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Thank you to Netgalley and the publisher for a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. All thoughts and opinions expressed in this review are my own. Intresting facts. Nice drawing
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This book was well-researched and presented in a straightforward way.  It presents the facts boldly: we can't keep going forward the way we have been.  Glaciers are our canary in the coalmine, and they are showing evidence that global warming is destroying our planet.  This was a tough read, but the author includes her optimistic spin that this next generation can be the force that changes things, and we have a powerful voice that can be used to contact our representatives.

I will be ordering this for our library, and plan to use it with a program centered around climate change and activism.
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The information in this book is very useful and provides very good scientific information about glaciers.  Unfortunately, I had some trouble getting into this title, especially as the writing felt a bit uneven. The first chapter or two felt like it was written for a rather young audience and then later in the book had vocabulary that was at a higher level. I think the value of the information outweighs any unevenness though and should be considered for children's collections.
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Beautifully illustrated and written. This is a work of art. 

Scientific concepts are explained in finer points, succinct, and easy for children to digest and learn by heart. This will not only help build their love for sciences, but also help cultivate in them the love for planet Earth. 

Great for children of all ages. 

Thank you very much for sending me this e-ARC.
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This book is jam-packed with pertinent information and fantastic illustrations to keep readers young and old engaged.
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Informative, engaging and empowering. Accessible to students as early as Grade 3 and through to high school. Organized into chapters and filled with artwork, photos, diagrams, and an easy to read glossary, this non-fiction title about glaciers is a perfect addition to any classroom library or to be used in science units on climate, weather or biodiversity. My favourite chapter is the one that empowers readers on ways they can step up and take action to protect glaciers. Highly recommend!
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I was so happy to come across this book. This book is the perfect addition to a homeschool curriculum, classroom, or home library. As an adult, I learned a lot and really enjoyed reading this book and I'm even more excited to share this important unit with my children. 

The health of the Earth is important to me so to learn about climate change, glaciers, oceans and fresh water supplies is so worthwhile. This book is written so it's digestible for young minds that need this message. Relatable, understandable, and I love the graphics - they add the perfect balance to the information given. 

I'd love to add a physical copy of this book to my homeschool and can't wait to share these facts, stories, and messages with my children.
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This book is amazing! The writing is easy to follow, the illustrations add depth to the storytelling, and the science bits are so potent. I felt like I have a better handle of the issue of climate change and why it's so important for our future. I like that the book gave plenty of information and resources on how a student might be able to help. The book dealt with the entire reality of the situation and didn't dumb anything down for young people. This one will be added to my elementary school library collection.
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Meltdown by Anita Sanchez is an extremely interesting book about glaciers. I think children would find this book fascinating especially if they were going to see glaciers. Book has wonderful information on how to make a difference in the world by doing little things to help save the glaciers.
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An interesting read full packed full of environmental information; from answering the simple question of what is a glacier to discussing  the impact glaciers have on our environment and what we can do to ensure their continued existence on our planet. Definitely for the older kids, but very accessible with tons of cool facts!
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No two ways about it. This is a book everyone ought to read.

All of us have heard of climate change. A few of us don’t believe in it. Some of us feel that it is not happening in “our country” so we don’t need to worry about it. Many of us know its dangers and are trying to do our little bit to combat the crisis. Each of us needs this book. 

As climate change first came into focus as “global warming”, the focus stayed on rising temperatures. This increase in the scale impacted the entire world, including the areas where glaciers abide. The meltdown of glaciers is NOT something that will affect only those areas but will create repercussions throughout the world. We’ve already seen some signs of the crisis – extreme rainstorms, droughts, snowstorms, forest fires… the world is in crisis. 

This book shows just how glaciers impact all of us, whether we live near one or not. The content is excellently organised into easy-to-understand chapters and subsections with clear headings, loads of charts and illustrations and photos, accompanying definitions, and a detailed glossary at the end. In one word, the book is ‘comprehensive’!

Middle graders will find the book fairly absorbing as it explains the topics so well. There are a few tough words but the provided meanings help tremendously. Younger children might not understand the nitty-gritties of the topic but they can use the pictorial accompaniments to increase their knowledge. 

I was happy to see the book acknowledge that the US is one of the worst offenders when it comes to environmental pollution, right up there with China. Fingers are usually pointed only at developing countries when it comes to implementing climate-friendly measures. The US has always set an example to the world in many things. I hope it can be an inspiration when it comes to climate change as well and begins leading by example right down to the individual level. 

The intent of the book is to make us all ‘glacier-literate’ and it certainly succeeds in this. Even as an adult who is aware of climate change, I learnt a lot from the book. 

If you think that staying in a tropical zone will keep you safe from glacier melt or that staying in a first world country ensures that you don’t have to worry about climate disasters, you are undeniably wrong. We are all in this together. Rich, poor, developed, developing, polar, tropical, coastal, desert, island, landlocked,… no country can afford to ignore the warning signs Mother Earth is sending us desperately. 

Yes, you guessed right. The book shows a scary picture of the future. We don’t have the benefit of relying on future generations to clean up our mess. The warning bells have already rung. Thankfully, the book doesn’t end on a bleak note.  There are also some suggestions on how we can reduce our carbon footprint and make a difference, whether big or small, towards better environmental habits. Each of us can take action, needs to take action, MUST take action, ASAP!

Will this book be useful in a home/school/library? Yes, to all three.

Should this book be considered a must-read nonfiction for middle graders? Yes.

Should it only be for middle-graders? No. A lot of children are quite aware nowadays when it comes to climate change, but adults still act like ostriches with their heads in the sand. Get this book in the hands of every idiot who claims that climate change is a myth perpetrated by governments and scientists to boost some ulterior agenda. 

It is already late for preventive action. Better not wait till it is too late even for curative action. If we want out children to have a decent future on this planet, we all need to change our habits and think greener. The first step towards this will be through awareness of the extent of the problem, and that’s where this book will come in mighty handy.

5 stars. 

My thanks to Workman Publishing Company and NetGalley for the DRC of “Meltdown”. This review is voluntary and contains my honest opinion about the book.
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I will without a doubt be watching for this book to publish.  I teach about glaciers in my science curriculum and this one of the most comprehensive books I’ve seen.  Chockfull of facts, photographs, diagrams, and relevant information.  This is a book that we can use and reference during our study.  My student will enjoy this as a read aloud and being able to go back and use as guide in their own research and study. 
Very well done!
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This book details everything about glaciers - types, habitats, melting, history, and why we should care! I can see many enjoying the engaging content (lots of new vocabulary words!) and colourful illustrations and photos.  As an adult I learned a lot about glaciers, so we need to get this book into the hands of the students!
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This book for the educator's library is an excellent look at a single subject, proving highly illustrated (and well illustrated, too) and yet packed with words to get its topics across.  We start with an introduction to glaciers, and how they're melting and what this potentially irreversible change is meaning to us.  How we can tell it's happening leads us to the cause, which is strong writing about the carbon crisis.  The glaciers factor in again, as it's their bubbles that tell us what the atmosphere was like millions of years ago, proving there is no cycle causing global warming, and that it is all down to us.  The further consequences of this where glaciers are concerned lead the student into pages of climate activism talk, which is very much like that in any other ecologically-bent book of the last few years, but if you consider it unimportant to include you haven't been paying attention.  An ideal way to cover the themes for schoolchildren (don't ask me what age, I'm not an expert) – this has earnt five stars through doing everything it wanted to, and doing it very well indeed.
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I really enjoyed this book. The illustrations in this book are bright, colorful, and engaging. The information in this book is fantastic for all members of the family. It is a great tool for starting or continuing a discussions about caring for our planet. Even as an adult I learned things I didn't know before. I think this is a book that can and should have a place on  a family bookshelf for many years to come.
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This book is great for students and children who are interested in learning more about global warming and the effects it is having on glaciers.  I like that this book is a chapter book focusing on many aspects that will allow upper elementary readers not only to learn new information but practice the nonfiction skills they are taught in class.  This book coming with beautiful illustrations that enhance the text.
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This middle grade, nonfiction chapter book introduces students to the glaciers that are slowly disappearing. With tons of great information as well as very informative photographs and beautiful illustrations, this book will give young readers a peek at a very important part of our natural world that needs saving. From the science and history behind the glaciers, the impact of climate change on our collective future and actionable steps children and adults can do to make a difference. As a grade 3 teacher I could definitely see having this book in my classroom library. I think it is perfect for middle grade students to learn about the environment in a slightly longer text than the average non-fiction book usually written for this age group. I would recommend this book for families and teachers of children in the grade 2-7 age range. Thank you to Netgalley and he publisher for the opportunity to read and review this great book!
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This book covers all the important aspects of global warming and the effect on glaciers. The information is thorough without being too overwhelming or above the heads of young readers. Would be appropriate for middle school grades. The illustrations are captivating and visually appealing and the book contains some interesting quotes and factoids pertaining to glaciers and global warming. It even includes some activism suggestions at the end. Nice addition to a library’s juvenile non-fiction collection.
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Meltdown is a look into the world of glaciers. We loved utilizing this for a melting glacier sensory bin. 

Thank you to Workman Publishing Company and NetGalley for the ARC in exchange for my honest review.
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