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From pre-trial hearings an opening and closing statements this book reads like a horror tale one where those incarcerated have no chance of getting out the sad thing about this book is that it’s non-fiction and not something made up to entertain I think everyone should read this book and although I always say if you don’t want to go to prison don’t break the law but the guilty or not the only ones incarcerated and as for those that my heart breaks. Imagine being miles away from an incident and yet you spend 20 years of your life trying to prove your innocence even though your co-conspirator already admitted you had nothing to do with it but because of one stupid judge who sells despite the confession he sees no reason to Gram the new trial you have to spend your life in prison things like this so sad and more people should know about them there’s power in numbers and if we all get interested we can make changes to the system we call Theron balance. They say justice is blind in reading this book I believe it but not in the way our forefathers meant it. This was a really good book and one everybody should read. I received this book from NetGalleyShelf and the publishers but I am leaving this review voluntarily please forgive any mistakes as I am blind and dictate my review.
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Interesting to get a behind the scenes view, as I've always admired our democratic system.  I didn't love what I saw behind the scenes. This lens is very honest about the shortcomings, which makes it a good biography in terms of reflecting the system accurately.
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