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OMG! This book was a TRIP! I LOVE LOVE LOVE Malik! this book has it all, action, werewolves, demons, highschool hell and character growth. I found myself cheering when Malik triumphed and worried when he fell!
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I've been having a hard time forming this review since I did not enjoy this book one bit. 
I had to DNF at 4 chapters because I just couldn't handle it. I'm really sorry.

I'll start with the writing style. It definitely shows it's a debute novel. The style of writing was of someone trying his best but not quite delivering. 😅 A lot of editing was needed. 
There was a massive amount of unnecessary details just dumped and thrown everywhere. 
I also don't think writing this book in 3rd person was a suitable call. It just wasn't going well. I know so because the author wrote the prologue in 1st person and it was fine. 
The prologue was the first  and probably one of the only few things I enjoyed in this book.

To be honest, what caught my attention in this book was the author's name, which so clearly indicates he's a muslim. But well, now I realize not every muslim will probably be a practicing one 😅. There were so many elements in this book that sounded so wrong from the Islamic sense. 
That didn't have me feeling comfortable at all. I realize this is a fantasy but religion is the most precious thing to me and furthermore this fantasy is set in our real world.

The plot was mostly just highschool kid teen drama and gosh do I not enjoy reading about those. The important parts were left out being too vague, not I wan't to know what happens next vague, but this is ridiculous type of vague. 4 chapters in and so many things happend yet I had no clear objective of what I was supposed to glean off this story.

Now, the characters felt off in the way where I was seeing them as kids not teens. Thats how they felt to me from how they were written, but at the same time there were elements of upper-teens involved. They just weren't built properly. 
An example is: The whole wanting nothing but to date girls just didn't sit well with me, the interactions and flirtations felt like a joke and I couldn't take anything about the characters nor this story seriously. 
The MC's feelings about the matter weren't even like a normal human being.
Who in the world thinks to himself "Malik noticed that Bianca was more than just cute; she was stunning. He was surprised he wasn't drooling on the floor right now." after a simple flirtation where in he acted like an embarrassed elementary school girl! Yes girl not boy, it was that bad watching his reactions 😩.

This book definitely needs more work on so many aspects. Thank you to the publisher and netgally for providing an E-ARC.
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Thank you NetGalley for an advanced copy. I could not finish this book. The characters seemed nice, but their are too many introduced too fast for the reader to keep straight. The writing doesn’t flow well, and the plot is taking too long to get started. I could not finish.
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Ratings 2 stars

*I received a review copy from NetGalley for my voluntary and honest review.

Infamy follows 16 year old Malik Blackwood, who is adjusting to moving to a new town.  One night while out for a run he is attacked by three demons only to be saved by a werewolf.  He finds out that the town he has moved to is a sanctuary for all kinds of supernatural creatures, which is why his parents chose this town.  Turns out Malik may be the incarnation of the Demon King and in order to stop it from taking over him, Malik and his new friends from school must find the Demon King's tomb and destroy it.  

First I do wanna say that I did like the premise of this book.  There is a lot of potential for the series going forward.  However I did have a problem with the writing style and characters.  The characters felt very erratic and jumbled up.  It felt like the writer didn't really know who he wanted them to be.  That along with the writing made it hard to get through the book.  Now I do realize the author is young and this was his first book and I do think that his next book might be better.  I hope so anyways because like I said before I do believe this series has a lot of potential.  I will try the next book when it comes out though.
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While the writing could be improved in many ways, I enjoyed this story, and it was almost everything I’ve been wanting recently. I’ve talked about how I miss the kinds of YA paranormal books and stories we got as I was growing up, and how happy I would be if we got more diverse stories like them, and that’s what this was. It filled a hole that’s been needing filled for a long while, and I’m so grateful to have been given a chance to read this.
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This book was absolutely fantastic. I've already added it to our list for order this year and will recommend it to students.
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