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The rebel girls never disappoint always filled with inspirational stories and perfect for opening up conversations with little people.
I loved that this really highlights the ability to achieve anything. I can’t wait for my little to be slightly bigger to share these stories with her!

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OH WOW! Amazing women who tackle the stigma of weak females into amazing ones. Some came from hard-worker families, some found faults in their environments and do something, or some just want to pursue their dreams. But all were not afraid to push through and fight for what they believe, and look at them!! With some tips at the end of the book, young entrepreneurs, this book is yours.

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“Once there was a girl who dreamed of unicorns. But her unicorns weren’t mythical creatures. They were incredible businesses.”

✮ ✮ ✮ ✮

Really empowering book for teenage girls. I wouldn’t give it to anyone younger than 11ish, because I just feel the idea is incomprehensible to a lot of girls younger than this. There’s a lot of page-long stories in this book of snippets of womens life, before, during, and after they became entrepreneurs.

Starting and running a business and becoming an entrepreneur are no easy feats, but this book gives a step by step of the basics and a breakdown of a lot of important terms. Maybe helpful for teen girls that just aren’t sure what they would like to do.

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What an incredible book! I have to admit that there is no Rebel Girls book which I have not enjoyed reading! However, having studied business and being a young professional in this area, reading about all of these women leaders was absolutely inspiring!

It would have been nice to include more international women. Most of the described stories are in fact of American women or in connection to the United States of America. And I’m pretty sure that inspiring women business leaders exist all over the world 😉

The illustrations are so beautiful and I also really liked the final chapters on Business Words and Build Your Own Business, both are especially useful for girls who want to directly dive into the business world! 💫

Thanks to Rebel Girls and NetGalley for the ARC of “Rebel Girls: Awesome Entrepreneurs” in exchange of an honest review.

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A must have book to have in your families household library! I love the strong message of each story showing how each excelled.

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This is such a great encouragement of a book, especially for girls that one day want to have their own business. 25 female business individuals are highlighted in this book, and the book was such a great and encouraging read.

I received a copy of the book via NetGalley and am voluntarily leaving an honest review of my own thoughts and opinions.

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I have read almost every Rebel Girls book that has been released and I can't help but note that I say the same thing in each review; inspirational women, gorgeous art work, incredible facts laid out in a simple way that is easy for children (and adults) to digest; all wrapped up in a gorgeous female published package.

I wouldn't hesitate to buy a single Rebel Girls book for my nieces. Shiny shiny gold stars gifted to this and their Climate Warriors book which I read in the same day.

Just stunning works of art and non-fiction. <3

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Rebel Girls Awesome Entrepreneurs will inspire the next generation to become young business owners.

Once again Rebel Girls has done a fantastic job introducing readers to 25 inspiring women in business. With an easy to read page on their life and what inspires these women next to a large (and honestly stunning) illustration & quote.
Each segment has engaging graphics and colours with basic facts about the 25 women such as when they were born and which countries they come from/are based in. There are very few from out of the USA and I didn't notice anyone from my own country which from a list of 25 would be hard to achieve but I was hopeful!

The end of the book actually sealed the deal for me. After the 25 profiles of inspiring women you are met with a template to add yourself to this book- a really lovely touch I thought.
This book has also set out steps to be able to build your own business and tips for how to set yourself up for success - all aimed at children and teens.
As a business owner I found this book to be really on the mark and something I would be really happy to gift my own children.

I was gifted a digital copy of this book in exchange for a fair and honest review

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I received an eARC copy from Rebel Girls via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review. Note: The eARC copy received is titled Rebel Girls Awesome Entrepreneurs.

One more marvellous edition to the Rebel Girls series, this time focusing on successful businesswomen and entrepreneurs; some of them I have not heard of, so it was a learning time for me as well.

Starting and running a business is no easy feat; being a businesswoman and entrepreneur, having your voice heard is just as challenging. As long as there are visions and plans, fueled with creativity and ingenuity, backed up with confidence, hard work and drive that these ideas will succeed, anything is possible. And this book proves exactly that; not only did these fierce women face usual bumps on the road, like the difficulty of finding a job, bullying, or physical disability, they each made bold moves and had creative minds to turn a problem into an opportunity.

A great addition to this edition is the short business vocabulary and the brain workout on building your own business; such an encouraging move to push young people to think business.

Remember: "Being a work in progress is not a weakness. It is a true power that can unlock your curiosity to constantly learn and evolve." - Noora Sakkijha, from Jordan

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I love these books so much! It's fantastic to see these powerful stories aimed at little girls to give them inspiring stories of women to look up to. This latest iteration is no exception.

Being able to read these stories of incredible women who built their businesses from nothing is not something little girls typically get to read about. Not only are they women, but they are women from every cultural background in every industry. This book may be targeted at children, but I learned a lot and was highly inspired reading this to my niece, who cannot wait to add the physical book to her collection.

This is a book series that I can't wait to see more from. My niece says "Please come out with coloring books!"

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I love the main rebel girls books this book is great edition with 25 amazing trail blazing entrepreneurs. I like how this is a compact version with a specific interest in mind for the readers I hope and sure it will inspire the next gen of female bosses.

Would for independent reading ages 10 up and joint reading from age 5/6. Be it independent reading or joint am sure like all the rebel girl books it will education young and old, spark dreams, inspire, encourage discussion and lead to the readers wanting to find out more. A educational book that’s not dull, dusty and boring but a educational book that will lead to brightest stars being made, and invoke a love of learning.

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Really great read for all ages! Super educational and also very inspiring.
Not forgetting the illustrations that completely top it off!

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This new installment contains 25 stories of successful girl and women entrepreneurs from the past and present. The collection of types of businesses these women started are from different ranges, science, art to environmentally sustainable products, etc. The women here are also diverse in terms of ethnicities though the majority are Americans, obviously as it's an American-focused company... there are of course many women left out because they only chose 25 so it's understandable. The portrait illustrations of the people here are all made by different artists in different styles, so that's gotta be my favorite thing about this 'franchise'. I am not sure if young kids really enjoy reading biographies of people but maybe they'll get inspired and learn something, especially as the stories are short and more fun. There are also plenty of activities in the end so kids can try to start a business of their own too.

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Thank you to NetGalley and Rebel Girls for providing me with an ARC!

Rebel Girls Mean Business focuses on stories of female entrepreneurs and investors. I always love learning about more amazing women with the Rebel Girls books. Again, I learnt about more inspiring women and that's all I want from the books of Rebel Girls.

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As a big fan of the rebel girls series of books I was a little disappointed in Rebel Girls Awesome Entrepreneurs. It didn’t meet the usually high standards for this series.

As always, the artwork was captivating. Each artwork was stunning, unique to the artist but all working together for a display of colour and life. I thoroughly enjoyed taking my time to enjoy each one as I flicked through the book.

The choice of women included was not as diverse as other rebel girls books, which is always a highlight and something that keeps me coming back to this series.

The book was centred around entrepreneurs from the US, which is disappointing to those of us from other countries. There are so many different countries which could have been included giving us the opportunity to see what entrepreneurialship in different cultures and in different social and economic environments looked like.

There also seemed to be a big focus on success as financial abundance. The rebel girls series always offers inspiration for my young daughters through the stories of others and I think this was a missed opportunity. It would have been wonderful to see representation of different types of success and to spark a discussion on what success looks like to different people.

Usually I share these ARC copies with my 8 & 10 year old daughters as reading them together encourages such positive and inspirational discussions, but this time I have held back from sharing it with them. Maybe I will in the future but for now I might seek a more diverse representation of influences.

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I love this whole genre of books. So inspiring to all readers! Very inspiring stories of women/girls who worked hard to follow their dreams. So many stories, each one an inspiration in different ways. I love buying this series of books for my young granddaughters.

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Always enjoy the Rebel Girls series. This book follows the format to previous books in the series, easy to read with enough detail but not so much to become difficult to follow or overwhelm. Each description is accompanied by a colourful picture of the person featured in the description.
Interesting stories but mostly were from America and I hadn't heard of or the ventures they were involved with.
An ideal book for those in middle grade children's nonfiction category especially for those with an interest in business and investing or a project in this area.
With thanks to #NetGalley and Rebel Girls for this advanced readers copy in return for an honest review.

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This book is awesome! It would make an excellent gift for anyone young and ambitious (or even just interested in entrepreneurship, in need of cool women to look up to, or into watching Shark Tank/Dragon's Den) but it's also a wonderful coffee table book for people of any age. I'm definitely going to buy a hard copy for a few people aged 50+ in my life. —The entrepreneurship hustle is universal, and transcends age or race. This book is something that would inspire anyone who needs a moment of out-of-the-box anything-is-possible thinking (and the hope of seeing so many brilliant role models) simply by paging through it.

A few of my favourite things about 'Rebel Girls: Awesome Entrepreneurs':

♡ The gorgeous, vibrant illustrations of each entrepreneur, created by artists of colour!
♡ That there are many, many women of colour featured —and even though it's because they're arranged alphabetically, it felt significant that they're featured right from the start, not left to the end or scattered in between a sea of white people. This felt very much like 'We're here, and we're a big deal.'
♡ Each of the stories told the businesswomen's journey in a way that felt like it conveyed the way she solved a problem in her world, or asked a question that hadn't been answered before. It feels very much like a "You too can be an entrepreneur. It really is as simple as thinking about the world in your own special way, and problem-solving the world around you" —The stories are told in a clever, fun, accessible way, using angles that young people will be able to relate to and apply to their own lives.
♡ There's enough info to feel like you learned a lot, but also enough fascinating newness that you'll be intrigued into doing your own research —and that goes for readers of any age! Whether it's a kid learning about what it means to be a venture capitalist, or an adult looking into one of these amazing unique businesses and what they do currently.

I could not recommend this more! If anything about this appeals to you or interests you (or you think would inspire someone you know), it's a huge yes from me. Go get a copy! 10/10 all the stars!

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This review isn’t gonna be very long because there isn’t much to say. If you’re looking for a beautiful book that tells you all about women who started their own companies and how they got started then this is the book for you. The illustrations and graphics are absolutely beautiful and the wide variety of women included just makes this such a delight to read.

This book may be for kids but there’s never anything wrong with reading a book about women killing it in their chosen field. This series is lovely and I’m so glad that I was able to read this one.

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Always love these books. The stories are so inspiring, and this definitely counts as a speed read since it only takes about 30 minutes to read, so lots of great information in a short amount of time. Review posted to Litsy, Goodreads, LibraryThing, Facebook, and Instagram.

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