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The Woman on the Bridge

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I enjoyed this book, it was easy to read and held my attention. I will be reading more from this author :)
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This book has plenty of twists and turns
Which will keep you hooked
It will keep you guessing as what’s going to happen next
Thanks NetGalley
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Charlotte appears to be an over privileged woman who’s parents deaths has left her with money and a Tesla. Who’d have thought that driving a Tesla could get you into so much trouble with a woman on a bridge. Bring in Maggie the runaway bride. Together they form a friendship and their meeting changes the future for them both. 
I could not put this book down reading in to the early hours. Both characters you can’t help but love. I can see this being made into a TV drama. But whatever you do never stop for a runaway bride on a bridge.
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I have enjoyed some of Holly Seddon’s previous books so this one was an easy choice. 

Charlotte Wildewood has had a bad day after a bitter row with her best friend, Anne. She is driving around trying to calm herself down and spot’s a woman, Maggie, on a bridge in a wedding dress looking like she is about to jump. She manages to get her off the bridge and they strike up an unlikely friendship. Maggie explains her ex-boss who has been harassing her has managed to mess up her wedding by objecting to the nuptials, saying they had been having an affair and her fiancé believed him and called everything off. They are both distraught and wallow in their sorrows together, trying to help one another. 

Things get messy and begin to go downhill. Maggie isn’t all that she seems and Charlotte has bigger issues than she thought. 

I found this to be quite a slow read, it was interesting and I wanted to find out what happened next and follow to the end. I would like to think that most people wouldn’t be like Maggie and that people wouldn’t be as trusting as Charlotte but I know that’s not the case, just read the newspaper occasionally and you will see. 

I found Charlotte to be incredibly immature for someone her age, I can see why after she has been so well protected by her parents growing up, but she needs to take some responsibility for herself, she is a fully fledged adult by this point. However, at the point of meeting Maggie she is clearly vulnerable after her parents’ deaths, learning how to run her father’s business for the first time and reeling after a fall out with her one time best friend, Anne who has accused her of dodgy dealings in her business. 

Maggie is also vulnerable, but her tale is very different, she is unlpved and trapped in a difficult situation. Its partly of her own doing but you also begin to see the reasons why and how some small life choices can turn into much larger ones that you didn’t realise would happen. 

The two storylines intertwine to create this story of trust, of stranger danger and to look at what is going on around you and being aware of things. If charlotte had listened and check things for herself she would have found herself in a very different situation and whole lives of others would be different. 

Overall, I enjoyed the woman on the bridge, the title matched really well and there are lots of twists and turns. I felt it help my interest well but it wasn’t a fast-paced rollercoaster ride that I had hoped for.
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This was a bit of a slow read for me, two women brought together in shocking circumstances, where one is going to jump off a bridge but is stopped by the other. The women swap stories and become closer, sharing confidences and helping one another plot revenge. I didnt really have much interest in either character Im afraid
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I have read and enjoyed all of Holly Seddon’s previous books but this one blows them all out of the water!!

There are two main female leads in this novel, Charlotte and Maggie. Charlotte is feeling lonely and betrayed by her best friend Anne who has accused her of dodgy dealings in her family’s antiques business. Maggie is a runaway bride, rejected by her family and stalked by the man who ruined her wedding day. Maggie is standing on a bridge seemingly about to jump when Charlotte spots her and manages to talk her down, offering her refuge overnight. The women immediately hit it off and seem to develop an instant bond declaring to protect each other. I felt uneasy at this fast friendship; Charlotte seems vulnerable, orphaned as an adult and reeling from her fall out with Anne. Maggie was super intense and while coming across as weak/broken to Charlotte I could tell there was cunning and desperation in her. Events soon escalate beyond anything you could imagine – Charlotte should really have remembered that old phrase Stranger Danger!

The story is told from multiple points of view and timelines giving you an insight into why each character behave as they do. Believe me when I say you still won’t predict the twists and turns this book contains. 

A five star read!
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Charlotte Wildewood has had a bad day & after a bitter row with Anne- once her best friend, she drives home like a maniac. She spots a woman sitting on a bridge, dressed in a wedding dress & looking ready to jump. She stops the car & after a scary moment when it looks like both of them are going to end up in the river Charlotte takes the 'bride' home. Maggie explains that her creepy ex- boss had disrupted her wedding, showing explicit pictures of her. The events on the bridge forges an intense friendship between them that is never going to end well.

I have a mixed relationship with Holly Seddon's books. Some I've loved & some I have been disappointed with. Sadly this one was of the disappointing variety! I like to think most people would stop to help someone in Maggie's position but not to take them in like a stray cat! Charlotte came across & terribly immature & clueless. I won't go into to ending but overall I was left unsatisfied. Thanks to Netgalley & the publisher for letting me read & review this book.
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Such a great read pulls u into the plot from first chapter  wonderful character you can relate to your in the plot with them I enjoy her writting style so easy to read I read in a day a wonderful book I recommend to you all
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I'm not for sure if it was the formatting or what but this book was really hard to get through. I would read some and think, what did I just read?  It's also kind of slow in the beginning too. I may try to read it again at some point.

Thank you Netgalley for sending me this for my honest review.
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This book left me feeling... unsure? I didn't find the plot realistic - although is that the point? It's completely mental, and some aspects seemed too convenient, rather than believable.

I enjoyed learning about the characters, and the way the author wrote about them was fantastic - the author made me feel things towards them (not always positively).

I did enjoy the book, but just was expecting a little more from it.
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This was really difficult to get through, I'm not sure if it was the way it was formatted made it hard to read or whether it just wasn't very exciting. I wanted to like it as soon as I read it was a spin on Strangers on a Train but it was quite slow and not very exciting at the start. Might read it again in future.
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A solid 3.5 to 4⭐️ Read. Well written with good characterisation. Plenty of suspense and a few twists. At first I thought the coincidences were a bit far fetched and too convenient but that is ironed out through the book. The ending was satisfying, though not as I had predicted and all ends were tied up. I’d be happy to read another book by this author.
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I really enjoyed this fast paced page turner. I raced through it as it had me totally gripped from the get go.. Really well written and the first I've read from Holly, so will certainly be reading more by this author.
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Very good book. I did not see the not one but few twists that came along. When you recovered from one you then get another and another they just kept on coming.. I did not see the ending of this book coming it just grips you and won't let go.
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The Woman on the Bridge requires some suspension of disbelief, but once you’ve accepted that, it is easy to slip into the story of toxic friendships, betrayals and the secrets that lie behind every façade that purports to be a happily family.

Charlotte Wilderwood is having a really, really rough day. It might be the worst day of her life. Everything she thought she knew about her friendship with her only real close friend Anne lies in tatters and she’s facing an uncertain future.

Only Maggie is having a worse day. She’s standing on a bridge wearing a tired and dirty wedding dress that has been trampled in the mud. She’s clearly planning to throw herself off the bridge and when Charlotte sees her, she risks her life to save Maggie from drowning.

A tearful Maggie tells Charlotte all about her wedding day turned nightmare day as a stalker ex stepped up to ruin her life using his lies to tarnish her forever in the eyes of her now ex-fiancée. Lonely and miserable, feeling she has nothing left to live for, Maggie is still grateful to Charlotte for rescuing her and allows Charlotte to take her home to Charlotte’s cottage and look after her.

Holly Seddon’s The Woman On The Bridge is a character driven psychological thriller that fairly rattles along uncovering lots of unsavoury secrets and providing a twisty, unpredictable journey all the way through.  This is a cautionary tale that takes the reader back to Charlotte’s relationships with her family and provides us with a distinctly jaundiced view of how trusting can lead to having that trust thrown back right in your face.

If only, Seddon seems to be saying, if only you were not kind to strangers; if only you had looked twice at why your best friend turned on you; if only you had asked why your boyfriend shrugged you off- then maybe, just maybe, you wouldn’t be in this mess.

The milk of human kindness does not abound in this rather savage novel. There’s so much double dealing and dodgy behaviour that my head was spinning trying to work out exactly what was going on.

Though it can present a harsh portrait of what trusting too easily leads to, it is still a book in which you feel for both the main characters, for they are each suffering from a lack of love and care which has moulded them into becoming the characters they are today. And without the compassion that each has a chance to show, the book would indeed be bleak.

The novel spans a number of different timelines and it is not until you are able to put the whole picture together like a patchwork quilt that you can see what lies behind all the events in the book. It’s not a new technique but it is particularly effective here.

Verdict: An engaging tale of lies and betrayals with a sting in the tail, The Woman on the Bridge contains multiple surprises which Seddon lobs in like bombs right up until the end. Just when you think you know where you’re going, something disrupts your expectations. This makes this read entertaining, surprising and very twisty indeed.
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so, let me start by saying I am unsure how I feel about this book.

the storyline, the plot, it's crazy! like, totally bonkers. 
I don't know if I'm buying it, but do I have to? I just don't know!

The characters I enjoyed, the slow unravelling of the relatively complex story and backgrounds, it was delightful. 

The ending, oh, it really left me angry at one of the characters and it told a LOT about how complex people are and not they not only can be unreliable narrators, but they also can be something else than what you expected after all the muck is removed. 

That is as much as I'm going to give away!
Enjoyed the book, and had fun reading it, so probably 3.5 stars rounded up, because why not!
Thank you, NetGalley for the ARC!
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If you want a fast paced, twisty, action packed thriller then look no further than Holly Seddon. This one kept me up late, lived in my head and had me racing back to my book. Thoroughly gripping.
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Charlotte and Maggie are both having an incredibly bad night when they meet on a bridge. But when Charlotte saves Maggie from falling to her death, an immediate bond is created. Charlotte has always pretty much just had the one good friend and she has just betrayed her. She sees something in Maggie. Could she possibly be the best friend Charlotte has always dreamed of? So Charlotte decides to take Maggie home with her, a decision which will impact both of their lives.

See, now this would never happen to me because trust issues like you wouldn’t believe but I mean, really, have these people never heard of Stranger Danger?! Anyway!

There’s quite a bit of back and forth throughout this story. Not only is the tale told via Maggie and Charlotte, but there are also flashbacks. I have to admit that it took me a minute to get to grips with that, but it was definitely worth that extra level of concentration. As soon as I picked up Holly Seddon’s latest book, I knew I was going to have a hard time putting it back down again. It’s so immensely intriguing that even when I wasn’t reading, I was thinking about it and trying to figure things out.

Yeah, good luck with that. Needless to say things happen and the bond between Charlotte and Maggie only intensifies. But things are rarely what they seem and ‘The Woman on the Bridge‘ has to be one of the most unpredictable books I’ve ever read. I have undoubtedly added years of wrinkles to my forehead from all the frowning I did while reading, but I loved every second of it. There are so many vibes to pick up on. Something like a sense of doom, a kind of malice, this feeling that whatever is going on will not end well and danger lurks around the corner. You know, deep down, that something is off. But you also know you’re missing some pieces to complete the puzzle. On any other day, that would drive me batshit crazy but here, I gladly let the author guide me wherever she wanted me to go.

There’s a central theme to ‘The Woman on the Bridge‘ by way of toxic relationships in various shapes and forms. From the married couple to the life-long friends, to children and their parents. After all there is a reason why Maggie is on that bridge. Her story in particular often filled me with sadness. And Charlotte may not know it yet but there are quite a few events that led her to be where she is now. Both of their lives not entirely shaped by their own choices, but by choices made by others.

I thoroughly enjoyed this character-driven psychological thriller. It’s full of suspense, immensely intriguing like I said earlier, and it held my attention from start to finish. It is so cleverly plotted, addictive, offering fantastic psychological insight and, I also said this before but it bears repeating, unpredictable. The tension builds up as the story goes on and I was utterly unable to work out how things would end. Speaking of the end, holy fudge, … so brutally chilling, it sent shivers down my spine!

I loved everything about ‘The Woman on the Bridge‘. It’s as simple as that. Recommended!
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Charlotte has a lot going on in her life. Her parents have died, her best friend has turned against her and wants her business,and she needs to find out what the irregularities in the finances mean.
As she drives through the night, she spots Maggie, who she rescues from a bridge. The two become close until one action becomes a fatal error. How many more surprises can Charlotte take?
Edge of your seat read, it keeps turning out more twists! Addictive read,you can really feel for both women, and the situations they have found themselves in. The back story was intriguing too, and I was very surprised by the ending, a truly great thriller read!
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With a vividly eerie opening scene, I was immediately drawn into this almost spooky setting as two characters meet under unexpected circumstances and form a bond through their current troubles.

When I saw this described as "Strangers On A Train meets The Pact", I was very excited! But of course, there had to be more to it than a Strangers On A Train premise, as that's one of my favourite films so a simple plan of mutual revenge would not have been enough.

So I was instantly intrigued to see what direction it would go in. And fortunately, there is a lot more to it. I had some ideas about what would happen, but there were plenty of original twists at the same time so I was still pleasantly surprised by how this mysterious thriller played out.

There's a lot going on in both the past and present and I wasn't sure of the relevance of a few things at first, but everything ties together well, with everything coming full circle to reveal a number of double-crosses and betrayals.

I didn't particularly like either of the female leads which I think is what restricted me from loving this one more, but they were also well-fleshed out and I got a strong understanding of both of their characters and emotions. Unfortunately, I just found them both quite weak-willed, which made it difficult for me to be more shocked by their predicaments.

Overall, I enjoyed this one and thought that it was really well written, so I'm definitely eager to read more by Seddon soon.

(I'm on the blog your for this on the 10th so my reviews will be live then!)
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