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I’ve read all of the Tracy Crosswhite stories where she started out in the teaching profession and, due to a family loss, changed directions into police work.  This story deals with a missing woman as a cold case for 25 years and Tracy understands the need to know what happened due to her own family cold case.  

Mr. Dugoni has excelled at writing Tracy as she develops expertise in police work, her tenacity, her colleagues who become family, and then finding love of her own.  All of the books are excellent with procedures, twists and turns and, while I’m glad I have the background from reading all of the books, this book can act as a standalone.

Tracy always seems to focus on a case, whether in her previous violent crimes unit or now working on cold cases, that goes against what her boss wants.  She must figure out a way to keep the boss somewhat happy while pursuing a case she is dead set on solving.  She manages to put herself in danger many times over the course of her career.

I love Del and Vic and it’s interesting that this story brings in details from their early career.  The short story The Last Line, gives some background on their past, which now is part of Tracy’s investigation. I can’t imagine having a missing family member and not knowing what happened, where they are, or whether they are dead or alive.  Cold case detectives are certainly ones to appreciate, especially since they usually have little evidence to work with. 

I love the Tracy Crosswhite series and hope Mr. Dugoni writes many more – I highly recommend!

Thanks to the author, publisher and Netgalley for the opportunity to read this new work.
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I love reading about cold cases and seeing the detective determined to solve it! Tracy is such a phenomenal detective and made this mystery so much more interesting. 

I enjoyed the amount of character development on top of the mystery. The suspense and tension made this a true page turned. This was my first read in this series and I hope to read more in the future.
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Okay so I have at last been worn down by all the Tracy Crosswhite fans and I have tried one of her books. I am sure I have missed lots by joining in at #9 but it was still a great read.

In What She Found Tracy is lead detective in the Cold Case unit. She is approached by Anita whose mother, Lisa Childress, has been missing for 25 years. Anita just wants to know what happened to her and, as a mother of a young daughter, Tracy feels sympathy for her and begins to search for clues. The reader already has a few of those because there is a prologue and I must admit it gave me an idea of what was going to occur.

What follows is Tracy's determined pursuit of the truth even when she discovers she is exposing crooked cops and people who kill to cover up their wrong doings. Tracy is an admirable character with a strong sense of justice and a determination to do the right thing. When it comes to strong, sensible, female leads she is the real thing.

I enjoyed the whole book very much and will certainly now go back to the start and get to appreciate the whole series.
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What She Found is the sort of story that catches the reader's attention from the beginning. It's about the struggle of one woman, Tracy. who leads the Cold Cases Unit, against the status quo, and works effortlessly to find closure for all those who are left behind when someone just disappears. Searching for a journalist that disappeared almost 25 years ago, she discovers related cases involving corruption at the higher levels of the county's management. The story has a great plot, is well and fast-paced written, and provides great entertainment!
I downloaded a free copy of this book from NetGalley and this is my honest review.
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What She Found is not my first book of the series and every time I read one I am reminded that I really need to go back and read what I have missed.  You can definitely read and enjoy this book without having read them all.  I think familiarity with at least some of the characters and their backstory helps, though.  This book comes when Tracy is working cold cases.  She is sucked in by a mother who just wants answers and you can feel her own past and her own experience as a mother really leading her to solve this.  Fast-paced and intriguing, I would recommend this even if you are not familiar with the series.
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Another great read by Robert Dugoni! Tracy Crosswhite is now working from home on cold cases. She gets a call about a missing journalist, who disappeared 20+ years ago. Of course the first suspect is the husband, but as Tracy looks into the case, she notices lots of strange things, which seem to lead towards an anti drug task force with some shady happenings. Tracy's passion for resolving cold cases takes her in strange and concerning directions. Never one to give up, Tracy pursues the leads wherever they go, even at some risk to herself.

Like all Tracy's Crosswhite stories, What She Found is rife with twistyness the keeps you turning pages until the very end! I can't wait for the next one (please write quickly Mr. Dugoni!).
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Another author that I found while checking some new books on kindle unlimited. And after a read a short story by him, I knew I had to read more. So here I am with his newly released book.

“What she found” is a cold case police investigation type of story. I loved every second. From the main character, Tracy Crosswhite, to all her investigations behind closed doors. Some secondary characters draw my attention right away. Some scared me and others wanted me to high-five them.

But the real feelings after reading this book are much higher than just a police procedural investigation.

My emotions run high when I thought of what Lissa had to go through and especially her family all those years.

The story is much more emotional and based more on connections between people. And also, bringing up to light a high stake secret that will change everything in her department.

What stayed with me is probably the author’s note at the end. I’m wishing him and his family much love and sending hugs.
🆓📖 very grateful to the publishers for my review copy
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I've read all the books in the Tracy Crosswhite series and really enjoy each installment. Tracy is a great detective, a "dog with a bone" (as her colleagues call her) that doesn't stop digging until she finds the answer. Tracy has been assigned to cold cases and when a daughter of a missing woman asks Tracy for help finding what happened to her mother, she starts digging and finds that the case left a lot of things open and uninvestigated. She quickly finds several events during the time period start to link up to Lisa's disappearance, leading to some bad apples in the police department. People begin warning Tracy to back off, but of course she keeps going. I like these books because the author does a great job laying out how the detective work is done, including the autopsy, crime scene evidence, and interviews of various people. Another great book in this series!
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Tracy is working her second case as investigator in the cold case division. This is supposed to give her a bit more time with her family and lessen the stress accompanying active cases. But when a young woman wants help finding out what happened to her mother 25 years ago, Tracy uncovers more than she expected, more than some of her coworkers want her to find. No lessening on the stress as she works through the complicated threads of the past to determine what happened. The story tried hard to force a connection between Tracy and Anita, the daughter, and I didn't quite feel anything there. But with Tracy's hardcore work ethic, it wasn't needed. Like as is to be expected, the reader gets a solid mystery with a lot of puzzle pieces that Tracy just needs to somehow fit together.
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3.75 stars rounded up to 4. 
A police procedural featuring Detective Tracy Crosswhite, book 9 of 10. Tracy is now married and mother of a 16-mo old daughter, Daniela. Her husband Dan is a lawyer and they have 2 Rhodesian Mastiffs and a cat as well. Tracy’s sister Sarah disappeared several years prior which is what inspired her call to law enforcement. She is at present working cold cases for Seattle PD when she is approached by a woman whose mother, an investigative reporter, disappeared some 24 yrs prior and the daughter, Anita, is still seeking answers. Having been in a similar situation at one time, when researching her sister’s disappearance, Tracy is drawn to this case. 

In the process of investigating old files and interviewing those that worked the case at the time, Tracy finds there are a lot of loose ends. Tying them together is a major challenge that drains her, and exposes a maze of possibilities, all which require intensive research.

The first half of this novel is primarily all procedural and can get tedious at times. I did not find it fast paced. The second half picks up the pace and competently draws in the reader. Dugoni is a favorite author of mine, has several series and this is one of his best. Recommend to those following the series, but this can definitely be read as a stand alone. Dugoni is a master at his craft, and I admire his versatility and creative mind. 

My review copy was provided by Thomas & Mercer, via NetGalley. This review is my own unbiased opinion of this work.  Releasing 8/23/22 - get your copy today.
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What She Found is #9 in the Tracy Crosswhite series. I have read all of the previous novels in the series and enjoyed them all. This one is right up there with the rest.

In this installment, Tracy is contacted by Anita. Anita's mother Lisa has been missing for many years. She was an investigative reporter, but rarely told others what she was working on. Since she was secretive about her investigations and her sources, no one knows if her disappearance is related to work. Or did she just walk away from her life and child?

With very little to go on, Tracy begins to look into Lisa's case. Was the husband really involved as the police back then surmised? Or was it lazy police work?

While also working on other cold cases, Tracy begins to wonder if other police officers are involved in shady things. 

If you have read the other books in the series, you will like this one as well.

Thanks to netgalley and Thomas & Mercer for the arc.
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I can always count on this series to entertain, and this installment is no exception. Detective Tracy Crosswhite now works on cold cases, and is approached by Anita Childress, a local journalist, whose mother, an investigative reporter, went out  to meet with a source 25 years ago, and has never been seen or heard from since. Pulling at the threads on the night she disappeared however, could have some personal and far-reaching consequences for Tracy and those closest to her should she continue to dig.

To say more would involve spoilers, so suffice it to say, Mr. Dugoni has done it again! This is a consistently well written series with compelling plots and great characters, and as always, I impatiently look forward to the next installment.

Thomas & Mercer via NetGalley kindly provided me an ARC of this book in exchange for an honest review.
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A fascinating cold case for Detective Tracy Crosswhite. A woman asks Tracy to investigate her missing mother, an investigative reporter who left the house to meet a contact and never returned. It has been twenty-four years and the daughter, who is now a reporter, learned that her mother was working on stories about the mayor, a city councilman, cops involved in a drug task force and the Route 99 killer. Tracy knows that she most likely will not find the woman alive, but this is what she does and searching through missing persons on Facebook is a start. Maybe someone will recognize the mother’s picture. When she thinks she may have a lead, will she find the missing woman or is this another dead end? If she does find her, which case caused her lengthy absence and why? Tracy never gives up and should this involve past police officers, what then? As she keeps hitting road blocks, she realizes that it is time to get the press involved…will this help, or get her fired? I received an advance review copy at no cost and without obligation for an honest review. (paytonpuppy)
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3.5 STARS (rounded up) - In this ninth book in the popular Tracy Crosswhite series, Tracy has moved from the homicide division to being the lone cold case investigator and finds herself investigating a twenty-five-year-old case of a missing investigative reporter.

The initial crime scene grabbed me, and I liked how Tracy's traumatic past continues to influence her work. But the book took on more of a slow burn feel with Tracy following up on old clues but without being in mortal danger herself, the story lacked tension for me. 

Things pick up in the last half as Dugoni weaves a story about corruption and gives his readers a twist or two. I'm happy to see that Tracy's relationship with the secondary characters continues to be a strong part of this series. We see Tracy's dedication and the respect and recognition she's received for her past work as she tackles this new case. That said, I found the ending to be a bit lackluster, but with Tracy's new cold case investigator role, the sky's the limit for future books and Dugoni has me chomping at the bit for the tenth book in this series. 

The Tracy Crosswhite series remains one of my favourite series when I'm in the mood for a good police procedural/thriller. I strongly recommend starting this series at the beginning with My Sister's Grave.

Disclaimer: My sincere thanks to the publisher for providing me with a complimentary advanced digital copy of this book in exchange for my honest review.
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Twenty five years ago investigative journalist, Lisa Childress, left her house at midnight to meet a source.  She was never seen again.  Her car was found at a Greyhound bus terminal with blood on the inside. Now, Lisa's daughter, Anita, wants to reopen her mother's case.  She contacts Tracy Crosswhite now working cold cases for the Seattle Police Department.  Anita's father, Larry, was a prime suspect in her mother's disappearance, the police believing he murdered her.  Anita wants her father cleared.

Tracy has to go back and investigate the stories Lisa was working on at the time she disappeared.  Those cases include mayoral misconduct, a councilman's sex life, and most disturbing, unethical actions by a police task force called The Last Line.  This is an intriguing case, with twists.  As Tracy digs into this case, she is told to drop it by her boss, Chief of Police Marcella Weber.  Tracy ignores her boss and continues to investigate.

This is an excellent addition to the Tracy Crosswhite series.  Although, this the ninth entry, it can be read as a stand alone, but I highly recommend reading this series from the beginning.  

Thank you to NetGalley for an ARC.  The review is my own.
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I have loved every book in the ‘Tracy Crosswhite’ series to date and WHAT SHE FOUND was no different. 

I loved reading this book entirely through Tracy’s perspective as she investigated a cold case from 24 years ago that had many players and layers. Tracy is never too afraid to dive into what may become a sticky situation and she always does what is right. I truly hope this was not the last of the ‘Tracy Crosswhite’ series and that we will get to tag along on a few other investigations in the future! I’d love a story where we get more of Kins in the picture!

Dugoni created an intricate and intriguing story that affects many people within and outside of Tracy’s world. The plot is well-written and well-paced with several twists and ample suspense to keep the reader engaged. Once again, Dugoni was able to include aspects and realities of our present society in this book with several interesting discussions. 

I think what may have been a slight disappointment for me is that the story felt slightly unresolved, but I don’t see how it could have been any other way given the major lack of substantial evidence to prove what really happened. 

<i>I would like to thank Netgalley and the publisher, Thomas & Mercer, of this advanced digital copy for the opportunity to read this novel in exchange for an honest review! All opinions expressed are my own.</i>
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This is my first book by Robert Dugoni and finally I can see why my blogger friends have been raving about this author for years! Although What She Found is the ninth instalment in his hugely successful Tracy Crosswhite series, it is possible to read it as a standalone. Most likely, you will want to pick up the previous books after reading this one anyway.
The beginning was very dynamic- an investigative reporter Lisa Childress gets a phone call from a mysterious source and heads to a secret meeting place in the industrial zone of Seattle. There she finds her contact has been murdered and she herself is attacked by a masked man. Lisa, a brilliant journalist described as socially awkward and possibly on the autism spectrum, has a two year old daughter Anita and husband Larry who often begged her to buy a pepper spray to protect herself and even started putting a can of bear spray in Lisa's bag. Lisa reaches for the can....
Tracy Crosswhite is still getting used to working as a one-detective-investigative unit. Her new Chief of Police Weber is urging her 'to showcase' the importance of investigating cold cases in a press conference. Weber is mostly concerned with the public image and preventing the police department from being de-funded. She would like Tracy to focus on 'easy' cases, cases where there is DNA evidence that can be analysed by using new scientific advances. Lisa Childress's case doesn't fall into this category, but Tracy cannot resist Anita Childress's pleas to look into her missing mother's case. The police investigation was rushed and concentrated on her father who became the prime suspect. Anita, who is a reporter herself, has put together the notes from her mother's cases, stories Lisa was actively pursuing at the time when she went missing. Tracy is sympathetic- she has a personal knowledge of what getting a closure means to he family of a victim. She is also intrigued by Lisa's potentially explosive stories.
While the beginning was fast and action-packed, the rest of the book was more steady-paced with Tracy following various leads, hitting deadends, getting breakthroughs, hitting more deadends and so on. In a police procedural that focuses on an active case there is more tension and inherent urgency to catch the perpetrator(s). Things are different in a cold case investigation, where there are other factors to take into consideration such as statutes of limitation on prosecuting certain crimes and deceased witnesses.
This is a 'high-content-density' book. We take a look at police corruption- how it starts, how new police officers get involved, how difficult it is to investigate and prosecute it as well as the personal price of not coming forward. We also see how Tracy is juggling family life and motherhood with her highly-demanding job. Family is an important topic in this story, its 'one-line-through'. Tracy can't give up on bringing closure to victims' families. Other characters also have to make difficult personal choices involving their families. There's also another interesting topic touched upon- a court of law with its insistence on the right procedure Versus the court of public opinion, which can ruin someone's life and turn them into a social pariah or it can force the guilty into confessing their crimes where it is impossible to get admissible evidence.
Tracy is a wonderful character and I would love to read the series from the beginning to appreciate the development she must have gone through. She is fair, loyal, and tenacious, and isn't afraid to put her career on line for the sake of her principles. At the same time she is very wary of judging other people for their behaviour. It was great to see how much she values her family and her colleagues esp.Faz and Del who have taught her so much.
Definitely recommended to anyone who loves an interesting series of police procedurals with a strong female lead.
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Thanks to NetGalley and Thomas & Mercer.  This book was okay.  This issue I had was I did know that the. book was number 9 of a series.  It contained a lot of detail but I kept on feeling that I was missing something that would help me enjoy it more.   With that being said,  It was a bit slow and I really enjoy fast paced thrillers but I can tell that the story may be interesting and worth starting the series from the first book.
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Investigative reporter Lisa Childress went to meet a source in the middle of the night 24 yeas ago and was never seen again. Her daughter Anita, now a reporter herself, asks Seattle cold case detective, Tracy Crosswhite, to take a look at the case. Although there is no new evidence, Anita feels the detectives who investigated at the time spent all their effort looking at her father and none looking at the stories her mother was working on at the time. Because Tracy has personal experience with not knowing what happened to someone you love, she agrees to take a look at the case even though the police chief is pushing her to focus on "easy" cases to close, ones with DNA evidence to follow. Tracy's investigation discovers the shocking truth about what happened to Lisa, tests her loyalties, and puts her career in jeopardy. Dugoni keeps this series fresh with original and interesting plot lines, while allowing his characters to mature and evolve. While this is the ninth installment in the Tracy Crosswhite series, it could easily be read as a standalone. That being said, I recommend reading from the start as it's a great series and starting with book 1 will give you the full backstories for all the characters.
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So far I have never been disappointed in one of these novels. The main character is an exceptional woman with a never ending well of integrity and the stubborn refusal to give up. 

This cold case leads Tracey down a path twisted with a missing journalist, a dead informant and possible corruption in her own police department. What could possibly go wrong?

If you have never read any of this series I highly recommend them. I think you will enjoy them as much as I do.
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