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In this high-stakes thriller, a team of federal agents and various collaborators must figure out why traces of radioactive cesium have shown up at the scene of a brutal murder in Key West.  The hazy video from the pier at night suggest that the perpetrators were carrying extremely heavy loads, representing hundreds of pounds of radioactive material that was unloaded from a boat and is now on its way by land to who knows where. (Nobody considers the weight of any shielding material for this dangerous substance, so it’s it’s a strange combination of specific and vague--while still being terrifying.) The fear is that this material has the potential to be included in multiple dirty bombs.  Cue a dramatic multiple-agency chase over land and by air to pin down the escaping domestic terrorists responsible for this scheme.  The action is a fast-paced thrill ride, and the characters are colorful.  I had to keep looking up the disarmingly folksy Southern expressions dished out by one of the people in charge.  Sometimes things got bogged down with a little too much explanation of what everyone’s reactions might mean.  Be prepared for extreme violence and a high body count.  The twists are fun to watch, even when you see them coming.  I read an advance review copy, so I’m not sure whether the fictional Florida politics stayed in the final draft, but that was entertaining.  By then end, the complications reminded me of the one piece of jewelry you’re supposed to take off before leaving the house—things might have been better with just a little bit less.

Thanks to Netgalley and Elliott & Thompson for a digital advance review copy.
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For the most part, No Way To Die by Tony Kent is an intriguing and exciting thriller. I liked the characters, particularly Dempsey and Joshua. The action builds as a possible serious bomb threat seems imminent. Part of the appeal of the novel is the surprise factor in what author Kent comes up with, so no details here. My only complaint is that Kent keeps coming up with things, making the novel rather long.
Thanks NetGalley for the ARC.
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No Way to Die by Tony Kent is book 4 in the Dempsey/Delvin series and what a brilliant series it is!
In short, it starts with a body found in Key West and worrying traces of radioactive material which is why Joe Dempsey and his Alpha Team from the International Security Bureau get involved in this dangerous, fast moving case involving a terrorist group ready and determined to bring the US Government to its knees. Dempsey discovers he also has a personal connection to the group, so expect high octane drama. 
Wow, this book/series is a real treat for fans of hard hitting, fast paced action thrillers that keep you hooked until the very end! Long live Joe Dempsey. I highly recommend this book. 
Big thanks to Tony Kent, Elliott and Thompson and NetGalley for this eARC which I chose to read in return for my honest review.
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As a Tony Kent Ambassador I got the pleasure to read No Way To Die. This is a political, action packed thriller. 

This is the forth book in the series of Devlin and Dempsey. The first chapter packs a punch and you are drawn straight in.

The chapters are short and snappy meaning you get that just more chapter feeling.

I have to say there are a lot of characters in thia book and at some point it did get confusing. One moment you are with Dempsey, the next you are with a different set of characters, then another. As you read further it does become clear.

I am looking forward to going back to book one to meet Devlin and Dempsey properly.

Next read Killer Intent, book one.
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A thrilling novel-explosive and suspenseful. The plot twists and turns with precision and keeps you guessing about what could happen next.
I voluntarily read and reviewed an advanced copy of this book. All thoughts and opinions are my own.
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Fourth in the series another action packed read.Ibwas drawn back in to the series really enjoyed this one characters come alive should be tv bound.#netgalley #et
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A great fourth book in the series. Fast paced with some brilliant action scenes you could just imagine on the big screen. This series really is addictive. I have to say I think I do prefer the books when Michael Devlin is in them (both characters is even better) but that’s just my personal preference. Can’t wait for book number five!
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I received a copy of this book to read in exchange for an honest review as part of the book tour hosted by Random Things Tours. 

No Way To Die is an absolutely action packed, smooth flowing, explosive read! I could not put this book down. There were so many amazing characters in this story and the plot was well plotted, executed and full of twists to keep you on the edge of your seat. This is the first of Tony Kents books that I've ever read and it will not be the last! I'm scrambling about online right now looking for all his other books to read! 
This book is so good that it played like a movie in my mind and would indeed make an amazing action movie! 
Without giving too much away, this story is set after the civid pandemic about a terrorist threat, a race against time, double-crossing, teamwork and way more. I can't wait to see what direction the next book takes. I especially loved Joe Dempsey and Eden Grace and their friendship is intriguing. I also really enjoyed Bambis character and hope she makes an appearance in future books! If you love books full of action you definitely need to read this!
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Thank you to Netgalley for an advanced copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

A reasonable follow-up book, but not in the same league as the others.
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Tony Kent's latest thriller is set in the U.S. and features the return of ex-military Joe Dempsey, living in New York, getting ready to return to the UK to visit his closest friends, Michael Devlin and Sarah Truman who want him to become godfather to their child. At Key West in Florida, a patrolman is gruesomely murdered after seeing shadowy figures approaching on the beach. This murder is being investigated by homicide cop, Sergio Vega, who finds Homeland Security agents O'Rourke and Nicki May at his crime scene. CCTV images identify the killer as a member of a dangerous terrorist organisation, Liberation, with a far right agenda and a well organised militia, and claims to be fighting for freedom. After traces of radioactive material are discovered at the murder scene, Vega's case is taken over by Homeland Security.

Dempsey's plans change when he hears of this incident and the terrifying threat that is posed to democracy in the US. His involvement is further driven by his personal interest in protecting Scott Turner, who it appears has become a active and crucial member of Liberation. Dempsey works for the International Security Bureau (ISB), proud of the talented team he has managed to put together. He and former Secret Service agent Eden Grace make their way to Florida, offering to join O'Rourke's team to locate the members of Liberation and the van they are travelling in, believed to be carrying the radioactive material that can be used to make lethal dirty bombs. In Texas, there is a secret high security prison that incarcerates without trial, for life, the most dangerous individuals in the country, where one of the prisoners has made it his mission to protect another high profile inmate.

As O'Rourke and Dempsey finds themselves outwitted at every turn, Dempsey finds himself forced to work with a former enemy to try and stop the nightmare horrors threatening the country. The author deploys his trademark skills in writing a compulsive thriller that is packed with suspense and tension. This is an entertaining, dark, intense and engaging read, and given the contemporary political divisions in the U.S., the storytelling resonates, particularly with the former President and the Republican Party's inability to accept the results of the election. Many thanks to the publisher for an ARC.
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