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This is the story about Rip and Colby. They are total opposites but they both love Monica, who is Rip's sister and Colby's bestie. When she marries, Rip becomes besties with her new husband Brooks. They then have two children and both become godparents to the children.

Rip is a very hot accountant and Colby is a traveling photographer with a very successful blog. Colby has crushed on Rip for years but they had one very awful date and since then hate each other. 

But they love Monica and Brooks and their kids and so when Monica and Brooks die they become responsible for their kids. At times it brings them closer but also bring them further away from each other. They both have to really grow up in this story and change their lives and what they imagine for their future as they have to do whats best for the kids.

This was a tear jerker but also one that gave me the giggles as Rip experiences the joy of raising kids and Colby falls hard for a life she never thought she wanted.

Its an awesome second chance romance but also a great hate turns to friendship and love while navigating life and kids together.
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Nothing explicitly bad, but wouldn’t say nothing explicitly great for me either.

I hated, and I mean hated, Rip’s character for the first third of the book. Even after he softened up a bit, still not incredibly redeeming.

I liked Colby alright, but my favorite was Banks. Can we get a Banks spin off please?

Just so so for me.
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Sweet and heartfelt slow burn. A bit of an opposites attract with a crazy family dynamic. I really enjoyed the personalities of Colby and Rip and might have shed a tear or two. I wish I had been more invested in the romance between the two characters, but the kid and adult element helped to tie this one together. The ending felt a little rushed and Heather was a character I could have done without. However, Banks was awesome! 

Thank you netgalley for the advance copy
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The 52 Book Club 2022 Challenge Prompt: 6. Household object on the cover (pillow, houseplant, picture frames)

Other Possible Prompts: 11. A book with less than 2022 Goodreads ratings, 15. A five-syllable title, 23. Author with an X, Y, or Z in their name, 41. Involves a second chance, 45. A book with illustrated people on the cover, 52. Published in 2022

Utterly shocked by just how many prompts this one fits. Anyways, like I wrote on Goodreads, I’m giving the story of this one four stars and the writing two stars – so I’ll meet in the middle at three. Objectively, this is not a great book, but if I’m being honest with myself, I also couldn’t put it down? So that’s still worth mentioning.

After a fatal accident leaves their best friend and sister dead, Colby and Rip become the guardians of their godchildren, Ben and Veira. They move into their friends’ house and attempt to keep some semblance of normalcy for the kids – even though Colby and Rip hate each other’s guts.

The pair had a failed date years before that left a bad taste in their mouths, and their lifestyles couldn’t be more opposite one another – Colby is flighty and carefree, where Rip is strict and rigid. The two are like oil and water, but it seems their friends knew more than they did about themselves when they left their children to both Colby and Rip. The two battle their grief and battle parenthood, as best they can, together.

First off, I just need to clear the air and say that Rip is literally the dumbest name I can think of. Rip (*shudders*). Rest in peace. Which honestly makes this story SO MUCH WORSE WHEN YOU THINK ABOUT IT. One time I literally read it that way in my head and I outwardly cringed. Who in the hell came up with “Rip”?

Additionally, this book totally reminds me of Life as We Know It, that Katherine Heigl and Josh Duhamel movie. I do enjoy that movie, because Katherine Heigl rocks, obviously, but this book feels like *literally the exact same plot* and it would be unfair not to acknowledge that fact when talking about the merits of the story. Did I like it? Sure. Was it original? Yea, nope.

Which leaves me to the writing. Which, also, not stellar. There’s a lot of inconsistencies and a lot of implied time gaps that need to be filled differently. I have to note that I’m reading the advance readers copy, so hopefully some of that will work its way out before final publication, but there’s something about the entire tone and flow of the novel that feels disjointed and amateur-ish. Apparently Van Dyken’s written ninety books, so I’m not sure why I’m getting the amateur vibe…but it’s there. Trust me, it’s there. It feels a bit like some moments you’re on the floor with our characters, participating in the action and watching a scene unfold, and then at some points I am a figure just hovering above it all, not even quite able to hear the characters’ voices clearly enough.

I have to give credit regarding the characters, however. Both Colby and Rip (*shudders again*) are well fleshed out and are both likeable in their own ways. They’re certainly the most round and most understandable, whereas some of the supporting characters make odd choices or don’t feel real. But, I suppose, it’s best that our main characters feel the most relatable to the reader.

I just have to say, especially if you’ve gotten this far down into my review, this is objectively not a good book. Like I can’t recommend this to you on it being good literature. It’s fine entertainment for a few hours, but no, it is not a good book.

I hope all that is helpful! Thanks to NetGalley for the advance readers copy of The Godparent Trap, in exchange for my honest review. This book is set to release July 19, 2022.

Have a most fantastic week! 🙂
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Absolutely LOVED The Godparent Trap. Enemies to lovers in a new and fresh way but also a deeply emotional and beautifully told story.
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The Godparent Trap by Rachel Van Dylan is an opposites attract, forced proximity, enemies to lovers precious romance novel that also has the one bed trope. It’s dual point of view, which I loved being able to get both sides of the love story. This book made me laugh out loud several times. It felt like a love letter to the chaos of growing up, family & trying to balance the beautiful mess that is life.
It reminded me of Life as We Know It movie with Josh Duhamel & Katherine Heigl, but it does have its’ own spin on it with the uptight finance hero meets untamable blogger/influencer heroine. 
It’s chaotic. It’s messy. It’s humorous & heartbreaking, but mostly it’s healing & heartwarming. It’s everything. This is the perfect book to sit down with after a hard week to just get lost in this beautiful family & love story. It certainly helped me after a rough week, so I’m very grateful. This was an easy 4 star book that was a bright spot & I loved it. 
The author put a content guidance at the beginning of the novel along with resources to help, which I thought was super rad & really appreciated! 
The Godparent Trap by Rachel Van Dyken comes out July 19, 2022! 

Massive thanks to NetGalley & Forever (Grand Central Publishing) for allowing me the opportunity to read an arc of this in exchange for an honest review. 

Trigger warnings: This book mentions &/or contains death/grief (specifically death of parent & sibling), ICU hospitalization & some bullying.

I will post on my Instagram as it gets closer & add links once I do.
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Another greatly written book by Rachel Van Dyken and I absolutely loved every second of it. The plot is very similar to the movie Life As We Know It starring Katherine Heigl and Josh Duhamel, Since I really enjoyed that movie I knew this book would hook me and it did. Great characters and an amazing story had me flying through this book. Can't wait to read what Rachel writes next!!!!
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When two people who are complete opposites find themselves being the guardians of two kids after a tragic accident. This book is emotional and heartwarming. Reading about them navigating the impossible, their personal trauma and emotional growth is incredible. You can’t help but root for them.
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4/5 ☆

TW: Grief, loss of a loved one/parent/best friend

I didn’t expect to like this book as much as I did. The synopsis just screamed the movie “Life As We Knew It” so why bother with a book? However, I was pleasantly surprised. I extremely enjoyed the characters in this book and the dialogue between the main characters and the tough conversations they had to have with the children.

Rachel Van Dyken was able to make light of a dark experience into one that was comedic and romantic. While I wish Colby and Rip’s relationship had been paced better and had bit more development, it still was a feel good book and I really appreciated how they came together to take care of the children. Their little moments when they texted and flirted with one another was sweet and their steamy scenes were just about right for a book that deals with grief/death and parenting of children. 

The ending definitely felt a bit rushed, but I loved, loved Rip’s monologue to Colby at the end. It hit me right in the feels that made me want more, which is why it felt a bit rushed to me! We do get an epilogue, which is nice, but again, I just wanted a bit more! Nonetheless, it was a really good read! Quick one too! 

-Forced proximity 
-Best friend’s brother 
-Guardianship after loss of a parent 
-Found family
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This book was adorable! The romance was very sweet and filled with some of my favourite tropes. I also really liked how the heavier topics were handled.
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If you want something fast-paced and easy, this is the book for you. I didn't like the characters' lack of depth, they didn't have any chemistry and they were so terribly boring. The premise of the book had such great potential, it could have been an amazing family story!

Thank you to NetGalley and the publisher for providing me with this arc in exchange for an honest review.
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The Godparent Trap was a bit slow to start and I found Rip to be too much of a jerk to Colby in the beginning, but it turned into a sweet story full of heart. I ended up really likening Rip and Colby and the adorable kiddos they become legal guardians to, Ben and Viera. I just felt like it was missing just a bit more substance. 

The Godparent Trap was a cute enemies-to-lovers story with very little drama, and it was surprisingly low angst. An enjoyable read overall.
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5 stars for The Godparent Trap! The chemistry between Rip and Colby was strong from the very beginning. You just wanted to scream at them to get it together from the start, but the wait was worth it. This book had me in tears throughout, but loved the ending. I only wish the Epilogue gave more details on Colby and Rip's career and more about their life. Also, I was surprised on Heather's ending. Other than that, would recommend to anyone!
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Colby and Rip are Frenemies. The only reason they are connected is that Colby is BFF with Rips's sister. They are about as opposite as two people can get. Colby is a free spirit, who works, but doesn't have a desk job. Rip is buttoned up tight and owns an accounting firm. Need I say more?

When tragedy strikes, Colby and Rip suddenly find themselves guardians of Maddie and Boone's children.. So not only have they lost family and friends, but two young children have become orphans and they are in over their heads!

At first, things start out as a war zone, two different people, who love the children fiercely, but have different styles on how to get things done. Rip thinks his job is more important and leaves Colby in over her head to handle things at home. He also expects her to live up to his level of perfection, which creates a lot of tension.

Enter the sidekick, Banks. He decides to become Rip's new BFF. He offers to help Rip out in a hilarious way.

With incredible emotions that the author nails, from "hate texting" to clearing out their friend's belongs in the closet. She has it nailed. ( I know because I just did this with my mother's things).

The two grow closer and Rip realizes that he truly wasn't looking for perfection in his life, he actually needed someone to "mess him up" and bring "a bit of chaos" into his life.

Colby says to Rip, "That's Satan's pigsty, and I have a feeling it's gonna be like that until we figure out how to balance our". He replies, "We'll get there". That about sums it up. Life is about compromise. It's a bit of give and take. No one is perfect, but they could be your version of just right.
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I loved the concept, but some parts fell flat.

After the death of both their best friends and his sister, Colby and Rip, are left to take care of their two kids.

My favorite things about the book:
- I really enjoyed the comedy aspects.
- The kids felt realistic.

My least favorite things about the book:
- It felt like there was a power imbalance between the two characters in the beginning of the book. It never really got resolved.
- He went from completely disrespecting her and what she stood for to being in love with her in 2 seconds.
- Wanted more Colby and her backstory
- The ending felt unneeded and rushed. Why was heather in the epilogue?
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This story hit me in the feels so hard. As a mother, I couldn't imagine two single people randomly becoming parents to a toddler and a preschooler. Holy heck! But it worked. RVD is amazing at her craft.
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The Godparent Trap by Rachel Van Dyken was a ride of emotional ups and downs.  This book had two very stubborn and caring main characters, two adorable kids and a side character best friend that will having you shaking  your head and laughing out loud (Max vibes). 

This  was a book that was funny yet heartbreaking.  I could totally relate to the mess of life with kids and the ups and downs of daily life.  

The main characters Colby and Rip are perfect for each other.  They are opposites attract. There banter was great and had me in awe of both characters. 

This book was an easy read that I couldn’t put down. Absolutely fell in love with this story and characters.
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Rachel takes one of my favorite troupes and wraps it in a heart-warming story about love & family. It had enemies to lovers, forced proximity, and grumpy/sunshine. The forced proximity is my favorite, and Rachel did is justice. I loved this book.
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Basically the movie “Life As We Know It” but gender swapped and in book form. 

It was a cute and quick read, but it was a bit predictable.
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How absolutely beautiful. With chaos and calamity comes a side of calm and learning to go with the flow. 
Every single character developed over the course of this story, growing from something incredibly awful.
Rip was unexpected for me, I didn’t necessarily expect the extent of his change. Colby was the kind of girl I always root for in a romance novel.
Just absolutely fantastic.
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