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An American in Provence is a surprising account of one woman's move to Provence - and I say "surprising" because an American moving to France is not a revolutionary premise, but the way Jamie tells her story is. We are taken along the journey, as Jamie sheds her old life, and her old perceptions of  herself. 

I was lucky enough to interview Jamie Beck for the Storytime in Paris podcast. Here is what I said: 

"Ep 45. Jamie Beck, “An American in Provence”

Welcome to the season finale of Season Four of Storytime in Paris! I have a very special guest for you: Jamie Beck is a world-renowned photographer whose photographs are almost an extension of herself. Her list of credits is long and impressive, and speckled with world famous brands like Chanel, Donna Karan, Nike, Oscar de la Renta, Netflix, Disney, Google, Samsung, Microsoft, Vogue and Harper’s Bazaar, to name but a few. Among her many accolades, Jamie has twice been named as one of the industry’s top 100 creatives by Adweek magazine.

And yet, one year, she decided to give it all up. To move by herself to a remote village in Provence and see what could happen. The result was life-changing. Jamie’s book “An American in Provence,” is a beautiful memoir of that first year, combining personal relevations, recipes she loved, photographic tips, and her own stunning photography and, as of the very morning we spoke, it is a New York Times bestseller."

Find the full episode on, or anywhere you listen to podcasts.
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3.5 stars.

It's funny: I just read a book the other day that I couldn't get into because I couldn't seem to connect with the author's voice. I hadn't been familiar with them before, and the book made me casually interested in looking up their socials--but that was about it.

This read was similar in that I wasn't familiar with the author prior to picking up the book--but it quickly made me a fan! Her voice and story were immediately engaging, and I am glad I stumbled across it. (And now I would like to pack up and move to Provence. Thank you, Jamie Beck. ;D)

A few of the pics weren't really my jam--a bit too sensual for my taste--and there was some language, including an f-bomb, which was unfortunate.

But, I really enjoyed the photography tips and food recipes. Mmmmm, methinks I'd really enjoy (eating) French cooking! LOL! And, I loved Beck's challenging of the continual pursuit of looking young and doing more-more-more/#allthethings. In this Advent season, especially, I am encouraged to slow down, experience life, and engage all the senses. This book definitely helps with that.
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A beautiful memoir in which this incredibly talented writer shares her amazing photographs, thoughts, experiences, recipes and heart. While reading you feel as if you’re there along side her, can smell the food and see the beautiful things through her amazing photographs.  This book is absolute perfection.
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Author Jamie Beck did what so many of us claim we'd love to do: leave behind our busy and comfortable familiar and move to Provence. In AN AMERICAN IN PROVENCE, Beck details her story with photography, stories, and recipes, inviting the reader to join her in adventures of the senses and ultimately a different view of how to live a good and rewarding life. I was transported by this beautiful book and her lovely prose -- have yet to try the recipes, but anticipate indulging my love of all things France. I received a copy of this book and these opinions are my own, unbiased thoughts.
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In this book, Jamie Beck leaves her busy New York life as a photographer and moves to a small flat in Provence.  It is intertwined with her photographs, musings of daily life, and joy of slowing down to find contentment.  
It also contains recipes, tips on photography, and how to pin insects (I skipped this part).  I felt the book was very much her memoir and love song for Provence that transformed her.  This is a lovely book, and I have enjoyed immensely.  

I would recommend this book to art lovers and lovers of "Walden" or slow movements.  
What would you do to make you happier?

I am being an extremely picky by choosing 4 stars, because her photos are very romantic and typical - not my favorite, but this is a personal taste.  There is no doubt about she takes beautiful photos, so please don't judge before taking a look at a book.  Story itself is somewhat also typical of this sort of book, yet it is satisfying and comforting.  I feel this book may make a great holiday gift, with scrumptious recipes of French cooking at the end.   If you are curious about this book, it's well-worth being picked up.  

An Ebook copy was provided to me courtesy of NetGalley and Simon Element.  Opinions stated here is my own.  I am glad to encounter with this book.  Thank you so much!
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Thanks to NetGalley and the publisher for providing this title. All opinions are my own. 
Jamie Beck first came to my attention with her lockdown photography series of still-lifes captured in her studio in France during the 2020 pandemic. She creates absolutely beautiful art, and I was thrilled to review this book that shares more of her beautiful artwork and her behind the scenes process. She also invites you to experience a (literal) taste of her life in Provence with delicious looking recipes. As on Jamie's Instagram account, her daughter Eloise is a delightful addition to the narrative.
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An American in Provence by Jamie Beck is a step into artistry.  Absolute artistry. She has a way of putting her flavor on her experience in Provence that makes you see old-world masters in art.  Provence feels old world and it also feels like we don't want it changed so it feels fitting.

As one who works land and teaches about plants, trees, etc. these photos grabbed by heart.  The photos are lush, sensual, and very organic.  The wheat field, is stunning, To bask in the bounty of Provence and to absorb what it is to live in a way that is real, not processed, just whole and giving. Even though the use of fabrics throughout the book you embark on what it is to live an organic way. Where it is about essentials but a bounty that is so full of life you want to bask in it.

How Jamie has used her quotes seasonally throughout the book even is artful. With the creative use of words, fruit, flowers, light, and earthy elements you can feel her love of the land and all that Provence has to offer. One of my favorites was the beautiful unexpected addition of a french glossary.

I would like to thank NetGalley, the publisher Simon & Schuster for the opportunity to read and review the glorious book An American in Provence by Jamie Beck.
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Beautiful, feel-good book with absolutely stunning photos.

The moment I began to read this book, it unleashed the memories of my own desire to leave NY and move across the ocean to a beautiful Frances. Jamie Beck's story is simply satisfying. I could not help but burst with joy at her new life in Provence. The struggles with the new culture and language made her love for wonderful France even stronger.

An inspiring book, filled not only with great and happy experiences but includes amazing recipes that I have tried and it came out delicious (taking into consideration this was my first time making it), cant wait to try the rest.

And the photos are simply remarkable. Jamie Beck is a successful professional photographer, and all photos that are included in this wonderful book are taken by her. She also gives a number of tips on how to take beautiful shots.

Now I am going to stop bragging about this book so you can go ahead and get a copy of it for yourself. This will also make a phenomenal gift.

Thank you, NetGalley for a free and advanced copy of the book and Jamie Beck for a an astonishing story.
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I was so excited to receive a preview of An American in Provence by Jamie Beck. It has all of my great loves: France, photography, stories, and recipes. I’ve read the Autumn section (there’s one for each season). Beautiful, moving essays on her life in France and before moving and how the terroir has changed her. Photography tutorials include working with natural lighting, bug styling, and posing. The recipe I’m most excited to try once the weather starts to turn is French Onion Soup. This is a book to be devoured immediately and then returned to often, as inspiration is needed, the seasons change, or if one needs to get lost in photographs.

An American in Provence will be out on November 1, 2022. You can pre-order it anywhere books are sold.

I was given a copy of this book via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.
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A poem to France told through pictures and experiences. The photographs in this book are heartbreakingly beautiful, as is the story told in lovely prose. I could smell, hear, feel France in her words.
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This is the most gorgeous bookJamie Becks photography is beautiful eye catching mesmerizing.Her memoir of her changing her life moving to Provence a small apartment a life off peace gorgeous food simplicity.This book is a treasure I will be gifting it to friends and one for myself,An exquisite book to look at again and again.
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Pros: The title of this book caught my attention because A Year in Provence is one of my favorite memoirs. Then I read the description of the book—which said it’s perfect for art lovers and armchair travelers and is an art book/travelogue/memoir/cookbook—and knew I had to read it. The author/photographer’s photographs throughout are beautiful (Provence is so charming and picturesque), and now I want all travelogues to include photographs. I think this book would be perfectly paired with a glass of wine and some bread and cheese or with one of the recipes included in the book, e.g., French onion soup. I loved that this book also included some educational sections including common French words and sayings, wine tasting and serving how-tos, and photography tutorials.

Cons: The only con I can think of is that I am sad I’m not in Provence.

Note: I downloaded this ARC several times, and each time I was only able to view 99 pages (the Winter section of the book).

Thank you to NetGalley and S&S/Simon Element for the opportunity to read this book.
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If for no other reason, buy this book for the photographs!  They are beautiful. I fell in love with them. When I look at them, I can feel myself escaping inside them and having all kinds of wonderful adventures!
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This book might be the loveliest book I've ever laid my eyes on. Jamie Beck takes some of the most memorable and gorgeous photos ever. This books is lovely nod to her art, and will make for a great piece for the shelf or table.
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I devoured this in one sitting while waiting for a very delayed flight. Having followed Jamie on Instagram for many years, I suspected that I would love this book and I was right. Her photography is stunning and her writing is just as beautiful, even poetic. The book is separated into the four seasons and the copy that I received only included Autumn and part of Winter so I will absolutely purchase this book when it comes out because I simply need to read all of it. It is a lovely mix of memoir and description of life in provence, with a sprinkling of photography tips and seasonal recipes and photographs to complement everything. I highly recommend this book!
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Jamie's recounting of her life as An American in Provence is exactly as romantic and dreamy as you would imagine. If you are even tangentially aware of Jamie's photography, you know the gift she has for framing the world in its most beautiful. This book is a love letter to France, to the European way of life, and to herself as she rediscovers her joie de vivre.
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A self-confessed armchair traveler, this memoir was perfect! I was drawn to the art and curious about an American’s experiences living in France. Jamie is a truly talented artist who poignantly tells her story of traveling to France and finding her home. The photos are stunning and the insights to her experiences were enlightening. I appreciated the recipes she shared and her experiences in learning how to make them authentic. Jamie bridges the gap across these two countries to share her life, art, and travel experiences. Get lost in Provence with Jamie in this beautiful book. 

I received a complimentary copy from the publisher via NetGalley. All opinions expressed are solely my own, freely given.
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Every image in this book is a modern Renaissance painting. The writing itself is also incredibly beautiful. I recommend this book to all art lovers, those in need of some inspiration, and anyone who wants to escape to Provence.
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This is a beautiful book for anyone interested in France, or who has spent time in Provence. It brought back happy memories and I might even buy this as a hard copy to give as a gift!
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Beautiful book!  The photography is simply stunning.  I cannot wait to make the recipes.  Perfect coffee table for book for all Italy lovers.
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