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Yahrah St. John’s A Game Between Friends is the fourth and final book in her Locketts of Tuxedo Park series. This is a standalone read and for me, the story I’ve been waiting for since the series started.

A Game Between Friends is the story of Xavier, the youngest of the Lockett siblings, and Porscha Childs the one woman to ever capture his heart. The two met three years ago when they were each at their lowest. Their friendship became a low-key love affair until a misunderstanding drove them apart. Now a chance encounter reveals that the spark that once burned is stronger than ever.

Porscha is a highly successful music artist, who’s working on becoming a bonafide actress as well. In the past, she has had trouble with the press and social media. As a result, she’s very careful about what she says, how she dresses, and who she’s seen with.

Xavier’s life has been all about football, not necessarily by his own choice. The Lockett family are football royalty since they own the Atlanta Cougars, a professional football team. Out of the three Lockett boys, Xavier was the only one to show any football talent. Father Josiah made sure that Xavier excelled in the sport. Xavier was even the star quarterback for the team until an injury on the field ended his career. Now a sportscaster, Xavier views himself as a shell of the man that he once was.

With a simple kiss, Xavier convinces Porscha that even after three years things aren’t over between them. They embark on a clandestine love affair. But even friendship and sizzling passion can’t compete with the media. Yahrah has done a wonderful job of bringing new readers of this series up to date, while at the same time showing established readers what’s happening in the lives of past characters. Porscha and Xavier make a great couple in that they share some of the same insecurities and desires. I loved that these two helped each other to acknowledge their worth and discover what truly made them happy. I’m a sucker for grand gestures and this one was unexpected but so perfect.

I know this series is about the Lockett family, but throughout this series, The Cougars star wide receiver, Curtis Jackson, has been a steady secondary character. I would love for him to get his own story.

~ Favorite Quotes ~ 

“Sometimes helping others is its own reward.”

“Don’t try to fit yourself into the image others have of you and deny who or what you’ve become.”

“We all have the capacity for growth.”

“You need only be your authentic self.”

“My father says selflessness, humility and truthfulness are the marks of an honorable man.”

“Things happen the way they were meant to.”
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Porsha is world known singer. Her life is not her own. Her mom is her manager and every aspect of her life is planned out, she gets no freedom.

Xavier use to be a quarterback, but because of injury, he had to leave that career. They use to be together but broke up. Now he is a sportscaster and when he sees her performing at the station, the old feeling arises. But this time it feels more real. 

I like the story at the beginning, but after about half, I started to lose interest and had a hard time getting into it.

Thank you Netgalley and Harlequin for the ARC. All thoughts and opinions are my own.
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“A Game Between Friends” is a fitting end to the Locketts of Tuxedo Park series. Fans of the series have wondered when we would get Xavier’s backstory.  Xavier was dealing with insecurities after his career ending injury, and has finally found his calling in sports casting and mentoring young players. A few years ago, Entertainer Portia Childs needed to focus on her mental health after she experienced a career set back. Portia and Xavier had a passionate affair and were there for each other when they needed it the most, but misunderstandings caused a hurtful break up. Three years later, a searing kiss causes all of those feelings to come rushing back.  They have a second chance. Xavier brings Portia “peace during the storm”. The question is, will they keep it casual or realize that they have a future together. Second chance love is one of my favorite themes. I also enjoyed continuing to read about the Lockett family. It’s interesting that both Portia and Xavier are dealing with domineering parents. I really enjoyed “A game Between Friends” and I recommend it.
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I received an ARC from the publisher via NetGalley and am voluntarily posting a review. All opinions are my own. 
I loved this spin on a couple who have a history of a physical relationship. While their issues in the past were routed in misunderstandings, I appreciated the way these were handled, and they had a believably evolved from it to trying to be friendly, then acknowledging the spark that still exists between them.
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Four years ago, singer Porscha and former pro football player Xavier had an affair when they were both at the same treatment facility. When they meet again, the passion is still there, but Porsha doesn't trust him. She agrees to a friends-with-benefits arrangement but doesn't want more. Can Xavier win her over?

This is a steamy story with likable and interesting characters. I was a little confused in the beginning, so I recommend reading the series in order. 

Thanks, NetGalley, for the ARC I received. This is my honest and voluntary review.
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Thank you Netgalley and HARLEQUIN for giving me an e-arc of this book in exchange for an honest review. 

The story follows Xavier and Porscha reuniting after 4 years and realizing they still had the same chemistry.  They quickly rekindle their physical relationship and try to figure out of there is more there than just a physical thing.  Both of them have to balance their uncertain careers and how to make it work between them. 

Like for me Harlequin books and be a hit or a miss.  Like I could be involved with the story and not the romance or the other way around.  This one stays in that line and I wasn't 100% sure if I loved it or hate it.  Just fair warning this book is heavy miscommunication trope.  If you don't like this trope, then you'll probably DNF this book. It got to certain points where it was infuriating how they didn't just communicate their feelings, but I did enjoy the romance aspect and the spice was good.  Some scenes where more detailed than other. 

Tropes: Strangers to lover to strangers to Friends with Benefits to lovers. (That's a mouthful)

TW: Body Shaming
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What does one expect from a book by Harlequin? When I think of romance, I think of books just like this one, that gives all the feels and satisfies every romance junkies' heart. This is a perfect books to snuggle up with on any day.
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