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Love Your Amazing Self

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I loved this book. I wish I had it when I was younger. This book takes all of the big feelings and big life events and breaks them down so younger children can understand them. The illustrations were both captivating and calming. I especially appreciated the guided exercises and know I can incorporate those into my lessons. I will definitely be buying this book for my class library. This book will foster self love and connection to others in a way I wish I had learned about growing up.
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What I wouldn't have given for this book earlier in my life--at any point.

Love Your Amazing Self is a powerful collection of lyrical verse that I intend to make a regular component of our home education in my house. The verses in this book coupled with the gorgeous, vibrant illustrations create a mesmerizing invitation to grounding oneself within the present moment. 

When I was a child, I loved Yellow Submarine and wished I could transport myself inside that world, living in the artwork. This book gave me that same feeling of wonder and imagination, and I sincerely wish I jump inside its pages for a little while. Though I can't do that, I can attest to how successful the verses and images are at instilling peace in the reader--I was rather wound up when I initially read Love Your Amazing Self. I am not the best at winding down and falling asleep, and mildly anxious is my default setting. Within just a few pages, I felt present and connected to myself, able to fully relax. 

I was particularly impressed by the text going beyond surface level mindfulness, introducing the idea of impermanence. I wonder what receiving such a powerful message as a younger person would have done for my self awareness and spiritual growth.

I am very much looking forward to purchasing a physical copy of this book in November. Sharing it with my children will be a joy.
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This book has a great energy about it. I adore the way the text has been used. The different fonts and angles coupled with the bold, distinct colours - everything pops. 

"You are enough" is such an important realisation to learn, at any age. This is a fun book with a great message, executed in a way that will help keep young, active minds engaged. A perfect gift for a special young one in your life.
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Bold colorful illustrations accompany the meaningful verse and ideas in Love Your Amazing Self by Ofosu Jones-Quartey. Each section addresses a way of discovering self-esteem and pride in who you are. Some of the topics covered are mindfulness, resilience, asking for help, and kindness. It is an excellent addition to a child's library and will foster many insightful conversations at home and in school. Highly recommended!

Advanced copy gifted by the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.
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Oh my heart.  What a lovely book, the words, the art and the feelings.  All of it, just beautiful.  Thank you very much for sharing this with me, I am a yoga teacher and look forward to sharing passages from this book with all my students once it’s released.  While the book is categorically a children’s book, I believe it will speak to the child within all of us and remind us of who we truly were before the world told us what we had to be.  Bravo, this really is a work of art.
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