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If you feel stuck in life, then this might be the book for you. The author is a life coach and motivational speaker. . Using personal examples from his life, he shows you how to see and find your purpose, as well as to how to make the right choices to live your best life. It was a very inspirational read

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Motivational speaker / coach Eric Thomas (ET) presents ways to live the best version of your life by “being you”. The book weaves through ET’s personal story, of how he came to find and seek his why and shows can the reader can too. Along with his personal story each chapter contains questions and a challenge for the reader.

The book is easy to read and offers a different style to other “living your best life” genre books I’ve read.

Thank you Eric Thomas, Rodale and NetGalley for this ARC in return for my honest review .

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Thank you so very much to the author and Rodale Books for the e-arc of ET’s first major book release in over ten years!

While reading You Owe You, I could hear ET’s voice audibly and it was a powerful experience as a reader. ET shares his story and struggles growing up in Detroit. He is honest about the parts of him that are still healing and finding purpose in embracing all aspects of ourselves- the shadow self and the parts that shine. He encourages us to let go of a victim mentality and to embrace that the only way things in our lives change is if we make the changes. Nobody is coming to save us but ourselves.

ET shares not just how he became who he is today but why. It was all hustle and grind. It’s about building a legacy and honoring the lineage of his ancestors. It’s about being of service which is truly at the heart of his motivation and work.

As a new entrepreneur the part that sticks with me the most is about the importance of being multidimensional and striving for excellence in all things. Because ET is self made and a man of many talents his battle with fear isn’t much of a fight at all. He has conquered his fears and made fear a friend.

He also provides us with a self assessment tool his team created based on the DISC Index (Decisive, Interactive, Stability, Cautious) called the Flight Assessment. This tool helps us understand how we work in groups and adapt to our environment to work best.

He writes: “I am built for survival and part of that means being afraid that I could lose everything. My insurance policy is my excellence, and being excellent at all aspects of what I do in this world.”

This is the energy I want to move through the world with until I’m called back home. If you feel the same way then make sure you pick up this motivational manual and stay encouraged!

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I just reviewed You Owe You by Eric Thomas, PhD. #YouOweYou #NetGalley - Easy read, pretty much the same message of all self help type books. I breezed right through it and felt it was overly hyped.

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The thought of owing someone is hardly ever welcomed as it's so much easier to give than receive. In "You Owe You" the author invites you into the co-creation of a live well lived through introspection and action. It’s liberating to be honest about who we really are and where we want to head. Read this book if you're sincere about wanting to be your best self so that you can help others.

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