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This book was cute, easygoing and a breeze to read. It also has some of my favorite tropes! However, since it is fast paced certain parts felt rushed. There were certain scenes that definitely deserved a bit more attention and development, due to how angsty they were. It was giving more “telling” and not “showing” which takes away a bit from the moment.

Also not a fan of the… “incident” towards the end. But that’s just a personal preference.

The book is still enjoyable and has a lot of sweet, cute and funny moments. The kids are the most adorable menaces, Colby and Rip are easy to like and Banks is the cherry on top of it all.

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Okay, yes, this story is a romance, and a really sweet one, but more than that, it provides a really lovely commentary on grief, recovering after a trauma, and parenting. Rip and Colby were really sweet together, and I enjoyed watching them figure out their new normal while slowly falling for each other. I appreciated the respect for stay at home parents thrown in there because it is really hard, and we don’t get enough credit, so I loved watching Rip and Colby try to navigate that!
As far as side characters go, I LOVED Banks, but I thought Heather was unnecessary and their arc wasn’t needed.

I was given an ARC of this book by NetGalley and Forever (Grand Central Publishing). All opinions are my own.

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Thank you the the author , publisher, and NetGalley for the chance to read an early copy of “The Godparent Trap.” Overall, I found this to be a sweet read and surprisingly upbeat for the somewhat sad premise. I think RVD did a good job of balancing sweet funny moments with some tear provoking scenes. I thought the romance between Colby and Rip was believable and the reader really felt the chemistry between the two. I also loved the two children. By the end, I was wishing for more from this unconventional family. I definitely recommend this book!

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Joy and Sorrow. Is what this book brought me. I laughed and oh did I cry So much. I was looking for a cute and fun read. This book sure did deliver. I love books that evoke emotion.

Colby and Rip become parents after their best friend and sister die in an accident. Instant family, only thing is Colby and Rip hate each other. Now they have to console and parent two grieving children.

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This story follows Colby and Rip. Rips sister and best friend (both are friends with Colby)die in a tragic accident. They leave behind two children and a house that is already paid. They were both named the guardian of the children . Now their biggest struggle: to work together and raise both the kids. One date years ago caused them to truly hate each other ,but as they continue raising the kids and working together will they realize that hate can be mistaken for love?

I’m not going to lie, my heart went out to both Colby and Rip. They both lost people they care about and are thrust into the parent role . Their history and chemistry is evident from chapter 1 and it’s truly captivating. I really had a hard time with Rip in the beginning because it’s clear to see Colby is truly trying .

Grief affects people in different ways, and Rip already had the loss of both his parents , so it’s understandable why he gets frustrated with Colby. But it is also evident that there is some envy and yearning to be more like Colby .

The circling they did for a good chunk of this book drove me insane . I was continuously waiting for something to happen and when something did it was worth the wait . They learned to work on their grief both separately and together .

The relationship between Rip and Colby was truly beautiful (and their banter was quick, sassy and fun) and I loved how the author wrote them both as individuals and as a pair. Romance was a big factor of this book, but so
Was grief and how life is not easy ; that life can be very difficult but beautiful.

I highly recommend this book and I give it 5 stars. I. Will have to read more from this author.

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This is one of my all-time favorite tropes. I would definitely recommend this to anyone looking for a quick romance and who loved the movie "Life As We Know It."

Colby and Rip are left to care for their best friends, Monica (Rip's sister) and Brooks, two children. Colby is an adventurous food blogger who travels around the world, and Rip is a Type A accountant. They are left to navigate grief and childcare together. 

Banks was fantastic!

The kids were adorable!

This was a short read on grief and healing while redefining the meaning of family. I have to admit, at the beginning of this book, I was not a fan of Rip and couldn't imagine how I could come to like him. I hated how he made Colby feel and how he treated her like trash. While he did go through character development, he was still not my favorite character. In the end, he was just okay. I loved Colby. She was doing her best. Life is hard, and she was trying. She definitely took responsibility and stuck with it even though she felt like she wasn't doing enough. I loved the slow burn at the beginning of their relationship. While there was already an attraction there, we got to see it develop into compromise and a sort of friendship.

I wish it was longer. The story went too fast and ended too quickly for me. They went from a possible slow burn to escalating quickly into a relationship and then ending it. This could've been a more developed slow burn, where they got to explore more of their feelings, and we could have seen the true healing process where they navigated healing with the kids and falling in love. It felt like the moments of healing were being glanced over. This all happened in a couple of weeks, and it made it seem like they were 60% healed at the end. I wish there was a bigger time gap to show the struggles of balancing the kids, their new relationship, more of the conflict with Heather and Banks, and self-reflective healing.

Thank you, Netgalley and Forever, for providing an early copy of this book.

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This was an easy satisfying, emotional rom-com. While it might be a little too close to the plot of the movie Life As We Know It, and the ending felt like a big stretch in a variety of ways, I still enjoyed it. It made me laugh and it made me cry. Overall, a very cute book.

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I always hate to write reviews like this (and won't post this to GR), but . . . this was a DNF for me. I am a total goober for this set-up (accidental kid acquisition, forced proximity, force cooperation), and was SO excited when I came across this on Netgally. Unfortunately, I only got about 25% of the way through before I couldn't stand it anymore. This just isn't a "hate to love" scenario that's done well. Character motivation was all over the place. The mains are vile to each other and will be DEEPLY repelled by one another (like, in a fundamental "i disagree with who and how you are as a person and i'm saying it to your face in a hateful way) in one sentence, and in the next be lusting after the other person?? I do genuinely like hate-to-love, but this just gave me whiplash as a reader, and seemed to make no sense, logical, emotional, or otherwise. I appreciate the chance to read and review it, but THE GODPARENT TRAP is not for me, and just got me jonesing for this trope done well (i.e. the movie Life As We Know It).

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The Godparent Trap was the perfect read! Chaos, messy and real come to mind. If you're a parent you know how crazy life can get. Colby and Rip get thrown into a place that neither were prepared for and the outcome 🙌. RVD never seems to disappoint when it comes to smooth story lines, intriguing characters and ripping emotions out of you. Don't worry, she'll mend you back together. With that being said, take the chance with this story. You won't be disappointed.

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So fun. I read through this one in a day. The kids were my favourite part of this. Trigger warnings for talk about loss of a loved one. Thank you to the publisher for my copy.

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Thanks NetGalley and Forever Grand Central Publishing for the opportunity to read The GodParent Trap in exchange for my honest review.

Life As We Know It is one of my all time favorite movies so when I discovered this book I KNEW I had to read it. I was not disappointed. Although I did not care for Heather while reading this story. I felt like she added something to the story but at the same time didn’t? But I LOVED Banks and everything about his character. Colby and Rip are two different people but I love how raising the children brings them closer and understand each other. It was a heartwarming story with grief, sad moments, but a lot of fun moments!

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A very quick read with lots of pining. I really enjoyed the two main character Rip and Colby. Their relationship was sweet and developed perfectly. This isn't a type of book I normally gravitate towards but I still enjoyed it over all. The ending felt a little rushed but it did fit in my opinion and was necessary to the over all story. A solid quick read.

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Well if you watch “Life as we know it” (2010) the romcom which has Katherine Heigl ( not a big fan), Josh Duhamel ( same as for him) the plot of this book has a huge similarities with the synopsis of the movie with slightest differences: at the movie: the heroine is strict , annoying, bossy one as the hero is partying, irresponsible, immature one and both of the characters are best friends of dead parents. They are not relatives.
Let’s take a closer look to the plot of the book:
This book is interesting, sad, heartwarming enemies to lovers story!

Monica and Brooks; sweet, lovely couple with lovely two kids ( one boy-5 and one girl at age 3). Monica’s brooding, workaholic brother Rip and her best friend Colby who is also lifetime nemesis of her brother are other two members of the family they’ve created ( both of them lost their parents) They had a car accident when they head out for a trip to celebrate their 10th wedding anniversary as Colby and Rib were taking care of their children. They died and now Rib and Colby who barely resist to urge for ripping each other’s throats are the legal guardians of the children who are forced to share the same house and learn how to be parents.

I think VanDyken’s plot is more realistic because at least: one of the parties: Rip: ( his name made me confused because there’s already enough dead in this book) stuck up, control freak, annoying hero who loves discipline, safety, order is real relative of the kids. The reason behind his perfectionism and over controlling manners were realistically told. You can easily empathize with him.

And food blogger, easy going, vivid, entertaining, cute Colby was so much lovable from the beginning even though she is messy and chaotic!

I loved the witty banters and sexual tension between the couple! The opposites attract, enemies to lovers, sunshine meets the grump and a little pretending relationship ( between Banks and Colby) tropes were well blended into the story.

I was so close to give five stars because I had amazing time. I laughed so hard and the emotional parts truly wrecked my heart but the last minute angst the author threw at us was a little unnecessary ( some parts are sweet but it is still a little far fetched with those too spiritual parts) and I have to admit I loved Banks! He’s my man! He reminded me of Bruce Willis’ David Addison character from Moonlighting with his pure charm, long, sarcastic talks, flirty looks, entertaining vibes ! But I hated to see how his storyline inappropriately unfolded. He even deserved his own book!

I’m still giving four I truly had so much and I love this author’s witty dialogues stars!
It’s easy to read and it guarantees so much laughs!

Special thanks to NetGalley and Forever ( Grand Central Publishing) for sharing this amazing digital reviewer copy with me in exchange my honest opinions.

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This is a very sweet book about finding love as two people are recovering from the grief of losing their loved ones while also attempting to parent the two kids that were left behind. Colby and Rip have been enemies for most of the time they've known each other, but they are bonded together through Rip's sister and Colby's best friend, Monica. When Monica and her husband, Brooks, die in a car crash, Rip and Colby have to work and live together as they parent Monica's children.

The most moving parts of the novel were the memories of Monica that each of the characters have. Rip especially has a lovely recurring motif of butterflies and what they meant to Monica (each time these were brought up, I got teary eyed). I wasn't as big of a fan of the subplot where Rip's best friend attempts to bring the two together by making Rip jealous because it felt more like it came from another book. Likewise with everything involving Heather - it wasn't bad, but tonally it felt a little out of place.

ARC provided by Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.

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The Godparent Trap was such an emotional and enjoyable read! I couldn’t help myself and read it in one sitting.

When tragedy strikes, Colby finds herself in charge of raising her best friend’s children - along with Monica’s brother Rip, whom Colby has always carried a torch for. He’s the type A to her hot mess and they don’t always see eye to eye on things. As their lives change and they adapt to life in the suburb (with children!), the pair realize forever was there all along.

This book was sad, sweet and everything in between. I loved the flashbacks with Monica and Brooks. I thought they really helped show the backstory between Rip and Colby. The passion and chemistry between the two was palpable and I was rooting for them to make a life together.

The only thing I didn’t love was the inclusion of Heather. It just seemed like unnecessary drama that didn’t really go anywhere.

Thank you to NetGalley and Forever for an advance copy.

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This book was an emotional rollercoaster that I would gladly ride over and over again. I laughed, cried sad and happy tears, and smiled so hard my cheeks started to hurt. It's the perfect romance novel that included so many important themes. It had it's own unique twists to it that kept me guessing every step of the way.
Thank you Netgalley for providing me with the ARC of this book!

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An easy enjoyable read with great characters. The children were so good! I really liked this one. However, I would have liked the conflict re: Heather to be more fleshed out.

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Such a roller coaster of emotions. You get the romcom feel along with the grief of loss. Beautifully written in a dual POV, you see how Rip and Colby (and the kids) come to terms with their new normal.

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This book was absolutely precious. If you've ever seen the move "Life As We Know It" with Katherine Heigl and Josh Duhamel, then you know exactly what this storyline is. Colby and Rip are left to care for the two children of Rip's sister/Colby's best friend Monica and her husband, Rip's best friend, Brooks. Colby and Rip are about as opposite as any two people could be - Colby being an adventurous food blogger who travelled the world and Rip being a bit of a stuck-up accountant. Throughout the novel, Colby and Rip have to find a way to make their new life work for them while also figuring out what it means to be a family.

Add this to the list of lovely advanced reader copies I've been reading from NetGalley recently!

I absolutely loved this book. I could NOT put it down. I loved having chapters in Colby and Rip's separate perspectives. I found that I felt connected to both of the characters because of that. I also LOVED the kids. I work with children and seeing how the kids interacted with Colby and Rip and with each other reminded me so much of my work that I found myself laughing out loud wholeheartedly on more than one occasion.

The relationship between Colby and Rip was complicated and full of unresolved feelings and miscommunications. I found that I wasn't frustrated with their miscommunications because they were about things that would genuinely happen in real life, rather than the mundane and silly types of miscommunications that can be found in a lot of rom-coms. I think that the unfolding of their relationship happened in the best way possible - through the mutual love of the kids and the best friends that they lost. Through the love they felt for the kids and the dedication they both had to caring for them, they found love and respect for each other. I think it was actually really quite beautiful.

Banks was SUCH a joyful side character. His scheming to get Colby and Rip together was so kind and lighthearted that I couldn't help but absolutely adore him. And his mug collection?! I need it.

Overall, this book gave me a lot of joy. So much, in fact, that I was sad to finish it and not be able to read more about these characters. I felt like I watched them grow up in a way, and I really enjoyed that.

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Essentially the book version of the movie “Life As We Know It” starring Katherine Heigl and Josh Duhamel, The Godfather Trap is a quick read with lighthearted moments despite the tragic plot. There is chemistry between the lead characters.

Colby and Rip find themselves is an unexpected situation, sharing a home and serving as guardians to two young children (the children of Rip’s sister/Colby’s best friend). How will they navigate all of this in spite of their complicated relationship?

Without going in to too much detail to avoid spoilers, I felt like there was a bizarre plot point that was wholly unnecessary to the development and conclusion of the story.

I would recommend this to readers looking for a breezy, summer read (this will be published in July) who are also fond of enemies-to-lovers and forced proximity tropes and fans of the movie “Life As We Know It”.

Thank you to NetGalley and Forever (Grand Central Publishing) for the opportunity to review this ARC.

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