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It has been quite some time since I've read a vampire story, and I was excited to dive into this one hoping for a fresh take. It had plenty of familiar elements alongside some really cool new ideas. The vibes were super spooky, and the gothic atmosphere was one of my favorite things about the book. The descriptiveness of the text brought the gloomy sullenness of the environment to life and transported me to this brutal world where human and vampire relations were balanced on a knife's edge.

There was a ton of action right from the start, and the creatures were truly terrifying at times. Zombie vampires and vampire hunters with fascinating weapons and unnatural reflexes... How cool is that? There were plenty of riveting battle sequences that felt cinematic in scope, as well as intimate duels filled with tension.

I liked the characters, but they all seemed a bit flat. Zidan was probably my favorite because he definitely had the dark, brooding warrior vampire thing going for him, along with his brilliant scientist mind. Remy was cool too, though, and I thought he had the most emotional depth because of his journey of opening up and learning to accept love after being used as an object by everyone his entire life. Xiaodan was a bundle of sunshine, quite literally, and I liked her attitude and demeanor. I just felt she was kind of one-dimensional. As for their relationship, I thought the throuple was super hot. There was lots of teasing that the three of them would get together, and the sexual tension was intense at times. I wish there had been a bit more focus on the sex after all the teasing, but there were quite a few really hot moments even if it wasn't as many as I wanted. I never felt much of a romantic connection between the characters, either, just a sexual one. So, I didn't really buy the love angle at all. Maybe if there is a sequel, their relationship can be deepened a bit. I did really love the vampire hunter falling for the vampire couple angle of the romance, though, and there was a voyeur scene that was absolutely scorching.

The plot was really fascinating. It started out as a detective story centered around a murder investigation before expanding into a realms-wide conspiracy. There was plenty of intrigue and so many twists and turns I lost track a couple times, but it was a fun ride that kept me guessing. Was the plot perfect? No. There were some holes in it, but I wonder if they were left purposefully to set up mystery for a sequel. The main conflict of this story ended with this book, but there were definitely plenty of threads left hanging for the story to continue. Personally, I'd love to get a sequel because I'm really curious to learn more about the world, its history, and the different vampire courts, which felt largely relegated to the background in this story. I enjoyed the world-building done for the human kingdoms, and I'd like to learn more about them as well. However, the world-building, in general, was a bit clunky at times with quite a bit of info-dumping that made some of the dialogue feel like a history lecture. There was also a lot of 'telling' to move the plot forward, especially the investigation aspects, and it seemed many important details were told to us by the characters rather than experiencing them organically.

Overall, this was a refreshing take on vampires that had plenty of action, intrigue, and sexual tension galore. If you are looking for something gloomy and gothic to read this spooky season, I definitely recommend giving it a try. Therefore, I rate this book 4 out of 5 stars.
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I was a bit disappointed in the romance, but the story was overall enjoyable.

I didn’t really feel the romantic feelings between Remy and the other two. It seemed to be mostly based on physical attraction and the little bit they knew of each other through fighting together or against each other. Which works for initial feelings, but they jumped straight into being all-in and wanting to commit. To be fair, it’s not hard to understand why Remy, or anyone, would want Zidan. He was smart, a skilled fighter, poised, kind, supportive, sexy, and a broody vampire, to boot. But even that isn’t quite enough for me to actually feel the romantic chemistry between two characters.

I did feel some of the sexual attraction between them, at least. More so with Zidan. But even that quickly turned into… Zidan: “I want to have sex with you.” Xiaodan: “I also want to have sex with you.” Both: “We both want to have sex with you, together.” Other characters: “They want to have sex with you, why haven’t you yet?” And then, there was so much talk of sex and wanting sex and the sex they’d had and how horny and insatiable everyone was, but not really any actual sex scenes. There were explicit moments, but they were basically a few sentences each, summaries mostly. I don’t think I’ve ever complained before about a book not having sex scenes, it’s not a requirement for me, but this felt like being teased that we were going to get sex scenes, and all the while the author had no intention of giving them. The best was the first, when Remy wasn't even involved.

So the romance and sex elements were not necessarily bad, just lacking depth. There was some sexy vampire biting though! I always appreciate that.

Remy didn’t seem to have a ton of personality, other than being self-sacrificing and blaming himself for everything bad. Xiaodan was cute, bubbly, compassionate, and enjoyed a good fight against baddies; she was likeable, but also little flat. I already talked about Zidan some, but he was smart, a skilled fighter, kind at heart, though he could be prickly and angry if he didn’t like or didn’t trust someone yet, though apparently that was also his tell that he was interested in someone. He was an old vampire with some walls built up. But, as cliche as it may be, I am a sucker for an intense, broody hot guy vampire, and I found him the most interesting of the bunch. There were also some likeable side characters.

Outside the romance, there was a good story. There was a strange mystery about something affecting vampires, causing them to be basically unkillable and mutate into horrifying monsters. There were some other sort of connected mysteries about who was involved and what different people were up to. There was action and fighting and danger. There was Remy’s past and how he was viewed and treated by his fellow reapers and townspeople. The description says the book is full of court intrigue, but I would not say that. Perhaps in future books.

This was all set in a high fantasy world with different vampire courts, which is cool, though you don’t get to see or learn too much about the courts. Also perhaps in future books.

I liked the “again” thing in that chapter of the book. Which I know is not helpful for anyone who hasn’t read the book yet, but it was just a fun little writing thing.

As of the time of this review, I can’t find anything about a series, but the way this ended makes it clear this is not meant to be a standalone. No cliffhanger, but loose threads and setup for the next book.

I know it sounds like I have more complaints than compliments, but I feel fairly neutral about this one. I think there’s potential for certain things to be explored more or become more interesting in future books. And though I never felt the strength of the romance, I enjoyed the mystery and overall story in this vampire-filled high fantasy world.
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This is a weird one for me. The description of it was right up my alley. We’ve got a polyamorous situation and a Castlevania comp. What could go wrong?

Apparently, a little bit.

For one, the romance was insta-love for at least one of the parties. Our main character comes across the female vampire and they’re both ready to kiss after single conversation. Literally leaning in for it. And might I reiterate–they just met. Just met.

Adding in another wrench here is that she’s engaged to someone else, a vampire lord. And she’s out here trying to kiss someone else.

That put such a sour taste in my mouth. I get you want to make them a throuple but to have two characters go from zero to smooch? It took me right out of the story.

Now, for a little character backstory, our main character is basically considered a bastard bye everyone. His mother fell in love with a vampire and everyone assumes he’s the child of said vampire. His dad hates him. So he’s not mister bright and sunshiney. Doesn’t seem to matter though because he’s the best vampire bounty hunter there is and in a world where there’s essentially wars with vampires, that counts for a lot even if he gets no accolades.

This book is a monster. It’s like 500 pages and I feel like it doesn’t need to be. The writing was clunky and difficult to follow sometimes and the plot sort of went all over the place. Sometimes I was interested and sometimes I wasn’t. It’s gothic which is cool but there’s no real reason for it to be as long as it is.

A note on the throuple. I couldn’t stand it. Plus the age gap. 400-40-23. And that 40 is the female vampire. And they don’t age differently or slower, that’s just her age. Also none of these people should be in a group together because only two of them actually seem to care about each other. Remy (the MC) is just kind of there. He’s not got a strong personality and I don’t get how Xioadan and Zidan are supposed to be into him.

I’ve heard good things about the author’s other work so maybe I’ll give them a shot but this one just wasn’t great. I give it a two (2) our of five (5).

I received this eARC in exchange for an honest review. Thanks to NetGalley and the publisher.
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Vampires… a throuple…. Be still my heart. My love for vampires came back full force with this book. I had such a fun time reading it! Thanks to netgalley for an eARC in exchange for an honest review!!
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When this book was compared to Castlevania and Priory of the Orange Tree, I knew that it'd be a huge hit for me.

Silver Under Nightfall is a gripping and dark adult fantasy that follows the main character, a Reaper (aka vampire hunter) named Remy, as he teams up with a pair of vampire nobles to investigate the source of a terrifying and deadly new type of vampire. 

This book delivered on everything it promised and fell for Remy's character very quickly. I loved the romance between him, Xiaodan, and Zidan, and I would very much like to read more of them just existing together. 

The worldbuilding was interesting and I would have loved it if I had a map, but I felt like I was able to follow it well enough. I would have liked to learn more about the other vampire courts, but I suspect that there will be time for that later 👀

The ending killed me, but I'm eagerly hoping for and awaiting more of these three and their shenanigans (to put it lightly). 

In the vein of something Castlevania-inspired would be, this book is heavy on the gore and violence, but please look up more detailed content warnings at your own discretion!!
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I have a feeling this one is going to be either loved or reviled by readers with no in-between because Chupeco made decisions in characters and setting that might not be everybody's cup of tea, but they definitely are mine. I loved the fact that it's both a horror and a mystery set in a medieval-ish era that also has science and technology way beyond what you'd expect. And then there are, of course, the vampires. Gothic and tortured in their long lives while still very much enjoying them. They're witty, charming, and full of great emotions they happily share with the leading man, Remy.
I liked Remy as the hero of the story because he's somewhat half-formed beyond being the misunderstood outsider with a heart of gold that's forced to do unsavory things to keep his horrid dad happy. He's the most skilled vampire reaper in the kingdom, but politics and gossip keep him as an unsung hero on the outskirts of society. 
When horrible undead monsters, beyond the typical vampires, start attacking, it's on Remy to find out who and what is behind them. This means that he has to team up with two of the beings he spent his life training to very successfully kill. It's the beginning of an adventure that leads to many great things when he's joined in that quest by two beautiful and skilled vampires that are as determined to solve the mystery as they are to get closer to Remy.
Polyamory seems to be on the rise as a popular romance element and it's about time it became a popular trope, not to mention that Chupeco incorporates the difficulty of balancing out three personalities in a relationship rather expertly. I loved seeing how things changed depending on which relationship members were present during a scene. 
The plot is full of great little twists and reveals that kept things moving and compelling, continually enthralling me with where Chupeco chose to take it. I really hope we get to read more of this spellbinding trio and their world. 

Extremely happy thanks to NetGalley and Gallery / Saga Press for the incredibly good read!
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I’m a fan of Chupeco’s YA books and jumped at the chance to read their first foray into the adult genre. I nearly did a happy dance when I learned the story involves vampires.

Remy’s life hasn’t been an easy one. He’s a vampire hunter but is shunned by other hunters because of rumors his mother ran away with a vampire – and Remy might be half vampire. His father (a human), a former hunter, is ambitious, power-hungry, and constantly demeans Remy. He also pimps Remy out to the wives of men who hold strategic positions in society in order to gain information. Trust me, no Father of the Year trophies will ever grace this guy’s mantle. As a result of all this, Remy doesn’t think highly of himself and believes he’s not worthy of kindness from anyone. He’s definitely an easy character to root for.

When a new breed of vampire shows up, Remy finds himself teamed up with an engaged vampire couple, both of them high up in their respective courts. Having read several vampire books, I liked this different take on a mutant strain of vamps. I also enjoyed seeing a human and vampires working alongside each other, encountering plenty of obstacles along the way, in order to discover who’s behind the Rot. What Remy lacks in self-esteem he more than makes up for as a hunter and can hold his own in a fight. And there are plenty of bloody ones in this story. It’s also full of gothic atmosphere, and the polyamorous relationship that develops between the three of them is pretty amusing at times because of differing personalities. Seeing Remy begin to realize he’s worthy of love and kindness also comes with some heartfelt moments.

At over five hundred pages, this is a chunk of a novel that moves at a brisk pace. It’s not listed as a series on Goodreads, but the ending makes me believe a sequel will be coming – and I’ll absolutely be reading it. HIghly recommend to fans of supernatural mystery.

I received a complimentary copy of this book from the publisher through NetGalley.  Opinions expressed in this review are completely my own.
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I flew through this book in under 12 hours and I have no regrets. This is a gothic fantasy in a Regency-esque setting with a unique take on vampires and a throuple and I had so much fun with it.

Our protagonist, Remy, is a vampire hunter that doesn't fit into society because of rumors surrounding his birth and the death of his mother. When a threat to the kingdom arises in the form of a new breed of vampire he teams up with vampire royalty, Xiaodan Song and her fiancé Zidan Malekh, to investigate.

I loved so much about this book. For one, the characters! Remy's journey trying to find his place in the world was so compelling. Watching him strive to gain acceptance in a society that is bound and determined to hate him was so heartbreaking. Also, the romantic tension was perfect and I loved watching Remy come to terms with the fact that both Xioadan and Malekh wanted him with no strings attached. I loved them all.

I also really liked the world. Rin Chupeco keeps some of the traditional qualities of vampires, but puts their own spin on it and I loved that we got to learn more about the vampires along with Remy. The atmosphere was wonderfully spooky without dragging down the plot, in fact I think this was more plot forward than I was expecting for a gothic book. That being said, I loved all of the action. I'm not usually a visual reader, but there were scenes that I could picture perfectly in my head. The tension and drama were everything I was looking for when I picked this up, though I admit it will not be for everyone.

This was my first Rin Chupeco book, but it will not be my last! I'm excited to dig into their backlist and I really hope they write more in this world, especially after that ending.
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Thank you to the author for a signed physical ARC which I won from their IG giveaway. I read this of my own volition and all opinions are my own.

Wow I loved this so much!!! This was what I wanted from EOTV and didn't get.

This was the polyamorous queer vampire book of my dreams!! I loved this book so much. And I read it with my eyes 😌. If you know me, you know that audiobooks and screen listening to ebooks is the main way I read books. But I decided to read this one with my eyes. The plan was to spread this chunker out over a month. I kept at it for about half the month but then I inhaled the last 300 pages in like 2 days.

This book was so engaging, I had to know more. I loved Remy’s character and all of his tangled relationships. I also saw some of my gender hang ups in some of his thoughts. Ultimately, he won my heart. Remy looks like he could kill you but he’s secretly a cinnamon roll.

This world was super fascinating. While it felt similar to the peerage system of Britain, there were elements from other cultures and some that were pure fantasy. I really liked the blend and I’d love to know more about this world and the other territories in it.

Lastly, this had action, romance (and several steamy scenes) and a cool scientific mystery! Remy and co are trying to track down a mutated vampire infection. Some of the science details weren’t perfect, but overall it was a believable disease and I don’t say that lightly as someone who works in infectious disease. If you like vampires, I cannot recommend you pick this up more!
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Adored it! 
Objectively, its not a perfect book. While the characters and their dynamic was phenomal, the plot was more than a little leaky. Personally though, this book is everything! A non binary protagonist, medieval inspired world but with vampirez, a power throuple, and Rin Chupeco's writing! Had alot of fun 

Thank you to the publisher for providing an e-arc via Netgalley.
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Vampires, forbidden love, terrifying mutations, sex appeal - Silver Under Nightfall has everything. Remy Prendergast is an outcast, despite his status as the son of the Duke of Valenbonne and as a vampire-hunting Reaper. He takes on the most dangerous cases alone, risking everything to protect people who despise him, until strange, mutated monsters begin appearing. In an effort to stop the monsters, Remy teams up with vampires Xiaodan Song and Zidan Malekh, despite the risks that he will never be accepted back into his former position. While the marketing for this book describes it as inspired by Castlevania, Silver Under Nightfall is so gripping and enjoyable it is in a class of its own. Sexy, frightening, bold, and complex, the character dynamics alone are an excellent reason to pick up this gem. Absolutely unpredictable, ignoring the conventions of the genre just to subvert them, this is not your typical vampire novel and is stronger for it.
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I had been eagerly awaiting Rin Chupero’s latest novel, Silver Under Nightfall, set in a world where vampires and humans struggle for survival and power; it not only lived up to my expectations but surpassed them.  Their latest novel shares some similarities with Bone Witch, another of their novels which I enjoyed, such as intricate descriptions of monstrous creatures and a keen insight into creating diverse and unique cultures and exploring the way in which they interact with one another.  I found this book even richer in the emotional resonance that was created in the character of Remington, who despite being raised to hunt and destroy vampires feels himself drawn to a vampire couple who may be a source of happiness and love, which he has never experienced before or could lead to him losing all he has ever worked for.  Remington must work through his often abusive past, especially his destructive relationship with his father. Remi is given depth and emotional complexity often not found in male leads especially who have been cast in the “hero” role in the fantasy/horror genre.  Chupeco was inspired some by Castlevania, so fans of the game or the recent Netflix series will surely enjoy this novel greatly.
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A fun and refreshing take on vampire lore with queer characters and a distinct narrative voice. The diversity in the book was all-around great.
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Silver Under Nightfall follows Remy, a vampire hunter who is shunned by humans due to rumors he might be half-vampire himself. A new, terrifying breed of vampire monsters has begun appearing and Remy teams up with vampire couple Xiaodan and Zidan to discover the truth about the creatures. While learning the truth about the Rot and uncovering secrets surrounding his own life, Remy finds himself developing feelings for the couple. As everything comes to a head, Remy finds his loyalties divided and must make some difficult choices.

This book is the dark, violent vampire novel we've been waiting for. It's full of courtly intrigue and lots of twists, queer romance, and vampires and monsters. The characters are amazing and I loved seeing the relationship between Remy, Xiaodan, and Zidan develop. Remy is so soft and needs to be protected, and I love that Xiaodan and Zidan both tried to keep him safe.

I enjoyed this take on vampires. It was dark and sensual, but had enough to make it unique when compared to most vampire mythology. The world was really interesting too and I'd love to see more of it. I also liked the zombie/vampire/Rot-infested monsters, who were quite terrifying to read about. There was a little more courtly intrigue than I generally like, as I'm more of a straightforward good vs evil, no backstabbing or plotting person, but it fit the world so well and I did enjoy that aspect too.
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I'm giving this five stars because it was just such a fun read and for actually delivering on its queer threesome romance--and will be recommending it to readers looking for spooky, sexy Halloween titles!--but I really wish the publisher would get it together and make it clear in their marketing materials whether this is supposed to be a standalone, because it absolutely doesn't read like one to me. (The deal was a pre-empt for two books and doesn't specifically say it's a duology, but I'm assuming it is? Or at least I really hope it is, because again, if this book is supposed to be a standalone I don't feel it works as one.... and also I want book two NOW.)
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This book was fantastic. It’s a standalone book (I’m pretty sure at least) that draws you in never lets you go. We follow Remy who is heir to a duke but is looked down upon by his father due to the circumstances of his birth. His big focus is hunting rogue vampires as a Reaper. But some of the vampire courts are attempting to create a treaty with humans. He becomes enmeshed with Zidan and Xiaodan, two vampire lords as they investigate a new mutating virus called the Rot. And they have to figure out who is behind the disease before their entire world is turned upside down. I found the characters interesting and the plot fast paced. The lore and worldbuilding added to the story without being overwhelming. An all around good vampire fantasy book (with quite a bit of romance tossed in).
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This book came out of left field and was a complete surprise. I absolutely loved the characters, world-building and plot in this novel. The writing style kept it fresh and engaging while the structure of the hierarchy and classes was familiar. The sexiness of the novel paired with themes of family, guilt and the desire to be loved and wanted, makes this novel compelling and exciting. I could not put this down and can’t wait for a sequel!
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I went into this having read Rin’s bone witch series, which I enjoyed, more so in hindsight. I really wasn’t sure what to expect out of their adult debut. Well it was everything I wanted out of a book about vampires, it’s violent, brutal and kind of sexy. It took me a little bit to get used to the writing style but once I got into the flow I swear I didn’t want to stop reading. I loved the world and the characters. Our main three are great characters and I feel as though they have a good balance between all of them, even in the beginning when remy seems like he’s just getting dragged into everyone’s mess. Even the side characters are likeable and feel fleshed out. The plot moves at a good pace not really losing my interest and the fight scenes are well executed as well as brutal. I won’t give much away but I will say if you are looking for a fresh vampire story that doesn’t stray away from much then I highly suggest this book. Rin announced on their instagram that there is a sequel planned and I cannot wait. 
Thank you to NetGalley for the digital copy and saga press for the physical ARC.
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Remy Pendergast is the only son of the Duke of Valenbonne and an elite bounty hunter of rogue vampires. At the same time, he's an outcast among his fellow Reapers because his mother had eloped with a vampire. His entire life is devoted to being a weapon for the kingdom of Aluria despite the rumors about him. He's determined to investigate the new breed of vampire outside of the city, but Remy isn't alone. Vampire heiress Xiaodan Song and her fiancé, the vampire lord Zidan Malekh, are also investigating. Remy knows working with them won't help his reputation, but it might be his only chance to save the kingdom from the Rot spreading. As they work together, he begins to question everything he knew about vampires, his family legacy, and the kingdom itself.

From the start, the dreary, foggy nation of Aluria is fascinating. We open with Remy on the hunt, easily dispatching newly created vampires and then running up against an elder. Then we see the disdain his own father has for him, as well as that of the city, the other Reapers. This not only sets us up to feel for Remy and root for him, but we see how the kingdom is set up, learn about the nobility, and learn about the vampire courts as well as the weirdness from new vampire victims found. It's clever and so well done, just like Rin Chupeco's other works. It's incredibly easy to fall into this world, to feel the tension in the fights and feel the sting of rejection and betrayals right along with the characters. 

There's intrigue in the different vampire courts and the potential alliance with Aluria. At the same time, there are the vampire covens stalking villages and the Rot creating what are essentially zombie vampire creatures that are incredibly difficult to kill. Remy is talented but mortal, and falling for both Xiaodan and Malekh wasn't something he planned. All three are determined to destroy the Rot infected vampires and the courts that created them; the secrets revealed in the final quarter of the book are amazing. I hope there will be more books in this universe, because I love the trio of main characters and their efforts. Side characters are done well, and I hope to see them again, too.
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I never know what to expect when it comes to vampire books; some are incredible, but others leave me sadly disappointed or just downright annoyed. So I was a little hesitant to read this book. But, I should have known Rin Chupeco wouldn't disappoint me. Yet again Chupeco has created a fascinating world, full of snarky, loveable characters.

I really loved how real this world felt. There wasn't really any actual magic, although there are supernatural beings. But things were looked at through a more scientific lens, so it felt more realistic in many ways. And I enjoyed the mix of politics, world building, and history!

Speaking of enjoying, I have to mention how wonderful these characters are. They made me laugh, cry, want to punch some sense into them, and every other emotional response you can think of. I fell in love with so many of them and am absolutely dying to find out what happens to those loveable idiots!

If you enjoy action-packed books with a fair amount of steamy romance scenes, I would definitely recommend reading Silver Under Nightfall. I'm so glad I had the chance to read it and cannot wait for the sequel!
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