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I enjoyed this book. I honestly thought the first book was better though. This was a good read but the other hooked me on from the start.
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This is such a great duology. I may or may not have been trying to read this book for 8 months or so. Basically, I'm an audiobook person and when I finished The Grimrose Girls, The Wicked Remain wasn't yet out, so I tried to read my arc of it instead as an ebook. I didn't do very well. I made it about 30% before I just kind of fizzled off. This is nothing to do with the story itself just my lack of ability to remain focused on non-contemporary ebooks. So it's however many months later when I finally grabbed the audiobook and I did have to go back a couple times just to jog my memory, but I think this book does a good job at continuously telling a story. I love the fairy tale element and the curse etc. I love the variety of representation as well. I know that I have them listed in my grimrose girls review but off the top of my head there's disability rep, anxiety rep, neurodivergent, POC, fat, bisexual, pansexual, aroace, lesbian, and trans rep + more. 

I definitely recommend checking out this duology if you're into dark academia type stories. It's also going to be a favorite for you if you love books that incorporate fairy tales into modern settings. I really enjoyed them and definitely think that a reread will be in order in the future. My only small critique is just how everything wrapped up at the end. I felt it was a little bit confusing and we don't quite get all of the explanations that I wanted, but overall, I really enjoyed them.
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At Grimrose Académie, the fairy-tale deaths continue. And unless the curse is broken, one of the girls could be next.

Nani, Yuki, Ella, and Rory have discovered the truth about the curse that's left a trail of dead bodies at Grimrose. But the four still know nothing of its origins, or how to stop the cycle of doomed fates.
And each girl harbors her own secret. One is learning why she was brought to the school. One struggles to keep her new and deadly power under control. One knows exactly how much time she has left. And one, trying to escape her dark destiny, will come even closer to fulfilling it.
Can the girls change their own stories and break the curse? Or must one of them die to end it forever?

I went into this one dubious because I was a fan of the first book in the series but wasn’t totally sold. However, Pohl has definitely won me over after this sequel. 

The main thing I enjoy about this book is Pohl’s characters. I love every single one of the girls from the Academy, and each of them has their own string attached to my heart. It’s strange having a novel with so many protagonists where I resonate with them all and not just one, but I think that’s the beauty of Pohl’s writing, there is something for everyone in it and there’s a bit of everyone’s story in each of the girls. 

Mixed with modern dilemmas and age old fairytale tropes this is a fantastic, romantic, tense but magical series that I know many readers, young and old will enjoy.
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The Wicked Remain picks up where we left off at the end of The Grimrose Girls. Ella, Rory, Nani, and Yuki are all dealing with the events that happened at the school dance while continuing to try and break a curse that they don't completely understand. Chasing down leads in as many places as they can think of, will they be able to find a way to break the curse, or are they doomed to repeat it forever?

I enjoyed this sequel/conclusion a lot but I did find the first half to be a bit slower than the second half. I think the same thing happened to me with The Grimrose Girls as well - I read the second half in about a day but it took me much longer to read overall because of the beginning. There was a lot going on throughout this book and I was definitely trying (and failing) to put all of the pieces together alongside all of the girls. Some of the ending and "climax" felt a little bit convoluted, but overall it didn't take away much from my enjoyment.

One of my favorite things about this book was the continued development of the friendship between the 4 girls. They each had a lot of growth throughout these two books and it was wonderful to see the ways that they grew individually and grew together as a group. Ella's continuous belief in her friends, and eventual belief in herself, was wonderful to see. Rory's efforts to move through her pain and find the strength to save herself, and her friends, when she needed to the most was epic. Nani's journey from isolation to allowing herself to let others in and recognize that she was never as alone as she thought was inspiring. And Yuki. Beautiful Yuki and her journey to accepting herself - the good, the bad, the ugly, and everything in between - was an emotional and difficult ride, but worth it all in the end. The side romances and side relationships were lovely in their own right, but the friendship between these 4 girls was, at the end of the day, the most important part of this story.

Overall, I really enjoyed this duology and Laura Pohl's spin on fairytales, and I thought this was a great conclusion to the story!
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It's refreshing that this book didn't fall prey to the sequel curse, but with that being said it wasn't my favorite book ever. I think this book was better than the first one, but it felt very slow a lot of the time and I wish it was more exciting.
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I really enjoyed this book and devoured it in one sitting! Thank you so much for the early copy, I will definitely be reading this author again.
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I thought the first book was OK (3 stars) and I was hoping for better with the second. It was slightly confusing and anti-climactic. I do appreciate that their fairy tales were a little more clear in the second novel, but I thought it was a slow read overall. Unfortunately, I was disappointed. I very much wanted to know how it all tied up in the end, so the mystery kept me intrigued enough to at least complete it, but that's the most positive thing I can say about it.
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I actually enjoyed this more than the first one! I thought there were some very poignant moments and I thought the takes on the fairy tales was really clever. Maybe the ending gets to be a little confusing and rushed through (one character even says as much, and girl, same) but I thought it was unique and thoughtful.
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A 3.5 rounded up to 4.

This is a formidable sequel. I have to say, the overall series gives me Wednesday + Once Upon a Time vibes. 

I felt like I struggled to get into this one more than the first one. To be fair, I read the first one a while ago and didn’t entirely remember the premise. Once I picked up on it, things made a lot more sense. Obviously, that’s on me and has nothing to do with the storytelling. I thought the storytelling was fantastic. It’s rich and has a lot of moving parts. 

I thought the story stretched on during parts that weren’t necessary. It felt a little filler-y at times, so I would skim. I also felt like some elements got thrown in at the end to tie up loose ends that I thought were random? Maybe that’s my lack of memory though. 

Don’t let that scare you off—It’s a refreshing retelling; I haven’t read one quite like it. I’m personally a fan of when the stories intersect, so I was thrilled to see somebody do that AND put a unique twist on it. 

I think fans of fairytale retellings, Wednesday, Once Upon a Time, and other dark academia type of stories will enjoy this duology!

Thank you NetGalley and Sourcebooks Fire for the eARC! My review has been posted to Amazon and Goodreads.
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Thank you Netgalley for the chance to read this ARC!

I loved "The Wicked Remain" just as much as the first book and enjoyed diving back into Laura Pohl´s amazing world full of magic and secrets.
The character development was so good and I liked the way the whole story unfolded.
Until the end the story was filled with twists and turns which were absolutely thrilling.

All in all it was a perfect sequel with a great ending, that leaves me fully satisfied with this series!
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Grimrose Academie houses a curse related to fairytales and death. This is book 2 of The Grimrose Girls, which follows Yuki, Nani, Ella, and Rory - all who represent fairytale characters. If you have not read the first book (or if it's been a while) you may need to go back to the first book as the sequel jumps into action from Ella's perspective after they've uncovered the existence of the curse and why girls in the school are dying.
As I mentioned in my review of the first book, this definitely reads like fairytale fan-fiction, but the story/plot flowed more than in the first book (the perils of world-building!); however, there were still some slow-going parts that seemed irrelevant to the main plot. There are also instances where things happen for our heroes way to conveniently...
Overall, I enjoyed the storytelling more than the first book, but there were some really slow-moving plot points, but the ending definitely got me so 3.5 rounded to 4.
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After reading (and loving!!) The Grimrose Girls, I just knew I had to pick this book (its sequel) up. And honestly, I have no regrets! The mystery/thriller aspect was done just as well as in Grimrose Girls (if not better!), and I really appreciated seeing each of our main characters fleshed out more. We even got some really cute couple-y moments, which were absolutely adorable! 

Overall, I would highly recommend this book for fans of the original book! It's a solid four star read, and I'm looking forward to reading more of Laura Pohl's books in the future (maybe even more books set in the Grimrose Girls universe?)
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I love The Grimrose Girls, and so it stands to reason that I'd enjoy the follow up -- and if you guessed I did, you'd b right! Laura Pohl writes a great, if not slightly unsettling, sequel in The Wicked Remain.
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Thank you to the publisher and NetGalley for providing me an e-ARC of this book!

The Wicked Remain and its prequel, The Grimrose Girls both revolve around four teenagers at a boarding school, all of whose lives are similar to some particular fairytale. When the girls discover books that seem to have all of their stories in them, things are set into motion.

I have to say I'm not a big fan of fairytales. I probably won't even be able to tell you more than a few really popular ones so that aspect of the book did nothing for me. I can still appreciate how intricately the author wove these tales around the main characters and it would've been amazing had I been a little interested/informed on the fairytales beforehand so that I could draw my own conclusions and links and theorise on what would happen next based on that knowledge, this would've been an absolute treat to read.

In spite of that, I did enjoy the book and liked this one a lot better than the first book which was a little predictable. This one though? This one had me interested throughout and I enjoyed all the plot twists and turns a lot.

My favorite parts are of course the queer cast of characters and the little moments between them and their partners or about their identities. Yuki was a special favourite of mine and I loved her POV in this one!

Highly recommend if you like fantasy mixed in with a healthy dose of fairytales!
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NetGalley ARC Educator 550974

A wonderful end to the series. Themes of friendship, PTSD and parental abuse, beware of the latter two. The friends band together to lift the curse and save each other. There are some twists and turns throughout. This is a series that you can reread from time to time. Would love to see it on the big screen.
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An enchanting and enthralling ending to an incredible series. After reading The Grimrose Girls, I was beyond excited to start this book and it did not disappoint. These were exactly what I wanted from a darker fairytale type of book. I am beyond excited to buy the physical copy of this one as well.
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The Grimrose Girls are back in the end of their saga to break the curse. Yuki, Nani, Rory and Ella, still grieving the deaths that the curse has left behind, decide to end the curse once and for all. They assign amongst themselves girls to guard so that no other deaths occur while they try to untangle their own stories and why the curse exists in the first place. With that the girls eventually realize that the reason the curse exists and that Yuki has magic is that she as Snow White should never have existed. Once that was determined, they realized that the teachers are witches who cursed Yuki's step-mom for creating her in the first place and the girls decide to band together to defeat the curse. It's a lovely story about friendship and chosen family.
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Thank you so much, NetGalley, SOURCEBOOKS Fire, Sourcebooks Fire, for the chance to read this book in exchange of an honest review.

TW: parental abuse, death, PTSD

The wicked remain is the brilliant and intriguing sequel of Grimrose girls and after the shocking ending of the first book, each girl has to face their own problems, traumas and what they discovered with the White and Black books.
The fairy-tale deaths continue and to break the curse the girls have understand how to do it, while facing themselves and trying do do the right thing. But each girl has her own secret. Yuki is struggling with her new power, Nani is investigating her father's presence in the school and why she was sent there, Rory is facing herself and her sexual orientation, with her own health issues and Ella is fighting to understand how much time she has left to live and enjoy.

In this eerie, amazing and compelling sequel, Laura Pohl wrote an unforgettable story, with her characters growing up, facing themselves and each other, discovering secret passages, confronting enemies and trying to save the girls in their school from an undending and cruel cycle that killed girls years after years. Trapped in fairy-tales, cycles and curses, Ella, Nani, Yuki and Rory have to be ready to do anything in their power to stop the curse and save themselves and everyone else.

It was such a pleasure following each character growing up, facing themselves and their fears and desires. Ella goes through a tough journey in order to accept herself and her value, recognizing what she's been through, with her stepmother's abuse and accepting her being loved and appreciated. Yuki starts to embrace herself and her own power and family, embracing all of her, while Nani struggles and finally accept to tear down her own walls, taking people in and also Rory finally opens her eyes towards what and who loves. 

I loved how much the author underlines the girls' bond and love, their sisterhood, how much they supported, helped, loved and embraced each part of each other and themselves and it was such a brilliant conclusion of this intriguing duology. 
A story about love and self-love, about fighting to be free and themselves, accepting themselves in all their parts, good and bad and I truly loved everything!
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Many thanks to Sourcebooks Fire for an early copy of The Wicked Remain.  I was really excited to get to the sequel to The Grimrose Girls as I really enjoyed the first one!  I liked the sequel but I wasn't as into it as the first one.  The mystery wasn't all that twisty and I think I wanted it to be a bit more dark than it was.  I also love this world so much that I'm kind of sad that we don't have anymore coming (that I know of).  I liked it, I just didn't love it and that was disappointing to me.  I definitely think it's worth the read and good, it just wasn't as great as I was hoping.
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Overall, I think this was a good ending to this dark fairytale series. I enjoyed the relationships between the girls. The first half of the book is extremely slow. I almost stopped reading because it was so slow. That being said the last 100 pages or so are extremely action packed. Some of the reveals didn't make sense to me but overall it's a good book for people who are fans of fairytale retellings.
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