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This daily intentions guidebook is full of ideas and suggestions to get you to move through something that's going on in your life. I say "something" generally because after going to the author's website and understanding more about how this book came to be, I see that the original purpose seemed to have come from those who have substance abuse. As I ready through the prompts each day, I didn't feel like that was the overarching theme, but I did feel like this book was meant to help you overcome. Overcome "something" in your life. 

It speaks a lot about the "path" and the "journey" and the difference between the two. You are seeking a path, but you are, yourself, on a journey.

I find that this book in general is best to be gone through a few prompts each day rather than one per day. Some of the intentions and ideas flow well, and others are meant as a single day's focus and then to have you move on. Because of this, I don't see this being a full year's worth of prompts but more so a strong 6 month guide to overcoming. 

The formatting of the writing is in questions/flowy almost poem-like writing. In some cases it felt rhythmic and others it felt choppy but I enjoyed the themes that the book is broken into. There are over 20 different themes to  consider. 

Example of one of the daily prompts is #10. On day 10, or prompt 10, it says that you have gotten out the trauma or your story, and "you are beginning to cleanse your body" It speaks of the process being a marathon, not seeking perfection, but to continue moving forward. Little baby steps toward overcoming are the "right thing for right now" and that you can always "commit to doing better tomorrow" 

I enjoy the ideas of setting small, reasonable goals, as well as how many different attempts to get you through that day's prompts there are: a quote or motto, the questions/rhythmic poem-like break down, a written quotation, a summary, and an intention. Each page has a similar lay out.
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I’ve  just started this but so far I’m loving it. I read it first thing in the morning and it starts my day off with a bang! Love the inspiration and motivation that it provides for me! Highly recommend!
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Everyone gets a little down but you know what? The Path 365 is the perfect book to help bring you back up again. I beautiful and inspiring daily guide book. I can't put it down. An excellent book for gift giving. You will love flipping the pages. Bravo to the author, Suzie Newell, for bringing this amazing book to readers. It is a blessing like no other!
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A book that will help improve your mood and give you a boost of feel good cozy feelings. The Path literally takes you on a walk on a path to positive vibes. It is a daily directional book, with inspirational moments to inspire change, fun, introspections and joy.
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I’m not done with this book. I don’t know that I ever will be. Not because it’s a dnf (did not finish) but because it’s so helpful I will be reading and using this will be an ongoing thing. I’ve been reading this every day. Some days I read one and focus on that. Some days I can read a few. 

It honestly is a terrific book.
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This book is very helpful, it touches all perspectives and areas of your thoughts. It will definitely make you feel like you are not can do this...what you are going through is 'normal'. A must read for everyone.
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This is a gorgeous book full of kindness, actionable practices for self-care/improvement, and would be a lovely gift for yoga teachers, sensitive friends, people on a path of self-exploration. I can't wait to see a physical copy.
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I enjoyed this book: The Path 365. 

It had lots of useful ideas, thoughts and  lessons to work on. You can read one a day or read a few together. If I had a paperback I would work on one thought for a day. And really consider and work through the suggestions. Reflecting on the lessons and myself.
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