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The Art of Badassery

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This surpassed my expectations, in a lot of ways its a very general self help book with information we generally know but they way it is composed with the fighting analogies and its thoroughness towards the end really packs in a punch and delivers if you are ready to boost your life!
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Replace your negative self-talk with an empowering mantra. Does it work? Some say it does, but I’m not fully convinced yet. I did enjoy the directness of this book and the advice given throughout. If you’re looking for a self-help book that reads like it comes from a friend who cares—this is it.
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I found this book to be both interesting and motivational. I had never thought of the similarities between martial arts and self-help, so I enjoyed learning about them.
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I felt like this book gave me a good kick in the a$$! I have been really down lately and really enjoyed this book for self-motivation! Eye of the tiger!
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This book is just like a cuppa of caffeine when you need one badly!

Thank you, HCI Books, for the advance reading copy.

If you are someone like me who wants to improve everytime everyday but also want to live life in a very chill manner and also gets quite anxious regarding every small thing to every big thing that would happen (or not) in the near future, I would say this book is the perfect get-together act when you need a moment to gather it all in your head before starting a new day.

The content is clear cut and concise. The writing is fun and entertaining (yes, it is!) to read. It seems like my best friend is listening to me while I am listening to her talk about my everyday struggles.

I would say it's a kind of memoir as well as the author explains each chapter from her real life experiences. It's actually very interesting to read a self-help/guidebook which is written in this particular manner as it urges the reader to listen better and reflect on their own lives far better.
This is what I experienced while reading the book.

Go for this. And never listen to anyone who tells you that such books do not help. But we are looking for good practical advice/tips from real life people here. I say go for it when you need a good, comforting, helpful guidebook to make progress in whatever you do and make your future days better and peaceful.

Love it.
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Life was just getting me down, so I decided to pick up this book to change my mood.  It not only changed my mood, but it also changed the way I look at life.  I, now, have brought my badass out in the open and that is where it shall stay.  I will be referring to this book off and on to keep my badass, badass!!  Just the pick me up I needed at the perfect time!
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I liked the structure of this book and how the chapters were structured. The exercises throughout the chapters, along with the stories of women overcoming and achieving the very "belt" that is talked about in the chapters. The belt tests before moving on to the next chapter were innovative and were definitely a great way to provide a "check-in" before moving on. Thanks to NetGalley for the advanced copy!
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As the white belt students have to get used to being uncomfortable, with The Art of Badassery as a system, we can get back all of that precious power that may have been drained from us with every hit, loss, drama, trauma or disappointment. 
The author finds all the wisdom from martial arts, where we all can learn how to use the power of mind, body, and spirit.

We all can bend without a break and with this book we learn how to flex our mind and live more mindful and powerful life full of inner strength and awareness and become a badass.

Very motivational reading.
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