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Rebel Slave

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Really enjoyed this, hoping a new book will follow soon.

Loved the characters, a strong new female character would be awesome.

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Charles Raptor is an honourable soldier that has fought many wars and all he wants now is to go home to his wife Wren. But when he arrives he is uneasy about the changes that the town has gone through. Nothing has happened as they have an Orc living in the house and to make matters worse his poor mother has had to move out of her bedroom. Charles knows that he needs to find a job but that isn’t easy as places can’t hire man anymore. The tables have been turned by the Queen’s orders and the people have no choice but to follow the rules. Charles agrees to take a job against his best judgement and it lands him in prison after been double crossed. His life is about to change for the worst as when he is sent to Trollheim as a slave. Can Charles find a way to escape and who can he trust to help him?
The days turn into months but the men carry on with their plan to escape but just when Charles thinks about his future with Wren it is taken away and he has nothing left to live for. But the men won’t allow him to give up as they need him to lead them.
What happens next is a miracle in itself but where to from here?
Will Charles be able to get his revenge on the dwarf that took his life away from him?
A great read fill of pain ,suffering but also hope. The ending makes me have to read book 2.
Thank you to Netgalley and the publisher for the ARC copy. This is my voluntary review.

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I love this version. It is a slow burn, with a couple of steamy scenes, but the tension is off the charts! We get to see more into the lives of the characters. I could not put this book down. It is so twisted and there is action, mystery, secrets and lies.

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