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Taylor Jenkins Reid is always a fabulous author and it doesn't matter the character. Unlikeable or beloved, she knows how to make you care about them. And while I think this book has its merits, it seems a little icky to be writing a story starring a Latinx character when she herself is white. Obviously there could be more behind the scenes like sensitivity readers, etc., but it's 2022, and it just 

And I felt that way for most of the time I was reading.
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I was hesitant going into this book because I’m not a tennis player, but you don’t have to be a tennis player to love Carrie Soto is Back, but you might love it afterward!  I’m behind on my ARCs, so I’m sure by now everyone has seen this book all over Instagram.  So, I won’t go into what it was about.  I’ll just tell you what I liked about it and hopefully, if you haven’t read it already, it will make you want to read/listen to it soon! 

I like strong female MC and Carrie Soto is definitely that!!   She may be difficult to like at times, but you have to admire her determination and dedication to the sport she loves and her fight to reclaim her tennis record. 

I really could relate to the heartwarming father-daughter relationship between Javier and Carrie.  It made me appreciate the relationship I had with my Dad and miss him even more!!  Get your tissues ready!! 

The tennis matches were vividly described and had me on the edge of my seat!  I was rooting for Carrie all the way and I couldn’t wait to get back to the audiobook when I had to take a break because of life!   

To me, this reads/listens like a great movie.  The diverse cast of characters, Nicki Chan, Carrie’s opponent and Bowe Huntley, a former love interest added a level of intrigue to the storyline. 

If you like inspirational comeback stories and well-developed characters, I highly recommend you read/listen to this book!! 

I loved the ending and to me, that checks the box for a great read/listen!!
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Carrie Soto is Back is the highly anticipated book from Taylor Jenkins Reid's world she immerses us in, becoming addicted. This book follows Carrie Soto, the mistress of Brandon Randall, who is Nina Rivas's husband at the time of the affair. We leave Malibu Rising with many questions following the marriage and affair between Brandon and Carrie, which detail is provided and explained in this story.

Carrie Soto is one of the best tennis players in the world in the 80s, if not the best. So after retirement and a tumultuous relationship with the sport, her world-breaking title is in jeopardy when a newcomer is close to taking over the number one tennis player spot, a title Carrie works tirelessly for. This competition prompts Carrie to reinstate her career, creating multiple obstacles along the way. 

I absolutely adore the Taylor Jenkins Reid world; it is such a nice place to escape to when reading her books, making Carrie Soto is back no exception. This is definitely a hard-hitting book, making me more emotional than expected for a sports historical fiction, but TJR has a gift. While I thoroughly enjoyed the characters and Carrie's dynamic throughout the novel, it dragged in some place (the middle of the book), making it harder for me to get through. 

While I wasn't the most impressed with the needed information added, I still appreciate this addition to Taylor Jenkins Reid's world-building and find it almost a critical part of the TJR lore. I highly recommend anyone who enjoys historical fiction and TJR to pick up this book.
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Maybe my favorite TJR? That feels like a bold statement, but this book was so engrossing. The crossover characters made me want to go back to other books (Malibu RIsing in particular). Loved the ending.
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TJR does it again. She is proving to be an author that i will automatically buy. I love the detail that she puts into her work and the storytelling is wonderful. I really love these connecting stories and seeing minor mentions of other characters. I really think fans of her previous work will love this one!
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Ms Reid seems to have some immaculate talent because despite being having almost negligible interest in sports; the writing and the characters had such a strong hold on me that I can’t help but feel invested in it. And, I loved every single second of it.
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Wow! I have to admit that of all the books I've read by Taylor Jenkins Reid, Carrie Soto is my absolute favorite, even though I'm not a tennis fan at all.

If you've read Malibu Rising, the name Carrie Soto will probably sound familiar. There is a small crossover with Carrie in the book, but she is only addressed very briefly and is not portrayed in the best light.

I loved Carrie and hated her. I laughed and I cried. TJR is just too good with writing these complex characters, especially the women.
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I didn’t think that I would enjoy a book about tennis, but the author made it very easy to follow along, and it’s way more than reading about a tennis rally match. I enjoyed reading about the strong, fearless female main character, and her mental grit and discipline was highly inspiring in my own personal life to work hard for the things that I want in life. Taylor Jenkins Reid.. I am so glad that she wrote a novel that is outside of her typical kind of books. Thank you so much for this ARC!
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Taylor Jenkins Reid has been having a moment.  
Back to back to back best sellers have made her a household name.
I have been recommending her books starting with Evelyn Hugo to continue with Malibu Rising and now Carrie Soto.
I love how the characters intersect in the books.
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⭐️ Book Review ⭐️

Book: Carrie Soto is Back 
Author: Taylor Jenkins Reid
Rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
Format: 🎧

I absolutely loved this book! I tried reading the physical book, but I couldn't get into it, so I decided to listen to the audiobook which was amazing! The commentary made you feel like you were at the actual tennis match. I really liked how they explained the tennis terms in the beginning chapters so that you understood what was going on. I highly recommend this as an audiobook! The only downside is that there is some Spanish thrown in and if you don't understand Spanish, it can be a little hard to follow, but for the most part, you can figure out what they're saying by context. 


Carrie Soto is a well known tennis player who retired at the age of 31. When she retired, she was known as the world's best tennis player who held all the records and had twenty Grand Slam titles. She was trained by her father, Javier, who was also a former tennis champion. 

Six years after Carrie's retirement, she decides to come out of retirement after watching her record be taken by Nicki Chan. Carrie has her father help get her back to the amazing tennis player she was before she retired in an attempt to beat Nicki Chan. Will Carrie be able to make the comeback she is hoping for?
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This book is great! Would definitely recommend. Thanks so much to NetGalley and the publisher for the ARC.
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The debut of this novels timing couldn’t have been better. The magic of this book was absolutely elevated by the fact that Serena Williams’ was making her last U.S. Open appearance before retiring at the same time. 

Carrie Soto knows what she wants and isn’t afraid to go for it and has no problem tossing aside anything that stands in her way (potentially to a fault.) 

This books takes us through Soto’s whole career from her first sets of her youth to the final matches of her career, Jenkins Reid writes a strong and complex protagonist with love-able supporting characters. It’s easy to devour and the length is just perfect. 

Thanks to NetGalley and Ballantine Books for an advance copy to read and provide an honest review.
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Thank you NetGalley for the opportunity to review this title. 

This title was not my cup of tea, as it was geared more towards tennis and someone who is more sports minded. It was inspiring to realize she came back from retirement to be coached by her father, but I didn't find it to be enough to keep me interested in the story. It pains me to type this, because Taylor Jenkins Reid is one of my favorite authors.
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This was my favorite TJR by a mile! The descriptions in this book blew me away. I feel like all of TJR characters exist in the same world in different times and that's a nuance I've come to expect and love from her novels. My only complaint is that I wish there would have been more nods to the Latin background and more research done into the culture and the history. Overall, beautifully written and fans will not be disappointed.
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For everyone who has waited breathlessly for more in the world of the Riva family and those close to them, this book is for you. Carrie is a side character in Malibu Rising who steps forward for her own story here. As you will recall, the Riva family was introduced to us in The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo and then followed in Malibu Rising and now continuing in Carrie Soto is Back. And what a fun trip it is! Carrie is as interesting and well developed of a character as any of the Riva kids/adults. She is competitive and tough. What a page-turning read that was a fun end to summer days.

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This book was great Carrie Soto was such an incredible tennis player and Taylor Jenkins Reid is always a great writer. I will read anything this women writes.
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I'm a huge fan of Taylor Jenkins Reid and have been reading her from the first book.  She is an auto buy author for sure.  This book was so different from her others but what a great read!  It was so interesting to get into the head of a world class athlete and into the world of tennis.  I love the relationship between Carrie and her father and his undying support of her and her talent.  Fantastic read!  Highly recommend!
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Taylor Jenkins Reid has written another great story!  I thought initially that I wouldn't like it due to whole tennis scene but I was pleasantly surprised.  Even if you're not a big tennis fan the story pulls you in and keeps the pages turning.  Loved it.
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I love everything by TJR. Her books are so atmospheric and hard to put down. This book got me out of a reading slump and I had a great time with this book.
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Carrie Soto is Back was both relatable and shocking. TJR always makes sure to pack he stories full of punch and make her characters relatable and that's no different in this book. My favorite part of this book was Carrie's relationship with sports. She sees herself as needing to be the best and that's something I feel that I and a lot of other readers can relate to. Nicki is also a great rival for the book and I feel like she was fleshed out enough to feel like a real character.

For some small notes, I really enjoyed the casual queer rep in the book. It was treated as something normal which is something I really enjoy.

Overall, While it may be more of a hit with sport lovers, I still enjoyed this book and would recommend it. 4/5.
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