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After some major life challenges Natasha is given a gift of a session with an astrologer and this begins the challenge of finding the love of her life in Paris.
While she seems to live on the outskirts of celebrity her life seems very different from “typical” experiences but the memoir is touching as well as funny.
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After the initial pages, I found myself not connecting with the story or characters, so I decided to pass on this book. Did not finish
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This one was hard to put down!  It had everything I love, family, loss, coping, overcoming, 'what the he**,' and PARIS! A good hearted read.  Amazing story and well written!
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All signs pointed to Paris for Natasha when her quest to find her soulmate, based on her astrological chart, and the loss of her Dad sends her on a once in a life trip.  This memoir read more like a novel to me and touches on love, loss, and family.
Natasha supported by astrological readings, friends, and family takes us along on her personal quest to follow up on a reading to find “The One”.  She ends up in Paris searching for love. It becomes the focal of the story (almost too much).  She is hyper focused on finding “The One” and goes at warp speed with a social media campaign, posters, and an advertising blitz looking for her man, born Nov.2, 1968.
I thought Natasha was crazy and a bit selfish in her zeal to find her other half. I don’t believe in the stars or astrology, but always enjoy a book set in Paris.  I was disappointed there wasn’t a further update to the ending of the novel.
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This book is very special to me.  I read it while in Paris.  I was staying in the same Arrondissements, sandwiched between epic shopping and the Louvre.  While I personally am not one to follow astrology or zany adventures, I loved Natasha's commitment to finding love, whatever the cost.  What was most touching (and relatable, unfortunately) was her relationship with her dying father.  She shares a beautiful story there, one I'd love to read more about.
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While I love reading about Paris travels and searching for love, I had a hard time staying connected to this book! 

The pros: Natasha seems lovable as ever and I really thought her voice in her book was so unique and lovely. I DIE for astrology and horoscopes, so reading about someone becoming obsessed with it as well made me reeeeeally happy. 

The cons: I feel like since our author was so consumed with trying to find love in Paris, that she actually missed out on so much of Paris!! (coming from someone who still hasn't been to Paris). This consumption of needing to find someone based off her astrologer saying that her soulmate was an incredibly specific person....well it made it somewhat hard to read sometimes.

Overall, I think this book was one that just wasn't very much for me, but may be exactly what someone else needs!

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3.5 ⭐️‘s
Sizlo writes a sizzling memoir of destiny, love and hope.  When she’s given a reading with an astrologer for her birthday, she learns that her soulmate was born in Paris on November 2, 1968.  Rather down and out Natasha is divorced, has just lost her father, her company has gone bankrupt and even her dog has died, she’s willing to go to Paris to find love.  Her dad told her on his death bed to always believe in magic and that he’d meet her in Paris.  Natasha’s quest soon becomes bigger than life with radio stations, colleagues, friends and family encouraging her on her quest.  Her search turned up several choices and with her sister and two dear friends on board, they set out for Paris.  When things don’t go quite as planned, Natasha loses sight of what’s really important, before truly finding herself in the process. 
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This book was a roller coaster of emotions. Beautiful, touching, despair, frustration, annoyance, and yet it all wrapped up in an honest, inspiring way. Such a satisfying read.
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While this was an entertaining read and I was utterly glued to it at the end, this book feels incomplete to me. I imagine it was left the way it was to leave an easy pick up for a follow-up book, but really this one should have just come out a few years later. To say more would be a spoiler and I know not everyone loves those.

Natasha seems very self absorbed on her trip to Paris with her sister and two of her best friends. The cast of characters mentioned throughout the book number so many that it’s difficult to keep track of them all. But it is an easy Paris read, good for the beach or if you're really into astrology.

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As author Natasha Sizlo mourns the heartbreaking death of her father, she plans to "meet him in Paris" to fulfill her promise to him that she wouldn't give up on the magic of finding true love, as she continues to search for her soulmate. Natasha, a real estate agent at a prestigious and famous LA firm, hatches the plan after consulting with her astrologer and convinces her sister Tara and friend Nicole to join her on her quest. Natasha is a single mom, recovering from a devastating divorce and also the break-up of a longtime love, Phillipe, a sexy, magnetic Frenchman. Sizlo's writing is descriptive, humorous and engaging, but the story she told was sometimes hard to relate to as she kept describing her financial situation as lacking (even often hinting at being "broke") despite the fact she was selling multi-million dollar homes for a substantial commission, spending money on luxuries without much thought (extravagant designer clothing, spa/salon, pricey  purses, $400 psychics, travel, trendy restaurants, expensive car (but not a Porsche!) ,  etc) and has an ex-husband who works in Hollywood (and remarried to Anna Faris) who is likely paying substantial child support, along with a divorce settlement. She also attempts to drastically downplay her glamorous appearance in her demeaning descriptions of herself, but as most common, average-looking readers can see from viewing her social media online, that even when she she had her quiet brown hair color, she still looked similar to a gorgeous, fashionable Princess Kate and when she made the "bold" transformation to blonde, she looked like a young, gorgeous Sharon Stone. The best parts of the story happen when she is describing her time with her father and what he meant to her in her life, along with the times she shared with her sister, Tara. Her mother sounds like quite the character, and would have loved to hear more about her life stories, but she was more of a bit background character, due to her avoiding being around for the difficult parts of her dying husband's end of life care. I also would have loved more interaction with her children, but they seemed more peripheral to her story, as things to be toted to/from places or after thoughts. In Paris, she really became annoyingly self-absorbed to the exclusion of realizing that her sister and friend also had hopes and plans for their dream vacation in Paris. As Sizlso attempted serial dating in Paris to find her one true soul mate, it felt a bit like watching the Batchelor/Batchelorette--fun and entertaining, but ultimately, what was the point if no one actually finds "The One" at the end? Happily, although it took her a whole book to get there, Sizlo, does discover in the end that the true people who loved and supported her were with her all along. A sweet story of love and loss and family.
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All Signs Point to Paris is a memoir about Natasha Sizlo’s  journey to find her soulmate. Natasha is a mother, a real estate agent and a divorcée who recently lost her father, Her friend gifts her an astrology reading and she travels to Paris to find a men born there on November 2, 1968 - the same birthday as Philippe, her French ex-boyfriend. .

I felt that the chapter introductions should have included a simpler explanations about astrology. I disliked that she appeared so self-absorbed in her desire to find a soulmate that she was dismissive of her sister and friends and almost misses Paris. Her descriptions of her financial struggles compared with her trip to Paris made no sense to me. 

I enjoyed her description of the loving relationships among women: sisters, friends and strangers at a bar in Paris. The end was not just about the outcome and her search for a soulmate, but about the inspiration of finding love.
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Natasha Sizlo is a newly single mom who is trying to make it in real estate.  She breaks up with her French boyfriend and is left feeling adrift in life.  She goes to see an astrologist and is thrown by what she is told.  So she and her friends go on a quest for her to find a second chance at love.   This is a darkly funny memoir that I had a hard time putting down.
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Natasha Sizlo needs a change: she’s financially strapped, her dad’s ordered his end-of-life meds, and her boyfriend won’t commit. So, after her father’s death and an astrology reading that says her soulmate’s Parisian (né  Novembre 1968), Tasha heads to Paris—sister and friends in tow—to find him. Hilarious, heartbreaking, and hopeful, Sizlo’s memoir of searching for love is a joy.
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This was entertaining but ultimately a letdown for me. This memoir was filled with endless name-dropping (eyeroll) and a selfish protagonist. 

Much of the book takes place surrounding the fallout of Sizlo’s father’s death from lung cancer, which Inwas sympathetic to and helped to humanize her. But her frequent complaints about her experience with poverty and bankruptcy (mostly due to her own mismanagement and poorly set expectations, it seemed) were very hard to relate to given that she’s constantly talking about the RIDICULOUS things she spends money on, like $400 astrologer appointments and designer clothing. You have two kids. Manage your money better. She came off as immature and plaintive, but I had very little empathy for her. 

She plans a trip to Paris based off of her astrologer’s recommendation that her soulmate was born on a specific date in Paris, and begins a semi-insane quest to find this man by any means possible. Her best friend and sister go along for the ride, but due to her aforementioned inability to make plans like an adult, the trip sounds largely like a disaster. She barely goes on any dates, is completely obsessed with finding matches, is blind to the magic and beauty of the city she’s in, and basically ignores the wants and needs of her best friend and sister. She attempts to somewhat redeem herself by the very end, but her track record is pretty repetitive - mess up, apologize, repeat. 

Basically if I’m reading a memoir and I want to enjoy it, the storyline has to be EXCEPTIONAL for me to get over disliking the author. The content was good, not great. The author was, frankly, detestable. Maybe an unpopular opinion, but I guess I’m just not an LA girl. 

3/5 stars for entertainment value.
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I did and did not like this book.  Let me tell you what I liked about this  Tara, the sister, Nicole and Penelope, the friends, Bob, the dad, the astrology, the trip to Paris, Anton, the "love at first site" guy.  What I did not like about this book:  Natasha, main character, Edna, the mom, the way the book dragged on and on.  
I find it hard to believe that Tasha and company could post so many flyers around Paris without getting fined or asked to take them all down.  The romantic part of going to Paris to find your soulmate born on 11/2/68 was fun but it was also funny to me how she really only met up with one guy and the rest all just blew her off.  Tasha to me was a very self-centered adult and the book was self-centered too.  She never really went in to her relationship with children.  Her life at that time centered soley around her finding her "perfect" man.  And boy did she spend a lot of money on the astrologist!  I did enjoy the power of social media though. That was fun. Her mom was also selfish,  She was never around when her husband was dying.
I did finish the book even though I thought I might not and I am glad I did. I just don't think I can highly recommend it.
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All Signs Point to Paris
By Natasha Sizlo

Number 33
1.5/5 ⭐️

This book was almost the my first DNF. I had a really hard time getting through it which was disappointing considering I had really high hopes since I got it as an ARC from netgalley. I often found myself cringing at how Natasha acted - she’s in her forties, but acts like a love struck teenager. I had to keep reminding myself that this is a memoir and that these things actually happened which made it worse for me. It was really hard to read about Natasha’s quest for love while she acted so childish and selfish. 

The astrology component also seemed a bit out there to me. When reading the synopsis, that part jumped out to me as interesting. However, it was written to portray more of a “LA fad” kind of thing than actual astrology. I could be wrong, but that was how it came off to me. 

The only reason I didn’t give this book one star was because I did really enjoy the descriptions of Paris and the fashion sprinkled throughout. If Natasha was going to go on her silly quest to Paris that she couldn’t afford, at least she was decked out in fabulous clothing. Overall, I found this memoir whiny and I had a really hard time connecting with Natasha.
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Natasha Sizlo did that wild, crazy, and foolhardy thing that many of us dream of doing: chucking it all and going to Paris to find the life of our dreams. Broken-hearted, grieving, broke, and at wits' end, Sizlo flew to Paris to find the person she is destined to love and live happily ever after. In ALL SIGNS POINT TO PARIS, Sizlo shares this story, filled with twists and turns, surprises and the delights, supported by astrological readings, friends, and helpful others. I enjoyed going on this journey with her, moved and inspired to applaud her courage, her spirit, and her skillful telling of an extraordinary story.  I received an early copy of this novel and these opinions are my own, unbiased thoughts.
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What was I thinking when I thought I’d enjoy this book?  It’s easy to feel compassion for the author’s loss of a beloved father and for the breakup of a marriage. started to feel like Sizlo’s woes are often self-inflicted (obviously excluding the death of her dad).  This did not feel like the memoir of a forty-ish professional woman but more like a record of the magical thinking of an adolescent. Plus she has two kids who need to have a living example of someone who manages her finances rather than complaining helplessly as she jets off to Paris looking for magic solutions. I would not hire the author as my realtor...
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Ah Paris. Where millions visit, live, and search for love. It becomes the focal, point of Natasha’s quest to find her soulmate,, based on her astrological chart. She is hell bent on finding the one and goes at warp speed with a social media campaign, posters, and an advertising blitz about the man for her, born Nov.2, 1968.
I read this memoir with great interest. My birthday is one day off from the magic date, I love Paris, and am a sucker for romance. 
I thought Natasha was zany, off the wall, and a little kooky in her zeal to find her other half. I don’t believe in the stars or astrology, but it was fun to ride along on someone else’s trip.
I think her quest was her way of coping with her father’s death, a painful breakup, and a buildup of past hurts.
The last few hours in Paris are like a movie script, but Sizlo left me dangling with a follow up. We’re the stars not aligned?? I was disappointed there wasn’t a further update.
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Since this is a memoir, I’m going to keep my thoughts short because I don’t want to rain on anyone’s real like story but there’s so much of it that doesn’t add up and so much of it that  was so super annoying that I found myself skimming just so I could get through it and get on to the next chapter. 
Natasha Sizlo is looking for her soulmate after an astrologer tells her that he has a birthday of November 2, 1968 in Paris, which happens to be the date and place of her ex, who she still has feelings for but he does not reciprocate. She decides that he can’t be the only one with that birthday and location so she starts a social media search to find other men matching the criteria. 
Ok. I get that you want to find love but dang, for someone who complains about being ashamed to bring people back to your house, you go out of your way to spend money on a trip to Paris? And your ex is engaged to Anna Farris, so he’s probably doing well and would pay child support. And if you’re working for The Agency that’s been seen on TRHOBH, you’re not that poor. Pick a lane. Stop sleeping around and making bad choices. Dev was there and would have been perfect for you but you were too busy checking Tinder. Get it together. 

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