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What She Found

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What She Found

by Robert Dugoni

Tracy Crosswhite, with three awards for valor, has moved from working with a team in the Violent Crimes Section to being the only detective in the Cold Case Unit in Seattle. The perks are a private office and more regular hours so she can spend more time with her husband and baby girl. She has  just completed a successful investigation into a serial killer bringing closure for a lot of families and good press to the Seattle Police Department at a time when some groups are calling for defunding the force.

Twenty-five years earlier Lisa Childress, an investigative reporter for a Seattle newspaper, had a 2:00 A.M. meeting with an informer in a warehouse district. She also had a husband and young daughter, but she never returned to them. The daughter appeals to Crosswhite for help.

Author Robert Dugoni has created a plot that will set your head spinning with its complications. Themes include police and community politics, ethics, family relationships, the role of the press, drugs, amnesia, and statutes of limitations. Crimes range from blackmail to murder. Crosswhite finds it difficult to get people to talk about old crimes whether from aging memories or shame. Many of the witnesses are dead. Crosswhite, for personal and professional reasons, will not be deterred in her efforts to bring the truth to light. Honor, justice, and truth are important virtues in the way she lives her life. By the conclusion, everyone has a renewed sense of the importance of family. Crosswhite is a skilled investigator—intelligent and clever in her ability to uncover secrets, follow up on clues, and connect disparate threads.

What She Found is suspenseful without indulging in graphic violence or stepping over the line into the psychological thriller category. This mystery has more action than an Agatha Christie novel; but, as found in a Christie mystery, it requires a protagonist up to the mental challenge. This is not a “happily ever after” book, but the reader will find satisfaction in the conclusion.

I received a complimentary copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. Opinions expressed in this review are completely my own.

Rating: 5/5

Category: General Fiction. Mystery

Notes: 1. #9 in the Tracy Crosswhite Series. I read 2 books in Dugoni’s Charles Jenkins Series and liked them enough to try a book relatively late in this series. To my surprise, It worked quite well as a standalone. Although he does characters well, Dugoni’s books are more about the plot than the characters.
	  2. Another puzzlement for me is that I finished the book and noted that there had been “some mild swearing.” Normally that would mean about 4 or 5 instances. In doing a search, however, I found there were many more examples of inappropriate language (about 30) than had registered with me. So, am I becoming used to that in my reading, was it appropriate to the characters, or was the story so well told that I kept reading without noticing them? I truly don’t know.

Publication: August 23, 2022—Thomas & Mercer

Memorable Lines:

Tracy knew regret was much harder to live with than failure. Regret caused you to second-guess what you hadn’t done.

Honoring her word was more important than pleasing her chief, though it certainly would not be without consequences. It might not be the smartest decision Tracy ever made, but it was the honorable one.

“What I’ve learned is that life isn’t about memories. It isn’t about the past. It’s about living in the present and looking to the future, and what that future holds for each of us.”
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I meant to capture the heart of a Prince and ended up with the heart of a King. A prophecy and my desire to sit upon the Lucin throne led me to revive an ancient, winged monarch, one I had thought of as a friend until that friend imprisoned me and I found out that he had tricked me. According to Lorcan, he's only holding me captive for my own safety, but if you listen to him, I belong to him. Obviously, his seven century sleep has made the Crow King delusional. Just because we share a mind link doesn't mean we're fated to be together or that I'm not still master of my own destiny. I fully intend to steer my destiny away from prophecies, the Sky Kingdom and it's King. It doesn't take long to realize that there's no escaping this overly possessive male.

Olivia Wildenstein has done it again and written a story that captivated my attention from page one. I absolutely loved the character development that all the characters, even minor ones went through. Olivia even managed to take a character or two that I didn't like in the first book and make me like them a lot more. I loved the interactions between Lorcan and Fallon and watching their relationship evolve. The mind link was really done well, as a concept. And, I particularly enjoyed watching the interactions between Fallon and the crows Lorcan left to guard her. All in all, this was a steamy, fun read with lots of adventure. I'm absolutely dying for book 3, while simultaneously dreading the end and not getting to spend more time in this incredible world that Olivia created. She truly has a knack for world building and character development.
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Another Tracy Crosswhite cold case investigation. 

I have read two more books in the Detective Tracy Crosswhite series, by Robert Dugoni, so I knew that this book would not disappoint. 

Sure, enough, Tracy found herself immersed in another cold case investigation. She enjoyed this type of work, because she knew how important closure was to the families whose lives had been in turmoil, sometimes for several decades. 

Anita Childress contacted Tracy, because there had been no conclusion regarding her mother, Lisa Childress, who mysteriously disappeared 25 years ago. Lisa was an investigative reporter, and Anita was only two at the time. 

The Police at that time tended to pin the crime on the father, which suited their investigation for a quick result. Did the Police investigating Lisa’s disappearance at the time, do enough to draw things to a satisfactory conclusion? Were any of the Police involved? I enjoyed the plot and would highly recommend “What She Found.”


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This book is #9 in the Tracy Crosswhite series.  While these can all be read as standalone, it sure helps your overall enjoyment to read them in order. 

Many thanks to Netgalley and Thomas & Mercer for this advanced readers copy. This book released in August 2022.
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I am a member of the American Library Association Reading List Award Committee. This title was suggested for the 2023 list. It was not nominated for the award. The complete list of winners and shortlisted titles is at <a href="">
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From the moment I found the Tracy Crosswhite series I was hooked, and the 9th installment does not disappoint. When Tracy was forced to switch jobs within the department I was unsure of how the series would continue, but as I read this book I realized that this was exactly where she was meant to be all along. While helping others find closure, to exposing corruption within the department, Tracy goes on a wild ride, and balances her home life at the same time. Not wanting to put this book down, I read it in one day. I can not wait for the next installment!

I want to thank Netgalley and Thomas & Mercer for and ARC of this book.
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Detective Tracy Crosswhite working in the Cold cases department has agreed to look into the disappearance of investigative reporter Lisa Childress. Lisa’s daughter Anita is determined to find what happened to her mother ever after Twenty five years.

Tracy finds out that Childress's disappearance might be related to another homicide( reported suicide) and an unreported drug raid in a marina. Soon Tracy finds herself in the middle of a story bigger than she could have imagined.

I loved the story as always. I am a big fan of Tracy Crosswhite. I love her family dynamics. I felt Tracy was more subdued and not so hot headed as in previous books. I liked her temperament here which comes with her age and as being a mom I think. Other wise the book was decent paced and immensely enjoyable.

Thank you to NetGalley, Robert Dugoni and Thomas & Mercer for an e-ARC in exchange for an honest review.
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Thank you to NetGalley and Thomas and Mercer for allowing me to read this book in exchange for my honest review. Robert Dugoni has done it again! The Tracy Crosswhite series is one of my favorites. These books can be standalones but you get a much better picture if you read the whole series. Anytime one of the books in this series comes out I know I will be highly entertained and this was no exception. I never even read the description because I know how great it will be. If you haven't read this series I highly suggest you start!
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I have enjoyed the Tracy Crosswhite series and look forward to each new book. When I read a new book I know I am going to get an update on Tracy's life. I feel like she is a friend that I look forward to life updates from. I also know that each book will have a new and interesting case that Tracy is invoived in. The stories are all different and never tired, Even in the 9th book, I was kept guessing about the answers to the mystery and had new nerves to see where Tracy's relationships with her coworkers progressed. I great series that I recommend often!
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This book is part of a series and can be read as a standalone.  That being said, the book had the usual within it.  Tracy Crosswhite looks into a cold case regarding the disappearance of a reporter at the request of the daughter.  Thinking it highly unlike to still find her alive, Tracy still agrees to take the case.  

The plot line does move along, however a bit too slowly for me.  The characters are well developed.
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I tried and tried, but this book just did not grip me and I had to DNF this book… 
There just wasn’t anything that gripped me and I just simply didn’t want to pick it back up at all.. sadly, not a book for me. 

Thank you for the ARC, NetGalley!
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I enjoyed this story.  I would suggest read previous books before this as this is not a standalone.  It is a fast paced reading and would recommend for those who enjoy police procedural with a kickass female lead.
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I really enjoy the Tracy Crosswhite series and was glad to see a new book in this series. Tracy is still working cold cases and when Anita Childress asks Tracy to look into her mother's disappearance, she agrees. Lisa Childress was an investigative reporter, who was investigating mayoral graft; the shocking rumors of a reserved city councilman’s criminal sex life; a drug task force scandal compromising the Seattle PD; and an elusive serial killer when she vanished twenty-five years ago. Lisa's husband has always been suspected of her death, and Anita wants to clear her father as well as find out who really killed her mother.

Tracy understands cold cases and those left behind. She still lives with the disappearance of her sister when they were just children. This brings a dogged perseverance to solving these cases. This was a great story, with an interesting plot and showed that Tracy will do what is right, even if it means hurting people she knows and cares about. She puts herself in danger to do what is right. I like that Tracy is real with a husband with young daughter and that is also part of the story. Even though Tracy no longer works active cases, Vic Fazzio and Del Castigliano, who previous team are still part of the story. Did they know anything about this cold case, and the story Lisa was pursuing. This was another fast paced, gripping and entertaining Tracy Crosswhite story that I highly recommend.
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Thank you Thomas & Mercer, Thomas &#38; Mercer and Netgalley for this arc.

I am a fan of Tracy for some years now and I am always delighted how she manage to resolve cold cases and be better then her boss. There is always a stupid one and always a claver one.. I am always dreaming of her dreams come true and having her family. Losing her in that tragic way always make me sad. I felt her like a sister reading so much about. This time I was glad some autistic theme were included.
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As much as I love reading Tracy Crosswhite novels, I am starting to feel like we might be stalling out on new ideas. This one had several elements from previous novels with just new characters, while this might not be a reason to stop reading these cozy thrillers, it has taken my usual 4 stars down to 3 stars. Would love if the next novels have more family time which Tracy clam is to want, yet seems to always pass on for her cases. 

Thanks for the free NetGalley ARC. All views are my own.
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Another good one in the Tracy Crosswhite series. Looking forward to the next one.
*Thank you to the publisher and NetGalley in exchange of an honest review *
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What She Found by Robert Dugoni is the ninth instalment in the Detective Tracy Crosswhite series but this mystery reads very well as a stand-alone. Having read several Dugoni books previously, I found that the usual well-written novel and diverse and interesting characters are as expected. This is a satisfying read and does not seem repetitive. Detective Crosswhite has been assigned to cold cases, mainly because of new scientific discoveries available now that were not developed when the crimes were committed. Her usual attention to detail and respect for the victims’ families lead her to a twenty-five year-old case: an investigative journalist disappeared and was never seen again. A supposed suicide occurred in the vicinity of the location where the journalist was last seen. This will disturb a hornet’s nest of huge proportions and will involve many important people who are adamant about not being investigated. This is a police procedural that takes the reader through the steps and procedures in a detailed accounting of a cold case. Robert Dugoni does not disappoint. Highly recommended. Thank you to Thomas & Mercer, NetGalley and the author for the e-ARC in exchange for an honest review.
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This is a fantastic addition to the series. I am not fully caught up on all Tracy Crosswhite journeys and I would recommend reading them in order, but I was able to read the book without feeling like I was missing something strategic. In this one, Det Tracy Crosswhite agrees to look into the cold case disappearance of investigative reporter Lisa Childress at her daughter Anita's request. After twenty=five years, Anita would like to uncover the truth, no matter where it leads but as Tracy uncovers the truth, it tests her loyalties and her tenacity. 
Dugoni is an excellent storyteller, and Tracy's character evolves through the series as well. Tracy now has a family, which she never would have considered possible in earlier books. Tracy's relationship with her husband Dave, is mutually respectful and supportive. Her tenacity and determination to find the truth sometimes puts her in grave danger. I really enjoy this series and this story is a little more complex than some of the earlier books. I hope Dugoni will write more than the ten books originally planned for this series. 
Thank you to the publisher, NetGalley and the author for an ARC in exchange for an honest review.
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I received a copy of this story from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

Barely 3 stars.

I've read most of the Tracy Crosswhite series and this one is a bit of a disappointment. Don't get me wrong: it's okay and most people will enjoy it. But I've read too many stories like this so I know what to expect and what to look for. This felt sloppily done.

First, it took Tracy roughly HALF the book to realize something was off when I realized it back at the moment it happened. It's a pretty significant plot point and she's supposed to be brilliant. So either the author intentionally delayed making that connection - not sure why - or Tracy is getting slower as she ages.

Second, there's a pretty obvious connection to be made between one aspect of the case Tracy's working and the case Dan had been working at the opening of the book. It never came to fruition and it was a little annoying. The similarities made it seem like they'd be more important.

Third, I dislike how the author chose to handle Lisa Childress's autism. I don't think it was done well. Without going into massive spoilers, I think there's the possibility for some dangerous inferences in the autism throughline.

I might be finished with this series. I can't say I'd recommend this book, in particular, in any case.
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I have read quite a number of police investigative books by now and almost all of them have in turns been thrilling, chilling, racy, atmospheric or a combination there of. However, very rarely have I come across a police investigative story which stays very close to the long, drawn-out, tedious and sometimes mundane process it actually tends to be in real life. 

"What She Found" is the 9th book of the Tracy Crosswhite series by Robert Dugoni and it's quite popular. You only need to read the first few pages and can totally see why it is so. Let's just talk about the book first. Detective Tracy Crosswhite is currently working cold cases and has just come out of a highly publicized decades old case she had helped solve. This prompts journalist Anita Childress to get the detective to look into the 25 year old disappearance of her mother, investigative journalist Lisa Childress. Though Tracy doubts the chances of finding her alive, she still works in earnest to solve the case so as to give Anita the closure she deserves. 

This begins Tracy's journey of tracing Lia's footsteps and trying to find out what might have happened to her. There are many roadblocks on her road to find the answers and some of them lead her to people she cares about. Does she manage to find Lisa? And is she able to make things right and get justice for the victims? We find out the answer to these questions in a story of quite interesting twists and gray characters. And I must say some of these twists are genuinely jaw-dropping. 

The protagonist Tracy Crosswhite is very likable and relatable; she is a person of complex nature but also of a strong moral compass. All the other characters in the book all will-defined and close-to-life people. The dynamics and relationships between Tracy and these characters manage to pull us into their lives and make them real to us. These human aspects against the backdrop of the stark investigation pulse life into the story. 

Also, author Dugoni makes an effort to make the investigations as close to a real police investigation as possible. There are delays and frustrations while the police await test results. The people the police interact with aren't always honest, cooperative and forthcoming.  The answers don't come in bright and blinding moments of truths. It takes dogged effort and determination from the whole team of officers who work the case. The effort Dugoni has put in and the research he must have done, to get the details right, is clearly evident throughout the book and his story telling style. All these things combine to make a great recipe for a well-written police-procedural thriller which is thrilling and extremely engaging. In fact I can't wait to get my hands on the next one in the series. 

I can't recommend this book enough to police-procedural lovers. Do not miss it!
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