before she is moving on with another guy. She goes from what she thinks is a very happy marriage at the beginning to a completely different man by the end and it just felt too quick. 

This book moves very fast. Darby isn’t even officially divorced and her divorce attorney is telling her “I think I could love you.” It’s all very sudden and it feels like it comes out of left field. He makes eyes at her and chastely kisses her on the cheek, and yes that’s a way of showing the reader he is interested. I just needed a little more between sweet good bye kisses and “hey, let’s be together”. Once again, I really wish I knew the time frame this book happened in. Was it six months? Was it a year? It feels like it all happens in a few weeks and that timeline just doesn’t seem feasible for me. 

This book has a lot of the chemistry building between the characters happening off screen. There are only a handful of times these two are together up to the point where they are on the beach, but he’s making sweeping declarations of love and preparing to throw his entire career away on a woman he has only known for a really short time. I want to see and feel the love between the characters growing. In this instance I felt like the author was telling me what to believe with the characters instead of showing me how they felt for one another. 

As I stated before the pacing and timing for this book just doesn’t work. The way this book feels is that it takes place within a few weeks. There’s not a definite calendar to help guide things but there’s an “a few days later” or “my friends will be gone by Monday” to help sort things out but I could never tell when anything was happening and to me that made it feel more rushed and I wasn’t fully convinced that Darby and Holt ever had enough time to develop true feelings for each other. 

I would have liked more of an introduction to The Dreamgirls. They all just storm in to help Darby sort out her life but it feels like they come out of nowhere and they leave again just as abrupt. They don’t have their own backgrounds that are really fleshed out. It felt like they were just there to add a convenient layer to the plot so Darby doesn’t look completely pathetic when she gets dumped on national television. These friends couldn’t even be called one dimensional because there isn’t enough character work for even that. 

Up until the 35% mark I felt like this book leaned more towards womens fiction versus romance. I thought that perhaps it would lean more into the “I’m happy and successful on my own and I don’t need a man to complete me” genre. It wasn’t until the book hit the 63% mark that I saw this book was going to put Cupid’s eyes for Holt and Darby. That’s just too late in the game for a couple I’m supposed to believe have fallen in love by the end of the book. I need more time for the love story to properly marinate. I want to blush and swoon with my heroine but I didn’t get that from this book. 

This book definitely had me feeling for Darby at the beginning. She was incredibly mistreated by the media and he ex and I pray no one ever has to actually go through such a humiliating situation. That being said: the premise of the story seemed great, the execution however needed some work. I want a better paced story and more time to fall in love with a tall and Southern gentleman.
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This book was alright. I thought Darby, the main character, was a bit annoying and I found the storyline a little stretched in terms of believability. I lost interest about a third of the way through when Darby was entering her custody battle for the kids and there wasn't much to keep me engaged after that. I thought it had the potential to be a good book but there needed to be more at the beginning to build up certain parts of the storyline.
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15 Minutes of Shame was a cute story with lots of emotion built in. I think I would have categorized it as a women’s fiction novel instead of romcom, since more of the story was related to her divorce proceedings than their relationship. The relationship between Darby and Holt seemed to come on as a result of time spent together off-page - so it was a little surprising and could have had more show Vs. tell. 
I loved the cover and this was a great premise, Thank you to NetGalley and Siesta Key House for the advanced reader copy.
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This book was a quick and entertaining read but I wouldn’t say it’s main thing is romance to be honest.

It follows the h who got royally screwed over so much and it just followed her life after it coming to shit. 

I just came into it thinking it was a romance book but really the romance portion didn’t really happen until like after 50% of the book and her love interest definitely was not a main character as he was pretty much surface level (*but there is a pov of the guy so maybe that redeems his surface levelness)

But honestly I didn’t mind it was really satisfying her becoming independent, exploring her career and having healthy relationships in her life (e.g. the children: I liked how she didn’t abandon them completely and shifted to a more aunt role, cause even though she wasn’t the biological mother she was practically their sole parental figure in the childrens life) and just making her life better as a whole.

But yeah if you’re looking for a quick, satisfying (sometimes frustrating) read th  at has some romance in it, this is a great book to read.
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Darby is a top dating expert and while she is on national tv for her book tour she finds out her husband is cheating on her and filing for divorce, she is blindsided by this information and ends up puking on tv for all of America to see. Her 15 minutes of fame is plastered over the tabloids and now she has to try and save her career as well as her marriage. The title and blurb sounded very interesting to me however, I really struggled to get through this book, and I ended up DNF'ing at 60%. The first 30% I wanted to DNF already but the reviews I read said it gets better after that, I cant necessarily agree with that statement though. The pacing was all over the place, some moments it felt so dragged out where as others it moved so fast I feel like I missed important information. This part may just be not being the target audience since I am a 20 year old trans masc person, but I also felt as though I was reading a book out of the early 2000's or at least written by someone who was in their late teens early 20's during the 2000's (internalized misogyny, fat-phobia and casual whorephobia come to mind). There was a lot of little things that made the book feel dated and just not my taste, the story had potential but the actual book is just not my taste.
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This book was such a breath of fresh air! I loved so much about it, it was quick and perfectly funny! I loved a lot of the comparisons made and how many little inside bookish Jokes there were.
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This book had a promising premise, but was lacking in execution. Darby wrote a book on love and relationships, but her authority gets questioned when her husband leaves her on live television. 

Honestly, reading this book was exhausting. There's a lot of nonstop internal monologuing and everything is described. I also had a hard time with pacing of the book. Darby wasn't my favorite character either -- she's always talking in her head and I didn't find her to be particularly likable. Now, you don't always have to like your main character, but it is a plus in a rom com. I tried my best, even picking up the book and putting it down a few times, but really could not get through it and DNF'd. 

The book could totally turn around in the second half and I did appreciate Darby's sensitivity and caring of her step-kids. It also seemed like the author was building up a friend network to support her, which I do always enjoy reading. But, I just didn't get there.

Thank you Net Galley for an eARC of the book in exchange for an honest review.
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She is happily married for three years with her husband and his two kids from his previous marriage when she suddenly she gets dumped on national TV . She did not expected it and she is trying to reestablish her carrer and life . Her publisher advice her go out on act like everything is okay . Her lawyer is a very charming and sweet man who is helping her but the sparks between them are flying . What will happen when her ex asks her to forgive him ? What will she do ? I loved that she loved hers husband kids like they were hers . 
I received this book from net galley and the publisher as an ARC. Thank you! All thoughts and opinions are my own
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This book is nothing like I thought it would be and I'm not sure if that's good or bad.  A major premise of the book, that the lead character Darby is fighting for custody of her stepchildren.  If I knew this going in, I never would have read it.  By the time the plot was laid out, I just wanted to see where it was headed.  It's not a bad book, but wasn't for me.
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