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Mon livre préféré du point de vue de mon personnage préféré : on fait difficilement mieux !!
My favourite book from my favourite character’s pov : it cannot be better !!
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It has been quite a few years since I've read the first book in this series, so reading this while having forgot a lot of the plot was very enjoyable. I always loved Bones and remember wanting to know what was going on in his head. Apparently it was a LOT of lust and insta-love. It did however take me a while to get through it. The first 25% really dragged for some reason. Once they made their deal and started training and getting to know each other it picked up. The banter was as great as I remember. Tracking down Hennessey felt like it dragged on a bit. I laughed really hard when Bones had his battle with Switch in a town 15 minutes from my house. Freaking Cedar Lake...

I appreciated the technical updates while still keeping it true to the original story. What initially drew me to the series was his similarities to Spike from Buffy.  He certainly as ruthless, but could still be gentle, and also a complete headstrong MAN at times creating more problems than needed. 

I've heard that she's doing the next one as well from Bones' perspective and tracking her down should be interesting!
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It's been a while since I read the original books in this series but I really enjoyed seeing the story from a different perspective.

I find it refreshing when an author returns to a story and gives the other main character a voice. It's unique from dual POV. 

Even if you have never read the original featuring Cat you will be swept along on the journey.  It's a retelling of the first in series.
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Getting the other side of the story is often my fond wish when it comes to books that have a compelling couple and only one of them narrated. I was jazzed to discover that after their story was complete, Jeaniene Frost brought readers back to the beginning and told how it happened from her vampire hero’s perspective, but also from his background and his world.

The Other Side of the Grave is written so that newbies and veterans to the series alike can pick it up and enjoy it. Told parallel to Halfway to the Grave and a little of One Foot in the Grave, Bones’ tale fits in well to read before, after, or hey, during the reading of those books from Cat’s perspective.

Bones is an old master vampire and he’s tracking down a vampire who can give him the intel he needs to solve a big vampire-related problem. But, just as he tracks down the guy, a human woman vampire hunter cuts off his access to information. However, in a stunning twist, he learns from the woman that she is in fact a rare half-breed who has no idea about his world and only a hard on to kill all vampires in a sad quest to get her messed up mom’s love.
Ordinarily, Bones would make a quick end of a human killing his kind willy nilly, but he falls for the foul-mouthed brassy female from the beginning so decides to turn all that hate to his own advantage. He can’t infiltrate some of the vampires he needs to question without sending them scurrying or unwilling to cough up the information he needs to finish his mission, but this gorgeous human-seeming female could waltz right in and simply look like luscious food.
So, the training begins and this mismatched pair reluctantly and provokingly come together as a partnership on more than one level.

The Other Side of the Grave was a fun waltz down memory lane. It has been years since I read the Night Huntress series particularly the Cat and Bones books. I found reading this freshened my memories, but gave fuller details than I remember the first time through. Cat had to learn about the vampire world that was half her heritage over the course of the series while Bones was already an older master vampire. Cat had to learn what was going on that Bones was investigating while the reader gets to see the case from the perspective of Bone’s knowledge. And, it was absolutely the most exciting and fun thing to see their building relationship and romance through Bones’ eyes.

Confession time, I loved the Night Huntress series while sometime barely tolerating Cat herself. I admired her gutsy nature that held strong and got up when she was beaten down, but not the stupid, unnecessary choices or big mouth behavior and stubbornness at the wrong moments. Switching perspectives makes a difference. This one felt darker and broodier because Bones isn’t a young smart-mouthed hotshot, but I think it tempered the experience to just the right tone.

But, oh how sultry and sexy. This carried over in both books. Definitely the big money reason to have it from Bones’ perspective. The vampire got me all hot and bothered right alongside Cat. Please say there is more coming…

All in all, it was just what I was hoping for and makes me want to pick up and re-read large portions of the early books. Urban Fantasy fans really should tick the Night Huntress series off their lists and already fans should not miss this parallel book that reflects’ Bones’ perspective.
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(sigh) It was so nice to visit Bones and Cat again. Its been 6 or 7 years since I first discovered this series so it has been awhile. This was like reading it for the first time all over again. I typically don't like to reread the same story from the POV of the hero but this one was refreshing..... an I mean come on..... its Bones!!! Enough said.
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Jeaniene Frost's Halfway to the Grave was my very first step into paranormal romance, therefore her books have always held a special place in my heart. I was SO excited to finally get this book from Bones POV, especially as Jeaniene always said she wouldn't do it. But I'm so glad she did! This was fantastic, and as always I can't wait for more by her.
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I really enjoyed this introduction into this world and I just couldn’t get enough of it. I just so thoroughly enjoyed meeting these new characters and getting to go on their journey. I will most definitely be reading more wonderful books from this author.
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I have read the entire series multiple times. I have always wanted to read from Bones' point of view and this book does not disappoint at all!!
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Love this series , it's one of my all time favorite ones to read , and I was so surprised to see that we finally get Bones point of view,  and I enjoyed it 100%, it reminded me as to why I love the series , and their story.
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In the introduction, the author says she didn't feel the need to write Bones' story until he started "speaking" to her. Well, I'm not sure she should have listened. Don't get me wrong, I love Cat and Bones and the whole Night Huntress series. I love the other books set in this world, too. I was pretty interested in hearing Bones' side of the story when I first found out about this book, but I am not sure that it was necessary.

Honestly, I would rather re-read Cat's side of this tale (which I have done more than once) than read another one from Bones' perspective. I didn't think that his side added anything new or exciting to what was in the original. The author's intro advertises that Bones had a lot to say and that what he revealed to her was surprising, but I couldn't for the life of me figure out what was so drastically different from what I already knew.

I enjoy Bones as a character, but I think I will give a hard pass to any of the other stories from his point of view. Cat said enough. If I want to read the stories again, I think I will just stick with her version.
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Crystal's Thoughts

Finally, we return to the Night Huntress world! Not with a new book in the series, no, but the beginning of the series through Bones's eyes. Was this something readers had longed for? Heck, yes! Was this something that we ever expected to happen? Nope. But it did, and it delivered everything I didn't even know to hope for! 

"Tonight, Bones hunted."

It's difficult to put down my thoughts on this book without gushing incoherently, but allow me to say that if you didn't already worship at the alter of Bones, you will after reading his side of Halfway to the Grave! And if you already lusted after Bones from the get-go, get ready, because you will fall even more in love with him, as impossible as that may seem! One of the things readers appreciate most about Bones is that he makes no apologies for the vampire he is. He is not human. He is a master vampire. He doesn't live by human standards and his oft-times difficult life has shaped him into the vampire he is today. In The Other Half of the Grave, we finally get an in-depth dive into Bones's past, his relationship with Ian, and all of those convoluted feelings he experienced when first meeting Cat. 

"Yes, she was fantasizing about ripping both of her weapons through his heart while he was feelings things he'd probably only heard of before, but who said romance was perfect?"

One thing that took me by surprise in his side of the story, was the extent of Bones's feelings for Cat, and how soon those feelings emerged. I've heard some readers complain about what they thought was "insta-love" between Cat and Bones at the beginning of the series, but I didn't agree because Bones had to work for Cat's affection. Even then, it wasn't until we were three books into the series that Cat's love for Bones and her acceptance of his world really solidified. With Bones we see the total opposite. Meeting Cat was like a silver stake to the heart for him, instant. 

"...he was now head-over-heels for a prissy, murdering half-breed who hated the sight of him and snored."

I respect that despite his quickly growing feelings for Cat, Bones never let them outwardly show because he knew that Cat needed time to grow and accept him for who he was, not what he was. Another aspect that we didn't see much of through Cat's eyes was the extent of Bones's jealousy. Yes, we know that vampires are possessive creatures. And yes, Tate, but that all comes a bit later. Cat often uses herself as bait to catch unruly vampires throughout the series' storyline, and Bones sat by while she did so. Readers never saw just how difficult that was for Bones, and just how much he hated it until now. 

"He had to bury his emotions. They made him reckless, and he couldn't permit that. Until this was finished, he wouldn't allow himself to feel at all."

Before beginning The Other Half of the Grave, I did binge re-read the entire Night Huntress series. Including the Night Huntress World, novellas, and Night Prince series. ( Sorry Ian, I couldn't wait any longer to begin on Bones. ) I am so glad that I did because honestly, I didn't realize just how much I missed these characters until reading about them all over again. It was akin to coming home and no matter how many years had passed in-between visits, everything was still the same as I remembered. Don't worry if you think this is going to be a Halfway to the Grave verbatim though, because it's not. Bones has a lot going on that Cat was not aware of, and some other scenes vary because Bones saw them differently. 

"If you run from me, I'll chase you. And I'll find you."

The one and only thing that I did not care for was the modernization of the book. Which the author explains at the start of the book, and I do understand the reasoning behind it, but I found it unnecessary and would have preferred if it was kept in the same time period technology-wise as Halfway to the Grave. Despite that small dislike, I can't wait for Bones's side of  One Foot in the Grave.  However, I really want his version of Destined for an Early Grave. The emotional turmoil that book put me through from Cat's side alone, gah! I can't imagine how much more intense it would be through Bones's eyes. I've said it before, and I will keep saying it. The Night Huntress series is a must read for every paranormal romance reader, and if you have yet to begin it then you are missing out. Jeaniene Frost's gifted writing, the unique world she has created here, and it's memorable characters that inhabit in it are incomparable.

"I love you too, Kitten. Today, tomorrow, forever."
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Return to the beginning of the story of Cat and Bones through a fresh set of eyes.  Bones is hunting some very nasty vampires when Cat walks into the bar and walks away with his quarry.  Bones has to figure out who she is, why she hates all vampires and how quickly he can change her mind about him.

It was wonderfully nostalgic to re-read the story from a new perspective.  It's a great treat for fans and a good alternative starting point for new readers.  I highly recommend it.
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I absolutely LOVE when I get the chance to read the hero’s POV. I couldn’t wait to get my hands on this and it did not disappoint. Bones has long been one of my favorite book paranormal boyfriends! Getting inside his head was euphoric!
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FINALLY!! Bone's POV was just as delightful as I hoped it would be. I adore this series and getting it for a second time just means another round of goodness and the chance to see our favorite couple's romance from the very beginning. Besides...this means another chapter 32!!
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Truly a unique book experience. Having read the original book from Cat’s perspective, it was interesting to see the whole story from Bones point of view. The differences in how they were thinking at the same time was fascinating. I believe it brought their story to life in a 3 dimensional way. Being able to now see how each was thinking makes the entire story more realistic. 

I received an ARC copy of this book from the Publisher via Netgalley and am voluntarily leaving my review.
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It completed the epic story of how Cat and Bones got together and fell in love. 

We met Cat and Bones in Halfway to the Grave, the first book in Jeaniene Frost’s Night Huntress series. In that book the story is told exclusively through Cat’s eyes. The Other Half of the Grave tells the same story, but from Bones’ perspective. We get important information about the vampire world and about Bones’ feelings right from the start, which are all more slowly revealed through the rest of the series, all from Cat’s point of view. 

It was a treat to see how Bones experienced their initial meeting and how he saw Cat. Bones and Cat are each amazing in their own way, but together they are spectacular. 

If you’re not familiar with the series, I would start with Halfway to the Grave and then read Bones’ perspective. Now I wish we could see some of the events from the rest of the series through Bones’ eyes as well. And that epilogue was the best.

I can recommend this entire series if you like paranormal romance with lots of steamy romance and head-strong characters. It’s best to read them in order. There are also some spin-off books, in case you want more.

Thank you to Netgalley for providing me with a copy. All thoughts and opinions are my own.
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ARC Cordially provided by NetGalley~

I am a recurring reader of Jeaniene Frost and a particular fan of Bones and Cats stories!
Having said that I'd like to take the time to thank Independent Publishers Group for sharing this title for my reading Pleasure 💙  
Genre~ Paranormal Romance
Series~ Male POV of previous series
Cheating~ No
HEA~ see spoiler in my GR review link above
Would I read more by this author/or in this series~ Yes
Rating~ 3.5 stars
Rating~ 3.5 stars

Here goes~

Bones is a 250+ y/o super vamp who runs into a lovely 'Creature' on one of the nights he is out HUNTING
Bcause he's a true professional and must stay focused he declines the offer made by the lovely redhead
Soon Bones realizes there's no way to avoid the redhead and takes the lead but will she allow him to teach her his techniques or will she slice his throat?
If u've read "Halfway to the Grave" U are aware of the rest of machinations that comprise this exquisitely beautiful adventure and if u have not get started there! 
I was happy to see some new characters on Bones side of his lifestyle and the addition to technological modifiers to keep up w/current times
Ms. Frost storytelling is one of my favs and the only reason I did not do more stars is bcause I was Xpecting more of HIS POV
Bones memories in London/Australia etc..
Bones transformation
Bones inner dialogue of what he's Xperiencing all the time not so much as the same stories we got from the first book explained in his words like he's narrating what we already knew Cat was gonna do and be doing ~ Like when they go to the Simms cemetery to talk to Winston. Pretty much just narrated by Bones
I wanted More like the conversation he has w/Spade over the phone! 
How he plans w/Rodney how to deal leaving the country etc...

All in all~
I can't wait for more!  💋💋💋
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This book was such a delight! I know Bone's POV was highly sought after by readers and it did not disappoint. I loved getting more of his perspective and I was just as investing in his love story this time as I was the first time.
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This book is a great way of "re-reading" a series with a neat twist of changing characters.

It's been years since I read the first book in this series, so I just barely remembered the broad strokes of how this all began.  I was essentially a fresh reader and enjoyed it immensely!  Do I know how it all end?  Of course!  Did it diminish my enjoyment?  Not at all!  In fact, knowing how some relationships change and grow had me enjoying it even more.  

If you've never read the series... I'm not sure what to recommend.  Should you start with the original?  Or start here?  It probably doesn't matter, but I like the full circle way I got to re-enjoy all over.  I enjoy Bones, but this gave the author a way to fill some plot holes, update some tech, and give me a new book to read, while still letting me re-read a series.  What's not to like here?  The story itself is a fun paranormal story that really goes outside the typical paranormal romance lines.
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I am a really big fan of Jeaniene Frost and this series hooked me years ago. Now, maybe that is my main problem with this title but here are my thoughts. Frost's novels have improved each time she writes and I have loved to watch her grow but this book destroyed that image for me. Her writing style was horrible. There was no good connection to Bones and that hurt me. It felt a LOT less in depth in terms of his character and anyone that has read her stuff can say that Bones has character and many of us wanted to explore more of his side of things but it just fell flat. If this was the Night Huntresses 1st book then I would not have continued on but luck has it that series was Cat. I hope you find Bones' voice and really show it through your reading but at this moment the book just felt poorly written.
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