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This book is part of a series and reads well as a stand alone without too much confusion. This is the first book I have read by this author and I have enjoyed how fast paced his style seems to be. Definitely no lagging in the story. 

I love a good police drama. Especially one with a flawed main character. The grit adds a little spice to the story and makes the character more relatable and likable in my opinion. 

As someone with a TBI I related to the challenges is brings to this detectives every day life. The story is very interesting and captivates you almost instantly. I definitely will be snagging the rest of the series to continue with the storyline!
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Matt Coyle brings to us a thrilling new piece in the Rick Cahill series. PI Rick must uncover the truth behind a series of procedural irregularities from a Fulcrum Security Firm.
It appears everywhere we look there' trouble from this security or similar and it makes one wonder how high up the corporate ladder must we climb?
Could this be more of an external threat from outside the country?
Sara seems like a nice lady until she was horribly raped and situationly placed in such a manner as to ridicule her corpse.
What kind of sick, twisted, barberic person(s) could've raped 3 women in the past 6 months?
Sara is just the latest to meet her fate but Rick is determined (to the detriment of his failing marriage) to find her killer.
Having a past connection to her via pro bono or otherwise it's paramount that she gets the justice she deserves.
In fact, as a former public defender intern it makes me think of the motive behind the crimes (m.o.) and what if any there are here.
Perhaps we have an unknown stalker, a time frame of activity, a particular dwelling or residence to examine closer for clues.
As this moves forward in rapid form we see the pieces coming together and soon as being provided more reasoning and logic behind every police procedure.
I'm not sure why a dick pic is necessary but it's part of the few clues, as well as some background checks, and soon we find files that might illicit more clues.
Until we hit a roadblock with a Madolyn Cummings as the loose end.
Could their be more to this story? Past lovers, past research, past criminal checks, ....
The connections may not be as they appear to the naked eye and we must tread ever so carefully through the webs of deceit.
Just prior to the ending we uncover a whole can of Pandora's box opening quicker than we expected.
Readers are led on this investigation to play a front/center performance as it all goes down in significant fashion right before our eyes.
Look whose coming to dinner has taken on a whole new meaning -my apologies to the wife.
Do we perhaps have a copy cat prowling...I think I hear....
Thank you to Matt Coyle, Oceanview Publishing, Netgalley, and Kindle for this ARC in exchange for this honest review.
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This was just not a tale that held my attention, I’m afraid; a bit too all-over-the-place with characters that weren’t relatable. 
Thanks to Netgalley and the publisher for this ARC opportunity.
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I really like Rick Cahill.  I enjoyed the action.  This made me cringe and cry.  I am hoping there will be more books in this series.  I love the title of this book since it really says what this story is about.  I received a copy of this book from the publisher for a fair and honest opinion that I gave of my own free will.
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As a huge fan of the Rick Cahill series, I was thrilled to receive a copy of this book from the Author, even as we missed an event due to weather.  
Rick Cahill has cop blood deeply ingrained in his DNA. His father was a cop…well not honorably towards the end, and Rick’s career was also a bust after just 3 years.  The losses in his life were staggering, the treatment he received nearly bordered on criminal, and when he finally has his life working well, he goes and tries to ruin it…
If you have read the other books in the series you know that Rick has been diagnosed with CTE - Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy, (basically from taking blows to the head and his previous sports activities ) which has begun to escalate.  Of course he has not been completely honest with his relatively new wife, Leah, who was his sister-in-law by virtue of being the sister of the murder victim - Ricks former wife! 
After leaving  the Police Department, and moving back to San Diego to continue in the PI business Rick owned,
things were relatively quiet for the family, which now includes toddler, Krista.  Things were almost good…
Until Rick finds himself growing bored of routine background checks, the bread and butter of most small PI
firms, until he gets a call that changes everything, in a very big way.
This is a book that had me on edge because having read the entire series, I was trying to decide whether there will be one more book.  I don’t know and cannot decide. I like that this book is a walk down memory lane with incredible accuracy for people  who live in or have visited the Pacific Coast, and the Santa Barbara, Pacific Grove- Monterey areas.  Crime is always more fun when the scenery is 10K
 Many thanks to Matt Coyle and netgalley for this book In exchange for my honest review.
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CTE, private-investigators, anger-issues, family-dynamics, family-drama, California, unputdownable, murder, murder-investigation, corporate-corruption, suspense, thriller, ex-cop, due-diligence, friendship, frustration, intense, series, rage, mutilation, hard-boiled, hard-reality, noir, international-crime-and-mystery*****

Multiple episodes of Closed Cranial Trauma result in the devastating symptoms of Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy. Football and boxing helmets are no proof against Traumatic Brain Injury. Just ask Rick Cahill.
Is it paranoia if somebody Really is out to get you? Cahill's friend and client is brutally murdered and he is the one to find the body (after several days). Then his (and her) employer fires him at about the same time as other issues begin to surface. Excellent fast-paced read that has me looking for earlier books in the series! PS. I used to work in a facility that served TBI patients.
I requested and received an EARC from Oceanview Publishing via NetGalley. Thank you!
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This novel focuses more on the character of the PI, Rick, than it does on the investigation. Rick has had an anger problem because of his brain injuries and it is getting worse. His marriage is in jeopardy because of his uncontrolled anxiety about his daughter. He hasn't been honest with his wife about his condition. His anger threatens to harm his investigation too. Rick also seems a little dense at the beginning of this investigation although he does put the information together eventually.

This is a novel for readers who like one focusing on the character of a committed but flawed hero. It is the ninth in a series about Rick but does read relatively well on its own. There is a good exploration of the personality changes possible from repeated brain injury. Coyle's writing style is good and the pace moves along pretty well.

I received a complimentary egalley of this book from the publisher. My comments are an independent and honest review.
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Doomed Legacy although part of a series can be read as a standalone. I haven't read all books in the series but I could understand the story well. Our main character is a PI who is sick, suffers from rage, and is devoted to helping others leaving his family in second place (which is a huge problem). This story is fast-paced, well-written, and full of mystery and suspense. As always Matt Coyle did not disappoint!
Thank you the author, his publisher, and NetGalley for the ARC
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This was book nine in the Rick Cahill series. It reads fine as a standalone. Most of the story is told thru Rick, who is a PI. After many head injuries he suffers from rage.  Not my usual read, but I enjoyed the story and inevitable ‘happy ending’.  Mystery fans will enjoy this story.  There’s drama, and sleuthing, and murder. Rick seems to have excellent determination to solve cases that the regular police do not.  His marriage is on thin ice. He cares about others first. He is willing to venture into the danger zone to get results.
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This book is well into a series (9th) about..... kind of a troubled P.I., who has a bit of a 'short fuse' due to previous head trauma. It's the 1st book I've read in this series, but it wasn't hard to follow....& I think that's a plus. It's a pretty fast moving story, with some pretty good chase scenes & there are characters around him that I might guess might be recurring in the series, & they are a 'plus' too! It looks like a pretty good continuing investigative drama & I'll look for more in this series.....that ends up being a pretty good review!
I received an e-ARC of the book from Oceanview Publishing via NetGalley in return for reading it & posting my own fair & honest review.
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“ Doomed Legacy” came to me as an advanced reader copy from Net Galley, the author and publisher Ron return for an honest review

“ Doomed Legacy” is the ninth novel in the series featuring P.I. Rick Cahill, by Matt  Coyle. Although the story in a connected, on- going tale, It is possible to read each book independently . 
  Rick embodies the title: he has a legacy of  a dogged, indeed, a  fixation  , on getting justice for his clients . This leads him into places when a more reasonable person would back off and wait for the police. He seems himself as an avenging , unstoppable presence. Rick is also doomed because he has an advancing brain disease, CTE, which occurs to boxes, football players and others who have taken repeated blows to the head. The condition makes Rick susceptible to vision problems , violent mood swings and “ red-outs” when rage controls him. It has become so bad that his wife fears for herself and their infant daughter and gone home for a long visit to her parents.
 With that as background, the novel begins as Rick learns that a regular , and well-paying, client has dropped him because of an obscene email attachment to a file sent by Rick to their office. This  is followed by loss of more clients, for the same reason .  When Rick connects to the person who  first received the emails, she tells him that something strange is going on at her office. Soon after she is found dead, by him , at her home. 
So begins a story that involves a serial rapist, murder,  cyber spying and possibly, espionage. 
  Coyle keeps up a swift pace to the investigation as Cahill picks apart a web of deceit. His customer base is deserting him, his home life is disappearing , his mind is dim and paranoid . Can he control his rages enough to regain  his family? Or will his instinct for seeking justice at a high cost to himself and those he loves . bring an end to Rick Cahill ?  Good entry in the series and recommended to fans  of dark drama.
  Cautions- Violence.
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I didn’t always like Coyle’s main character, but he kept me engaged on every page. Not the ending I was hoping for, but it was true to the story. A must read for anyone who loves Ed McBain and Lawrence Block.
4.5 Stars
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Private investigator Rick Cahill has made plenty of changes to his life since settling down in San Diego with his beloved wife Leah and their fourteen month-old daughter Krista. As a concession to Leah's decision to move from where her design business is based in Santa Barbara, Rick has tried to keep his work desk-bound, so as to soothe her fears regarding his safety doing fieldwork. But some cases just can't be solved from his office chair.

Take the case of Sara Bhandari. Sara is Rick's contact at his biggest client, Fulcrum Security. Usually, he just runs background checks for the commercial side of their enterprise, with background for the military side run by a government entity. Rick and Sara's relationship is conducted almost entirely via e-mail and phone, so he's surprised when she asks to meet in person one day. Even more surprising is her request to meet at a restaurant far away from her office, as if to lessen the chance of being seen by her co-workers.

When Sara tells Rick that she has some concerns regarding another private investigator hired by her boss to run commercial background checks, an already preoccupied Rick is dismissive, considering this an issue of office politics. He promises to look into it though, so is concerned when Sara doesn't return his calls on the matter later. After a few uncharacteristic days of silence, followed by a notification of her full voicemail box, he decides to visit her at home. She doesn’t answer the door, but a yowling cat inside raises his already heightened concerns:

Decision time. To trespass or not. A thought that wouldn't have entered my mind eighteen months ago. I would have gone into the backyard without a second thought. Or a first one. Moving forward. Always moving forward. Led by my sense of right and wrong. I broke the law often back then. In pursuit of the truth. My truth. Before I was married and had a child. Now such decisions had consequences for people beyond just me.

But Sara Bhandari was my responsibility. I went through the gate.

Rick is stunned to discover that the worst has happened and that Sara has been brutally killed. The cops attribute her death to a serial rapist but Rick thinks the timing is way too coincidental. Driven by guilt at not having taken her more seriously, Rick throws himself into uncovering what's going on at Fulcrum and how that might have led to her death.

Assisting his focus is the fact that Leah has had enough of his recent strange behavior, and has taken Krista to go stay with her parents in Santa Barbara. Before they were married, Rick was diagnosed with chronic traumatic encephalopathy (CTE), a degenerative brain disease that affects his memory and general functioning. While Leah is well aware of this, Rick has hidden from her the emotional effect it has recently had on him too, with the disease inflaming his emotions such that he flies into rages at the smallest things:

Things that settled spirits let go as quickly as they arose.

I did not have a settled spirit. Even years before the CTE diagnosis, my soul was scarred from the shrapnel my actions had wrought. But those actions, those decisions came after consideration. Thought. This was new. Unrecognizable and malevolent. A fury unconnected to thought. And its reins loosened from my grasp a little more with each smothered internal explosion.

Rick tries to control these rages by withdrawing, a tactic that spurs Leah to retaliate in kind. But at least the space she’s given him allows him to work unencumbered, or so he believes. What will he do when his pursuit of evildoers puts innocents in the crosshairs once more, and when his desire for justice could be the final wedge in his relationship with his own family?

Rick is a very sympathetic hero as he battles with an undersung disease, trying to juggle his commitments to personal honor with his desire to keep his family together. I thought it was deeply silly of him to hide the truth of his symptoms from Leah, and thought she completely overreacted in turn – this is a couple in dire need of counseling. His professional life, though, makes for absorbing reading, as he seeks to avenge Sara and, to a certain extent, himself and the people he holds dear.

Doomed Legacy is a terrific modern PI noir that doesn’t shy away from the costs of violence. For all that I complained about Rick and Leah’s lack of communication, the depiction of their marriage is a realistic look at how outside stresses can ruin relationships, especially when both partners refuse to communicate. I was also impressed with how easy it was to get into this book despite it being the ninth in the series: it’s a great jumping-on point for newcomers to these absorbing, award-winning novels.
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Rick is a private investigator in the San Diego area. He does quite a bit of work for several of the local businesses. When one of his business contacts ends up murdered, Rick knows something is very wrong. He ends up investigating the murder on the sly. But, as you can guess, this leads to more questions than answers.

Rick is a very damaged character and I loved him. He is smart when it comes to investigations but pretty dang dumb when it comes to family. But he is so endearing in his efforts.

This story is complex with all the twists and turns. It definitely keeps the readers on their toes. I mean…I thought I had it figured out but it twisted again!

Since we went to San Diego for vacation this year, I loved the setting of this book. Now, this book is number 9 in a series. I have not read a single one. How I have missed this, I have no idea. I did not feel lost at all during this novel but I do want to pick up some if the others. I want to know more about Rick and his background.

Need a good intricate mystery…THIS IS IT! Grab your copy today!

I received this novel from the publisher for an honest opinion.
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Rick Cahill is a great guy who happens to have most if not all odds against him. And even though he struggles with personal health issues he is still dedicated and concerned for victims and finding justice for them. This was a fast paced, amazingly entertaining and easy to follow book. It kept me hooked from beginning to end.
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Great characters and a fast paced plot kept me reading late into the night. It grabbed my interest in the first chapter and never relented. I read through this in one sitting. Highly recommended

Thanks to NetGalley and Oceanview publishing for an advanced reader copy.
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Story of the book-

Rick Cahill is on his most perilous job yet thanks to a nefarious private detective firm, a dubious shell business, and a deceased friend. Rick Cahill, a private eye, has spent his whole life eluding his past and seeking the truth. However, his background is unforgiving, as is CTE, a condition brought on by repeated brain blows that have assaulted both his body and his psyche. He learns as his CTE worsens that the condition not only puts his life in peril but also jeopardizes the welfare of his family.

While struggling to keep his family together, Rick helps out a business contact named Sara Ansari. Then Sara is killed, and the police think she was another victim of the serial rapist plaguing greater San Diego. Rick, though, has a good reason to doubt their notion. He conducts his investigation against his wife’s cautions since he is adamant about getting to the bottom of it.

Along the way, he runs across a murky shell organization that could be concealing more than just business secrets, as well as a dangerous private investigation firm. Rick is putting his own life in danger along with the lives of numerous innocent people as he searches for the truth about Sara’s death. In the end, Rick will have to decide if his journey is worthwhile given the possibility of permanently losing his family.

My review-

This ninth book may be read independently. Just enough backstory is provided by the author to orient us without taking away from the story. I’m curious to learn more about Rick’s wife Leah and their connection, as well as about his friendship with Moira because he is a multifaceted guy with an intriguing past. There are two tales in this book, both as compelling and devastating: the investigation itself, at which Cahill excels, and the consequences for his family and how to handle them, which he fails to do. He can unravel the former, but, tragically, he appears unable to unravel the latter.

The reader is instantly thrust into a fast-paced tour of the West Coast as Cahill chased down several subplots, including a serial rapist, DOD employee background checks, police cover-ups, and Chinese spies. Cahill traveled from San Diego to Santa Barbara to Monterrey during this time. I was captivated by this novel right away, anxiously flipping the pages to see what would happen next. In addition to exploring Rick’s connection with his family, his health concerns, and some background hints about his history, the novel revolves around the murder of one of Rick’s customers and his efforts to learn the truth about her death. I was pondering and discussing it when I was unable to read it. A magnificent movie might be made from Doomed Legacy. Because of Matt Coyle’s exceptional writing, this book will stay with you long after you’ve finished reading it.

In case it appears like the suspense is finished, there is one last twist toward the conclusion. The conclusion didn’t let me down, which was a bonus, and I would be pleased to see Cahill again in previous tales. It also works just as well as a standalone, which is a significant plus. The concept is so well thought out that it holds together even in a setting with lots of action and competing storylines. All in all, it’s another captivating novel that’s simple to read. To learn more about Rick Cahill, you might now want to go back and read some of his previous books. This is a engaging, raw, and emotional book to read if you enjoy police crime that is urban, dramatic, full of mystery, treachery, and introspection.
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This book was a disappointment for me. The writing was rather amateurish, there was too much tell as opposed to show, and I did not connect with the characters. It was a slog to read.
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Readers of detective fiction are used to seeing terrible things keep happening to a favorite protagonist—the more obstacles, the juicier the  story.  We like seeing our hero overcome whatever difficulties the author throws at him and still manage to solve the case.  The dark twist with the excellent Rick Cahill series is that at the end of each book, the case may be solved, but the detective’s ever-more-serious problems (health, marital, etc.) will just keep getting worse.  This sounds (and is) bleak, but Rick’s compulsion to solve cases and help people, even at great personal cost, keeps him from dwelling on his inevitable physical decline from CTE.   In Doomed Legacy, Rick tries to preserve his relationship with his wife and beloved infant daughter while suppressing the newest development in his disease progression: uncontrollable rages that come over him when he is upset.  At great personal risk, he gets out from behind his desk and feels like an active investigator again as he tries to figure out who killed his contact at the firm for which he has been doing corporate background checks.  When his wife withdraws with their daughter to her parents’ house, Rick pursues his case with the help of his loyal buddy Moira.  The story is engaging, suspenseful, and well-paced.  The ending (at least the ending to the investigation) is satisfying; unfortunately, Rick’s health problems can’t be so neatly resolved. 

Thanks to Netgalley and Oceanview Publishing for a digital advance review copy.
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Private investigator Rick Cahill has Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy (CTE), a degenerative brain disease that is altering his behavior, threatening his marriage and newfound happiness as a new dad, and will eventually kill him. When someone who asked for his help is later found dead, Rick feels compelled to leave the safety of his home office and go back into the field to make sure the police are on the right track to identify the killer. Although this is the 9th book in the series, it's the first one I've read and I am hooked! Doomed Legacy is well written with a unique premise, with the CTE angle, and the plot is interesting and fast-moving. The characters feel real and I quickly found myself caring about Rick and his future.
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