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Third series in the mall. Modern-day story of F-F romance. able to be read independently.
When Nell learns that her favorite pub has a new owner, she immediately falls in love with them.
A romantic introduction. Two women who are attracted to each other. a first partnership.

Cute and brief, but lacking in the middle.
Nell is a lady in STEM who is only briefly addressed in the introduction. Is she still present?
For the celebration of St. Patrick's Day, she prepared a sample cocktail. I'm curious as to what was in it. And after that, I'd like to know how the bar's St. Patrick's Day opening went. When did the darts competitions begin?

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Cute, charming, and perfect for reading before bed. I imagine this story has played out for countless LGBTQIA folks all across the Midwest. Love truly is possible at the mall!

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This was an interesting read but at the same time, it was confusing because of all the stuff that was happening at once. It is a novella but it felt rushed leaving me with more questions than answers.

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Thank you to Netgalley and the publisher for granting me free access to the advanced digital copy of this book.

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I read this author before, but I wasn't so impress about her writing. I chose this book because it was green cover and I rarely read FF story, so I gave her a chance...
Well, the story was cute, girls meet at the bar on St. Patrick's day, but I didn't feel the connection and energy. It was quick to read but nothing special.

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Really enjoyed this heartwarming, action packed adventure filled with engaging charters, witty dialog, heart racing twists and laugh out loud fun turns. Highly entertaining and emotionally thrilling journey from beginning to end.

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Mall Out of Luck by Sarah Robinson is the third book in the At the Mall series. Mall Out of Luck is a short and funny F/F novella. Saoirse Walsh is known as the "runaway bride" after she had left three at the altar already. She now decided to start over and open a bar of her own, The Lucky Leprechaun. Nell James is a no nonsense scientist but when she walks into Saoirse's bar she is instantly intrigued and finding herself mixed up in some unlucky shenanigans. Can Nell tame the "runaway bride"?

I've really enjoyed the previous novellas in this series and can't wait to read the rest.

Thank you to NetGalley and the publisher for an electronic copy to read in exchange for an honest review.

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A few words I could use to describe this novella are: cute, fun, short, quirky, and a great St. Patty’s day read.

I loved that this was sapphic and I that it had an Irish main character! However, I felt like it was a bit of a letdown too. As soon as I thought we were getting somewhere it just ends and they live “happily ever after”. I just needed a couple more chapters!

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Rounded down from 3.5 stars!

This was a cute, simple novella and definitely a sweet WLW book. It’s only about 80 ish pages so I definitely wanted more of the story, especially after the epilogue which left a bit to be desired for the main couple, but it was a good book none the less.

The meeting was so cute and I loved the protectiveness Nell had over Saoirse immediately, and how fast and adorable their relationship was.

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I was pre-approved for this arc so thanks to Netgalley and Author Collective for that.

This is a very simple, fairly silly f/f novella set around St Patrick's Day.

Saoirse has bought a bar and is opening it on St Patrick's Day, she's also Irish with red hair (despite the misleading cover illustration). She has run away from 3 engagements and is trying to start over.

She meets Nell, a scientist and person of colour (again this is not apparent in the cover illustration) who was a regular in the bar before Saoirse bought it so is interested to see what it's like now.

The two hit it off immediately.


There's not much more to it tbh 😅 despite some drama with exes, it's very rushed but it's a novella so it was expected.

CW: mentions of cancer, alcoholism, death of a parent, foster care

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I have given Mall Out of Luck by Sarah Robinson two out of five stars ⭐️⭐️

Knowing that novellas are short stories, there is always a hope for the story to be wrapped up or leave you wanting more by the end of them. Unfortunately, this novella didn’t leave me feeling this way. I definitely needed a lot more detail and more to happen but I feel like that wouldn’t be possible without making this story longer.

A little confused by the front cover as in the novella, Nell is a person of colour, whereas both of the women on the front are white and also, Saoirse has red hair and both of the women on the front have black hair …? Not quite sure what happened there and am surprised this cover got the go ahead.

I enjoyed reading about Saoirse and Nell’s relationship and their meet cute but overall this novella was lacking in story detail, a few more chapters were definitely needed..

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3/5 stars!

The STEM heroine learns that the Irish bar she frequented is under new ownership, so she went to visit and encounters the new owner. The owner wanted the bar's grand opening to go well, so she finds a helpful hand from the STEM heroine. When a reporter decided to bug the bar owner, the STEM heroine lied that she is with the bar owner. How will this little lie affect the future couple and the bar's opening?

This is the third addition to the AT THE MALL series. It features a sapphic romance between the sister of the hero in the first book and a new resident with a past. The main couple are distinctly personable, and this book felt like the beginning of their story. I appreciated the epilogue, but I did feel like the main content of the book needed more details for better transition. I liked the cameo of characters from the previous books, especially a certain elf from the first book in this series. Overall, I felt that the book was missing something and the whole story felt like it needed more. Not my favorite of the series but still a nice book.

**Thanks to the publisher and NetGalley for the review copy. All opinions and thoughts in the review are my own.**

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I received an advanced copy of this book from the publisher through netgalley in exchange for an honest review. This book is well written and the characters are described well. I adored this romance novella. The characters are enjoyable and described well. It is set in Michigan. I enjoyed Nell and Saoirse's characters. This book is steamy and quick paced. This ebook is in stores for $2.99 (USD).

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This is the second book in the At The Mall series. This book can be read as a stand-alone. This is another cute novella, but I felt like it was too short and needed more to it. It’s the perfect book to read around St Patrick’s Day.

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This was a cute St. Patrick’s Day themed sapphire romance. It was also a great addition to At The Mall series. Nell is a scientist and Saoirse is the new owner of the bar that Nell often frequents. When the women meet, sparks immediately fly. Robinson is a pro at writing a great novella and this was no exception. I wish it was a little longer but it was still a sweet and entertaining read.

Thank you to NetGallery and to Seasons Publishing for giving me a copy for my honest review.

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An enjoyable little read within the expectation that novella length doesn't leave much room for character development or plot compkexity.

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A fun novella that I would've loved to have more of! Saoirse and Nell had a good connection and the relationship felt believable. The plot with the newspaper editor did seem to be forced. Otherwise, enjoyable read!

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This is my first Sarah Robinson, and the best way I can describe it is “like Sweet Valley for adults”. Or, maybe, a “cozy mystery minus the mystery”. Really, it is a sweet little novella that has very little conflict, and a whole load of queer-positivity. I thought the ending a bit too treacle sweet, but perhaps it’s the kind we need every once in a while. I would consider reading this again - I think it would make a great holiday read. This book is super-queer, and I love it!

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Thank you to NetGalley for this eARC. I received an advance review copy for free, and I am leaving this review voluntarily.

This is a cute Sapphic romance story set around St. Patricks Day. Nell (a woman and STEM) and Saoirse (The new owner of Nell's favourite bar) met under unexpected circumstances and things just seem to go from there. Although this was a fun, quirky story it's a very short read. There was too much happening and not enough pages for it to happen in. So the pacing was ridiculously fast. Also, can someone tell me who the characters on the cover are? Because they look nothing like the two MCs described in the book.

Like I said it was fun and cute but far too short for the amount of stuff that happens. 3 stars.

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Mall Out of Luck by Sarah Robinson was a short story that was very sweet, and I really enjoyed.
This well written Sapphic Romance between a scientist and a runaway bride was a short, smart and sexy read.
I do wish the characters were a little bit more developed, but I do understand that is hard to do in the short story format. I would read another book by this author given the opportunity.

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