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Enola Holmes and the Elegant Escapade

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I think I may pursue reading the rest of the Enola Holmes books via audio. Enola Holmes And The Elegant Escapade by Nancy Springer is the eighth book in the series -- but the second one I've read. The series follows Enola who is sister to Sherlock. She is a detective in her own right, however, and very clever. This book follows Enola as one of her friends goes missing. She is on the case to ensure Lady Cecily isn't being screwed over by her father. You see, at this time, women are under the control of their male relatives and this has happened to Cecily before. Oh, and Cecily has two personalities -- one which is right handed and boring and the other which is left handed and bold.

I had fun listening to Enola Holmes and The Elegant Escapade. Was it life changing? No, absolutely not. This book still is a nice distracting romp. I felt accomplished after finishing it in a few hours. The audiobook is pleasant enough -- narrated by Tamaryn Payne. It is only 4 hours and 17 minutes long -- plus I listened to it sped up. I think this series is good to listen to for emerging readers as it isn't much of a time investment, Enola is fabulous, and the plot is interesting. Now this has me wanting to watch the second movie on Netflix.
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Enola Holmes is always a delightful time whether it is a book or a movie, and this one was no exception. I have not read all the books, but I am starting to feel that some of the plots are repeating themselves, using the same characters and situations for basis of the mystery itself. But there are enough new characters and peeks into overlooked turn of the century London that make up for it. Enola Holmes books are wonderful fast reads that I will always recommend.
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This was an enjoyable, quick read told from Enola's perspective as a highly intelligent, independent young woman in Victorian London. Although 8th in the series, it can easily be read and followed without having read previous books in the series.
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Enola is once again on the case and this time she’s trying to save a young woman with a dual personality, Cecily. Cecily was kidnapped in a past case and Enola helped her then and will help her now by saving her from the tyrant of a father that has locked her up, neglected and abused her. Cecily doesn’t know she has a dual personality but Enola notices that when Cecily uses her right hand, she’s submissive and when using her left, she’s brave. Enola and Sherlock discuss Cecily’s situation and the mistreatment of her father toward her mother, siblings and herself. Enola discovers that the tyrant has been committing crimes and wants Cecily to bargain with him for better treatment for her family. Sherlock doesn’t want any part of blackmail but admires Enola’s bravery and intelligence. This is a thoroughly enjoyable and entertaining quick read with mystery and humor, 5 stars!

No swearing
Violence- description of crimes but no details of the actions.
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Last year I was able to read Enola Holmes and the Black Barouche early and I loved it. This book was just as fun and fast-paced. Enola is quirky, adventurous, and a react first think later kind of girl. I think growing up as Sherlock & Mycroft's younger sister can do that to you. Speaking of Sherlock, I really love the relationship they have and their back and forth banter. 

Her friend Lady Cecily who she's already helped twice comes to her for help again. This time though, she disappears right under Enola and Sherlock's noses. It's a quick read with loads of imagery so you can fully imagine Victorian England.
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Another great Enola Holmes novel. This one has Enola searching for her friend and finding all the mysterious things that surround her. Will her friend be able to escape her father's hold on her? Read about Enola and her amazing disguises.
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I am enthralled by Enola and the way she solves the mystery. The writing style is fast paced, great historical references and locations. All young women should read the books in this series as Enola stands up for herself, always figures out a resolution to a problem, and doesn’t feel the need to have a man make decisions for her. I look forward to more of Enola’s adventures and her famous brothers.
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This is a great story.  I love Enola.  She befuddles Sherlock and is just as brilliant as he is.  She wants to right wrongs and make the place better.  She has helped Lady Cecily Alastair.  She is in trouble again.  Her father has locked her in her room without any clothes but her nightgown and nothing to pass the time except the thing she hates the most, embroidery.  When Enola tries to see her, she is turned away.  So she comes at night and instead of visiting with Lady Cecil, she helps her escape.

Sherlock has been asked to find the girl and Enola is doing all she can to help her.  But even Enola does know where she is.

This is a fun series.  It kept me on the edge of my seat.  The mystery is great and very entertaining.  This book is easy to read.  I loved it!
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I am so happy to be back with Enola, Cecily, and Sherlock for the newest installment in their elegant escapades. This book follows Lady Cecily once again being mistreated by her father. Enola, as Cecily’s good friend, must step in and help. Of course Sherlock gets involved in looking for the now “missing” Cecily. Which, plot twist, Cecily actually does go missing. I love the feminist themes throughout the book and the changes we see in Sherlock’s view of his sister throughout the series. These books are so easy to read with quick pacing and witty banter. The interactions between Enola and Sherlock continue to be my favorite part of these books. The writing is immersive and I love spending time in 19th century England. The characters are a fresh twist on classic profiles and I have throughly enjoyed my time with them. If Nancy Springer continues to write Enola books I will continue to read them.
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Enola Holmes and the Elegant Escapade follows Enola Holmes and the Black Barouche in Nancy Springer's YA mystery series starring Sherlock Holmes' much younger sister.

Enola works hard to help her friend, Lady Cecily Alastair, whose awful father is trying to auction her off to marry the highest bidder.

Cecily is a very unusual young woman, with 2 personalities, associated with her use of her left or right hand. Right-handed, she is meek and compliant. Left-handed Cecily has her own plans.

Enjoy this series and don't miss the great Netflix movie Enola Holmes either!
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While there are some callbacks to previous books this is one of those rare series where I don't feel that you have to read the series in numerical order to enjoy it, that said the series is always very interesting so I would recommend any of the books in the series. As always fearless females for the win! This was a fun quick read and is highly recommended!
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My teenage daughter and I watched the Netflix movie based on these books, and we thoroughly enjoyed it, so that was part of the reason I was eager to read this book. I am already of fan of British history, so that was an additional appealing factor. The book did not disappoint! As I had previously watched the movie, I could easily picture the clothing, the surroundings, the and the sounds that complement the story, which made it even more enjoyable. Enola is crafty, resourceful, and wise beyond her years, and I relished the ways in which she nimbly outsmarted the villains. The clues given are clever and the "ah-ha!" moments when they are figured out are quite fun. I will be adding these books to my school library.
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I do like Enola.  She is full of energy and comes up with original ideas to help her friend. She goes to great lengths to keep her friend safe.  Sherlock, her brother, is looking for Enola's friend too.  But he is working for the father, a loud dominating man. I do like the sibling rivalry. Nice story, nice ending.
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Enola Holmes fans rejoice! Everyone’s favorite young sleuth is back with another mystery that readers both young and old will enjoy. The newest installment in Nancy Springer's series, Enola Holmes and the Elegant Escapade, is set to be released on September 6th and will have readers flipping the pages to see what’s going to happen next!

Enola Holmes is back with another thrilling and endearing adventure! If you’re wondering “Wasn’t this a movie with the girl from Stranger Things?” then you’d be correct! This is the 8th book in the series that inspired the Netflix movie and it’s the perfect book to engage young adult readers!

Enola is a feisty and headstrong character and her strong belief in fighting for what is right and helping those she cares about is inspiring to read about. Featuring cameos from Sherlock Holmes himself and a cast of fun supporting characters, this read will have you flipping the pages to see how Enola will manage to help her friends and solve the mystery!

For younger readers or anyone who loved Nancy Drew as a kid, this book is for you!

*I received an ARC from Wednesday Books in exchange for my honest opinion.
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While this one feels a bit like a retread, it was still pretty enjoyable. Ms. Springer should keep making Enola books for as long as she wants. I will sign up to get them they day they come out. They are fast, funny and full of joy.
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The Left-Handed Lady is in dire straits, and the ebullient, forthright and always clever Enola Holmes must come to her aid.

Lady Cecily (the Left-Handed Lady), who appeared in books 2 and 4, is again imprisoned by her tyrannical father. Enola, who feels a kinship with Cecily, is wondering what’s up with the young woman, and attempts to contact her. To her surprise, Cecily takes off with her, bringing unintended consequences to Enola’s door, in the form of her stern brother Sherlock. Enola attempts to educate Sherlock further on the way women can easily be abused by their respectable families. Though he has to locate Cecily for her mother, he mostly stands aside whilst Enola finds ways to extricate Cecily from her circumstances.

It’s lots of fun, as Enola continues to build on her previous endeavours and connections to find the means to stop Cecily’s father. I loved how she kept showing up Sherlock, though felt a little sad for her as her one friend takes off on her own journey. Enola may be resilient, but she's also, like her name, alone. I really hope Nancy Springer eventually gives her more friends.

Thank you to Netgalley and to St. Martin's Press for this ARC in exchange for my review
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In this eighth book of the series, Enola (Sherlock’s younger sister) helps Cecily escape the clutches of her overbearing father. The only problem is Cecily has left her hiding spot and has mental health issues that could get Cecily into trouble. Sherlock has been hired by the girl’s father to find her. Will Enola be able to track Cecily down before Sherlock finds her?

This is a very intriguing, adventure around-every-corner story that is filled with new words I had to use a dictionary to look up the definition. I loved the race between the siblings to find Cecily and how they were able to work together to solve the problem. I had a hard time putting the book down because the storytelling was so great!

Thank you NetGalley and St. Martin’s Press-Wednesday Books for the ARC in exchange for my honest review!
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This is a delightful Middle Grade read!

I adore Enola and her adventures. Her vigilante style of scheming and investigating is so fun. I definitely think I would've been more into this story if I was a bit younger because it doesn't have too much investigative work that would keep an adult captivated, however the themes are great!

In addition to the typical women's rights themes there's a prominent comment on those left-handers who were forced to be right-handed in the past (I'm not sure if this still happens today but it definitely translates to some modern oppression).

One of my favorite parts of this book are the side characters Lady Vienna and Sherlock (of course), they both support Enola tremendously but still make her take the reins and see her venture through!

Thank you so much Netgalley and Nancy Springer for the ARC :)
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Nancy Springer has once again given us a peek into the clever mind of Enola Holmes, the younger, eager, and (more?) talented sister of the notable Sherlock Holmes. Her adventures in Elegant Escapade continue to highlight her precocious nature and ingenious insight into solving mysteries.

Seeking to visit her best friend, Lady Cecily, Enola finds Cecily confined to her rooms by her father, Sir Eustace. Enola assists Cecily with her grande escape - only to have Lady Cecily slip away and go on the run alone!

With Sherlock’s help, Enola begins to unravel the sordid details of Sir Eustace’s past and figure out ways to use the information to finally free Lady Cecily.

As always, Springer does a magnificent job highlighting Enola’s incredible investigative skills and finding ways to show that her keen problem solving skills match (if not exceed) her brother’s. A fun, fast, read from beginning to end.
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Amelie marries Ned for auspicious reasons. Little did she know that becoming captive as a kidnap victim fared better than the life she was living with Ned. In fact, Amelie agreed to just a 30-day marriage, with a settlement once that time frame has passed. However, neither Amelia nor Ned are able to live the days of their agreement when they both become part of a scheme that neither of them understands.

Amelie's life before being married to the billionaire was full of troubles. She thought she knew troubles, but now they are of an entirely different sort. The fact that Ned was also kidnapped is something that is confusing to both of them. With a slow-burning mystery, readers see what circumstances brought Amelie and Ned together. It was at the point Ned lost a few points in my books because of something about his past. In fact, it was Ned's past as to why he wanted to marry Amelie and for such a short period of time.

With past and present colliding more than once in this intriguing story by B. A. Paris it was impossible not to feel for Amelie and all that she experienced in the pages of this book. The question as to whether either Amelie or Ned would be released was more than enough to keep me invested in this story. 

Many thanks to St. Martin's Press and to NetGalley for this ARC for review. This is my honest opinion.
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