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Hog Wild is rude, crude, offensive, outrageous, and hilarious - I loved every word of it! Satire, parody, social commentary and slapstick sex comedy all in one. A very readable adventure that doesn't waste a lot of time questioning how something like this could happen - it happened - just go with it and enjoy.

I can not comment on any similarities to Animal Farm since I've never actually read that book (I have seen the movie Animal House and while that comparison is not completely out of bounds it's not all that close either). This is something like Planet of the Apes (but, you know, with feral hogs) meets Carl Hiaasen by way of Donald E. Westlake.

*Not for the easily offended or those of delicate sensibilities. It's grown up stuff.

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With a very unique and memorable cast, this is a wild ride. The quotes in the description are a clue that this is going to be something different. This should find a niche audience. The writing is strong, and will make those seeking something different happy.

I really appreciate the free ARC for review!!

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