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How to Be Married (to Melissa)

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I picked up Dustin’s book because I was looking to hear about something real and practical (one of the reasons I find it hard to just read fiction) without that something being described to me in a potentially heavy or stale way (sorry non-fiction, you’re not always as fun as fiction). Needless to say I wasn’t disappointed.

The jokes Dustin pulls in this book are constant! Somehow he can take what are typically pretty serious topics (marriage, raising kids, sex) and make them absolutely hilarious. It might be that I’m a white male, close to middle age, with three kids, and a shifting faith, but I felt I could relate to much of what he said.

If you’re looking for super practical advice about these topics, it’s probably best to look somewhere else, but if you want to have a good laugh while thinking about them, this is the book for you.

Thanks to NetGalley and HarperCollins for the copy in exchange for an honest review.

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This book is SO funny. I was introduced to Dustin Nickerson a few years ago when he was the emcee at a conference I was at. I've followed his social media since that time, and was excited to read this book. It is the most relatable and hilarious marriage book I've read. It was a breath of fresh air - instead of feeling like your marriage needs to be "fixed", it felt like "okay, we are okay and we are going to make it." Highly recommend!

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Most books about marriage sound about as fun as a trip to the dentist. But don’t be fooled. This book would NOT be included in that dreadful “marriage help” category! Don’t miss this delightful book that helps you stand back and laugh and the fun and zany parts of being married. I thoroughly loved reading (and laughing) through this wonderful book.

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I'm not married. I don't have kids, and never wanted any and never will. I'm also not Christian. So WHY would I even touch this book?! Well, because Dustin Nickerson is a pretty cool comedian and nice guy and he's written a book that even someone like me (who is totally outside his target audience) can enjoy.

I admit I was surprised. Any time someone starts talking about their Christian faith, that's my signal to exit. But although Dustin talks about church and faith and religion quite a bit, he is not judgmental or preachy. He's so honest and likable that I found myself reading on, just to hear more about his life. I laughed out loud in several places and really enjoyed Dustin's stories. I recommend this book for anyone.

Thanks to NetGalley and the publisher for the eARC.

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This was a fun read. Dustin Nickerson said he calls his book “How to be Married to Melissa” because Melissa is the only one he knows how to be married to.

If you’re looking for something really deep regarding marriage, this probably isn’t it. But if you take it for what it is, a marriage book by a comedian, it’s great. Lighthearted with helpful nuggets, funny stories, and lots of honesty about what makes their marriage work. I enjoyed it, and laughed out loud at several parts.

(By way the way, I was supposed to be on the launch team for this book, which means I got an early ebook copy to read for my honest review. I was a big time slacker in this department and finally just finished the book, hence my review several months after the launch date…)

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I enjoy Dustin Nickerson’s comedy and unique perspective on most everything. This book often made me smile, chuckle, and even LOL. It’s relatable, practical, and says the things a lot of us think but don’t say when it comes to expectations. The takeaway is that loving and being loved by your spouse won’t look like anyone else’s marriage, and that’s ok!

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The premise of Dustin Nickerson's book "How to be married (to Melissa)" is that generic advice for relationships and marriages in particular is unhelpful. Instead, Nickerson recounts what has worked for his marriage what they struggled with, and how they maintained their connection over time. He stresses that the particulars of his marriage cannot and should not be a recipe for others. As Nickerson is a comedian, the book is full of jokes, funny anecdotes, and self-depreciating humor. Every now and then "Melissa's POV" is inserted to provide additional perspectives.

The book's premise resonated with me and while reading I noticed that it fills an important function: It felt like an honest conversation with married friends about marriage. This is something that, at least in my personal life, is lacking. It is common to talk with friends when a relationship is blossoming or when it has come to an end. But there is little conversation about the day-to-day struggles of married life or life in a long-term relationship.

While Nickerson's humor is sometimes not my cup of tea (l am sensitive to jokes about children, e.g., likening teenagers to animals), I can imagine having an interesting and enriching conversation with the Nickersons. I did not expect this book to be about Christian faith. since it was not preachy but related to his life stories, I'd not mind it.

This was a fast, fun read with some helpful wisdom to think about as married person! Thank you to Netgalley and Nelson books for the digital ARC!

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Readers should first go to Youtube and watch a couple standup bits by author Dustin Nickerson. The image of him and how he tells jokes will make you laugh as you imagine him writing this book. How to Be Married (to Melissa) is everything a marriage self-help book by a comedian should be...funny, relatable, and definitely a good read. While mentioning his religion throughout the book, he is never actually promoting or suggesting the reader needs it. Like Melissa, it's his thing, and they will do it their way. I enjoyed reading this book and will be recommending to friends.

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I received an advanced reader copy from the Author and Publisher and this is my honest review. This book is a super-fun, clever, honest look at marriage and marriage "advice." I have always loved Dustin Nickerson's comedy, so I was excited to hear he was writing a book. His distinct voice and comedy style on stage comes through in the written word as well, and Melissa Nickerson's additions and asides provide an additional comedic relief and balance that makes this book a lovely addition to my personal library. As a 40-something who's been married for 18 years, I related with so much of this book! It would make a great gift for a newly married couple, or a fun anniversary gift for that 40-something couple you know. Loved it!

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How to Be Married (to Melissa) is a fantastic read.

The book is full of humor, heart, and above all else — HONESTY. This book provides a great look into how marriage cannot be summarized into a "one-size-fits-all" book that works for every marriage.

I found this book hilarious, wholesome, heartfelt, and other words that start with the "h" sound for alliteration's sake. This book covers all points of life: marriage (duh), sex, working out, parenting, and being a spouse to a person who's brain works RADICALLY differently than yours (parts of this resonated with the innermost parts of my soul—at times reading this I thought "is Dustin me?" [my dad is a carpenter while I am not that handy, I likely have ADHD while my wife is VERY tidy and organized, I also hate pointless small talk, etc.]), while also celebrating and understanding your differences.

I would HIGHLY recommend getting this book if you're remotely considering buying it. Just click "buy" already.

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I have been a fan of Dustin's for several years now, ever since stumbling across him on Instagram. It was an easy decision to become a part of his launch team!

I would describe How to Be Married (to Melissa) as a cross between an autobiography and an advice book. I enjoyed the personal stories mixed with ideas on how to be married to someone and do it well. It was an added bonus to read Melissa's POV along the way.

The couples' questions gave me some things to ponder and discuss with my spouse of 20 years. I think this book would be beneficial to any married person, not just newlyweds. (less)

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Oh my gosh! You wouldn’t expect to get realistic marriage and parenting advice from a comedian, but you get it with Dustin (and some help from his wife, Melissa) with great humor and vulnerability. I’ve been a fan for several years now and this just solidifies the many reasons why. Laugh out loud funny, strikingly accurate, faith filled and relatable to almost everyone. I can’t recommend this enough. I truly felt like I was sitting down and having a chat and just letting him run with his thoughts and I enjoyed the ride.
From topics like weight loss and exercise “ There’s a reason fat and happy go together. Santa Claus knows. He eats the cookies.” To parenting “ We would be better off as parents if there was a process involved. What if instead of sex, to have a baby you had to literally make the child. Like assemble it IKEA style. You've decided to have a kid? Great! Here is the box of kid parts and a miniature Allen wrench. If this were the route, there would be only two new Swedish kids a year, and one of them would wobble if you leaned on him. Sorry
about Johnny. If it gets on your nerves, just put a coaster under his leg.”
I loved his/their way of looking at faith as more than just following the rules set by some Pastor and more about being in a relationship. Faith isn’t black and white and that comes through loud and clear.
Absolutely fun and yet super insightful and I will be recommending it to everyone!
Thanks to the author and NetGalley for this eArc in exchange for my review.

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How to Be Married (to Melissa) is a book worth purchasing. The content is unlike the majority of "marriage books" and quite frankly I enjoyed it more. The ease and realness that Dustin uses throughout the book, as well as humor, makes for a lighthearted but truthful look at marriage. I sincerely enjoyed the honesty that each chapter of the books holds. Marriage is not easy and he points that out many times, yet he was able to consistently bring it back to showing how both he and Melissa work hard to make their marriage work. Marriage takes work and a lot of people choose the easy way out these days, so I truly felt like it was a breath of fresh air to read their story and now get to cheer them on and recommend the book to others as a source of encouragement.

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'How to Be Married (to Melissa)' by Dustin Nickerson is a funny and authentic book about the author's marriage.

If you are looking for a formula for the perfect marriage this may not be the book for you. Or it could be exactly what you need to read. Through the struggles of marriage like finances, children, work-life balance, we see how Dustin and Melissa have struggled and succeeded. Told with authenticity, you won't find a perfect social media picture here, but you will find two people committed to each other and figuring out how to make life work.

Told with great laugh-out-loud humor (Dustin is, after all, a stand-up comedian) and complete honesty, this book celebrates that we are not all alike or perfect and there is not one formula that works for all marriages.

I received a review copy of this ebook from Nelson Books and NetGalley. Thank you for allowing me to review this ebook.

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