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Fun and upbeat! This brings rhythmic speech and upbeat messages for young adults and could apply to adults as well. The illustrations are fun 70’s psychedelic retro with modern touches. 
I could see myself tying this into our Mind Body curriculum for college students even. Thanks NetGalley for the ARC for my honest review.
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"Love Your Amazing Self" written by Ofosu Jones-Quartey and illustrated by Ndubisi Okoye is a beautiful and powerful book that needs to be read by and gifted to every single child. Seriously, this is a book that everyone needs.

Empowering verse is combined with joyous illustrations to create a wonderfully uplifting anthem of self-love, self-acceptance, and self-care.

The additional information at the end of each section is helpful for putting the messages into practice. 

Whilst aimed at children, I honestly think adults could benefit from reading this book too.

Thank you to NetGalley, the publisher, and the author for giving me a free digital copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.
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This book is about loving and taking care of yourself and learning to do so from childhood.  While still a picture book (if a bit long) it is divided into sections (or chapters) each focusing on a different aspect of loving yourself.  It includes sections like Gratitude the Attitude, Be true to Yourself, Acceptance is Beautiful, and Resilience.  Each section has a sing song rhyming patter that works quite well at getting the point across and many parts have additional information or activities for practice.  Plus, the 70’s psychedelic illustrations match perfect to the words.  While an older style, it feels fresh, new, and amazing.
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Colorful wordy fun. Wether your looking for a self love boost for kids
Or for yourself this is the book. The art is incredible and the way the novel is written is quite different than what you usually see.
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I just reviewed Love Your Amazing Self by Ofosu Jones-Quartey. #LoveYourAmazingSelf #NetGalley. Thank you for sending me a copy for review.

This book contains tips on how to love yourself for who you are. The inspirational illustrations motivate me to move on no matter how challenging life is. It helps me reflect, be present, and be kind to myself. I  recommend it to anyone who wants tips on embracing yourself and understanding people's differences. A great book to have if you are looking for self-help books.
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Wow!  This is one of the best children's books I have read this year.  I really loved it a lot, and I highly recommend it.  It is so amazing and wonderful.

The book is full of bright, colourful graphics and easy to read text, and each page has helpful information and affirmations, on how you can love yourself more, believe in yourself more, accept yourself more, and how you can train your mind to be more mindful of your surroundings, as well as how you can be more aware of your inner feelings.  It would be helpful for children with anxiety, to calm them, as it gives techniques on how to feel more grounded in your body and how to be more calm.

I loved everything about this book, and even adults would love and enjoy it - not just children.  This is a book for everyone, and every school and household should have a copy of it!  It is fantastic and I am sure it will be a best seller!  It would make a perfect gift for someone you love.

Many thanks to the author, publisher, illustrator and NetGalley for a copy of this book.
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The message in this book is for everyone but I'm really looking forward to sharing with my kids
 I need to hear a lot of too! Beautiful artwork too!!
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Thank you for the ARC @netgalley.

Fun, bubbly, bold with a serious message.
This book really makes you think about yourself and life choices.

It's time to think of the love you have for yourselves first this will be on my TRB list.
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Bright, bold, bubbly and wonderful. 
This book is an absolute joy to read and whilst also being a ray of sunshine there are some really serious messages and great pearls of wisdom. 
I’d love this is a calendar. Everything about it made me smile - the message - the words - the rhymes - the graphics - the colours 

This book is truly wonderful and really has a huge impact
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This book has such an important message. Building healthy self-confidence and self-esteem within kids will help them better navigate the way they see themselves and others. I really enjoyed how this book had a message and smaller tasks to complete. Usually, when I’m looking at kids books, I’m looking at them through an educators lense. I LOVE the initial message and could picture using it at morning meeting as a warm- up, as well as using the tasks and other poems throughout the day as a class to build confidence in my students. The only fault I can find with this book is that it isn’t very child-accessible. I think students and all children would love to be read books like this and that those who can should defiantly read it; however, I wish there were more parts that could be read independently.  

Thank you Net Galley and Storey Publishing for allowing me to read this ARC in exchange for an honest review.
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Love Your Amazing Self is a series of affirmations of self-love and helpful tips and tricks to help boost a kid's self-esteem and care about themselves in a validating way. The overall themes are acceptance and celebration of connected uniqueness. 

The illustrations are beautiful, maybe a bit too energized for a self-care book, but definitely eye-catching and colourfully vibrant in a way that would make this perfect to use as a resource when working with a group. 

Thank you NetGalley and Storey Publishing for the ARC opportunity.
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This was a beautifully written book with breathtaking illustrations and great activities! I cannot wait to purchase a copy for my shelf!
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Oh how I wished I had this book growing up. Actually would still have a place in my home library. 
The poetry combined with mindfulness is just a treat for the soul. The bright joyful images are like icing on cake. Such beautiful reminders that you are important and it's okay to take time to check in with yourself. Just a fabulous book filled with tips and encouragement that being you is better then good enough.
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I would definitely recommend this book to people who often find it hard to love themselves or to see themselves as a person who deserves to be loved. This book is amazing & is one of the positive highlights of my day today. This is a book I will definitely reread when I am feeling down

I love how it teaches the reader that you have to love yourself first & foremost before even thinking about other people. The self-love is just as important as loving the people you surround yourself with. It even gives you tips & exercises on how to love yourself. That you should also treat yourself with kindness. Don't be to hard on yourself as everyone makes mistakes.

I love how this book teaches you not to judge other people but to say just even to yourself they everyone else is just like you. And just like you they need acceptance, understanding, & love. That you should treat other people the way you want them to treat you.

This book teaches you take everyone & everything is connected to each other. This book also teaches you that nothing last forever & that it is okay to let go of your negative emotions like anger, jealousy. Lastly, it teaches you that it is okay to ask for help from other people. Because asking for help is how you learn to do things. Like how as a small child your parents/guardians helped to learn how to walk, talk, read, write, how to feed yourself, & many more. Asking for help is something I have a hard time of doing.

Most importantly go & have fun out in the world.
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This book is really lovely. I love the author’s welcome message where she shared that she received a lot of messages as a child about being kind to others, but none about being kind to herself. What a wonderful reason to write a book for young people. The illustrations in this are beautiful. I love the colors. There are a variety of great messages and exercises in this book. I really feel that this book would be a valuable tool to return to again and again. It could easily become a treasured book in a child or family’s life. I would absolutely recommend this to parents and teachers. I believe it would be worthwhile to read through it once to familiarize yourself with the contents and then be prepared to say, “hey, this situation reminds me of [blank] from Love Your Amazing Self. Let’s look at it and remember what it said.” Or “try the exercise we read about”. I wish I had grown up in a culture where the messages in this book were commonplace and I’m excited that many kids today will!
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I loved this book! As children and as adults, it's so important to love yourself. I want to purchase this book for my son's book collection as well as for his classroom. I read this to my son and he loved it too.
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This book is a must read for all parents and children! The author teaches about mindfulness and gratitude and how your child is perfect the way they are! This book is also about kindness and magic and has the most gorgeous hippie dippie illustrations!
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This is a vibrant, well thought out book for any age of child really. I know my 9 year old would love it and my 6 year old would also get a lot out of it. Lots of great tips and advice to help navigate life and provide skills that can be used throughout life.
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Quick, chirpy and pleasant to the eye. This book is a pick-me-up everyday and get going kinda affirmations, to make you live and learn and love everything about yourself. From how to respond, to how you react, it gives you a lovely way to make you stay, reading away! Rhyming caught me loving it more and more. I was into rhyming and wording in my school days and poems were so much more a big thing to me. A quick read that will make you smile.

Thankyou for this ARC 
#netgalley and #storeypublishing
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Great book. It is visually pleasing. I like the vibrant colours and designs. The flow of the book feels calm and reassuring.
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