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This book was much more than I expectec. From the write up I saw and the cover, I had thought this would be a fluffy, cute baking book that was fulled with basic recipies that looked like something from popilar anime. Instead a got a mix of cookbook and textbook that blended cultural food history, literary (?) Film (?) Analysis of anime plotting and the roll of food in creating a feeling or being used as sign posts to backstory, emotional state, or other subtle cues to readers familar with japanese culture.

I found it interesting beyond the recipes and pantry advice. I might never bake anything from this book, but I will always see more depth in the animes I happen to watch.

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Bake Anime is a collection of recipes based on popular anime series. Some are foods mentioned in the series and some look like characters in the series. These would be great for an extra cute tea party.

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Thank you for a copy of this book! I appreciate the opportunity to give feedback. I am not an anime watcher, but I do bake and I do love reviewing cookbooks. Right off the bat, I love the cover. It is appealing and I would imagine someone who does like anime would be interested immediately. The content is really good. I think the instructions and pictures (most important imo) are straightforward and high quality. I reallllly like the layout. I think this is a great cookbook. Would consider getting for a friend who loves baking and anime for xmas.

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This book is an Anime lover's dream! The cover drew me in right away, but I really enjoyed the introduction from the author. I loved being able to connect with the love of anime and totally understand the connection between food and Japanese culture.

I am not a terrific cook by any means, but the recipes are detailed, thoughtful, and boosted my confidence to make some of these delicious treats! The photography makes each snack look good enough to pick up and eat! Plus, I loved the little food facts included too!

I'll definitely be using these recipe-specific tools to help recreate some of these treats.

Thank you to Net Galley and Simon Element for the ARC!

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Thank you so much to the author, Simon Element, and NetGalley for the complimentary ARC!
This review contains my honest and unbiased thoughts and opinions. 🌸

I don't know about you but when I'm watching anime (or reading manga) and food is talked about and/or shown, I always want to know more. I want to know the name, the ingredients, how to make it. I always wonder what it would taste like.

And thanks to Bake Anime, we finally get to know more and even attempt to make these incredible foods!

I can't remember the last time I was so excited for a recipe book! Nor can I remember the last time I actually sat and read a recipe book instead of just flipping to a recipe to follow.

Bake Anime not only shares recipes from our favorite anime but also fun details about the anime and the featured recipe, it tells a story that makes reading this recipe book truly enjoyable!

Most recipe books are filled with... well... recipes of course. But that's basically it. Recipes, instructions, pictures of a few foods from the recipes, but never much reading. I have never just sat and read a recipe book like a regular book before.

Yet that's exactly what I did with Bake Anime. I started reading, flipped a few pages in just skimming over the recipes included, the anime featured, then I found myself reading a little piece about a recipe and anime I hadn't seen yet. Next thing I know I've read several pages in, discovered new anime to check out and have decided I want to make pretty much every recipe included in this fabulous book!

Bake Anime is going to be a must have for anyone who is a fan of anime! There are tons of recipe books out there for different fandoms, I've even purchased a few as gifts but have never really found one I cared to have.

Until now! I have already added Bake Anime to my Christmas List! I definitely want a physical copy to add to my recipe book collection and to enjoy attempting to make all the incredible recipes (as much as I like my Kindle editions, I'm totally old school and need the recipe in front of me on paper). The Japanese Strawberry Shortcake from Ouran High School Host Club will be the first recipe I attempt to make!

I have not been this excited for a recipe book in a long time!

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Thank you to NetGalley and the publisher for the advanced reading copy!

Bake Anime is chock full of delicious recipes that will have you hitting up your local grocer for anko paste and mochi flour ASAP! Combined with excellent photography, each recipe details how it relates to a specific anime. Any otaku would love this book!

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I love watching anime and seeing all the yummy foods, so I knew I wanted to check out this cookbook to learn how to make the yummy foods I saw portrayed in the shows. I loved how the author included food facts based on Japanese culture and also a little blurb about every anime used. The recipes seemed easy enough to follow along and I like how the author gave substitutions as well. I think this cookbook was really thought out well and fun!

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Cute as all get out, but I had a feeling that would be the case!

I am not well-versed in anime, though I am learning. I thought how this cookbook was separated was great as well. I am drawn most to the character desserts, of course, because that's just who I am but I would gladly try any sweet treat in this book.

I used to lead cooking/baking classes and will hopefully again one day. Teens would lose their mind over this and have the best time, of that I am sure!

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I received a copy of the ARC in exchange for my honest review.

To be honest, I thought anime was very dumb. So dumb. Clearly, I was the dumb one. There are animes that I couldn't get into, but I started with Your Lie in April and have been hooked since. This cookbook was a dream! Not to mention my insatiable sweet tooth...

I like the introduction, where we learn that the significance of the food shown in anime is beyond "Japanese food" (as if we need more reason that than to make the recipes though). She thoughtfully explains how the food can also show the socioeconomic status of characters and cited Grave of Fireflies (I'm not crying, you're crying).

The book has a few sections: Japanese food, western food, and Character desserts. I loved the mashup of cultures in some of the desserts and I troduction of new recipes (never heard of Siberia cake before!).

Each recipe is outlined in metric and has great instructions, as well as inspiration and fun fact, not to mention a treasure trove of tips for someone who is always trying to wing it.

I recommend this book to anyone who loves anime. Japanese food, new recipes. and/or has a mean sugar craving. Just don't lick the pictures.

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I love the fact that this book also provides the Japanese names of items as well as an index of what they are. I also like knowing what anime they are coming from, which is cool. I like that it labels the recipes if they are nut-free, dairy-free, gluten-free, or even things like vegan. The labels for special equipment are great because I don't have some things, like a steamer basket, so I know beforehand if I can make it.

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I confess I requested this purely based on the cover because it looked fun, and I love both cooking and anime. And it’s so good! I appreciate the author’s journey of not only wanting the food to look like anime food but to (most importantly) taste good. The recipes are very detailed and look delicious. I particularly want to try making the Forest Spirit Meringues and the Zodiac Mochi Figurines.

Thank you to NetGalley and Simon Element for the eARC in exchange for an honest review.

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The recipes and the pictures of the desserts all look delicious! The steps seem easy-to-follow and the recipes are organized well into different categories. I appreciate how the introduction explained the author's approach to recreating these recipes and what changes were made.

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I received a copy of this book through NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

This is a cute book!

There's a variety of recipes and some pictures to go along with them. This book lists the recipes using cups and has information about what the recipe is from and how to make it. Some of the recipes are pretty standard desserts, but there are some very cute anime-inspired foods in this book! This is a fun find for people who want to feel like they're living in a Ghibli film.

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Oh my gosh this cook book is absolutely adorable! The formatting is great and the whole book is filled with easy to follow recipes of delicious Japanese food/treats. There are beautiful photos to accompany each recipe and little snippets relating each recipe to different anime/characters. I would absolutely recommend this book to anyone looking to make delicious desserts.

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I always thought food looked soooo good in animes and now I can actually make them! This cookbook makes some desserts I’ve been dying to try and the book is so detailed she makes it seem so easy! I can’t wait to purchase this book to try every single recipe!

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5 mouth-watering, always-wanted-to-make-this, anime food stars!

Thank you to NetGalley and Simon Element, S&S/Simon Element for providing a digital ARC for review!

This one is for those of us who read or watched anime/manga growing up and always thought "Wow, that looks delicious.... I wish I could MAKE that!" This cookbook.. is EXACTLY that. And some of my DREAM anime/manga recipes WERE IN HERE! Anime/manga really does have the most delicious food, it's true.

I loved the focus on the most imaginative desserts in this cookbook. There were cakes, meringues, pastries, sweets galore...! I was particularly excited over the little mochi zodiac animals [from a certain anime I was obsessed with growing up~!]. It brought back nostalgia and new discovery all at once, and I definitely can't wait to try my hand at some of these beautiful creations!

I recommend this to the anime/manga fan in your life who ALSO happens to love baking/cooking. I promise you this would be an exceptional gift. I need a hard copy of this book once it launches officially! ^^

As a final note, "Itadakimasu!" ^^ ["いただきます!"]

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Thank you to Simon Element and NetGalley for this ARC in exchange for an honest review!

When I saw the adorable cover and read the title, I knew that I needed to add this to my TBR list right away! As a huge anime nerd, I've always been a fan of anime food. Now, I would learn how to make it myself? Sign me up!

Bake Anime by Emily J Bushman is an absolutely adorable cookbook where readers can learn how to create the delicious desserts from their favorite animes. According to the description, recipes include: "Nerikiri from Cardcaptor Sakura: Clear Card" and "Ohagi from Demon Slayer." Doesn't that make you excited? What are you waiting for?

Overall, Bake Anime is the cookbook of my dreams and would make the perfect gift for the cook or anime fan in your life. Although anime fans will appreciate this book most of all, I think non-anime cooks can enjoy this cookbook as well. One highlight of this book are the gorgeous photos and anime-style drawings of the desserts. I was salivating just looking at them. My favorite one would have to be the Hello Kitty tarts, which looked so cute! If you're intrigued by the description, I I highly recommend that you check out this book when it comes out in November!

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