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I didn't know much about this one when I got it but had heard a few good things about it and so I was excited to read it and see what happened. What happened was what I expected more or less, but a bit different from other books I usually read.
The issue I had with this book is that it started slow, kept going slow for a while, then picked up, then slowed down, then picked up, and then ended. It was more on the slow-moving side of things than I'm used to reading and for a while there I wasn't sure if I was going to finish reading it. 
It had dual timelines, one in the past with Dale and one in the present with Allie, and they tied together/complemented each other. It was also interesting how they tied the pandemic into this story as well. I was very intrigued and engrossed in Dale's storyline and wanted to know more about her story in the end. Allie's storyline was good and all, but Dale's story was what kept my interest. This also has a lot about horses so if you're a horse lover, historical lover, a fan of those kinds of things then you'll enjoy this story.
Thanks so much to NetGalley and Bethany House/Bethany House publishers for letting me read and review this story. All thoughts and opinions are my own.
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The cover art of By Way of the Moonlight is what initially pulled me in. And once I started reading, I didn't want to put it down. I love dual time period stories, I am drawn to wartime settings, and I enjoy sifting through the past in a compelling, well-written historical. 

The book was a little more lengthy than my usual reads, but I enjoyed dwelling with these characters a bit longer.

Thank you to NetGalley for my complimentary copy.
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I'm not big on dual time-lines, as I nearly always prefer one over the other, and wish the story would just focus on that one... But this one was well researched and well written! I did find myself liking things about both parts of the story, and the characters were quite enjoyable in this one! Well done! Definitely one for the historical fiction readers to check out!
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Thank you Elizabeth Musser and UpLitReads for the #gifted copy of this novel. This novel is simply stunning.  

By the Way of the Moonlight alternates between present day, the Great Depression and WWII. It provides a new perspective to the US entry into the war from the shores of Hilton Head Island. It also follows two love stories from each timeline.  

This novel exudes bravery, love and sacrifice. Historical Fiction is my favorite to read, and this novel did not disappoint. My heart was broken and restored in its satisfying ending.
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Book Review…By Way of the Moonlight by Elizabeth Musser

This is a story about two women that will risk everything to save what they love most. Nana Dale whos life was forever changed when a tragedy strikes home during the the Battle of the Atlantic and Allie who has always dreamed of making her grandparents estate into a trauma recovery center but she is shocked when her grandmother’s will is read the property is sold. As Nana Dale’s past comes to light in Allie’s search for answers, Dale’s courage and persistence may be just what Allie needs to carry on her grandmother’s legacy and keep her own dreams alive.

It's a beautiful historical fiction story with wonderful characters! The story has two timelines and it was done perfectly! The characters are the type you want and need to know more about. Nana Dale and Tommy’s story is an emotional one they faced so many hardships and Allie’s determination to keep her dream alive and to figure out her grandmother’s past was wonderful! Overall it's a wonderful story about family, love, loss and faith! Thank you Uplit Reads and Elizabeth Musser for sharing this book with me!
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Elizabeth Musser is a new author for me. I jumped at the chance when offered a copy to review,  she's been on my radar for a while and comes highly recommended.

This is a dual time period story. Beginning in March 2020, just before the world blows up,  Allie is still mourning the loss of her grandmother followed by the shock in learning that her promised inheritance has been taken away by a underhanded land developer.

Going back to the 1930's Dale is a teen living through the depression and then the war. I enjoyed reading this part of the story, not just for the aggressive and determined teen but also for the historical lesson. I never knew about how the US struggled along the eastern seaboard and what entailed in keeping the coast safe.

This was a wonderful book to read. I thoroughly enjoyed myself and even though it comes in at almost 400 pages (sometimes it might’ve felt a bit long especially in places at the beginning) I was captivated with both stories lines. Allie‘s journey through grief, disappointment and possible resolution as she obsesses about finding a way to right this wrong while losing sight of what she truly loves. Dale story is equally as captivating.

Although I am not a horse person they do play a big part and learning about equine therapy and how that trait followed from grandmother to granddaughter, the good it does and what a wonderful resource it is was so interesting to discover this great service.

By Way of the Moonlight is a generational story of grief, determination, and faith. It was authentic, well written, and one I highly recommend.
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3.5 stars ✨

This was a slow, character-driven story that, in the beginning, is deceptively 'quiet'. That's the only word I can think of to describe it. So, at first, I was not sure if I wanted to continue as I didn't understand the point of the story and how the two storylines connected (this is a dual-timeline). But Dale captured my heart, and Tommy too, in a whirlwind fashion, that I had to keep reading on. 

While admittedly I didn't really care for Allie or her story all that much, I LOVED Dale's story. WWII is my favourite genre to read in and this story brought to light another aspect of the home front I wasn't aware of. Of course, of all the stories in this book I would fall in love with, it *would* have to be the most heartbreaking one. It was easy to see, through Allie and her mother, how Dale carried on the bitterness, mistrust, and hurt throughout the years, but also how she learned to let go and live again. 

This is the ultimate historical read for horse-crazy lovers (hey, we've all been through that stage - just admit it already ;D). And of course, fans of historical novels will love this story too. 

Content Notes:
- a woman has a baby who does not survive
- part of this story takes place right at the beginning of COVID, so there is talk about it.
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What a beautiful book! The second half of this book really surprised me. I have never been very interested in equestrian-related topics but find using horses for physical therapy fascinating, which was what really drew me to this book. 

I thought the first half was a bit slow and I was much more interested in Allie's story than her grandmothers. But in the second half, I was much more intrigued by Nana Dale's story to the point that I could not put it down. 

All in all, this was a beautiful story of grief, hope, love and learning the full truth of who someone truly is. 

Thanks to uplit reads for the book!
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This sweeping novel is an expansive, multigenerational tale centered around the healing power of horses. Dual timelines beginning in 1931 and 2020 take us into the worlds of physical therapist, Allie, and her grandmother, equestrian Nana Dale. Upon Dale's death, Allie seeks to fulfill a dream of turning her grandparents' Buckhead Georgia estate into a therapeutic equine center. Through Dale's keepsakes, Allie uncovers both family and world history.  

Musser's writing is vivid and vibrant. Events such as horse shows in Madison Square Garden, the Stock Market Crash, The Battle of Atlantic provide vivid insight into the world happenings in past and present. Amid the settings of North Fulton County, Atlanta, St. Simons Island, and Hilton Head Island, leaders learn about the Mounted Horse Patrol and World War II in coastal Georgia. Both Allie and Dale's dreams, passions, love, and loss are intertwined within their connections to their beloved horses. 

Thank You to Net Galley and Bethany House, Bethany House Publishers for the advance reader's copy. I also received an advance copy paperback from Uplit Reads as part of a Campaign Tour.  I am providing my unbiased review.
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I was absorbed into this well-written and well-researched, dual timeline, historical fiction novel. I learned many things from the WW2 timeline. I now have a better understanding and appreciation for the folks who bravely served to protect our coastlines. I also learned about two life changing diseases that we no longer worry about, thanks to modern medicine.

I loved the bonds between the horses and their owners…heartwarming and heartbreaking. The horses trained and competed in equine events, patrolled beaches and provided therapy to precious folks in need. Horses are truly noble creatures.

It is so amazing and gratifying when almost forgotten prayers finally get answered. This happened for Dale. Her answered prayers led to the sweetest of reunions. This reunion yielded much joy and encouragement, not just for her, but for everyone around her. Definitely a happy tears moment!

I loved the relationship between Nana Dale and Allie. Nana Dale passed, leaving behind deliberate clues which would reveal and explain many of her secrets, some of which she had held and guarded for most of her life. These clues and revealed secrets were life changing for those she left behind. Grief and joy can and do go hand in hand.

I received complimentary copies of this book from Bethany House Publishers through UpLit Reads and NetGalley. All opinions expressed in this review are mine.
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By Way of the Moonlight is a tale of generations pursuing truth in order to find healing. Elizabeth Musser weaves the historical story of a Grandmother (Nana Dale) with the present day story of her Granddaughter (Allie) to create a beautiful tapestry that kept me turning page after page. I actually read until 2AM to finish it!

After her death, Nana Dale sends Allie on a hunt to uncover the hidden truth of her past - of who Nana Dale was and is, and of who Allie can be. This story took twists and turns and was full of surprises. Through heartbreak, determination, and love, Nana Dale's legacy helps Allie establish her own as she learns to trust not only the people around her who love her, but also God who loves her as well. This story dives deep into family relationships, the pursuit of God-sized dreams, and how discovering truth can set us all free. 

I love how Musser was able to create such a detailed story line that crosses generations in order to bring hope and healing to each character. This story will encourage all of us to live in freedom and in truth! 

Book has been provided courtesy of Bethany House Publisher and Graf-Martin Communications.
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Thanks to Bethany House for the free book.
This book caught me by surprise. It started off slow - a bit too slow for me - but as the book neared the 150 page mark, I became invested in this story. The story is started a lot in Dale's timeline and her time with her horses. If you're a horse fan, I have no doubt that you would enjoy this book. What an interesting time of WWII to focus on. I had known a smidge about u-boat spotting from the Atlantic coast, but I knew nothing about the Sand Pounders. And in between the history, I fell for Dale and her assertiveness. I love it when a young woman fights for what she wants and believes in. The relationships in this novel are tender and deep. There are also some real pains present, which caused me to tear up a time or two.
Dale's story is also balanced with Allie's in March 2020. I was intrigued by this timing and how the pandemic would be incorporated into the novel. There is a lot of hurt and grief that gets worked through in this timeline, too. These timelines converged to make a beautiful story of family, love, dreams, hurts, and resilience.
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Set in two alternating timelines, By Way of the Moonlight follows Allie Massey after her grandmother’s death as she tries to discover why she isn’t inheriting the horse ranch Nana Dale always said would be hers. Her discoveries lead to some very interesting facts about her grandmother’s life back in the 1930’s and 40’s. Nana Dale had some secrets in her past that were too painful to talk about and yet she left clues for Allie to one day uncover the truth. 

I think fans of The Bookwoman of Troublesome Creek will also enjoy this book, both for the horse aspect and the strong female protagonists.
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A dual timeline tale set in Georgia, with a bit of mystery, romance and a brushstroke of faith.
Horse lovers will enjoy this story especially, as they are at the center of these characters' lives. The use of letters, journal and scrapbooks was a clever way to slowly reveal clues to the grandmother's story. There seemed to be a lot of rumination on the present day end with Allie's dilemma, requiring some patience in reading as the pace slowed down, but it all resolved well in the end. The history of WW2 along the Georgia coastline was interesting. A lot of research was evident and the author's own family connections to the area made it special.
Recommend to readers who enjoy a Southern setting with some romance and a bit of faith.

(An ebook was provided by the publisher via NetGalley, from a LibraryThing giveaway. All opinions expressed are my own.)
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By the Way of the Moonlight is a split time novel. I like the way Musser weaves between the two timelines. We learn just enough about the past to look forward to reading more as we read what is happening in the present.

I like that I was able to learn about Battle of the Atlantic during WWII. I learned about the sand pounders that helped to protect our county

I think the main theme of the book sums it up on page 120 where it says: “It will never be enough, Dale, until you decide that you already have it all. You settle in your mind a grateful heart, a content spirit, and everything else will be gravy, girl”

Bethany House Publishing provided the copy I read for this review. All opinions expressed are solely my own.
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By Way of the Moonlight by Elizabeth Musser has completely blown me away. This is in my top 5 books of the year! I was so beautifully surprised by this book and can’t wait to tell everyone about it on my YouTube channel! This is perfect for lovers of historical fiction and horses!

Thank you to Bethany House and NetGalley for providing me with a copy to honestly read and review. I loved this book so much that I have ordered a physical copy for my shelves! 

By Way of the Moonlight is a generational story about 2 courageous women who share their love for horses, family, and what matters most.  

About the story: Allie Massey is a physical therapist who has dreamed of making her grandparents’ ten-acre estate into a trauma recovery center using equine therapy – a treatment that uses the connection between people and horses to enhance physical or emotional healing. This has been a dream of Allie’s grandmother, Nana Dale, for as long as she can remember. Unfortunately, when Nana Dale passes away and her will is read, Allie is shocked when she learns the property has been sold to a developer. What can Allie do to try and save her grandmother’s legacy and property to keep her dreams alive? 

Set in Georgia, this story was a beautiful dual timeline story set both in modern day, right before the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020 and during the late 1930s-early 1940s.  (Ya'll know I love a good southern setting!)

In the modern day, we follow Allie’s journey with her family and fiancé Austin as Allie navigates through what to do with the devastating news about Nana Dale’s property and her relationship with Austin. Allie becomes obsessed with trying to find out everything about Nana Dale’s past from all the clues she has left behind before it’s too late and the property is demolished. 

In the World War II time, we follow Nana Dale’s entire life story as a young teenager to young adult, with her one true love, Tommy. She was such a feisty, strong willed young woman and had such a love for horses and dreams unlike anyone has seen before. I also loved learning about the Coast Guard Beach Patrol and the guarding of the coastline – I did not know about this! This story was so interesting and a part of history I think many would enjoy learning about. Plus, I don’t know a lot about horses so that was a big plus! I loved learning about them too.

I absolutely loved the way the author did the dual timeline in this story. Sometimes it can be difficult to follow what’s going on in a dual timeline, but Elizabeth Musser did a phenomenal job! For example, one scene would end with the daughter looking at a rainbow and then the next opens with her grandmother looking at one as well. It was just so well put together that I could see it being a movie and easy to follow. 

The characters in this story are what made it so beautiful and inspiring for me. I was so invested in Nana Dale and Tommy’s story – I had to know what happened next. I cried so many times at the end of this story – it truly will move you to tears. I could feel what the characters were feeling – my heart broke right there with them as they went through some terrible hardships. I felt like they were my own family and I was with them through everything.

I also loved the main character of Allie – she was so determined to figure out her grandmother’s story and do everything she could to keep her dreams alive and I loved it.

The Lord truly worked in such a way in this story, and I could see His hand in it. This story showcases the significance of putting our faith in the Lord. 

The ending shocked me in a good way and I am still reeling in my feelings over this story.
It’s easily in my top 5 books of the year. My heart was broken and restored all at the same time. Overall, a beautiful Christian historical fiction that I will be thinking about for a long time.
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This is such good story! And it's one of the kind that has taught me something that I didn't know before; something from history. Actually, I'd love to learn more about it, so I may be reading some books about this particular subject soon! There are some great characters, a super plot, and I especially love the way everything turns out in the end of the story!!
Thank you to the publisher and NetGalley for the advance e-copy of this book. All opinions expressed are entirely my own.
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This was a brilliant book and perfect for horse lovers, historical fiction/women's fiction fans. I loved the mystery element to this book which evolves around horse riding/ teaching disabled children. and horses used during the war. Especially those who would ride the beaches searching for submarines or boats. This dual timeline book was fascinating as the female protagonist hopes to solve the mystery of her grandmother's life. I just had to read this book in one day as it made me feel so good I just didn't want it to end. The characters were brilliant and realistic and brought out the wonderful sense of atmosphere created by them. It was a medium pace book that was definitely well wrote and very engaging. I definitely recommend that you give this book a go as it's such an interesting story. I believe the facts in this book were confirmed as true hence, I also learnt so much from reading it. 

So much praise goes out to the author and publishers for creating such a wonderful horse based storyline that I'm sure you will love. 
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Two resilient women decades apart are challenged by love and loss as the word changes around them. 

Allie Massey is watching her life go to shambles around her, the future that she had all mapped falling to pieces. She has a short time frame to pack up all of her beloved grandmother's things and clear out the property before everything is leveled and the commercial landowners take over. But going through the mementos reveals a secret side of her grandmother and her amazing courage. 

A well crafted read that is a mix between character and plot driven. The story meanders at its own pace, taking time to carefully bring all the pieces together in rich detail, while keeping me invested and wondering how it would all work out. I loved learning about Allie's grandmother, especially how she served in the war, as well as her courage and daring. I liked how the story was told through alternating viewpoints in the present day with Allie, and decades earlier with Dale, sometimes foreshadowing what would happen in the other time and place. 

Overall, a compelling, richly woven read, with a strong message of faith and hope. A compelling read that will take you through a gambit of emotions, captivating in the best way!

I received a complimentary copy of this book. Opinions expressed in this review are completely my own.
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I love a world War II historical fiction. Love it with a passion. And this, this was a good one. I loved the dual perspectives of Allie in early 2020 and Dale from the 1930s on. I loved learning about some of the US history of World War II. I loved how it told a story of grandma and granddaughter through secrets and hidden pasts.
I didn't enjoy the tears. Did I expect to cry when I picked this up? No I didn't. I didn't want to cry. But I cried like a baby! You should pick it up.
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