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Silencing White Noise

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This is an incredibly thorough and well thought out book on American racism through the lens of the church. Francois looks at different types of micro aggressions and ways in which we can combat them. He also touches on how “white noise” isn’t only a problem for white folks, but touches everyone.

Definitely would recommend if you’re looking to find a place to start the conversation.
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To start, I just want to say I am very grateful to Dr. Francois for writing this book and even more grateful that I have gotten a chance to read and review it before it is published. I don't believe it should be the job of people who are most harmed by systemic racism to be the ones to educate us about it, but that's part of the whole problem that Dr. Francois writes about in this book. I've only been through the book one time so far, and I have to admit that the language is so deep and rich that at times some of it went over my head. But even so I have a lot to think about from just the first read through. 

I am not a religious person, but I didn't feel excluded from reading even though the book is in the Christian category. I would describe this as more of a scholarly work. I do think I am part of the target demographic - a 40ish year old White woman who in the past has said things like (with all seriousness), "ok, I know my parents paid for college and I've never had any debt in my life, but I still worked really hard in school to get where I am today". I appreciated that Dr. Francois shared a few times in his own life where he took a certain stance and then later changed his mind, which takes a little bit of the sting out of this reckoning. 

Also, the part about how "even the choir needs continuous rehearsal" resonated really strongly with me.. I have definitely been guilty of attending a discussion about racism and thinking that I already knew all of this and how can I get the people who "really" need this to show up. 

I've read several books about race, racism, discrimination, etc. prior to reading this one. I would not recommend this as a first foray into this topic. It is heavy and real and needs to be approached with a true determination to go from belief that racism exists to actually doing something about all the White Noise out there. If that's where you are in your journey, then this is the book for you, and you need to read it urgently. 

A note for the editors, there is a typo on page 132/440 (iphone pages) where there is a quote "It's my fault. Slavery was so long ago. Get over it". I believe this should be "It's NOT my fault". 

Thank you to Brazos Press and NetGalley for the opportunity to review this free e-arc in exchange for an honest review.
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