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3/5 ⭐

I thought this was a sweet, quick read. The language and writing was simple and easy to read. The story flowed well. The characters were flawed but enjoyable to read about. I loved seeing them navigate new parenthood together while also grappling their feelings for one another. I think the navigation through grief was raw and true, though honestly it felt as if the kids didn't experience as much as what I'd expect in a real life situation. I do have to say that the storyline was quite predictable, but that didn't take away the joy of reading it.

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Well thanks for making me cry like a baby in the middle of the car dealership getting my oil changed as I finished this one!

Woooof all of the emotions. I read this in less than 24 hours and I was so invested in the relationships, the emotion, all of it. The processing of loss, the emotions and amazement that children bring into your life, love and friendship, the sad moments, the heartwarming moments…. Read this. You just have to read this. I can’t get over all of the emotions this book put me through, just beautifully done!

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4.75/5 Stars

Wow this book was such a wonderful read! It was heartbreakingly beautiful. I laughed, I cried & it gave me so many warm fuzzies.

I loved the main characters & how they were complete opposites. The chaos was beautiful and while some of the topics were heavy, I thought the author handled them with respect.

I 100% recommend this book if you were a fan of Life As We Know It or Raising Helen. It honestly was such a lovely read. The finding family aspect of it was truly beautiful, I couldn’t put this one down!

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TW: death of a parent/sibling/friend, car accident, grief

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3.75 stars

The Godparent Trap follows Colby and Rip who are left the co-guardians of their bestfriend/sister’s children after a tragic accident. Colby and Rip have always been at odds with one another and are complete opposites. Forced to work together, they learn that there’s a very thin line between love and hate…

Before we even talk about my thoughts, I’d like to acknowledge the covert. I love it. I think the bright colours are very eye-catching and it definitely improved my mood before even reading the book.

That being said, I thought this book was a cute read that handled important topics such as grief/loss really well. I liked how the characters were perfectly flawed and their banter was very enjoyable to read. I am a sucker for opposites attract and this book delivered on that.

I think that I would have like more of explanation on why Rip said that Colby was the worst date he’s ever been on. That part wasn’t explained much and left me a little confused. I also just wanted more from Rip. He said some hurtful things to Colby and some more groveling would have been amazing to read about.

Overall, I’d recommend this book if you would like a cute read that will take you on a slight rollercoaster of emotions.

Release Date: July 19, 2022

More info:
POV? Dual (Colby & Rip), First Person
Cheating? No
Spice? Little bit of descriptive spice
OW/OM drama? Slight but is not reciprocated by MMC
HEA? Yes

List of possible triggers:
- death
- grief/loss

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2.5 stars
2 🔥🔥

CW: major grief, on page death, car accident, past death of parents, orphaned children

Super quick read with an interesting premise (I love unexpected guardian(s)) but the execution was really off. I’m bummed because the writing/editing let down what could be a really great story. There is one chapter that is literally word for word the exact same as the prologue. The timeline is also really strange - this all happens in the immediate weeks after the parents die and it’s hard not to feel whiplash between their grief, their budding relationship, a one-dimensional villain, a really annoying friend, and the constant ping ponging between Rip’s work and their house, the only two locations in this book.

This is just petty, but this buttoned up organized man is not a Rip. The name choice seemed particularly strange considering death (RIP…) is such a huge plot point?

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✨The Godparent Trap✨
By Rachel Van Dyken
Pub Date- July 19, 2022

“A trap that’s not really a trap but a dream. One I’ve wanted to be stuck in my entire life.” - Rip

🍐 Colby and Rip are the godparents to two small children, Ben and Viera. An unthinkable loss occurs with the deaths of Ben and Viera’s parents, Monica and Brooks. This forces Colby and Rip to move in with each other to co-parent the children. There is a long history between the two, including one disastrous first date. The story follows along as they must find a way to put their differences aside, grieve the loss, build the family, and maybe find love in the end.

🍐 Quick, fun heartwarming read
🍐 Dual POV- Rip and Colby
🍐 So many romance troupes covered including enemies to lovers and best friend’s brother.
🍐 The children are adorable!!
🍐 The struggles of parenting are covered in a realistic and relatable way!
🍐 Heavy topics(including death) are approached with humor and grace.
🍐 Rip’s best friend and the banter he brings!
🍐 Stu, the diaper wearing cat

🍐 Rip is downright mean to Colby and although it made for some great banter, it just seemed to much at times. I wanted to like him more.
🍐 The last 15% of the book felt rushed and confusing. Lots of “what the heck is going on here” thoughts.

✨Overall, it was a cute story with lots of heartwarming moments that made me laugh and cry. If you were a fan of the movie Life As We Know It, then you’ll love The Godparent Trap.

Thanks @netgalley, @readforeverpub, and @rachvd for an advanced eArc.

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This is a story about getting set up... except for coparenting instead of a date.

I've read a couple books recently that operate on the humor created by a woman being a mess.. and don't get me wrong, life is messy and messy things are often objectively funny; however, someone's distress as a bunch line just doesn't feel hilarious to me.. But I could've gotten past that, if Rip wasn't such an unequivocal asshole. Sure he was eventually kind to her, but why would you want to be with someone who is only kind to you once he's determined you have value to him as a potential paramour? There were cute parts, and it was a super quick read- so some pros! But overall this fell flat for me.

Thank you so muhc netgalley & grandcenteral publishing for the earc!

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This was a fast paced read! I finished it in two days. I loved the dynamic with Rip, Colby, and the two kids. It showed a realistic version of parenthood and the chaos that comes with it.

The pacing seemed a bit off. Some plot lines should have been expanded to build on the emotions of what the characters were going through. I think the characters’ romance felt a bit rushed.

Overall, a quick and easy romance!

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✨ARC Review ✨
Thank you to Rachel Van Dyken and Netgalley for the ARC to review.
Y'all, I absolutely without a doubt adored/ loved this book! It was absolute perfection. The writing was phenomenal. The characters were amazing. The storyline was so interesting. And the topics were perfectly portrayed. This story had me smiling, laughing, and crying. I felt the characters pain, I felt their love, and I felt their chaos. Colby was amazing, she was strong, she was brave, sweet, and so loving. Rip was the perfect book boyfriend. He was grumpy, sexy, sweet, and so caring. I have no words to describe how amazing this book was. It is probably my new favorite from her (sorry Sanchez, Rip just stoled your spot😊). I highly highly recommend this one.

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3.5/5 stars

Read this in one sitting because I couldn't sleep!! I really enjoyed this one even though the premise is SAD and both main characters are processing grief. It's a really quick read and this distracted me from my inability to sleep so that's always nice.

I loved the chaotic kids and how Colby and Rip would do anything for these kids.

Colby and Rip don't like each other and I didn't really see the moment when their emotions switched. It just seemed to happen? I get that they had come moments where they realized they judged the other, but it just seemed to be told to us and not shown.

I also did not love all the God talk and whatnot, but I could easily ignore it.

TW: death of a loved one, grief

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The Godparent Trap by Rachel Van Dyken was such a great read! It was adorable, heartfelt, emotional, and also had me laughing out loud. This enemies-to-lovers romantic comedy was just on point. Rachel Van Dyken gets it right with palpable grief, adorable children, and so much love. Romance aside, The Godparent Trap is infused with so much familial love it will have you bursting with it.

If you love books that bring every range of emotion then this book is for you! Readers that enjoy angst, enemies to lovers, opposites attract, grumpy vs. sunshine, forced proximity, and books with kids, read The Godparent Trap by Rachel Van Dyken!

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This was fine. A little too god’s will-y for me. Just not my personal jam. I don’t like stories where people die and they’re like “this was meant to be.”

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Perfect for fans of Raising Helen and Life As We Know It. I genuinely really loved this one and flew through it. Hard to put down and with lovable grumpy/sunshine MC’s, it’s a really sweet story about finding family.
TW: grief, death of a parent/sibling/friend l, car accident

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Colby and Rip find their lives turned upside-down when they become guardians to two children after the kids's parents die. Still reeling from the loss of Monica and Brooks, Colby and Rip suddenly have to figure out how to be parents-- and how to do it and cohabitate with someone they dislike. The Godparent Trap definitely deals with some really heavy subject matter, but it also has really sweet moments, and made me laugh out loud a few times (which is rare for me).

I loved the examination of grief in this book. Colby, Rip, and the kids all grieve very differently, and Colby and Rip's grieving processes clash a few times. I also liked how swiftly Rip was humbled on his first day staying home with the kids, though I wish it had leaned into that a bit more. I also liked how readily Brooks defended Colby when Rip complained about her having it easy staying home with the kids, and that Rip eventually came around and saw how much work went into Colby's job, though I wish that had been leaned into a bit more, as well. It felt like her job was still on the back burner throughout, even once he got more supportive.

The relationships between Colby and the kids; Rip and the kids; and all four of them as a unit were distinctly different, and really showed the differences in who Colby and Rip are as people and how differently they grieve. I had a hard time pinning down the ages of the kids, but found that overall I didn't care much about that. They were cute and they served the story well, and I didn't feel like I really *needed* to be certain about their exact ages. Ben's fear toward the end is heartbreaking and so, so understandable, and Rip's reaction to it shows how much he has learned, grown, and processed since the beginning of the book.

This book lost me quite a bit toward the end-- everything felt very rushed from about the 85% mark onward, and I wish there had been another 10k or so words to really flesh out the ending. I thought the whole part about Colby saving a mother and kid from a burning car needed to be expanded, and I was confused on pretty much all of the details about it. As someone who has dealt with some short-term memory loss, that part definitely read very realistically, but it didn't quite hit the emotional beat I wanted it to. Even with all of that, I liked the book overall, and would definitely recommend it.

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A terrible accident, two dead parents, two godparents who are secretly pining for each other, two hilarious toddlers and an anxious diaper wearing cat; the perfect recipe for a godparent trap.This novel was cute and heartfelt. It is the perfect book to get you out of a reading slump. Although the godparent trap is a story line that has been done before e.g. “life as we know it”, the author put her own spin to the trope. Rachel Van Dyken takes you on a beautiful journey full of grief, chaos, love and plenty of laugh out loud moments. Despite the fact that this novel was fast paced and such an easy read, the plot felt a little too familiar which is why I am rating this book 3/5

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“The godparent trap” is a contemporary romance that I found to be, despite its heavier themes, a very fun, easy to read book.

The book starts off great, with “enemies”, Rip and Colby, who suddenly find themselves the legal guardians of two children after a tragic accident. In addition to raising these children, Colby and Rip soon develop feelings for one another that extends beyond friendship. This is a predictable storyline and if you’re anything like me you’ll eat it up!

I do think the book started off very strong and had great character development. The relationship between our two main characters felt very real and developed quite organically (if a big rushed at times). However, after the halfway mark the pace of the book changed exponentially. It’s almost like the author got tired, wrote down a couple of ways to bring life back into the story, and then incorporated them all into the story, which ultimately made the story drag on longer than it needed to.

It was still a fun read, but had the story stopped after the main issue was resolved, I think this would’ve been a 5 star read for me.

Thank you to NetGalley for the arc in exchange for an honest review.

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4 stars ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
Thank you so much to grand central publishing for providing me with an ARC of this book!!!! Did I read this in one sitting? Yes. Did I cry? Also yes.
PLEASE READ THIS!!! It was so cute and different from other romances. I would definitely look up trigger warnings before reading.

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This was a cute, fast read. It did cover heavy topics like death of a parent/sister/best friend and hospitalization, but the book handled it well and with respect. Rip and Colby had great chemistry and I did root for them, and I loved Banks as someone trying to push them together. I thought the end could have had a touch more drama, but I also didn’t want the characters to go through much more trauma.

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Great story! Love opposites attract! Great story read in one sitting! Love this author and how she can write great stories!

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Tags: Opposites Attract - Sunshine Grump - Found Family - Guardian Romance
Enemies to Lovers - Forced Proximity - Best Friend’s Brother

The Godparent Trap was such a wonderful and emotional read for me – I sped through this one in a day without even meaning too. Having read some Rachel Van Dyken books before and seeing that this one was being released by one of my favorite publishers (Read Forever Pub) – I was so excited to get my hands on a copy.

I was intrigued to see how the book would pan out, as I have read RVD books before but they’ve all been romcoms. This one too gave the impression of a romcom, but knowing the premise and seeing the authors Content Guidance note at the beginning (can I give extra love for including that?? Amazing!), I wasn’t sure what to expect.

Luckily the book really surpassed my expectations, delivering a heartfelt romantic dramedy – with a nice balance (that felt true to life) of loss, grief, the craziness of life, and that tug back and forth as time moves forward. I laughed, I cried and I was rooting for this new and fragile family unit the whole time.

💫Ben and Viera – I loved these two kiddos and I was so glad that they remained central to the story throughout!
💫 Dual POV – I love, love, love getting some insight behind both Rip and Colby’s views and that it alternates throughout.
💫 The great banter (Rip and Colby, Colby and Banks, Banks and Rip – just lots of fun banter)
💫 All the great romance tropes (see my tags above)
💫 The laugh out loud moments that balanced out the tears (Burn Box, Viera’s family picture…)

Overall, I really enjoyed this book and would recommend for Rachel fans (obviously) and also for fans of Abby Jimenez and the like.

Thank you to Forever for another fantastic read and the chance to read an advanced copy. All thoughts and opinions expressed are my own and freely offered.

CW: Grief, Death of Parents

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