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I was really hooked on this series early on. But honestly, the longer it's drawn out and the love triangle unresolved, I'm losing interest.

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Turning Point is the third installment in the Kathleen Turner series and after reading the first two I didn’t know how Ms. Snow could possibly write a more suspensful book. But she pulled it off yet again.

There were so many aspects of this book that will keep the reader interested from start to finish. If the human trafficking story line wasn’t enough, there is the continued pull that Kathleen has toward the brothers, Blane and Kade. Side note… I am still fully team Kade in this series.

I can’t wait to discover what else Ms. Snow has in store for us down the road in this series. After three books ending in cliffhangers I’m desperate for Kathleen to find her happily ever after. This poor character has gone through so much turmoil in this series but she has toughed all of it out. Praise goes to Tiffany Snow for writing a character with so much back bone. I’m just a sucker for a story with a tough ass heroine.

I am now anxiously awaiting book four and look forward to seeing what trouble Kathleen could possibly get herself into next.

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