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Codi Hall is the queen of Christmas from com, and There's something about Merry that is just another notch on her belt. This is by far one of my favorite reads for the holiday season, and the print version is just as good as the audiobook. I will read anything she writes, and this one might be my second favorite. This was definitely sexy, and the pacing was perfect. This was the PERFECT follow-up from Nick and Noel's Christmas Playlist. I am genuinely obsessed with this world and loved seeing Nick's sister get her story told. This is a slow burn, but when you get there, O-M-G. The story is predictable, but honestly, that is why I love Christmas rom-com. They just hit the right spots; I could read this at any point during the year. The audiobook is just so fantastic; finally, seeing the words on paper was great. I suggest this for everyone who really loves those hallmark Christmas movie feels.
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A story set on a Christmas tree farm? Count me in!

I enjoyed There’s Something About Merry and found it to be a cute and fun read!

Thank you to Sourcebooks Casablanca and NetGalley.
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I absolutely loved the family dynamic in this story! Merry’s relationship with her sister, brother, and parents just reminded me so much of my family and how much we pick on each other and how sarcastic we all are.  That part of the story was very heartwarming to me! 

Add to that Clark Griffin! He is just the sweetest dad to his son Jace, who was absolutely hilarious, and such a great brother to his brother Sam.  He was just such a nice, upstanding, caring, thoughtful guy and just a swoony book bf for sure! Was it a bit of a slow burn?  Yes because Clark was hesitant, but once to heat got turned up?! Woah was it good! 

The way that, despite Merry’s hesitation about being with someone who has a child because of her doubts about herself, she really took to Jace and cared for him was just adorable.  There were so many “awwww” moments in this and I laughed so much with all the hilarious banter between everyone.  

Overall, I thought this was a fantastic holiday read, and highly recommend if you love good banter, and a sweet yet spicy romance! 😍😍
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I became a Codi Hall fan in 2021 and I am so happy to have had the opportunity to read another fun holiday book by her! Clark and Merry were super cute, and I found myself smiling through multiple chapters of this one. I loved it!
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This one was adorable! A single father with a history and a vibrant and bubbly heroine! The characters were endearing and authentic, and the dating app worked well. I also believe the story was a little too long, which I felt while reading it.
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This was a fun book to read over the Christmas holidays. The plot moved along quickly enough to keep me entertained.
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Mistletoe is such a great city! I absolutely loved this book! It had a slower start than i expcted, but once it got going it had a great plot. And while single dads arent usually my storyline, this one worked great for me.
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I loved reading this one. I just love this kind of books.
4 stars read for me. I love this author snd her writing style.
Thanks to netgally for this arc.
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Loved this one, it was a great holiday romance! For a full review, I have included my Goodreads review link!
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This one was like a warm cup of cocoa! If you enjoy romance and Christmas books, this one is for you!!!
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Perfect holiday romance to get you into the spirit of the holidays!
I absolutely love this series and this book!
What's not to love about a match between a grumpy single dad and the woman who brings him Christmas cheer. 

Want to listen to this one as well!!
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I will try to read this next year around Christmas time. I am a mood reader and I was not able to get to all of my Christmas books this year due to life events.
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If you are looking for a cute holiday romance with some steamy moments I highly recommend this one. You will love it!
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Thanks to Sourcebooks Casablanca for providing me with a free e-ARC of this book via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own. 

After not enjoying Nick and Noel's Christmas Playlist (the first book in this series), I was pretty hesitant about going into this one. And while it still wasn't an absolute hit for me, it was much better than the first book!

This book follows Merry as she falls in love with Clark, someone she knew in high school who reenters her life when he comes to work on her family's Christmas tree farm. It's a pretty standard and predictable story, but I think that I found it more enjoyable due to the fact that there was so much happening in the book. 

Merry and Clark's relationship was better developed than Nick and Noel's, in my opinion, but it still wasn't perfect. Luckily, there were loads of other things that kept me reading, such as the drama surrounding Clark's ex, as well as the relationships that Clark and his son build with the Winters family. 

I was pleasantly surprised by this one and can't wait for the author's next book!
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There's Something about Merry is a super cute Christmas-y read. I enjoyed the story of these two single by choice 'neighbors' who find each other through a dating app as they're also finding each other in real life. Merry has taken a year off of dating after a particularly bad break up and Clark has sworn off casual dating while raising his young son. The time off has made them more certain of what they want, like, and need from a partner and as they get to know each other they discover that the other has the traits they're looking for. What makes it fun is that they're doing this under the watchful eye of her family and his brother (and his son)--he's the foreman for her family's Christmas tree farm, a farm that she's going to eventually take over and run. Over the course of the novel there are a few (very few) stumbling blocks to their happily ever after which makes the reading easy and pleasant. I'd most definitely read the previous novel and look forward to reading the next one.
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There’s Something About Merry by Codi Hall is a sweet holiday romance set on a Christmas tree farm. This story apparently is a companion novel, but I haven’t read the first book. However, I was not lost or confused and found this story really easy to follow. This story is about Merry and Clark. Merry has returned home after being single for a year and one bad relationship after another. She’s ready to put herself out there again. Also, she wants to learn the ropes of running the family farm. Clark is the foreman of the farm and is the single father to Jace who is 7. He was sort of a nerd and has never really indulged a relationship after Jace’s biological mother abandoned them. Both Clark and Merry connect with each other on a dating app and the You’ve Got Mail vibes are immaculate.

I really was into There’s Something About Merry. Of the multiple holiday books I read this year, I would say this one was probably my favorite. I loved Merry’s family. Clark was such a good dad. There’s a puppy who is a lot of energy and work. The town sounded like an interesting place to live. And the book spans the full holiday season too. And we see vulnerability from both Merry and Clark. Oh, and there are some really spicy scenes too but without overwhelming the plot and story.

Codi Hall’s There’s Something About Merry is bursting with holiday spirit. This book has a holiday parade. There’s decorating. Also — it is set on a Christmas tree farm. It just filled me with good cheer and warmth as I read. I cannot wait to pick up more books by Codi Hall after reading this one.
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I'm giving this book 3.5 stars but rounding up to 4. I thought this was a cute holiday read. It had Hallmark movie vibes and a lot of sweet moments. I enjoyed the setting, the Christmas tree farm and some of the secondary characters were great. Jace was an adorable child and of course, the dog won me over!

Overall, it was an entertaining read but it did drag a little bit in the middle. There was a lot of dialogue at times that almost felt like filler when there wasn't much going on. The book had a little steam which was good, but it also just felt like filler at times. I felt like I needed a bit more from the main characters to be able to really root for them and care about them and it would have given the book a higher rating.

Good, but not as great as I hoped it would be.
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Codi Hall's Mistletoe Romance series was originally produced for Audible, and is now releasing a new title to the series every holiday season.  Last Christmas we got Nick and Noel's Christmas Playlist, and this year we are presented with There's Something About Merry (TSAM), taking place within the same family and universe as Nick and Noel.  Although TSAM is the second book in a series, it is not necessary to have read the first novel to enjoy this one.

After a string of bad relationships, Merry Winters called it quits on guys for a year, taking a break from dating and focusing on loving herself.  Living in a tiny house on the grounds of her family's Christmas tree farm, Merry is now feeling pretty satisfied with her life and is ready to get back on the dating scene.  On a whim, she creates a profile on a dating app and is soon matched with a guy who quite literally could have come from her dreams.  Little does she know that she has connected with Clark Griffin, the handsome single dad who has been hired to help out around the farm.  Will the sparks continue to fly once Merry and Clark meet in real life and they realize they have both quite literally fallen for the boy/girl next door?

Every time I pick up a Codi Hall novel I do not expect to enjoy it as much as I do!  I stand corrected time and again!  The Mistletoe Romance series isn't going to win any major awards, but it is cute, charming, and engaging, and quite frankly, what more could you ask for in a Christmas novel?  TSAM is a well-crafted romance bursting with Christmas cheer!  If you have been disappointed with the lack of actual Christmas in the holiday novels you have read of late, look no further than TSAM, which is double-coated in Christmas cuteness.  

Christmas aside, the romance between Merry and Clark is relatable and believable, and progresses at an even pace, not moving too fast nor too slow.  There is quite a bit of focus on Clark's role as a single dad, and how that impacts his life and relationships, so this book is as much about parenthood and dating when there's a child involved, as it is about love and lust.  Speaking of lust, there are a few steamy open door scenes included in this story, so keep that in mind if you are wanting to read a complete "clean" Christmas novel - this is not it!

Highly recommended to lovers of quintessential holiday romance movies and those needing a little pick-me-up during the Christmas season.
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I never expected a holiday romance to have crochet peens, puppy rescues, or giant lifted trucks but here we are...  And it WORKS.  Merry is just an awesome character - she's quirky, she knows what she wants (mostly!), and she's got great family and friends around her.  I really enjoyed her story (and the peens)!
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“There’s Something About Merry” is a binge-worthy Hallmark vibes story. There’s a few parts that are very much cheesy holiday — the names of the characters, the town itself, they own a Christmas tree farm — but the characters grab you and you find yourself enjoying a winter wonderland within the pages of the book. Overall I loved that there wasn’t a 3rd act break-up to deal with. There was a hiccup in the relationship around 50%, which allowed the last of the book to be the main male character making things right. It didn’t realize this was book 2 in a series, but you don’t need book 1 for this story to click. 

I am eager to read Holly’s story because I have a feeling it’s with Sam and that’s going to be HOT HOT HOT!
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