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Creepy it draws you in quickly. 1977 in Saint Cloud. The girls live in Pantown where the basements are all connected with underground tunnels. Two of them see something terrible when they open an unfamiliar door. Alternating between Heather and her bandmates story is that of Beth, kidnapped and living through a female's worse nightmare. Meanwhile above ground life continues as if bad things weren't happening.
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Based on the 4-5 star reviews, I was looking forward to reading The Quarry Girls. But, i must say that I did not end up enjoying it as much as I thought I would.  I honestly believe this book, other than the violence, should be labeled as YA. I felt like I was reading a YA novel constantly, a genre I stay away from. I did like the era, the 70's. in which the story took place. I also felt that there was too much going on and too many people to keep track of. I did, however, enjoy Lourey's writing style. This was a miss for me, unfortunately. 3 stars.
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Synopsis: Based on true Minnesota crimes, this book introduces us to Heather and Brenda, who stumble across something they shouldn't have. Then, their friend goes missing - the second girl to do so in their small town. Is this all connected to what they saw that night? What secrets are hidden under the surface of their small town?

Review: I enjoyed this book. I thought the underlying story, and lessons, where really interesting and kept my attention from the beginning. I finished this book in one day. My only complaint about this book is that it was fairly easy to figure out the "who done it?" part of the book. With that said, there was one twist that I did not see coming and my jaw dropped. Overall, will I read it again? Probably not. Would I recommend it to my friends? Sure. Is it a must-read in my opinion? No.
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"...but it does not matter because they do terrible things in packs, boys-who-are-men", things they'd never have the hate to do alone." 

Some real good writing here, in #thequarrygirls - a treatise on fathers and daughters, mothers and daughters, girlfriends and "boyfriends" and small-town nastiness. Depressing as heck, I was still compelled to keep reading to confirm my worst fears of what happened to Heather and her friends. The history of Pantown is fascinating, esp. the tunnels, and Lourey does a great job of showing us Heather's maturation from innocent to jaded. Not sure I got the "whys" but maybe that's the whole point - there is no good explanation for why people do the awful things they do.  

P.S. Thanks to #netgalley for the ARC.
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3.5 the last few chapters propelled me to the finish and were pretty good, but the beginning I had trouble getting into. I think that's because generally I don't really care about or care for the 70s I don't know why I've just never really connected with books in that setting. However I did really like that this book had so much to say about growing up a girl especially in those decades where there were even less protections. Some of the opening lines were just stunning and still true today even in our more awoken era.
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The Quarry Girls is a slow burn, that is also a bit disturbing about a small Minnesota town back in the late 70s. It's one of those close knit communities, where you think you can trust your neighbors but of course we learn you CANNOT! I thought the underground tunnels beneath the city was kind of creepy…like is that actually a thing? I kinda saw the plot twists coming, but my biggest takeaway is the fact that you have to trust your gut despite if the adults or trusted people in your life won't listen or believe you. 

Thank you to NetGalley for the ARC in exchange for my honest opinion.
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This was a quickly moving story of  coming of age, of teenage friends who are not always as they appear and of evil among those you trust. 
I think one of the clear messages in this story is that teenagers aren't very bright.  Wanting to be seen, known, and loved can blind someone to those who are truly the enemy.  

Lots of twists in this story and wow, quite the ending.  I enjoyed it.
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The Quarry Girls is a dark and creepy read inspired by true events in Minnesota in 1977. Heather and Brenda have a secret; they witnessed something horrible in the dark that they will never be able to forget. Together- they vow to never tell a soul, but then their friend disappears and authorities are reluctant to investigate. 

This one had a super interesting setting- an entire neighborhood built over a series of tunnels that are linked through each house’s basement. The  kids play and explore the tunnels like that’s not super strange! And then they mention that these basement doors all have a universal key that unlocks them all and I’m like- NO WAY MAN.

My biggest problem with this book? The main character makes horrible decisions left and right. If this was a horror movie, she’d be the one walking into the dark after everyone died without a weapon. Girls are disappearing and she’s just wondering around alone like no big deal— and the adults don’t seem to see any problem with that! 

All in all, this one felt very young adult and depressing. Too many horrible people and plot holes… not enough mystery. Three stars! 

Thank you to @netgally and Thomas & Mercer for an ARC of The Quarry Girls in return for my honest review!
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Heather is a girl growing up in Pantown, a small town in Minnesota, where everyone knows everyone. At least that’s what they all think. When girls start disappearing and then showing up dead, Heather questioned everything and everyone she knows. Turns out even those she trusted the most have secrets. 

I wanted to love this book. I enjoy a book about secrets, betrayal and murder and this has all those things. For some reason it just came up short for me. I just am somewhere in the middle about how I feel about it.
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Thank you Netgalley, Thomas & Mercer and Jess Lourey for the ARC of this book.

What can I say.... this book was just devastating, suspenseful, uncomfortable and twisty.

It was so well written and Jess has written the characters so well you feel you know them and share their heart break.

I absolutely couldn't stop reading this book and I binged it in one day. Highly recommend this one and I will be thinking about it for many days after.
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There is so much to love about this story. I especially love the main character, Heather, who hasn't matured as fast as her best friends, Brenda and Maureen. Although they are the same age, Heather seems younger than her peers who are into makeup and chasing boys. This alone makes the story all that much creepier.

Dark tunnels under the town that connect the houses. Missing teens. Liars. Creeps. Secrets. What more can a reader ask for? Twists and turns, and not just in those spooky tunnels. This is one book I read from cover to cover.
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Thank you to the author, Thomas & Mercer and NetGalley, for an ARC in exchange for an honest review.

I've read one of the author’s previous novels before this one, and have to say: She is a master at creating a  creepy, disturbing atmosphere. This story is set in small-town USA in the recent past (1970s), and apparently based on a true story (both are hallmarks of her work). Secrets and lies dominate the narrative, and the reader is led step by step from childhood innocence into the depths of darkness. The author never uses explicit or graphic language, but as the child from whose POV the story is told puzzles through what she has seen and not understood, your grownup mind completes the picture. The whole thing is very well-written, although it does become obvious early on who is involved.
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Best thriller I've read in awhile. Really engaging; I finished it in 2 nights. Keeps you guessing as to who the bad guy is. Great ending (although a lot of the book is sad)!
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This was an average read and for me, forgettable. Once I finished it and put it down, I didn't think about it again. Not terrible, just not memorable. If asked what it was about, I honestly could not tell you.

Thank you #netgalley and #thomas&mercer for the eARC.
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Thanks to NetGalley and Thomas & Mercer for this book.  I did not enjoy this book like Jess Lourey other books.  I did not enjoy the past.  This was not for me.
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I read about 30% and I just wasn't that into it... I wanted more. While there were parts that were gripping, I found myself not really caring about the other story line. I have liked her past books and will definitely try her again.
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Heather lives in a small town with a series of underground tunnels connecting the houses.  One day, while exploring the tunnels with friends, she stumbles upon an unlocked door and sees something she shouldn't. Shortly after, one of her friends goes missing...and then another.  While Heather tries to figure out who is kidnapping the teens in town, she starts to wonder who she can really trust.  

I liked this book a lot and read through it in one sitting.  I thought the pacing was good, though the storytelling seemed more young adult to me.  There were some secrets I figured out pretty early in, but there were still a couple things I did not see coming.  I also liked Heather's character and how realistic all of her realizations were.  I also thought Claude was a good character, and maybe the only decent guy in the whole town.  

Thank you netgalley for an arc of this book in exchange for my honest review.
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The Quarry girls is based on true events/serial killers in Minnesota during the late 1970's. Teenage girls kept disappearing in Minnesota in the summer of 1977 but the police were hesitant to fully investigate the crimes. Heather is determined to find her missing friends but learns uncomfortable truths about her life and those around her. 

The girls were all young but forced to act like adults and I cared for them and rooted for them. I did enjoy the small town vibes and I was floored yet again with Jess Lourey's excellent writing and amazing storytelling. 

This book kept me on the edge of my seat the whole time. Although there were moments that were disturbing and creepy the culprits were revealed pretty early on and that did affect my rating. Overall an entertaining story with a satisfying conclusion.
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I must admit, based on the title, I assumed that this was a book about women coming into their own while working in a quarry.

It’s definitely not. It’s a coming of age thriller, which I didn’t even know was a thing before reading this book.

Heather is a teen in a close knit community, but lately she’s been feeling like an outside amongst her friends, who have had way more experience with boys. One night Heather stumbles on her friend doing something really confusing with a group of men. Then her friend disappears…
Who can Heather trust with the secret of what she saw? 
I read this book in one evening. Definitely snap it up!
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If you are a newbie to thrillers or just enjoy a fast paced criminal minds ish story, this is for you.

This story is set in small town Minnesota with a group of high school girls. These girls have a band, perform at the county fair, they spend time outside, running around town and swimming in quarries. If you grew up in the midwest a lot of this will seem familiar. 

In this town, Heather’s two best friends go missing and wind up dead. Something is clearly going on, but can you figure out what or who is going these things to this small town?

I picked up on it very early which is why this was such a low rating for me. The clues were obvious is you pay attention.
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