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An inspiring, special book that should be read by all women. It's the kind of reading that should be passed down through generations. It is a beautiful book, short and really, that can be read every night. It's so fast and with a fluid language, it has spaces to fill the book with our story, because we are amazing women.

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Really great and inspirational. There're diversity and I love the art with each stories.
It's shorts stories so it's perfect to read it with your kid.
It's interactif, you can scan the qr code, there are activities to do to inspire you

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We need more books on female role models and this book is perfect! Girls will love learning about these incredible entrepreneurs and will hopefully be inspired to follow in their footsteps.

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Rebel Girls Awesome Entrepreneurs tells the stories of women who saw something that needed to be fixed, and they did just that. Women who have become some of the most successful entrepreneurs on the planet. Hear the stores of the founders of Stitch Fix, Dandelion Energy, Cheeky Panda, Modere, and more. Girls of all ages can be inspired by these women!

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Another great Rebel Girls book.
My favourite part about these books is how diverse they are.
I highly recommend this book to kids and adults. I think this one might be more suitable for older kids.
I like the illustrations and the women they selected to highlight in this collection.

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I think every little girl needs a copy of Rebel Girls!!! Amazing stories of triumph, strong women from different backgrounds and walk of life… and the illustrations are awesome. Definitely pick this one up. I know all my kiddos are getting a copy!

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I'm a big fan of Rebel Girl books and have been reading them to my son since Goodnight Stories for Rebel Girls originally came out so I was very excited to receive a copy of Rebel Girls: Awesome Entrepreneurs to review.

As with all Rebel Girl books, each entrant receives a double page spread containing their biographical information along with a wonderfully illustrated portrait.

Both my son and I enjoyed this book very much and learnt about several knew woman we hadn't previously heard of. We were also very pleased to see an entrant from our own country (Australia).

I only have two criticisms, one minor and one major. The minor one being that the entries are heavily skewed towards women with a connection to the United States of America. The major one being the fact that there wasn't a single African business woman included. I feel this is an unacceptable oversight from a company that is well-known for its inclusive and diverse books.

Thank you to NetGalley and Rebel Girls for giving me a free digital copy of this book.

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I have known of Rebel Girls for a few years now and have seen some of their books in local bookstores.

This was the first book I read in full, and read it with my younger sister aged 9 - I agree from the outset that this book in particular would be better for a slightly older/ stronger reader, with terminology such as entrepreneur being a little above the age range (but then again, this book gave the opportunity to explain what entrepreneurs are!) The terminology guide in the back was also extremely beneficial.

The range of women shared was fantastic - across all areas of STEM, from all over the world, of different ethnic and religious backgrounds, this book truly shows that ANY girl can be an entrepreneur, and there is not 'one look' of a business woman, scientist, mathematician or engineer.

Through this book, I learnt that the CEO's of Bumble, Canva, Nextdoor & Vimeo are women! I wouldn't have known this otherwise - thus further highlighting the importance of this book! - and Sarah Friar is from Northern Ireland! Same as me!

I feel the build your own business, draw & write about yourself sections really helped bring the book together from a learning perspective. The QR codes are also a modern and interactive addition, which helps bring the book into the digital space.

I found the themes of resilience, growing confidence and following passions reverberated throughout this book. All key to the education of young people.

- I also appreciated that all illustrators were women or non-binary people!

I cannot wait to read further Rebel Girls offerings, and share them with my siblings, and in wider circles!

Thank you Rebel Girls for the opportunity to read and review this book!

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“Rebel Girls Awesome Entrepreneurs: 25 Tales of Women Building Businesses” shares the lives of CEOs, entrepreneurs, founders and investors. Each story includes an illustration of the women featured. At the end of the book, readers learn how to start a business.

Even though each story is only one page, you will learn a significant amount of information about each woman. The book includes their childhood, their education and their success. The editors made the stories relatable for youth. I also like that the book features women of a range of ages. The youngest entrepreneur makes lemonade. Her story will help young readers see that it isn’t too early to start a business.

I enjoyed reading about women I had never heard of before. I’ve used some of the products featured in the book and didn’t know the CEOs were woman. I enjoyed seeing Rihanna and Madam C.J. Walker. I know their stories well. Overall, I liked this book and hope you will too!

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Like other entries, it features a fantastic range of women and great illustrations. I loved that this one also had the QR codes for more information like the Climate Warriors entry. It had a great range of businesses and didn't focus on just a few types of businesses. The activities and questions in the back were great. This was another strong and inspiring entry in this series.

I would like to thank Rebel Girls for providing me with an ARC.

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Another awesome book by @rebelgirls - Rebel Girl Awesome Entrepreneurs . I love the diversely represented in this book - and I certainly learned about some amazing women

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An excellent collection of biographical sketches of inspiring women who have founded their own companies, in diverse fields ranging from science and technology to fashion and cosmetics. Along with well-known names like Jennifer Doudna (recent Nobel Laureate in chemistry) and Rihanna, lesser-known heroes from around the globe, including women of colour like Anjali Sud and Stacy Brown-Philpot, are introduced in an engaging and relatable way. The gorgeous illustrations enhance the reader's experience of "meeting" these incredible women. Young girls are sure to be inspired by this book to follow in the footsteps of these enterprising female leaders who have made their mark on the world!

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Rebel Girls does it with another hit! Absolutely adored Rebel Girls Awesome Entrepreneurs. This book included so many amazing, inspiring women I really enjoyed learning about each women and their story.

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An incredible informative book with a short but insightful collection of incredible women! Easy to understand and the art work is beautiful.

Huge thank you to the publisher for the chance to read and review!

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Rebel Girls NEVER fail to impress me! I love the representation. Very diverse and I'm glad to have seen this in NetGallety. Excited to see this published because you can BET that I'll be buying a print copy for my younger sister.

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Loved this book ! I love all of the Rebel Girls books and this one did not disappoint! Thank you NetGalley for this arc

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This was an ok read, but one I would only recommend giving to a child genuinely interested in business. It’s quite dry, with so many of the women being investors etc it can be hard to make their careers sounds engaging. I was disappointed there wasn’t more variety honestly, it felt like the authors decided the only definition of “entrepreneur” was someone who participated in corporate America. There are so many other women and girls with fantastic business and inventions that could have been featured to make it more diverse. This is the most American-dominated Rebel Girls I have read so far. Whilst they all have a slight bias towards American women, this one had a staggering 13/25 featured women being American and 7 more having their business based in America! So disappointing that the rest of the world was almost entirely ignored when women are leading businesses globally. Other businesswomen from the rest of the world have been featured in other rebel girls books so I struggle to understand why this one needed to be so USA centric. Just because a business isn’t making millions or billions, or isn’t operating in the US doesn’t mean it’s not a successful business that could have been featured. I mean no disrespect to the women featured, this is more a complaint that the authors really dropped the ball here when the rest of the rebel girls books I have read have had a really global focus.

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Another wonderful installment to the Goodnight Stories for Rebel Girls series!

These stories focus on 25 women who made tremendous strides in entrepreneurship. Each story is simple and quick to read, giving the relevant story and the importance of the accomplishments of these women. Every story also has a gorgeous portrait with dynamic lines and beautiful colors, all by different artists.

These women are as diverse as the difficulties they have overcome. It is inspiring to read about these women working hard and accomplishing their dreams. And it is fascinating to see about all the different things that inspired each of these women.. There are a lot of modern women in here, but also some amazing historical stories including Madam CJ Walker!

My only issue is, once again, the inclusion of QR codes on the pages. The interactivity and the option for more information is wonderful. But not everyone has access to the technology necessary to make use of the codes. And that seems restricting to me.

This whole series is amazing and absolutely worth picking up for the kids in your life that you want to encourage!

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I like that it catches my 3 year old toddler’s attention and she asked me to read it aloud to her. Also like that there are ethnically diverse representations.

However most of these inspiring characters are based in the USA, I wonder if it is possible to have a variety of geographical locations represented too, that might made it more relatable. Currently I felt “ooo it is possible for me to turn out like them, however is it because they are in USA?” That could just be me though.

Many thanks Rebel Girls for this advancedi review copy!

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A worthy addition to the Rebel Girls series, this book introduces you to inspiring women. I recommend it for adults as well.

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