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Death of an Ice Cream Scooper

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I enjoyed following the clues along with Hayley. It did took me a bit longer than usual to figure out who the killer was, instead of towards the beginning of the book like I normally do.. The motive could have been stronger in my opinion, but it works. The characters are one of the best parts of this series, and you can’t beat the location. I did not think that the affair aspect played very well, at least not in the beginning, but once all the tie-ins were exposed, I realized how important it was for Hayley to find out the truth.

Readers will enjoy Death of an Ice Cream Scooper. It isn’t to hard to figure out that it will leave you frustrated, nor is it repetitious. The ice cream shop, the affair, the college students, and the murder all have a part to play. I didn’t feel that this story was as strong as it could have been compared to others in the series, but it was still enjoyable, and I am happy to recommend it along with all of the books in this series.
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This  is a new to me author and I have to say I am looking forward to reading more by this author!  I loved this book
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I love a good cozy mystery! One that incorporates all of my favorite topics (i.e. bookstores, libraries, cooking, painting, inn keeping, animals, etc.), throwing in some action-suspense, a who-done-it, interesting characters, and a plot that keeps me guessing, then you’ve got me hooked. I will say, I am one of those people who like to read a series from the beginning, but I often find you don’t have to… either way I highly recommend reading Death of an Ice Cream Scooper by Lee Hollis.

*I received a complimentary copy of this novel from NetGalley at my request and this review is my own unbiased opinion.*
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Grab yourself a cup of Randy’s Special Coffee (recipe in the book) and enjoy this chilling cozy mystery. Good help is hard to find, even harder when your crew size is reduced by a cold hearted killer. There is a variety of suspects, some a little nuttier than others, including Mona’s teenage son.  Hence the need for Hailey to get involved, even though she already has her hands full; from her own son’s big surprise, having a new restaurant to run, to keeping up with Mona and Liddy‘s new boyfriends. This mystery is a bit of a rocky road but before long Hailey has it handled. Engaging story, fun characters, and a nice sprinkling of recipes for both ice cream and ice cream related cocktails.
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Hayley Powell fans will want to immediately pick up the 15th installment in the Hayley Powell Food and Cocktails Mystery Book series, Death of an Ice Cream Scooper by Lee Hollis, a brother and sister team whose cozy mysteries capture the culture of the eastern United States. Hayley, who writes a food and cocktail column for the local newspaper and owns a new restaurant that is doing well, discovers the dead body of Miranda Fox, who has been employed as an ice cream scooper at Hayley’s friend’s ice cream shop. The dead woman, who was beautiful, had several young admirers, including Mona’s son, who has been stocking her. However, Haley finds a vial of poison in another boy’s room and he is arrested for the murder. Haley must find out who really killed Miranda before an innocent boy goes to jail.

This novel is set in Bar Harbor, a quaint city in Maine usually filed with tourists. Hayley, the protagonist is a positive, friendly girl who is well-liked. Her character has been well developed throughout the series. Her two BFFs, Mona and Liddy are also well-developed and are like vinegar and water in their differences. They fit the stereotype of Eastern personalities and are constantly at each other’s throats. The story flows easily, and there are plenty of twists and turns as Hayley, who is considered an amateur sleuth, solves the murder and hopefully stays alive herself.

This novel is lots of fun; it is light and is a fast read. This one contains recipes for cocktails as well as ice creams. Most of the recipes are quick and easy, so they are perfect for making while reading the series.

Special thanks to NetGalley for supplying a review copy of this book.
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Murder, delectable recipes, and a weenie dog! What’s not to love about the latest cozy by Lee Hollis?!

Hayley Powell continues to be one of my favorite sleuths, and the recipes in this series are simple unparalleled in the genre! With its captivating cast of characters,, adorable ice cream shop setting, and unputdownable plot, this is another can’t miss installment!
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I thought this one was a quick read. It was fun and the characters are likeable except for Hayley. I thought she was difficult at best. The twists and turns were quite interesting though. I think this book is definitely worth a read.
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⭐⭐-- Adorable cover!

Sigh...Unfortunately, I just didn't like this one. I have read a couple short stories with these characters and loathed Hayley. However, the previous book in this series was really good and Hayley wasn't an issue. Ya, well, she was back to being god awful in this installment. To be honest, most of the main characters were awful. 🤦🏻‍♀️ Lastly, and I think I mentioned this in every review I have done for this series. I am not a fan of dropping the recipes with pages long antidotes that have little to no connection to the actual mystery between chapters. It disrupts the flow of the story and honestly, I just skip them. Clearly, this just isn't the series for me. 

**ARC Via NetGalley**
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This book was a tough one for me. The first half of the book was slow for me. I couldn’t get into it. The second half was better but it would be easy for me to sit it down.
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Book #15 in the Hayley Powell Food series, but it is the first book I've read of the series and also the first I've read by Lee Hollis. Very typical cozy murder mystery. And although it can be read as a standalone, this is more oriented for those who have read the series. Enjoyable story in general. Easy read. No complaints on writing style. But I didn't feel any connection to the main character Hayley and honestly wasn't a fan of her.  I also quickly picked out the killer. I honestly felt like Mona & Libby's new boyfriend story line was more interesting and entertaining than the murder mystery. Being an avid cozy mystery reader, I can see this one is for fans of the series. However, it did not intrigue me enough to read any more in the series. I am looking forward to reading more by the duo writing as Lee Hollis and will try a different series or stand alone novel by them. 

Thank you NetGalley for allowing me to read this book in exchange for an honest review.
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Any series set in Maine and includes Ice Cream has me hooked from the beginning.  I love the easy to read writing style that keeps my interest from the first few pages.

The characters are feeling like old friends that live in a fabulous vacation spot.  They mystery was interesting and kept me guessing with just enough twists and turns.

I can't wait for the next one!
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dipping my toe in a new cozy mystery series always excited me and this time i was transported to bar harbor, maine’s ice cream parlor. this was such a fun read filled with characters who have their own complicated pasts and it’s hayley’s job to uncover the link between the small village and their latest murder. it was hard for me to put this one down because of how interesting the townspeople are - there’s lots to learn about them, which kept me on the edge of my seat. i felt like i was able to connect with each character and nobody got muddled in my head. 

being a food columnist, hayley includes her entries from the local paper throughout the novel. i thought this was such a fun addition to the plot. however, as interesting and fun as these little tidbits were, they pulled me out of the mystery and i found it difficult to transition between the two. not all of them had to do with what was going on in the investigation so it definitely snapped my attention. with that being said, these columns set the novel up for the recipes that were included and i cannot wait to try some of hayley’s no-churn ice cream when the weather gets warmer
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Hayley's friend Lydia, owner of Bar Harbor Ice Cream, is convinced her husband is cheating on her. There are many suspicions when the student he is suspected of cheating with is found dead in the freezer truck owned by Lydia. Hayley must find out what actually happened before the wrong person is blamed. 

I'm not sure if I'll be continuing this series. I'm just not finding it really interesting anymore. I also was really turned off by the stereotyping of Gen Z. It was like the whole first chapter was about how lazy and obnoxious they are, which I don't find to be true.  I still enjoyed Hayley and Bruce and their family. But I felt like it was missing the spark.
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Lee Hollis has done it again. Poor Mona and Liddy, especially Liddy. What did she ever do to Cupid? Death of an Ice Cream Scooper was the perfect book to take my mind off of things. 
I bought the audiobook, so I’ll revisit this title again. It was terrific.
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Lee Hollis’s book Death of an Ice Cream Scooper is my first foray into the Hayley Powell Food & Cocktails Mystery series, and I very much enjoyed it. First off - ICE CREAM!  The author had me at the title. Second, Maine is my favorite place on earth, so of course I wanted to read this book. Third, the ice cream flavors in the book sounded to die for (no pun intended). 

Even though this is the 15th book in the series, it was not hard to follow along and meet the recurring characters. I like how the author has brought the characters to life so they feel alive. The plot was well-written and engaging, and I was blown away by the ending. Plenty of red-herrings led me down the path to who I thought was the murderer, so bravo to the author for keeping me immersed in the story!

Thanks to NetGalley and the publisher for giving me the chance to read this advanced copy of the book. I am now a fan of Lee Hollis and this series, and I’m happy to leave a review. I’m looking forward to going back to the beginning of the series to read what I’ve missed. AND to trying the recipes in the book!
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This was a great read! I really enjoy every moment of this book. I love the writing style of this book!
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I loved this new addition to the series by Lee Hollis! The characters have evolved throughout the series, but it was still enjoyable. It made me want ice cream, that's for sure! I can't wait til the next one!
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Death of an Ice Cream Scooper is the fifteenth book in Hayley Powel Food and Coctails Mystery series written by Lee Hollis.

This is a long standing series which I have been reading for a long time usually out of order and never had any issues getting into the story. For those who prefer to follow the development of a main heroine's personal life I would suggest starting at the beginning otherwise it is completely ok to start wherever as far as the mystery is concerned.

There are some new but a few of recurring characters as in every of her books, and this is something that really appeals to me, as I don't have the feeling of just reading the book for the mystery but for connecting with the characters again and being the part of the community. It feels like getting together with old friends. It is what separates this series from others in my opinion and makes it more realistic and cozy.

Story flows nicely, it is easy to read. Although the chapters are not too short the story is so engaging that I simply fly through it.
I especially like personal tidbits that go along with the recipes, and eventhough I have tried only few of her recipes they all sound so appetizing that I am quite often left hungry while reading these books.

Mystery is engrosing, well presented and anyone who wishes can follow the clues to solve the puzzle together with our heroine.
Conclusions are thoroughly explained and nicely wrapped up.

I highly recommend this series.
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Princess Fuzzypants here:  Hailey’s son Dustin is coming home with a big surprise.  There are three who get off the flight- Dustin’s, his girlfriend and the baby who is a month away from being born.  To say that she is shocked would be an understatement.  She does her best to accept and then embrace the revelation and the reality that she is going to be a grandmother- a very young grandmother but grandmother nonetheless.

Between running her highly successful restaurant, entertaining her company and various other personal events, she is also going to be drawn into yet another murder investigation.  It is not that she mistrusts the police,  Her brother in law is the chief but she fears one of Dustin’s childhood friends is being framed and Dustin might be aiding and abetting.  She manages to put the pieces together and she thinks she escapes detection by the killer only to be thrown into a far more personal crisis.  But she is not out of the woods yet and the villain wants to eliminate the threat she presents.

As always it is an enjoyable book, just perfect for summer.  I love the little articles Hailey writes for the local paper.  They are so entertaining and give wonderful insights into the characters.  The book does make me very hungry for ice cream.  But then who would not be hungry for ice cream anytime, anywhere.  Four purrs and two paws up.
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Food and cocktails columnist Hayley Powell is shocked when an ice cream store employee is found dead in her friend's delivery van. Maybe the culprit is a cheating husband, one of a dozen college students, or the deceased girls' co-workers or roommates. Hayley is determined to discover the truth, even if it turns her friend's life upside down.
I admire Hayley's business acumen and determination. I found her nosiness and lack of boundaries or respect for others appalling. She is quite rude to most of her friends and her adult son and his girlfriend. 
There are also quite a few references to alcoholic drinking, partying and drunkenness in this book. I didn't read the description close enough and would further books in this series because of a personal sobriety challenge. 
The recipes are fun - all for ice cream or related cocktails. 
The solution to the murder feels rushed. Maybe that's because there are so many characters and story lines and so little space.  
While I did enjoy meeting a variety of characters, this book didn't inspire me to read more in the series.
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