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A great edition to the series. This allows children to see what businesses women have run throughout history - which is lovely to see that it isn’t influence and internet/reality celebrity type entrepreneurs.

There’s a range of nationalities and backgrounds like all other books which is always nice to see.

A perfect present!

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I love reading this series with my class. This edition is great, it shows girls that they have so many options and can even own a business. Reading this in the library at Storytime encourages all children to dream big.

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This is a nice collection of women that are entrepreneurs and investors. It showcases examples that are very recent and some that were way back in history. I think there was a nice balance of showing successful women still alive and those in the past. It should definitely inspire youth in your life to dream of creating something and making a business.

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Absolutely excellent! My daughter loves these books and enjoys every single one that comes out. She looks forward to more coming out

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I was interested in this for my own personal curiosity as I had heard of the series, but wanted to learn more info about it and I thought this would be a good introduction after watching the Madam CJ Walker drama.

I was absolutely delighted to see her given a page and I loved the QR code to hear more. I do wish other entrepreneurs had a Learn More option, too, but overall I loved this presentation of short stories.

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Thank you NetGalley and Rebel Girls! The Rebel Girls series has been a favorite in our house for so long. Zoe my 1st grader and I read 1-3 bios a night and we loved this one just like the rest. This one just took some time to get through. Keep them coming!

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I thought that this was a fabulous book!!

I love the books that the Rebel Girls release and this was another fantastic release from them.

I loved that the women chosen in this book were not all well-known and there was a huge mix of backgrounds for them, there was also a great mix of diversity so there really will be a role model for every young girl who has a passion in this area.

The book is empowering and shows that there are so many possibilities and opportunities too – life and your career path is there for you to choose and it really can be what you make it

It is five stars from me for this one – very highly recommended and such a powerful and positive book!

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Thanks to @netgalley for the chance to review this #gifted e-Advanced Reader Copy of Rebel Girls Awesome Entrepreneurs

"You practice, you persist, you gain skills, and you become better"

It is such a fabulous, informative book for young children and adults everywhere! I loved learning about all the amazing women Entrepreneurs from Julie Chen who launched Cheeky Panda 🐼 a Bamboo Toilet paper company, to Kathy Hannun who launched Dandelion - the largest geothermal heating & cooling company in the USA, to María Teresa Kumar who created Voto Latino - a non profit organisation that encourages communities to stand up for themselves. And so many more incredible women!

This is honestly such a joy to read and I can't wait to discuss it with the children in my family & the students I teach ❤️

Overall I'd recommend this to everyone, especially teachers & parents and caregivers 🧡

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All of the Rebel Girls books are overdue and so very happy so many girls and young ladies are finally getting an opportunity to learn and grow a their business. To also get the opportunity to move of up the ladder without losing their soul to a corporation. These 25 women are just the beginning and I'm sure another book or two will be created. So many of them are from the US who cover the gamut of working for corporations, entrepreneurs in IT industry, and CEOs. Madame C. J. Walker, who became the first millionaire, creating hair products and other women who created businesses due to the need of their family/friends. This should be a standard book for every young girl in the world. Image offering this book to girls in 2nd grade and up, what this world would be. Image!!!!!

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The Rebel Girls book series is doing it again.

This book is based on the usual concept: an artsy portrait of the woman in question, matched by a page long mini biography.

The women in this book are probably a tiny bit less known than the ones in other Rebel Girls books but no less important. The focus is on women who run, founded or invest in well known businesses, taking a jump from the inventor of the Steiff teddy bears to the founder of Vimeo.

It's just so empowering and I love the idea of young girls reading this and discovering there are a lot of possibilities in life.

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Loved seeing more representations in these novels. This series of novels I first saw while shopping for books for my niece. I love how they're branching out, this isn't quite a bedtime read but if given as a "coffee table" book or a display it's a nice option.

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As always a awesome book with gorgeous pictures about Rebel Girls. This time it is about 25 Entrepreneurs who showed that it is possible to start your own company.

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Included entrepreneurs from all over. Liked the illustrations and that they included a variety of businesses reinforcing that anyone can be an entrepreneur.

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Rebel Girls Series

I absolutely ADORE this series. The artwork is gorgeous! The inspiration to be a REBEL girl & make the world a better place by dreaming big and showing examples of “girls” who took that dream & acted on it!

Rebel Girls Awesome Entrepreneurs
by Rebel Girls


Explore 25 stories of Rebel Girl Entrepreneurs! This addition to the Rebel Girls catalog focuses on Rebel Girls who created products and focused on making a difference with their businesses. I love that there are bonus stories and content available through QR codes, but my favorite part is the very last few pages where the reader adds their story & photo to the book! I think the dictionary & step by step instructions on how to begin being a Rebel Girl Awesome Entrepreneur is a perfect way to wrap up the book!

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We adore rebel girls books and this is just as fabulous as all others! Please make more workbooks and quote books! Or even one line journals!

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“Rebel Girls Mean Business: 25 Tales of Entrepreneurs and Investors showcases influential CEOs, entrepreneurs, founders, and investors who have used their creativity and ingenuity to develop clever ideas, launch new products, build businesses, disrupt industries, support others, and invest in the future.“

Like all the RG books, this one has inspiring stories, gorgeous illustrations by female artists, diversity of colour/origin/body type/ability, as well as the celebration of women’s gifts. In this case, ingenuity, leadership, and business acumen.

After the 25 stories of specific Awesome Entrepreneurs, the reader is treated to some fun extras:

- A space for your own young entrepreneur to write her story and draw her portrait.
- A glossary of basic business terms.
- Tips on building your own business, including a few business suggestions (hint: SLIME)

Another winner from Rebel Girls


Many thanks to NetGalley and Rebel Girls for another great ARC.

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A wonderful book for a younger audience to get a sense of what’s possible. Possibility really is the thesis of this quick read. For young girls in particular, it’s inspiring to learn about what these different women have accomplished and how it’s possible to take almost any kind of interest, problem, or passion, and develop something from it.

Thank you to NetGalley and the publisher for the ARC.

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"The most powerful people empower other people." - Nina Vaca

This supposed to be a children's book, so I understand why the stories for each character was told in brief and not too comprehensive way.

Despite the category, I think this book can be read by anyone, aside from their age. It's really inspiring and empowering, that any women (from diverse background) with a dream, courage, and hardwork can be a successful person.

I also like how this book not only tell stories about succesful women, but also encourage readers to start a simple step to build their own business.

I received a digital copy of "Rebel Girls Awesome Entrepreneurs: 25 Tales of Women Building Businesses" from Rebel Girls and NetGalley in exchange for my personal opinion.

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Rebel Girls books are no strangers to my classroom and school, and this one would be brilliant for those business minded young people. I love how the books show what’s possible in a non-preachy way, and the gorgeous illustrations make them accessible to reluctant readers.

Thanks to Netgalley and the publishers for letting me read an advance copy of this book in exchange for my honest feedback.

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This book yet again has very nice art, but I don't feel for it that much. It may be inspiring, but CEO's of big companies don't really feel like 'rebel' girls to me.

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