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This was such a cute read. A small town/grumpy and sunshine romance about a Hollywood actress and a cop that made me smile the whole way through. Four stars
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This is a really great book and worth re reading.  I wasn’t prepared to cry so much , it’s an emotional journey.  Loved the heat level between Brynne and Major.  Loved the town of Papillon and how at peace Brynne is feeling.  Does sh3 want to quit being an actress and become an artist?  Will Major actually listen to what his Dad wants?  I really felt for these characters and happy they get get a very happy ever after.  I voluntarily read an advanced readers copy and I highly recommend this book.
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I just love this series!  And a series that each book can be read as a stand alone. A different couple is introduced with each book.  This was Major and Brynn’s book.  The way these two met was hilarious.  You’ll have to read it to find out, I don’t want to give it away.  Brynn just wants to live a normal life.  But she’s in the spotlight and that’s not always easy to do.  Major doesn’t want to be alone.  He only has his dad left and there are some days that he doesn’t. When Brynn and Major begin seeing one another, she is his light and he is her normal.  They have great chemistry too.  There’s some great banter in this book.  Lots of nosy neighbors and friends. A meddling mother and so many more.  Just can’t say enough about this book.  A definite must read.
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In ‘Bayou Sweetheart’ we meet Major and Brynn. Major is a deputy in the small town where his father is living. Since his father is the only family Major has left, he is determined to make the best of his new life. And since he is getting older, it’s time to find a woman to spend his days with. But this is not an easy task. One morning he accidentally comes across Brynn. At first Brynn seems to be this perfect down to earth girl, but soon Major finds out she is an Actress at the start of a major breakthrough in her career.

‘Bayou Sweetheart’ was definitely an entertaining read. The two main characters Major and Brynn couldn’t be more different. Major is this ‘normal’ guy looking for someone to spend his life with and to take care of his father. And Brynn is this child star who doesn’t know anything except be an actress. Slowly on she starts to realize she might want something different, but this will disappoint a lot of people.. so she keeps going.

The romance between Major and Brynn was pretty instant, and I definitely didn’t really ‘feel’ it in the beginning. The best part to me was the fact that this book contained some very funny moments. For starters the moment where Major and Brynn meet. This made me laugh out loud.

There also was a lot of going back and forth between the two main characters and it really took me a while to enjoy this story. Luckily in the end it got better. But overall this book wasn’t really for me.
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I’m a big fan of Lexi Blake books and I am a really big fan of this series.  I’ve grown to love the small town of Papillon, Louisiana and all the people who live there.  I enjoy seeing previous main characters show up in all the books.  It’s nice to see how they are doing.  I read this book a couple of times before I wrote the review because I just loved it so much.  This is the fifth book in this series and it focuses on Deputy Major Blanchard, who is preoccupied with medical issues with his dad; and Brynn Pearson.  Brynn was a child actress and now wants to be taken more seriously as a lead actress in a major film.  She arrives in Papillon to begin her research and get to know the town they will be filming in.

When Major and Brynn run into each other, the chemistry sparks right away.  They do take it sort of slow because of all the complications going on in their lives, but they can’t deny their attraction to each other.  I love that both the characters need to figure out things in their lives.  Their characters grow and develop throughout the story.  I think that they both find peace with each other and that is the most swoony part for me. *sigh*  The town is fun, the characters are funny and lovable and there are quite a few laugh out loud spots throughout the story. This book is such a great choice for when you are in the mood for a sexy contemporary romance.  You have got to put this series on your list if you have not started it already.  So good!
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Bayou Sweetheart is a much more complex story than Lexi Blake’s usual plots, and Major Blanchard is almost an anti-hero.

He is a cop in Papillon, Louisiana, caring for his father, who has Alzheimer’s. Just about the time a new drug is helping his father, Brynn Pearson comes to town to research a role in a movie. A former child star, she needs to decide if she wants to pursue a career in film, or become an artist. While the attraction between the two is strong, the distractions are even stronger. Complications with his Dad, her Mom, co-star and sister and the town itself keep the two dancing around each other.

Can Major find a way ease up on his controlling side while letting her find herself? Can he let his father decide his own fate? Can they overcome the gossip mill, the family interference, and the nature of their professions to come together? As always, the town characters are part of the entertainment factor for the Bayou books, and the animals are integral to the story.

I wouldn’t start the series with this book, but it does provide a good tool to use to learn about the characters from the earlier books.
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Veena’s review of Bayou Sweetheart (Butterfly Bayou, Book 5) by Lexi Blake
Contemporary Romance published by Berkley 26 Jul 22

This series is an absolute delight. Smal- town romance at its best, and if you’re looking for that extra edge, there’s a gator named Otis who adds a nice crazy twist to the character mix.

Major Blanchard – and that’s his first name, not his rank in the military – goes for a walk with his dog, gets stuck in the swamp, and ends up a star on national TV in his tighty-whities.  All that happens in the first chapter, so you know you’re in for a treat when the story continues.

What were the odds that a wildlife camera on a tree would capture Major Blanchard’s inglorious moment of first being stuck in the swamp, then rescued by a beautiful young woman, only to find that his sweatpants had been swept away – and because he had been too lazy to do his laundry, he’s displaying all his assets to the nation? He is just never going to live that one down in the small town he where he resides, as well as in the sheriff’s department where he’s a deputy.

Brynn Pearson is a child television star who’s trying to transition into being an actress, even though her heart’s not really into acting. Her career rescued her family when they were on the brink of bankruptcy. Now her mother is still obsessed with Brynn’s success, to the determent of her sister who genuinely wants to be an actress. while Brynn wants to walk away from the fame and fortune to paint and discover who Brynn Pearson really is.

As Brynn tries to deal with the press and her dysfunctional family, Major is dealing with his own situation, watching his father deal with dementia and fearing the eventual loss.  Brynn, with the publicity that follows her and her career, is definitely not the right choice for him, but he’s powerless to resist the chemistry.  Will they be able to work through their family situations and find a path that works for them both?

Laugh, cry, love, and live with the folks in this small corner of Louisiana and let this story tug at your heartstrings. This is a great series, and this might be one of the best stories in that series.

Grade: A
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I absolutely love the quirky little town of Papillion. The characters are all so much fun and entertaining. Brynn and Major were amazing. I loved the way that they met and the way their relationship developed. This story was emotional, laugh out loud funny and absolutely perfect. This was such a fun read. I highly recommend it!!!
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I love visiting Butterfly Bayou! 

Bayou Sweetheart is the latest edition to Lexi Blake’s small town Romance series Butterfly Bayou.  This is one of those types of stories that I love we’re both our main characters find love when they least expect it.  

Brynn Pearson is an actress dedicated to her craft. Brynn has come to Pappyon to film her latest movie. Doing research and getting a jumpstart on what her role entails yet she questions whether acting as what she really wants to continue doing. Her family depends on her and she doesn’t want to let anyone down. Yet acting does it make her as happy as it once did.  Being in Papillion and the to do of Hollywood, Brynn is finding out who she really is and what she actually wants in life.  Running into the small town sheriff has sparked many feelings and emotions within Brynn. The girl is not looking for love but love has a funny way of finding you when you least expect it.

Major Blanchard Is ex ex-military and has relocated to Papillon, Louisiana to be with and help care for his aging father. He finds himself a position within the sheriffs department and has nicely settled into small-town life on the Bayou.  On the other hand he’s been trying the dating scene and has not worked out too well. It seems like everyone wants to try but no sparks are flying. Just as he’s about to give up, a bombshell of a beauty makes her way into town and takes him by storm. 

Bayou Sweetheart is a fantastic small town romance. I love this quirky little town and all the crazy yet amazing things that happened within it. Major and Brynn have chemistry and then some. I love that they look beyond the surface of each other and see who they truly are. The way that Major talks to Brian makes my heart feel pitter patter. There is a good deal of humor and a great deal of emotion lining the pages story. Both of them have their issues that they’re dealing with very different but yet choices that will affect their lives and those around them. They always say when you’re not looking for love is when you find it and that was the story for Major and Brynn.
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5 Stars

Back to Papillon and all the crazy happenings!  It is impossible to not fall in love with every character Lexi Blake creates in this mixed up, hilarious and always accepting town.  This time we get a close look at Major Blanchard, deputy and a man who is always in control of everything around him, except when he’s not!  So many laughs between the townspeople and Brynn’s family that readers will not want to put this book down! There are also plenty of moments of passion, love and even some sadness, but one thing is for sure, from start to finish this story has everything a reader could want!

Cara - Alphas Do It Better Book Blog
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We finally get Major’s story and he has meet his match in Bria Knight real name Brynn. She’s a really Hollywood actress who has come to the Bayou to make a movie.
Their first meeting is uncharacteristic as you can get. I was laughing up a storm the entire time.
But Major is dealing with some family troubles that no one should have to deal with alone. It makes it hard to really want to get involved with Brynn. Plus with her being an actress she’s not staying.
Brynn is dealing with her own troubles with her family and a relationship that the media had twisted around to make her look bad. She’s got a true stage mom. Which makes it interesting. But Brynn isn’t sure she wants to keep acting since she’s been doing since she was 5 years old.
A love story you don’t want to miss and this Bayou’s small town is brought together we get to hear from all the characters and I love to hear updates about past stories.
I received a ARC and am so happy I was able to read this book. Can’t wait for the next one. I also love that each cover has a cute this doggie on all the covers. This is one of my favorite covers.
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Give me a Lexi Blake book and I'm a happy camper! I adore this series more with each book!

Major and Brynn are so sweet and perfect for eachother. 

Loved seeing how everyone else in Butterfly Bayou is doing as well.  This tight knit community just reminds me of why I love small town living.  
Who wouldn't want to visit this little slice of heaven?

Grab this book to read while on vacation, it's a perfect beach read!
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This was the first book I read in this series and it’s strong enough that I didn’t feel out of sync. Really enjoyed the chemistry between the main characters and all the quirky townspeople. Sweet book.
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Adored this small-town, down home romance filled with engaging charters, witty dialog, heart racing twists, emotional turns and edge of your seat passion. An exciting and emotional journey from beginning to end.
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Bayou Sweetheart is filled with everything that I love in a small town romance from interesting characters to crazy situations and a town that over all is the perfect amount of quirky and caring. 
Major Blanchard is the deputy for the local sheriffs department and when his dog, Dolly gets him stuck in the mud he never expected his rescuer to be a beautiful woman who would rock his world. 
Brynn has been an actress since she was five years old and is in Papillon, Louisiana ahead of her filming schedule for research. What she didn’t expect was to fall in love with the small town and its people, especially one hot deputy. She also is realizing what she has missed out on most of her life and has some big life changing decisions to make. 
I really enjoyed Major and Brynn together. They not only has chemistry but they got to know each other on a friendship level and then so much more. They both were struggling with important decisions and that seemed to amplify their connection and helped each other work through those important moments.
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Don’t let that cute dog on the cover fool you, this book is plenty steamy.

Bayou Sweetheart starts off with a great meet cute - Brynn rescues Major and in the process he loses his pants. The entire rescue is caught on wildlife cam. I like the idea that although Major is a Deputy Sheriff, he needs Brynn to save him!

I loved the characters and backstories of  Brynn and Major in this book. Be prepared, Brynn‘s family can be awful!

I thoroughly enjoyed this small town romance between a hot cop and the a Hollywood star!
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Thanks to Lexi, the bayou has now become one of my favourite places for romance stories to take place in. 

Bayou Sweetheart is my first Lexi Blake book, but I can tell you it won’t be the last. I must admit that I went out and ordered all the other books in this series as soon as I was done with this book. It was that good. Bayou Sweetheart is the fifth book in the Butterfly Bayou series, but it can be read as a stand-alone.

There are so many moments in this book that had me laughing, the not-so-legal taxi service called “Guber,” a seemingly organized group of raccoons wreaking havoc on the town, and a couple of adorable dogs. I like when romance authors add those humorous moments to their stories. It just adds so much lightness and charm to their stories. I tend to escape the world by losing myself in a good romance book, and I just love it when a love story not only makes me swoon but also laugh. 

I love the bayou!! Usually, I am a sucker for a romance book in the countryside or England. I was not expecting how much I would fall in love with the bayou. It is a unique and breathtaking place, and Lexi did a marvellous job bringing the setting to life. There was this romantic, mysterious off-the-beaten-path feel to the bayou, and it was nice to be transported to a new place I would not usually visit via a book. 

There are some more serious and emotionally tougher moments in this book. Major’s father has been diagnosed with dementia. Throughout this story, we watch Major struggle with caring for his father. My heart was breaking at times; I just can’t imagine what it would be like watching the parent you know and love slip away from you day by day. Lexi tackles this tough issue with grace, understanding, and much thought. Even though the scenes with Major and his father were heartbreaking, they also felt heartwarming. When you know the time you have with the person you love is limited, you make the most of every day you have with them, and that was what Major and his father did. 

The cover of this book made me instantly think that this would be a more clean romance, which it wasn’t. Not that the sex scenes were overly explicit, but there were definitely spicy moments. Major and Brynn have that instant chemistry, and even though they may have gotten off on the wrong foot (Brynn thought Major was incredibly cranky), that connection between them is hard to deny. I really enjoyed these two as a couple and as main characters. They both are great romantic characters but have enough depth and uniqueness to keep readers interested. Their relationship follows that typical romantic journey, but I loved every moment. My heart fluttered, broke, and rejoiced in all the right moments. Overall it was really fun being with this couple. 

This book is the whole package, funny, heartwarming, and sexy as hell.

Thank you, Berkley for the ARC in exchange for an honest review.
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I adored Brynn and Major's story! They had chemistry and once Major got out of his own head they were great together. Major's father and Brynn's mother definitely added to the story. I love how down to earth Brynn was and how the drama resolved around both her family and her career. It was another wonderfully written book in this series and I want more because I love this world.
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I really enjoy reading Lexi Blake's books, and while I enjoy her spicier, darker Masters and Mercenaries series and its spin-offs, I always marvel at how varied her writing is from that series to the Butterfly Bayou series. Both are so well written but completely different from one another, so to me that really just is a testament to how good of an author Lexi Blake is.
Hollywood actress Brynn Pearson is tired, she's been acting since she was five and now twenty years later she's ready for a break. But as she's been the bread winner for her family since she was five and her mom is a classic momager so she doesn't know how to tell her mom the truth. Being able to spend a few weeks in Butterfly Bayou relaxing and preparing for her next role being filmed there is just what he needed. But then when out for a walk with her corgi, Duke, she stumbles across something she never expected, a man...
Sheriff's Deputy Major Blanchard is in a bit of a bind, he's stuck, physically. While out for a run with his rescue pup Dolly when she gets stuck in the sticky Louisiana mud in the water, in an effort to rescue her he ended up stuck in the mud himself and stuck holding Dolly. Luckily a Brynn finds them and much to his embarrassment saves him, unfortunately he loses his sweats in the process. Major doesn't know who Brynn is but he can't help but be intrigued by the beautiful woman who saved him. Both Major and Brynn have a lot going on in their lives and while everything is saying they can't and shouldn't be together they can't stay away from one another.
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Received an ARC for an honest review.

This was very sweet. Major and Bryn meet under pretty unusual circumstances, but the attraction is there from the start. Unfortunately, they aren't really super available. She's about to start filming a movie in the small town before taking off for the next set and he's the small-town deputy taking care of his father, who has early on-set dementia. Add in a wild stage mom and a band of thieving raccoons and this is quite the adventure.

I like when we get to see the secondary characters and these were great. Don't get me wrong, Brynn's mother and sister rode a fine line of PITA and sweet, but I liked their dynamic. I loved Brynn's relationship with Gavin, but I would have loved to see her interacting more with the other residents of the town. We got little tastes, but I wanted her to have girl friends. All in all, very sweet and I definitely teared up (and I definitely wish I had known about the dementia aspect given some events happening). It had some fun twists at the end, some were a tad predictable, but some were a surprise.

All in all, a very sweet read.
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