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Mr. Jones has written a very enjoyable collection of short stories set in the Lovecraftian style and mythos. This was very enjoyable for fans of Lovecraft.

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Giving this a neutral three stars. I love Lovecraft, but more on the horror side of things. This was more weird fiction than horror. I'm just not the intended audience.

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That was so good! Everything I could ever ask for in a Thriller! Omg. I picked the right book to read.
Cheers to Netgalley for the copy!

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The first line: “Through owlrain and mothlight she walked, collar pulled up against the cruellest cuts of wind.” Tell me you were born on the anniversary of Lovecraft’s death without telling me you were born on the anniversary of Lovecraft’s death.

I loved this collection, I'm so glad I didn't miss out! It's a combination of cosmic horror & elder gods, the absolute best of r/nosleep, and all the writhing tentacles unseen by the human eye.

Favourite stories:
- In the Deeps of Dream – every word was chosen with such delicious care. I live for the abrupt open-ending.
- By a Scarlet Thread – creepy and utterly perfect, from pace to diction to plot. This is truly a story that paints pictures in your head -- I could see all of this.
- For the Love of Insects – this one was creepy, but sweet. I felt like I was in on the joke.
- The Sixth Guardian – highlights exactly why, when faced with sudden esoteric dangers, it’s important to take your time and think things through before making the smallest move, or the smallest response. You never know what seemingly insignificant action might spell your doom.

- His very soul felt filthy. “If I could wash it, I would,” he thought.

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