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Laurie Gelman is so funny! We are on the same level of sarcasm and jokes. I love reading her books. I’m usually not a fan of series of books, but each book is great! Moderate swearing. Mild sexual content. I hope she keeps going with Class Mom series.
P.S.  I’ve listened to some of the other Class Mom books on audiobook and the author is the narrator. She is brilliant!
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This  is a new to me author and I have to say I am looking forward to reading more by this author!  I loved this book
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I look forward to Laurie Gelman's books because they are always so funny but conquer family drama.  However, Laurie was able to show the main character embracing and dealing with her father's worsening dementia with a light heartedness that is sometimes what is needed to get through these trying times.  It was her normal humor but she was able to add the concept of aging parents and handling it with grace.  I have recommended this book to friends with aging parents and especially those with dementia.  The author was able to capture how tough dealing with aging parents are, with grace.
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This was sadly a DNF for me as I didn't realize this was a book in a series. I will not be reviewing or posting elsewhere but think a lot of people would like this one it just wasn't for me.
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Given that our sons are the same age, I can easily relate to Jen and the events in her life. I love the honesty in dialogue and character development. These books are an easy read that I always enjoy.
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First, Thank you to NetGalley for the ARC of Laurie Gelman's newest book! I loved her first 2, somehow missed the 3rd but quickly got caught up with the family in book 4! As a mom of a fellow 13 year old, there were parts of this book that really spoke to me. Also, as a former wrestling cheerleader, I loved that wrestling was a part of the book. It took me a while to get into this one but once I got half through I couldn't put it down.
I can't wait to read what happens next in Jen's life and might have to go back to read #3 now.
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I love this series so much! In Smells like Tween Spirit, we follow Jen as she transitions from PTA class mom to a wrestling mom at Pioneer Middle School. Although this can be read as a standalone, this is the fourth book in the Class Mom series and I'd recommend reading the others first. 

This book was so hilarious, sarcastic, and relatable. I was actually laughing out loud at the hijinks that Jen got herself in while trying to manage her life. Jen is trying to balance it all. She has new adventures as her son is now in middle school. She also has an adult daughter and is trying to maintain a good relationship with her husband. Despite her sarcasm towards her frustrations in life, it is so clear how much Jen really loves her chaotic and crazy life. 

I loved it so much and can't wait to see what this author will release next!
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Laurie Gelman has done it again! It felt like she was at my kitchen table recording actual life with a preteen boy.  I laughed out loud at her wit and sarcasm with the PMS moms! I loved how she added some serious in there with her relationship with her parents and older children.
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I honestly don’t know if there’s a better mom series. If you are a mom you know these characters. 

 This series is so well written I just devour each book. I was so excited when I saw this latest installment (I thought Yoga Pant Nation was going to be the last one) and I hope there’s a ton more to come!!!
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Sometimes I just crave and need to read something light and funny, and a book written by Laurie Gelman is the perfect go to. I have read other books in this series and just adored them. I literally laughed out loud so many times, as well as cringed, groaned, and commiserated almost as many times. The communications among the Mat Moms and PMS were hysterical, I loved every time one came up. I also loved the references to my younger days, so fun! Picturing the characters was easy, and I have to admit, I would love to meet them, or at least watch a series about them - how delicious would that be to binge watch?! Super fun, silly, and easy - I highly recommend it (as well as the others in the series)!
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Book four of the Class Mom series and I liked this one the best.  It’s still the fun you’d expect from Gelman and Jen Dixon, but also touches on tough topics like boundaries, death and grief, menopause and desire.
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Smells Like Tween Spirit is the fourth relatable and funny book in the Class Mom series by @lauriegelman and this one was my favorite probably since the first book. 

I love a mom-com for a lighter read, and I have two middle-schoolers in the house, so I am the ideal audience for this book. I can relate to post-practice, windows-down, sweaty tween boys in the backseat carpool rides.

Jen Dixon, the main character, has adult daughters, a grandchild, aging parents (including a father with dementia), and a tween son who just joined the middle school wrestling team. Most women will relate to at least one of Jen’s care-taking roles.

I especially recommend this book to wrestling moms with a sense of humor.
“Do we all wish our boys chose another sport or is it just me?” is one of my favorite lines of Jen Dixon’s infamous emails.
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I did it! I’m all caught up on the Class Mom series. And Max has caught up to my daughter – they are both in seventh grade now. Unlike my daughter, Max is on the wrestling team so Jen has a whole new group of moms to deal with – the Mat Moms. They all seem to take wrestling way more seriously than she does. Most of the moms are welcoming but one is downright mean.

In the meantime, Jen’s aging parents are becoming more of a handful and her adult daughters are trying to start a business. And Jen is still teaching spinning classes. One of her students is getting a little demanding. So as usual, Jen’s plate is full but it’s with all new problems so it feels fresh. There is a little bit of sadness in this book and also a point at which I wanted to shake Jen because she was being very unreasonable. I wasn’t expecting a Class Mom book to get me worked up!

Smells Like Tween Spirit was very satisfying but I hope that Laurie will write another one – I’d love to see what Jen gets up to when Max is in high school.
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Jen Dixon is back at it! This time she returns as a Mat Mom, as in wrestling mat mom.  Her kids are aging and so is she.  She still has her sass and quick wit that makes her so funny.  If you’ve read the Class Mom series, you won’t want to miss this one.  I didn’t find it quite as entertaining as the first couple but maybe because I’m couldn’t relate as well to the wrestling mom thing.  It was still funny but will likely be funnier when my kids are in middle school. I would still recommend it if you’ve read the others and found them enjoyable. 

Many thanks to Netgalley and the publisher for this eARC in exchange for an honest review.
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Anyone else here a Jen Dixon and Laurie Gelman fangirl for life?!? 

I’ve adored this series since Class Mom, and Smells Like Tween Spirit did not disappoint! I laughed, I cackled, I cried, I smiled. Laurie’s writing always gets me in the feels, and I’m convinced we’d be best friends! My boys may not quite be tweens yet, but Jen’s humor and perspective were comforting and convinced me I’ll get through that age when we come to it.

Keep on writing, Laurie, because I’ll always read your books!
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I have enjoyed this series to no end!
When I first started Smells Like Tween Spirit, I wasn't sure I was in the right mood for Jen's snarkiness,  but after just one chapter I was all in.  
I love the characters and like the new group of volunteers and spin class members.
Looking forward to hopefully another installment in the series.
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Laurie Gelman has returned with the fourth installment of the Class Mom series and nothing feels quite as apropos for this season of crazy then to read her take on parenting. Jen Dixon returns in Smells Like Tween Spirit, this time celebrating her 7th grade son’s new interest in team wrestling and her new role as Mat Mom. As always, Gelman is hilarious and makes me fall in love with the Dixon family antics from the first chapter. This one did deal with some heavier topics as well, most notably dementia and aging parents, but Gelman still managed to handle those with a certain level of appropriate levity that kept the book from becoming overly heavy. I was lucky enough to get an ARC of both the Kindle and audiobook from Netgalley, and it was great to toggle back and forth on the formats - Gelman herself is the audiobook narrator and brought a fun spirit to the character of Jen. If you love Jen Dixon, this one will certainly not disappoint. And if you’re a mom of school-aged kids, start at the beginning of the series and revel in all that is the Dixon family.
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Just in time for the start of the school year, Laurie Gelman takes readers back to Jen Dixon's life as mom of a now tween-aged Max in Overland, Park.  The cast of supporting characters is in full force with Jen's adult daughters Vivs and Laura vying for attention, her granddaughter Maude, delightful husband Ron, her aging parents and colorful friends. Max decides to try wrestling in 7th grade and this next installment explores Jen's experience as a mat mom, preschool grandma and perfectly captures the sandwich generation many of us feel-caring for children while caring for aging parents. With her trademark wit and humor, Jen's antics will keep readers engaged and cheering. I hope this series never ends-Gelman's humor is what the world needs now.

Thank you to the publisher and NetGalley for this ARC in exchange for my honest feedback.
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Thank you to Henry Holt and Company and Laurie Gelman for an advanced reading copy of Smells Like Tween Spirit, receipt of which does not impact my review.

I am a huge fan of the Class Mom series and Smells Like Tween Spirit is the perfect addition. Max is now in middle school and (much to Ron's delight) has found a sport he is interested in - wrestling. And with wrestling comes a whole new set of mom-group dynamics and politics for Jen to reluctantly figure out.

Jen Dixon remains true to herself, and the book was another hilarious joy to read. Sprinkled in are some very real-life topics that many deal with in their 40s and 50s. One of my very favorite series to read!
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Smells like Tween Spirit is the delightful fourth installment in the Class Mom series. I absolutely love these books and could not wait to get my hands on a copy of the fourth book!

Jen Dixon’s son Max decides to join the wrestling team of his school and she is now a mat mom! The book has updates of the cast of characters and a new group of ladies - the mat moms! 

I love the author’s writing, it is laugh out loud funny and relatable! If you need a light hearted laugh out loud series this is it!

I remember purchasing the first class mom book and wondering if I’d like it since I am not a mom but I loved it and have read every book since I read the first one a few years ago! They are great!

Thank you to NetGalley and Henry Holt and Company for the digital advanced readers copy!! Opinions expressed in this review are completely my own.
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